Print Preview is missing from Firefox 6 on Mac OSX Lion in both File Menu and Print Dialog Box

The question says it all really. Print Preview option is missing from both the File menu and from the Print dialog box when you select Print. I use Print Preview a lot to avoid wasting paper.
A relevant issue might be that the Mac OSX app Preview is currently having trouble with various printers including my Xerox and so, temporarily, the default application for all Preview items is now Adobe Reader until Apple get their act together. Perhaps this is affecting things?
Thanks for any help

It's moved to the PDF dropdown, "Open PDF in Preview"

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    Mac OSX Lion has hit the Mac App Store. It has several new features for Safari. The features are very cool, and I am hoping that Mozilla is planning on implementing similar features with Firefox. The main ones that I'm looking for is a better full screen mode and disappearing scroll bars.

    No answers, but Mozilla is aware of the new release of Lion, and hopefully are working on solving some of the known issues. There are some rather formal technical discussions and reports, as mentioned in this contributors thread: [/forums/contributors/707160]

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    Print Preview works in all other apps, including Safari. Running a Cannon PIXMA MG5220 with up-to-date printer drivers installed.

    It's moved to the PDF dropdown, "Open PDF in Preview"

  • Nokia C5-03 and Mac OSX Lion - Problems copying files to phone in Mass Storage mode

    Whenever I try to load more than one file from my iMac (early 2008, OSX Lion 10.7.2) to my new Nokia C5-03 in Mass Storage mode —since the files are MP3s and Multimedia Transfer doesn’t seem to work at all, I keep on getting asked which transfer mode I want to activate for several times, I always choose Mass Storage, and then the first file starts copying, but when it ends with the first one I have to wait for ±30s only to get asked the same again and again until the second file starts copying, and so on.
    It’s driving me crazy, I’ve tried setting in the USB connectivity options not to ask me for the mode when I connect the phone, but it doesn’t work either. It still goes very slow and a lot of “USB Mass Storage transfer mode activated” messages appear.
    I’ve tested it with a friend’s C5-03 and it’s still the same, but when connecting them to a Windows computer everything goes great and fast. Has somebody had this problem before? Is there a solution to this? I don’t know if this is the correct board to post this, sorry if it’s not.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS: Sorry if there are any mistakes or my English sounds weird, i’m Spanish.

    Can you try the suggestions below?
    -Go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel (called Programs
    and Features in Microsoft Windows 7).
    Select Nokia Ovi Suite in the list of applications and click
    In the dialog that appears, choose Repair.
    - Click Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver and repair
    -Try creating the connection between your phone and computer
    totally from scratch. Start by disconnecting your phone. In
    Nokia Ovi Suite, select Tools > Options > My devices. Select
    your phone at the top of the window and click Remove this
    Then, select Tools > Add new device, and follow the
    instructions to reconnect the phone. 
    If this doesn't solve the problem,
    -Uninstall the following programs withAdd/Remove Programs in
    Control Panel (called Programs and Features in Microsoft
    Windows 7):
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver
    Nokia Ovi Suite
    PC Connectivity Solution
    Then, download and install the latest version of Nokia Ovi
    I hope this helps.

  • My wordpress home page will not display any active information in Firefox 15 on Mac OSX Lion.

    Hey All,
    I've tried many things to resolve this issue, but none of them seem to be working. For some time now I have not been able to see the homepage of with full information i.e. stats, notifications, etc. I'm running Firefox 15 on Mac OSX Lion with the following settings and add-ons. I've tried disabling the various privacy add-ons one-by-one to no avail. Please help!

    The only active thing I see on that page is the banner near the top which keeps changing: "For the cat pictures", "For the poet", etc. Do you not see that? I did not see any link for "Home". Try these pages:
    Incidentally, it seems to me that you are using Mountain LIon, not Lion. Mac OS 10.8 is Mountain Lion.

  • It´s Time Capsule compatible with 10.7.2 Mac OsX Lion and iOS5?

    Hi. I want to buy Time Capsule of 2TB but.. it is compatible with Mac OSX Lion MacBook Pro Middle 2009 and with my iPhone 4 iOS5?

    As far as backing up your Mac, yes it is. Time Capsule serves no purpose as far as backup for the iPhone though. It will give the iPhone a wireless signal though, using dual band technology. iPhone backups must be done through iTunes or iCloud.

  • Printer preview is dark page on my Mac thou pdf file on screen?

       Printer preview is dark page on my Mac thou pdf file on screen?
       Not had this problem before!!

    Thanks this is the first time it has happened.  The form I am trying to print is a QE 2 annual tag form for the M25 so it is a well used document.
    Everything goes fine until I hit the page preview when up comes a dark area I have hit the PDF buttom but to no avail.
    I also reloaded the printer using Apple downloads as the disc for the Epsom is not acceptable.

  • Reinserting Preview/Images missing from  Library and Project

    After ingesting my images from CF reader into a project, I started working on them. For some reason after working on them for awhile, I started noticing that previews were missing from the project. I looked in the Library and they were not there either. However, when I looked in to the project folder (via the Aperture "folder" in Finder), the images and associated Aperture information files were all there in their respective folders.
    I'm not sure how I lost/deleted so many images from my folder and Library (I may have accidently deleted a stack, but when I searched the number of images missing I know I could not have accidently deleted that many that way if I did). But since the files are still on my hard drive in their respective folders, in the right location, is there a way to bring them back into Aperture?

    bump...if anyone can tell me that would be great. I know it sounds like a dumb question, but for the life of me I cannot do any command - import, etc. - that can get these files that reside in the actual folder to show up in Aperture's Library or its original project.

  • Save Image ..why is it missing from Firefox when IE has it ?

    Such a fundamental thing to have as the ability to save an image is missing from Firefox and as I have gone over to Firefox from IE I am dumbfounded as to why Mozilla fails to feature this. Why is this ? I have the add on but you get 'save images from current tab', when right clicking on an image that has launched on screen after clicking on a thumbnail, and you end up with hundreds of images, every damn bit of the webpage, the big image is indistinguishable from its thumbnail and every image has to be looked at and discarded until one finds the bigger versions. Who in their right mind would want every little bit of a webpage ? The large images look the same as the thumbnails and each one has to be enlarged to see if its the big image or not.
    A task that took seconds in IE takes half an hour.
    Can we see Firefox catch up with IE6 for image saving ?

    Having now tried another website, where images do not have thumbnails, I have 'save image as', though the dropdown window is empty, no options on file type, its those where clicking a thumbnail sees a new window appear, rotating dots then the image occurs. No save image as, only the save image plugin which proceeds to capture everything. Trying IE on this I see also no save image option, so I guess its the website not Firefox. I shall have to use printscreen button I guess.
    I dont know why the dropdown combobox gives no options of file type, IE6 didnt have much but jpg or bmp was offered.

  • I am unable to print web site info from Firefox. Other prt'g works ok.

    I am unable to print web page info in firefox. Other printing works normally (i.e., from word processors, notepad, etc.).
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == Not sure

    Unable to print web site info from Firefox to HP 2600. Printer icon appears but nothing prints. Printer has worked previously with Firefox. Still works for Office documents, etc. so computer is communicating with printer, but not from Firefox.

  • Is there a print preview button available for Firefox 8 please?

    ''locking as a duplicate -''
    Is there a print preview button available for Firefox 8 please?

    Hi the-edmeister, thank you for your post. I have tried this and found the button to be there as you said but the print preview function does not seem work with Firefox 8. Unless I am doing something wrong. In the add-ons section I could only find print preview button for 0.7.7 this I have installed with above result. Could you have another look for me please to see if there is anything else I can do? Many thanks. Juco

  • Test question from firefox nightly mac for finitarry

    text of test question from firefox nightly mac for finitarry

    the link is actually
    what you have posted takes one to a "page does not exist yet" error page

  • What is latest compatible firefox to mac osx 10.4.11

    i have firefox 3.6.20 am told this will soon be out of date and not supported. am invited to upgrade then upgrade noes not work and i have to dump it and find the old one again. what is latest cle firefox to mac osx 10.4.11ompatib

    Firefox 3.6.24 is the last available from Mozilla for PPC Macs. <br />
    For older Macs that aren't supported in Firefox 4+ versions, try TenFourFox for PowerPC's running Mac 10.4.11 & 10.5.8 . <br />

  • Firefox cannot install the updates on my Mac OSX Lion

    Firefox tells me there is an update. I click install, but it just sticks at the downloading screen (for hours if I let it) and cannot download. This has been happening ever since I changed to Mac OSX Lion on the new MacBook Air.

    Download from here and install it:
    see also:
    [ Installing Firefox on Mac]
    thank you
    Please mark "Solved" the answer that really solve the problem, to help others with a similar problem.

  • How to make a image file from Pre installed Mac osx ? "PLEASE HELP :("?

    hey guys ..Thanks u for the time.
    So i have this eMac which has crashed and i have got may hands on another eMac.. and it works
    ... the only problem is.. I can take my eMac to the working eMac to do Target Mode or any thing...
    So Help me..
    My question is .. Is there a way to make a .DMG image file from pre installed mac osx OR
    Is there a way to may a recovery disc??

    You can use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy everything from the working eMac onto the non-working eMac while the working eMac is running. If your eMac will still do target mode into the working one, you can download the above software, select the booted drive as the source drive, and your eMac's drive as the target, however it is possible this will not work.
    When you say your eMac crashed, what exactly happened?  It is possible that the hard drive in your eMac failed or is failing, so in order to get it running again you would need to replace the hard drive.  On the eMac, this repair is somewhat involved, and you have to be very careful because it exposes the CRT, which has several areas which can be extremely dangerous to touch if not properly handled.  CRTs retain a great deal of voltage, even when unplugged, sometimes for weeks, and they can give you a nasty shock if you touch them in the wrong place.
    Also keep in mind that cloning from the working computer to the non-working computer will ERASE any data that you have stored on that eMac, so if you don't have it backed up anywhere, you may want to attempt that with target mode before proceeding.
    Good luck!

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