Print Preview is missing from print dialog. It shows "Show Details" where the documentation shows Print Preview. How do I preview the printout?

Print Preview works in all other apps, including Safari. Running a Cannon PIXMA MG5220 with up-to-date printer drivers installed.

It's moved to the PDF dropdown, "Open PDF in Preview"

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  • Sync tab is missing from preferences dialog on my 2nd computer - where is it?

    Following instructions detailed here:
    My second computer is a laptop. On it, the sync tab is not showing in the firefox preferences dialog.

    Solved problem. Mozilla 3 does not have the sync panel. Thought I had upgraded but had not yet.

  • The select tool is missing from my tool bar in indesign. Instead the page tool is there. How do I get the selection tool back?

    The selection tool is missing from my tool bar in indesign. Instead the page tool is there. How do I get the selection tool back?

    Your reply is blank. The forums do not accept attachments, so  if that's how you tried to post a screen shot please come back to the web page and use the camera icon to embed it in a post, like this:

  • HT203167 I had to replace my harddrive on my IMAC and downloads from ITUNES do not show up. How do I restore my previous library?

    I had to replace my harddrive on my IMAC and downloads from ITUNES do not show up. How do I restore my previous library?

    It has always been very basic to always maintain a backup copy of your computer for this very occasion.  Use your backup copy to put everything back.
    If for some reason you have failed to maintain a backup copy, not good, then you can redownload some itunes purchases in some countries:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

  • HT1660 when deleting music files from iTunes and you select Keep File, where is that file stored and how it is retireved?

    when deleting music files from iTunes and you select Keep File, where is that file stored and how it is retrieved?

    The file is just left where it was when it was connected to the library. Typically:
         <User>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/<Artist>/<Album>/## <Name>.<Ext>
    If you want to add it back just drag it into iTunes. If you want to cull the files you kept previously add the entire iTunes Media folder back into iTunes (or use one of Doug's scripts that has the same effect), then delete (and don't keep) the recent additions.
    Note that warning/prompt is only issued when the files you are removing are located inside the designated iTunes Media folder.

  • I got my Apple TV from US but i live in India where the electric voltage is different from US we have 220 votle so can i use it in India without any voltage converter

    I got my Apple TV from US but I live in India where the electric voltage is different from US  we have 220 voltes here in India so can I use it in India without any Votage converter thing?

    According to the technical specifications of the apple tv it "has a universal power supply".  I live in korea, but am a US citizen and my place has all US standard power so I can't really comment.  However below is a link for your reference.

  • Music missing from itunes store.  Shows up on one computer, not on another

    My daughter likes to look up music on itunes on her computer, then request me to put it on one of my ipods (so she can borrow my ipod). This ipod is updated on my computer only. In the scenario below, we are both using PCs.
    At the itunes store, my daughter can look up "Skye Sweetnam" and be presented with the album "Sound Soldier". When I search for the same artist, in the same "window" but on my computer, this album is missing.
    Any ideas? I've searched on the artist name, the album name, the song name. I know that itunes store has the music, but how do I access it. Has anyone had similar experiences?

    Oops, my daughter just solved it. Somehow she was accessing the Canadian itunes store. Boy, it would be nice if negotiations between these countries and music distributors were aligned better!

  • Why are "Save As" choices missing from AppleWorks dialog box?

    We have two computers: a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.4.11 and an iMac running Mac OS X 10.5.8. Both have AppleWorks 6.2.9 application installed. Recently it was noted (that is to say I'm not sure this has always been the case) that the "Save As" choices in the pop-up menus are not the same. The MacBook includes "ASCII text" for database and spreadsheet documents and "HTML", "RTF" and "text" for word processing documents. The iMac does not show these choices. The translators (in Applications:AppleWorks 6:AppleWorks Essentials:Translators) appear to be identical. Where else might I look and what might I try to do to add the missing choices to the iMac, or is this just not possible for some reason?

    When weird things happens in an application start some maintenance like delete the Appleworks preferences in User > Library >Preferences > AppleWorks and also delete from the Preferences folder the file

  • My Acrobat X is missing from my computer and I bought it in the Creative Suite 6. How can I reinstall to get it?

    I bought the creative suite 6 and acrobat X never worked properly and now it is gone from my computer, how do I reinstall it to my computer?
    I HAVE followed these steps but seeing as Acrobat X is not on my computer the last step is not possible.
    1.Launch another CS6 application, such as Photoshop.
    2.Choose Help > Deactivate.
    3.Follow the onscreen prompts to deactivate.
    4.Close the application.
    5.Launch the same CS6 Suite product again.
    6.EULA comes up. Accept.
    7.Sign in with your Adobe ID to register trial. Quit and re-launch application.
    8.Trial dialog comes up. Click on License this Software button in this dialog.
    9.Sign-in with your Adobe ID to register.
    10.Provide CS6 Serial number next. Click Next.
    11.Quit application.
    12.Now Launch Acrobat X

    Hello ,
    You can uninstall it first with the help of Cleaner Tool. It could be possible there may be some left overs for the previous installation.Here is the link for the Cleaner Tool.
    To install  Acrobat X Pro from CS6 suite, please follow these steps,
    1. If you have installation Disk, browse the files from the disk  an navigate to "payloads\AcrobatProfessional10.0-EFG"
        ( if you have downloaded CS6 suite, please navigate to "payloads\AcrobatProfessional10.0-EFG" from the  extracted files. )
    2. Run AcroPro installer  and install  Acrobat as a trial.
    3. Once you install Acrobat,  before launching it,  follow the steps from the below document link. html
    Sukrit Dhingra

  • ICloud icon has gone missing from my iTunes TV shows library.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Does anyone know how to fix this? My TV shows that are in the cloud but not downloaded have disappeared too yet on my iphone.  I can access purchased TV shows and movies from the Itunes store but I would prefer to access them on the library. 
    My computer was away being fixed and I have got it back today in perfect order apart from this problem.  I would really appreciate if someone could help.  
    I have itunes match. Thanks

    On the iPhone...
    Settings > Videos - Show All Videos to On.
    On the computer...
    iTunes prefs > Store - Show iTunes purchases in the Cloud to On.

  • Images Missing From iPhoto Libraries, but Show up in iPhoto

    I am using iPhoto 6.05 on an Intel Core 2 Duo.
    I transferred my files from my old iMac using the transfer program with my old iMac in target disk mode.
    When I look for individual images in the Pictures folder, the names of my iPhoto Libraries are there and the years/months/days are there, but nothing shows up in the folders. Yet, when I open iPhoto, my pictures are there in my Albums.
    Any suggestions as to what to do. I have rebuilt my iPhoto library using command + option keys when opening iPhoto.

    L Briggs
    Is there a way to change how they are displayed in Finder?
    No. And don't try. It is strongly advised that you do not move, change or in anyway alter things in the iPhoto Library Folder as this can cause the application to fail and even lead to data loss.
    Have you just upgraded from v5 to v6?
    Here's how the iPhoto Library Folder is laid out:
    In this folder there are various files, which are the Library itself and some ancillary files. Then you have three folders
    Originals are the photos as they were downloaded from your camera or scanner.
    (ii) Modified contains edited pics, shots that you have cropped, rotated or changed in any way.
    This allows the Photos -> Revert to Original command - very useful if you don't like the changes you've made.
    (iii) Data holds the thumbnails the the app needs to show you the photos in the iPhoto Window.
    People usually want to re-arrange the iPhoto Library Folder because they're afraid they won't be able to find a shot if they need it. There are three ways (at least) to get files from the iPhoto Window.
    1. Drag and Drop: Drag a photo from the iPhoto Window to the desktop, there iPhoto will make a full-sized copy of the pic.
    2. File -> Export: Select the files in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export. The dialogue will give you various options, including altering the format, naming the files and changing the size.
    3. Show File: Right- (or Control-) Click on a pic and in the resulting dialogue choose 'Show File'. A Finder window will pop open with the file already selected.

  • Audio suddenly missing from an unfinished slide show...???

    I am in the process of making my first video slide show in Photoshop CS6.  I get to the end and lose my audio. I must have accidently turned something off. The sound was there the entire time I was rearranging and spacing the pictures to the songs. now the audio is off????  I see the audio layer, the mute buttons are not on, I have restarted Photoshop and the computer, the speakers are on....????? I have video clips with sound in this slide show.  when pulled up independently of the slide show, they also no longer have sound. 
    This is the third (and last) time I have posted this question.  I am not only frustrated with my program, I am frustrated with this website.  Each time after posting my question I see my question for a brief second and then the website automatically redirects to the sign in screen (which I have to re sign in?) This is all very frustrating when all I wanted was a phone number to call someone about this.
    What am I doing wrong?

    We can't know. Your info is at best vague. With no system info, no details about your audio, no screenshots etc. simply nobody can help you plus doing so would yield best results in the right forum in the first place - the one for PS.

  • Desktop missing from "save as" places

    Googling proved impossible, so I hope you can help with this first world problem:
    Let's say you opened an Outlook email attachment, and you're looking at a document in Preview. You want to save it, so you click "Save As". In that initial "Save As" list are shortcuts to common locations, AKA "Places". "Desktop" has gone missing from that list. It's still on the sidebar and everywhere else, but it's disappeared from that little grouping in "Save As".
    Is there any way to get it to show up there?

    Sorry about that. When I attempted to answer earlier today, I was on the wrong computer (one with Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 loaded), so I couldn't confirm that the actions were identical on Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.
    'Desktop' disappears on my computer when I click on the 'Home' icon in the left column of Finder, but reappears in the middle as soon as I click on the 'Desktop' destination in the left column.

  • Hi. I am trying to use Bridge to make web galleries. There used to be something on PS for that but now I cant find it in PS so I was advised to use Bridge.  However, there is something called Output Module (AOM) that is missing from my Bridge.  I download

    Hi. I am trying to use Bridge to make web galleries. There used to be something on PS for that but now I cant find it in PS so I was advised to use Bridge.  However, there is something called Output Module (AOM) that is missing from my Bridge.  I downloaded this.  The instructions say :Copy the Adobe Output Module folder (not the AOM_Package_[OS] folder) into the Bridge CC Extensions folder in the appropriate location: 
    Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Bridge CC Extensions
    Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CC Extensions.  However there is noplace on my Macbook Air running Yosemetie that has this /Library/Applications SUpport/Bridge CC Extensions. Can anyone advise?

    That file could be set as a Launch Agent or Daemon in your ~/Library or /Library, You could try to look for it or Safeboot your computer and then empty the trash. Safebooting disables Launch Agents/Daemon and Third Party Kernal extensions. Here's the article to Safeboot OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode? - Apple Support

  • Podcasts missing from Music Playlists

    Front Row playlists used to show the same tracks as iTunes playlists, but in Leopard, Front Row fails to show podcast episodes in playlists. I just installed iTunes 8.0 and Front Row 2.1.6 on OSX 10.5.5, and the problem persists. What is the best workaround to let podcasts show up in Front Row playlists?
    This question has been asked in other forums without reply, so I am hoping someone in the Front Row forum can address it:
    Here's my workaround in iTunes 8, but it's kludgy and only works for audio podcasts:
    1. Set "Preferences > General > Import Settings..." to something sensible (I like MP3 / 16kbps mono / 11.025 kHz for small files and MP3-CD compatibility, you may prefer higher quality).
    2. Change "Podcast / is true" to "Genre / is / Podcast" in all smart playlists (right-click a smart playlist name, select "Edit Smart Playlist").
    3. Open a playlist with podcasts you want to work with Front Row. Use shift-click, option-click, or cmd-A to select all podcast episodes in the playlist.
    4. In the Advanced menu, select Create MP3 Version or Create AAC Version (as set in prefs). Wait for iTunes to rip copies of each item.
    5. To remove doubles from smart playlists, delete the originals from the main Podcast list or add "Podcast / is false" to smart playlists.
    6. Select the playlist from Front Row > Music > Playlists. It should now have your podcasts.
    7. Tell Apple you need Front Row to show podcasts in playlists again.
    Is there a better way?

    I eventually noticed that when I plugged in the iPod, the sync preferences for Podcasts were set to something "odd" - they are now set to include ALL episodes of ALL podcasts.
    Even so, they remain missing from any playlist, however, they are available on the iPod from the podcast menu.
    The only way I've got the podcasts to appear in a playlist on the iPod was to do Get Info > Options > Media Kind change to Music (instead of Podcast). Then it all works OK.
    iTunes 8 showed no such problems.

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