Print to pdf often doesn't work with multiple pages?

When I try to print to pdf, it often doesn't work right.
I can select, for example, multiple Excel worksheets to print. It looks fine with 4 pages in Preview, but when I select save as .pdf, it only prints 2 of the 4 pages, and it prints those in 2 separate documents rather than a single .pdf document with multiple pages.
Is there a way to do this? Is this an Apple error or Microsoft error? Since it looks fine in Preview, my guess it is an Apple error?

It sounds like this is the problem with the way Apple handles multiple orientations in a pdf document. You can use Acrobat to print the files - it handles multiple orientations correctly. There was a previous thread on this:

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    How can I print a pdf in the actual size with a page border? (2 pages per sheet preferred)
    I usually print pdfs of books at a copy shop and they turn out fine.
    The problem comes when I try to print the same books at home.
    I use Adobe Acrobat X with the same settings: "multiple pages per sheet" (2x1) and page border. But the pages are slightly shrunken when printed. I think this is because my printer can't print as closely to the margins. Still, two pages should be able to fit on one sheet in actual size. Are there any layout settings that I can play with to find a better fit, besides portrait and landscape?
    If I select page scaling "none," I'm able to print the pdf in actual size, one page per sheet. But there's no option to add a page border.

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    "if i turn on success/failure captions the student will see them while answering" - before submitting
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    My results page is the default. I didn't use any variable. When i go to the results page after reviewing the test all the entry boxes are "wrong".

  • Interactive button in PDF file doesn't work with Adobe Reader for Mac nor Acrobat Pro

    I've to use a interactive form which has an interactive button that is supposed to send that form by email. If I open that PDF with my iPhone or iPad with the PDF Expert App, it works perfectly, but for any strange reason, when I try to open that same PDF in my Mac with Adobe Reader or Acrobat pro, that button doesn't do anything.
    Can this be a configuration error?

    The problem is deeper than that. It's not reader. Now the same form I was creating in LifeCycle Designer ES2 yesterday, with the actions working perfectly, no longer work. None of the actions are working.
    Could it be realted to me trying to set the default version compatibility to Adobe 7. It gave me warnings, so I set it back to 9.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Term-Driven Page with Friendly URL doesn't work with a page in another Site Collection

    Hi all,
    It appears that the Term-Driven Page with Friendly URL does not work when it is referencing a page in another Site Collection. When I set my Managed Navigation to use a term that points to another Site Collection page, the link shows in my navigation, but
    gives the error:
    "Sorry, something went wrong"
    This does not happen if I link to a page in the same site.
    Personal Blog:

    i got similiar (i am not sure whether the same) issue recently:
    I have a site collection (address http://spserver/) which use managed navigation, and term-driven page with friendly url. The address of the term-driven page is set as /pages/teamsitehome.aspx . A friendly url takes the form such as http://spserver/menulevel1/submenu1
    I create a new site collection http://spserver/sites/newsitecollection and i want it to have the same navigation menu as the other site collection. Since i cannot use the same termset for the two site collection, i have to create a new term set
    for the new site collection, "pin term with chidrem" or "reuse term" to the old term set. The friendly url in newly created site collection and term set takes the form such as http://spserver/sites/newsitecollection/menulevel1/submenu1, and still
    points to /pages/teamsitehome.aspx. Notice that the term-driven page here in the new site collection still points to the old site collection.
    Actually, it works! I mean, when i click the navigation menu, friendly url http://spserver/sites/newsitecollection/menulevel1/submenu1 appears in the browser address. And SharePoint knows to load /pages/teamsitehome.aspx for this url. If this is a simple
    blank page, it just open fine here.
    However, my custom page teamsitehome.aspx calls TaxonomyNavigationContext.Current.NavigationTerm in its page load event, it should returns a valid NavigationTerm for the friendly url. But it returns null here. I traced the code to find that it calles
    internal static NavigationTerm GetNavigationTermFromTargetUrlGuids(SPWeb contextWeb, Guid termStoreId, Guid termSetId, Guid termId, bool includeInheritedSettings, bool enableExclusions)
    The passed in contextWeb points to http://spserver/ , since the term-driven page is in this web. But the termSetId points to the new termset. TermId won't be problem, since its the same in both new and old term set for pinned term. The combination of contextWeb
    and termSetId just make the output NavigationTerm null. I think its simply because the termset is not associated with this spweb.
    My workaround is create a copy of /pages/teamsitehome.aspx in new site collection. The term-driven page address is set to ~sitecollection/pages/teamsitehome.aspx in term management. This time, all works. Just because the contextWeb parameter i mentioned
    above now points to the root web at new site collection, where the term driven page resides.

  • Won't Work with Microsoft Pages

    I just downloaded Adobe and when I go online to create a PDF it tells me that it doesn't work with Mac Pages.  What can I do?

    Adobe is a company not a program. Are you talking about Adobe Reader? Adobe Acrobat? How are you trying to create pdf files online? If you are using, please use the forum for that service. If using the CreatePDFOnline website then use the forum for that service.

  • TS1253 I have a printer epson TX210, but it doesn't work with my time-capsule. What need to do?

    I have a printer epson TX210, but it doesn't work with my time-capsule. What need to do?

    What have you tried?
    You are going to get nowhere quick with the 6.1 utility in Mountain Lion if this is the only OS you have available.
    Look up how to install 5.6 utility under ML. At least then you can see printers. That is assuming you are trying to use USB.
    Has this worked ever on Mountain Lion? Did you download the drivers for that printer for ML?
    Plug it into a computer directly.. does it work? If it doesn't work locally it sure will not work via the network.

  • I am trying to create a print ready PDF from a word file with unacceptable results.

    I am trying to create a print ready PDF from a word file with unacceptable results.
    The word file has a trim size of 6” x 9”. It has been set to mirror margins with the inner, top and bottom margins set to 0.75”, the outer margin is set to 0.5” and the gutter to 0.14”.
    It doesn’t matter if I create the PDF from inside Word, or open Acrobat Pro 11.0.9 and click Create From File, while the resulting document size is correct and the odd numbered pages reflect the correct margins, the even numbered pages do not. This results in some text near the outer margin, as well as the page numbers being omitted.
    Does anyone know how to correct this?
    I just noticed that some of the odd numbered pages' text is also cropped. Apparently Acrobat is refusing to set side margins to smaller than 1" (@ 3cm).

    I'm away from my printer, so I'll try it later. Even so, the proposed test is irrelevant. I operate a small publishing house and am trying to upload certain novels to Ingram, the largest book distributor in the world. The specifications I've set are the specifications they've asked for. Since they've said that the results I'm obtaining are unacceptable, and since they demand submission in PDF form, this renders Acrobat Pro for Mac completely unacceptable for anyone in the publication industry. As far as I can tell, Adobe has a serious bug here that it needs to fix—and at once.

  • JSDOC framework doesn't work with JSX

    Hil all,
    I'm new in the developpement of indesign javascript … I'm looking for a way to generate javascript documentation.
    I often use JSDOC to generate my doc but it doesn't work with JSX.
    Has someone a good tool who support JSX tag like #include?
    In advance, thanks you for your help

    You could try
    It's a framework for Indesign scripting that includes jsdoc (

  • Why EL doesn't work with custom tags ?!

    I don't know why expression lang. doesn't work with me.
    here's an example, and please tell me why :
    --- the jsp page with EL ==> doesn't work :
    <%-- In the name of ALLAH most gacious most merciful --%>
    <%@ page language="java" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/cartlib" prefix="cart" %>
    <jsp:useBean id="product" class="ch16.cart.ProductCatalog" scope="application" />
    <cart:showCatalog productCatalog="${product}" addToShoppingCartUri="<%= response.encodeURL("AddToShoppingCart.jsp") %>" />
    when using expressions instead, the page works .
    the new page is :
    <%-- In the name of ALLAH most gacious most merciful --%>
    <%@ page language="java" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/cartlib" prefix="cart" %>
    <jsp:useBean id="product" class="ch16.cart.ProductCatalog" scope="application" />
    <cart:showCatalog productCatalog="<%= product %>"
    response.encodeURL("AddToShoppingCart.jsp") %>" />
    The error was :
    HTTP Status 500 -
    type Exception report
    description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
    root cause
    note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/5.5.20 logs.

    Regarding setup, see this post reply #6
    Other potential things to check: make sure you are getting the right value passed in
    ${product} by preference would take a pageContext, request or session attribute before the application level one (it uses pageContext.findAttribute).
    What do you get if you just print out ${product} on the screen?
    It should call a toString() on it for rendering purposes.

  • Swap axes doesn't work with dual axes chart types

    Dear Colleagues,
    I noticed that the function to 'swap axes' doesn't work with dual axes chart types.
    This could be added as a hint to the Application Designer Guide, since it is not mentioned there.
    Thanks, Katharina

    Hi Katharina,
    I recommend making this suggestion to a documentation update on Idea Place at
    I like suggestions to the Help myself, something we should all do more often in my opinion

  • Lexmark scanner doesn't work with mac os x

    I have a problem with my scanner lexmark p4330. For two weeks now it doesn't work with my imac. I have the imac os x 10.7.5.
    When I try to scan, my printer displays "the all in one driver did not respond" and in Image Capture it displays "lexmark language error".
    I updated my softwares, there's one for lexmark but I can't install it and I don't know why!
    Can someone help me please?

    Mmm. Not sure what's going on. Has scanning ever worked with the OS you are currently running?
    A couple of suggestions (my last two I think as I'm running out of ideas ). I realise that your problems are only with scanning, but sometimes resetting the printing system resloves printing problems. I wonder whether it will help with the scanning issue given that Print & Scan are lumped together in System Preferences. To do it go to:
    System Preferences>Print & Scan, Control+Click or Right Click on the printer on the left and select 'reset printing system'. All printers will be deleted and need to be added again using the '+' button.
    If that doesn't help my last suggestion is to download the paid for app VueScan (which you can run in demo mode for free) to see whether it works or not. VueScan is very good and driving numerous types of scanners:

  • WP Greek Century in Mac doesn't work with Dreamweaver

    I am a many year PC user and have finally made the leap too Mac and its another learning curve .. That said, in Dreamweaver and in Mac, WP Greek Century does not work!  I have reloaded the font and all I see is the alpha #.   If I load it into any browser, it still will not read greek.  My old PC didn't have a problem with this.  Some of the download sites say that this font, WP Greek Century, works with both PC and Mac.  The one odd spin to all this is that this greek font works in Fireworks ... Is there anything I can do to make it work in Dreamweaver?  Please advise and thanks.  Mark
    ps.  I called Apple support and they could not help.

    Thanks for your reply and I was afraid that this might the answer.  Looks
    like I'm going to have to go back and fix a bunch of documents. Appreciate
    your help in this matter.  Mark
    From:   SnakEyez02 <[email protected]>
    To:     Marcusb B <[email protected]>
    Date:   02/13/2012 09:20 PM
    Subject:        WP Greek Century in Mac doesn't work with
    Re: WP Greek Century in Mac doesn't work with Dreamweaver
    created by SnakEyez02 in Dreamweaver - View the full discussion
    Fonts don't work on the web like they do in print.  Any font you use on a
    website will require that the end user have that same font installed on
    their system.
    I did try to load that font from a free source (assuming this is how you
    got it).  It is a PC TrueType and doesn't appear to work at all on the
    Mac.  Now if you are looking for just a few characters you can code this
    into the HTML:
    .html .  As far as other fonts, this greek font seems to work on Mac: .  But again, it's not a web-font
    so you won't be legally allowed to use it on web pages, and it will only
    work if the end user has that font installed on their system, unlike the
    HTML entities previously linked.
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  • Slide advancer (Kensington) doesn't work with powerpoint

    slide advancer (Kensington) doesn't work with powerpoint

    Hi, Todd.
    I don't use an AirClick, but a quick check over at Griffin Technologies indicates one must be using PowerPoint 2004 to control presentations with the AirClick and AirClick USB products.
    If you're using PowerPoint 2004, then I suggest you take up the matter with Griffin Technology's Support. They also appear to have published some updated software for AirClick.
    Another place you may want to search or post is the the PowerPoint group you can find on the Microsoft Mac Support - Newsgroups page. These are Google Groups with active participation from MS PowerPoint users, including a variety of expert users.
    I don't mean to send you somewhere else, but I've found numerous answers there for folks with questions related to MS products. Accordingly, it has often proved to be the first, best place to look for answers to questions such as you are asking.
    Good luck!
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X

  • Trying to load illustrator 6cs onto new mac and the old activation code for my ill cs doesn't work with it

    Trying to load a downloaded version of illustrator 6cs onto new mac and the old activation code for my illustrator cs doesn't work with it.  Do I need a new code or am I missing something?  Same goes for my Photoshop cs.

    you need your serial number.
    if you purchased from or registered with adobe check your account,

  • Cinema Display (clear) with DVI/ADC box doesn't work with MacBook Pro

    Cinema Display (clear) with DVI/ADC box doesn't work with MacBook Pro when plugged in with a dvi to mini dvi cable. Any ideas what to do to make it work? I lugged the 23" 2500 miles into the wilderness and I need help

    Okay, here's an update: the DVI to ADC adapter does work with the Apple displays that I have tried, but it won't work with the Formac. I have tried multiple time to contact them, but to no avail... they don't even respond to threats of posting my opinion of them, which is this:
    DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM FORMAC! They make quality products, but their customer service is a big time joke! They won't take care of you.

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    I made a short animated video from a template explaining who I am for my customers. I would like to put the video on Youtube or Vimeo so they know a bit more about me, but I am having trouble exporting it from Adobe After Effects. Everytime I export

  • IO Error 17002 in Oracle SQL Developer

    Hi, I am trying to connect to the test database using the Oracle SQL developer but I am getting the below error IO Error: The network adapter could not establish the connection vendor code 17002 I used to connect to the test server fine 2 weeks ago (

  • Running reports via browser

    I am getting this error in my apache error logs when a try to run a report from the browser: [Wed May 08 10:08:35 2002] [error] Unrecognized character \220 at d:/oracle/isuites/apache/apache/cgi-bin/rwcgi60.exe line 1. I am using 9iAS.