Printer doesn't recognize ipad

Air printer 6520 doesn't recognize my ipad

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If this is still bugging you, please take a look at the following:
Add Device to Printer
You may just need to jump down the Mobile Section...
See Section titled > Mobile Device / iPad gets an App
There is also an FAQ for AirPrint bits under the section titled "For Apple Products"
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  • Acrobat Printer doesn't recognize SWF as a printable file form

    Acrobat Printer doesn't recognize SWF (even if a static/single frame file), as a printable file format! Please fix the issue,
    I am confronted with 'The file cannot be printed. Please try opening the file with the correct application and printing from there' and The issue is encountered while dragging one/many SWF into Acrobat Printer's  printing list.  Its displays that troublesome  error.
    And, please add CRTL+P feature to print an SWF from Flash Player Standalone.

    No, that doesn't work for me.  And things seem to be inconsistent.  Where it lets you vary the file size (small/medium/large/actual) when large and actual are the same, it doesn't send the actual jpeg file for windows to open.  When large and actual size files are different when you toggle between the two, the file seems to go through to my windows pc ok.  When I tried this through preview, that's when I noticed this difference, not through just email or Aperture yet.  Help!

  • MacOS iTunes 11.0.5 doesn't recognize iPad or iPhone.

    I just returned from a two week vacation, and plugged my iPad and iPhone into my iMac to sync them and discovered that iTunes doesn't recognize them either on my wifi network, or via USB. 
    iTunes (11.0.5) does recognize my iPod nano, and iPhoto does recognize my iPhone and iPad.  They are just totally AWOL in iTunes.  I've tried rebooting all of the devices including my computer, and all of the other relavent steps in the troubleshooting guide.  Nothing helped.
    I successfully synced both devices to my iMac before leaving for vacation, but I can't remember if I did that before updating iTunes or not. 
    I even erased my iPad and then tried connecting it to my iMac, and still no luck. 
    Also, my device back ups are no longer showing up in the "devices" tab in iTunes preferences. 
    My MacBook Air, running iTunes 11.0.4 recognizes both devices.  Both my laptop and my desktop are running OS 10.8.4 
    Has anyone else experienced similar issues?  Any solutions?

    I thought I'd reply to my own post in case this can help others.  I solved my issue by downloading and re-installing iTunes.  I didn't even need to un-install it via Terminal first.  I ran the installer, and my iPhone and iPad connected immediately. 

  • ITunes (for Windows) doesn't recognize iPad 2

    I have Windows 8 with iTunes 11.3.0 but it doesn't recognize my iPad 2 (with iOS 7.1.2).  But it does recognize my iPhone 5s with the same iOS 7.1.2.
    I have tried with three different cables, the last one was a new one, but it never recognized my iPad.
    Can someone help me?

    Did you try to connect in recovery mode?
    If you can't update or restore your iOS device
    Here are some more tips:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • Itunes doesn't recognize ipad nor iphone 4 after upgrade to

    i upgraded itunes to version in order to do the updates of OS on my ipad and iphone4. But now itunes doesn't recognize both devices any more, which wasn't a problem before the upgrade. It's not an USB problem, since the notebook recognizes both devices, but takes it for a camera and is searching for a proper software, but in itunes both do not show up. Did anyone have the same problem? Any idea what to do?

    You know what, I discovered the solution today, while syncing my iTouch. All I did was , remove my mobile me account from my iphone. Turn it off, then on. Add my mobileme account back to my iphone. Then connect it back to iTunes..... it was fixed! Woohoo!!
    I decided to share the news and found that BSC had a solution! Its pretty much same thing I did, but THANKS so much for responding!! It worked!

  • Printer doesn't recognize ink

    Just replaced yellow ink in Photosmart 5180 -- I'm sure its the right thing, its brand new and I shook it and some ink came out-- but printer insists there is no yellow ink.

    I feel your pain. I have a new 6500 (six months I've used it). Everytime I insert a brand-new GENUINE HP cartridge - these happen to be 920's - the printer does not recognize it. Says it's "damaged" or whatever and tells me consult manual.
    The manual (at least on 6500) says to clean the little "window" on the cartridge. Mind you, this is a brand new freshly unwrapped EXPENSIVE HP catridge and I gotta do maintenance on it before I stick in the machine? So I get some eyeglass cleaner and rub it on the little "window" (it's very cloudy and dark for a window, looks like solid plastic) and then the printer accepts it. Like it just saw its passport and determines its not an illegal alien cartridge.
    BUT - and here's the rub (no pun intended)...even after I did that three times or more on a cyan cartridge, the 6500 would still not accept it. I didn't have time to mess around anymore so I bought a new one. Fortunately, that was accepted. I put the cyan that wouldn't work in a baggy and sealed it.
    After Christmas, I called HP at the toll free number in the manual (1-800-474-6836). On the phone for an HOUR OR MORE! First, with some guy who couldn't speak clear English (although I think it was an India support center) and then he gave me to his supervisor, a "Lisa" who, when I then asked, "Am I the only one on the planet with this problem?"  She says, "Honestly, this is the FIRST I've heard of this."
    Give me a break...not only are 6500 owners complaining on this but so are owners of other HP printers like yourself.
    Back to the cyan in the baggy:  The one I installed successfully was now empty and before buying a new one I opened the baggy and cleaned the livin' H out of that window with alcohol. This is after I drank some of the drinkable kind of alcohol. ALAS..the 6500 finally accepted that cyan cart from the baggy. Then I had another drink in celebration.
    But, come on, HP, do I have to go this crap every time I try to install a brand new cart? With HP lacking advice on this, my next move is to talk to the Cartridge World shop in town and see what they know about the 920s. That might be an idea for you, 'cause, so far, HP is of no help.
    If this keeps up, I'm going out and buying Canon's $99 (at Walmart or Best Buy) new all-in-one and seeing if I can peddle the 6500 to somebody who loves to do play the  "let's see if this HP cartridge will work" game every stinkin' time a cartridge is loaded. Frankly, I don't have that kind of time or patience and it would be worth the cost of one HP ink 4-pack to go back to Canon, a manufacturer that did not give me these problems on my last printer.
    Good luck.
    The Wordchipper

  • Windows doesn't recognize iPad

    When I plug my usb cable into my computer it doesn't recongnize my iPad.  It says it's an unknown device... Anyone know how to fix it?

    Here's the info from Apple :

  • Printer doesn't recognize cartridge

    The printer said 'empty cartridge' so i put in a new one, now the printer says the cartridge is empty but I know it's not empty and now it wont print.  When I hit print it says 'printing' and a second later it says 'finished printing' but the printer never makes a move, nevr makes a sound, and certainly is not printing.
    How can I force this HP2452 to print?!    
    It's only a month old!

    Hi @Kerfirou 
    I would be happy to help you with the cartridge trouble you are experiencing. Although you may not see incompatible ink or ink cartridge missing exactly, the following document will guide you through the necessary steps to troubleshoot the issue you have described; An 'Incompatible Ink Cartridge or 'Ink Cartridges Missing' Error Message Displays for HP Deskjet 151....
    If the issue persists,  I suggest calling us. Don't hesitate to call, although the printer may be out of warranty, the cartridges could be in warranty; therefore, there wouldn't likely be a fee for the phone support. We will, at our option, either replace products under warranty that prove to be defective or refund the purchase price.
    We could even determine after troubleshooting that it is a problem with the printer, in which case they may offer you a discount on a newer model.
    The number to call is 1-800-474-6836 for Canada and US, or you can Contact HP Worldwide.
    To find the “Warranty Ends” date, look in the following table for the date's location on each product. The date follows the YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/MM format, where YYYY indicates the year, MM indicates the month, and DD indicates the day.
    I hope this helps.
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    Sunshyn2005 - I work on behalf of HP

  • ITunes sometimes doesn't recognize iPad or Touch

    After working properly for a month, my system has developed a glitch. When I connect my iPad, iTunes does not open or mount the iPad. The iPad does begin to charge, but there is no "sync behavior" going on. I tried reinstalling iTunes, and everything worked properly--until I restarted the computer. Then it went back to not mounting the iPad. Reinstalled iTunes again--works properly again. (The same thing happens with my Touch.) Surely I don't have to reinstall iTunes after every shutdown.
    This is a 24in Aluminum iMac running OS 10.6.2. I was running 10.6.3, but learned from the genius at the bar that there is some glitch in that upgrade that makes my iMac lock up periodically, and per his instructions I went back to 10.6.2. The syncing problem started about that time.
    Again everything is fine after I reinstall iTunes (9.1.1) but anytime the computer is restarted, there is no sync. Any ideas? Do I need to go back to an earlier version of iTunes?

    I've been having exactly the same experience, though I've been running iTunes 10.0.1 (OS 10.6.4). My iPad won't mount despite restarting, so I uninstalled iTunes <>, reinstalled <>, and it would work fine for a day or less.
    So I just uninstalled again and then installed the previous version of iTunes (9.2.1), and that seems to be working so far. I'll chime in again later with results over time.

  • Printer will not recognize commands from computer

    My computer will print to other printers, but my HP printer will not recognize commands from my desktop. My computer will allow me to choose the HP to print to and the print job will show up in the printer icon on my task bar, but my printer doesn't recognize that it's been asked to print. The printer will print when other computers ask it to. No error message comes up and the yellow light doesn't flash-- the screen just reads "Ready." The ink cartridge is less than a week old and it has plenty of paper.

    Hi @blackburnenglis,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I see that your printer will not recognize commands from your computer. I am sorry to hear this, but happy to help!
    For further assistance, I will need to know:
    The Product/Model Number of your printer. Follow instructions in this link. Finding Your HP Product Model Number.
    If you are using a Windows or Mac Operating System, and the version number. To find the exact version, visit this link. Whatsmyos.
    If the printer is connected, Wireless, Ethernet, or USB.
    If the printer is able to make copies.
    If the power cable is plugged into a surge protector, or directly to the wall outlet. Issues when Connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply/Power Strip/Surge Protector. This applies to Inkjet printers as well.
    If you are using Windows, please try our HP Print and Scan Doctor, and let me know what happens!
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • HT4356 iPad doesn't recognize ePrinter.

    My iPad doesn't recognize my printer.  It did until I upgraded the printer (HP 5510) to recognize Windows8 on my computer.  Any suggestions?

    Good Morning sylvia261,
    The resource below explains all of the steps to take when you change your Apple ID.  You may need to restart your iPad; sign out of iCloud and iTunes in the Settings app and then sign in with your revised Apple ID.
    Change your Apple ID - Apple Support
    Change your Apple ID
    Learn how to change the email address that you use as your Apple ID.
    In most cases, your Apple ID is also the primary email address of your Apple ID account. You can change your Apple ID to any other email address you control, as long as it's not already in use as an Apple ID. If your email address ends with,, or, it's already an Apple ID. 
    Use these steps to reset your Apple ID:
    Sign out of iCloud, the iTunes Store, App Store, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, and iMessage on each device that uses your current Apple ID for these services.
    Go to My Apple ID.
    Select Manage your Apple ID and sign in. Forgot your password?
    Select Edit next to Apple ID and Primary Email Address.
    Enter the email address that you want to use as your Apple ID, then select Save Changes. Apple will send a verification email to that address.
    Open the email from Apple, then click Verify Now. Didn't receive the email?
    When the My Apple ID page opens, sign in with your new Apple ID email address and password. When you see a message that verification is complete, you can start using your updated Apple ID.
    Update the features and services that you use with Apple ID, so that each one is using your updated Apple ID.
    If you need to change the Apple ID that's signed in to your iOS device, use these steps to sign out, then back in with a different Apple ID.
    Last Modified: Dec 11, 2014
    Take care,

  • I have changed my apple id but cannot change it  on ipad. My old id comes up with request to log in, but it doesn't recognize my password or birthday. Help please.

    I have changed my apple id on itunes but can't change it on ipad. My old id asks for login but doesn't recognize password or birthday.  Help please.

    Hi on iPad itunes bottom of page Sign out then sign back in with new details. Cheers Brian

  • Can HP Photosmart All-in-One C6180 be made to recognize iPad 2 AirPrint so it can print to HP?

    Can HP Photosmart All-in-One C6180 be made to recognize iPad 2 AirPrint so it can print to HP?

    I can' see it in this list (updated last week). Please check it yourself again.
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  • I just installed update version  Now Itunes doesn't recognize my iphone or ipad.  My wife just installed the same version with the same result.  The problem is clearly a problem with itunes.  What's wrong with itunes?

    I was running the previous version of itunes and it worked perfectly.  I just installed the latest version of itunes (version and restarted the PC and now itunes doesn't recognize my iphone or my ipad.  I'm running Windows 8.1 on my pc.  I tried diagnostics to no avail.  The diagnostic didn't recognize either device.  As the directions advised, I closed itunes, disconnected the devices and stopped and restarted the apple  mobile device service,  That didn't work either.  My wife, who also has Windows 8.1, has the same problem.  She installed the new version and it doesn't recognize her devices.
    Until now, itunes has been totally reliable.  I am convinced the problem is with itunes.  Where do I go from here?

    I resolved the issue by doing the following:
    1. Uninstall iTunes and every Apple application (device support and such).
    2. Uninstall bonjour.
    3. Reboot.
    4. Go to Apple and install iTunes.
    It worked.  When I opened iTunes (after reinstalling) it recognized all my devices, music and video.

  • Imac 10.7.5 doesn't recognize iPod touch 32gb 5th gen, iPad and iPad mini all work ok

    imac 10.7.5 doesn't recognize iPod touch 32gb 5th gen, iPad and iPad mini all work ok.
    Itunes 11.3
    7.1.2 iPod touch 32gb, V/ 5th generation
    I just don't get it. I got the iPod from a friend which didn't use it at all. If I connect my iPad or iPad mini to my mac, they all get connected well and iTunes sees them too. iPod touch not for some reason
    The iPod touch is completely new, no missing contacts etc. It works on other macs as well. Only my iMac doesn't see the iPod Touch. Maybe I can repost this problem in The IMAC section in stead of the iPod Touch, since I think its a iMac problem from now on...
    please help!

    Iphone 5 lightning port charging problem - SOLUTION!
    - Inspect the dock connector on the iPod for bent or missing contacts, foreign material, corroded contacts, broken, missing or cracked plastic.
    - Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

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