Printing of Arabic Report 10g on Printer

I have created a 132 column arabic report in 10g. While calling the same from form as HTML format, it displays all the labels and values fully. When i direct the same to dot matrix printer, the font size is getting bigger and becoz of this, only 2/3 of the report gets printed in the 132 column paper. 1/3 is getting truncated. This happens only when i directly send the report to printer thru forms in Right to Left format. Urgent help needed.
Thanks in Advance,

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  • Send direct print to printer from client, Reports 10G, Windows environment,

    We are using windows 2003 based server. Oracle Form and Report Services . Database 10g . Reports 10G.
    Trying to send direct print to printer from client side using Destination Parameter : Printer.
    I am getting output in pdf at client side. but direct print to printer is failed.

    Make sure that the client printer is also known on the application server, since that is where the print job is generated.

  • How Can I print directly the report from the printer without showing it ?

    I know how to run the report from Form as it illustrate on this site:
    but the question here how could i to generate the report directly to the printer without showing it on the screen???
    I search on the net and I find that I should change this line :-
    to this
    but it is not working with me :-(
    is there any suggest ?!

    Check if any of these helps
    Re: Direct Printing in Forms10g
    Web.Show_Document() print report directly
    Direct Printing from client PC

  • Pls help me to track post print event in reports 10g (web layout)

    I am displaying a report on the web using WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT built in after calling it from Forms. I want to update some attribute in the database after the report is printed. Where can i place the update statement.
    note:I dont need solution for the reports printed using paper layout.
    Thanks in advance.

    Mr. Marcos, The problem is After-Report trigger will fire when the report is printed in paper layout. when the same report is printed in web layout the After-Report is not firing. It seem that the update code should be included in the Web-Source tab in Object Navigator but I don't know how to script it.

  • To print the ALV report on a printer

    Hi all,
    I want to print the report that is displayed on the screen. I have given my pf-status so, normal print functionality is not working. So I have tried adding in a function module GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS. This is printing but the font is very small. Is there a way, where I can print the data normally.
    Thank you, Regards

    Hi Om Prakasah,
    If I understanding correctly, you created a ReportViewer report, but you can’t see print icon when you run the report in browser. If so, please follow these steps:
    If you can’t see the print icon either when running the report in visual studio, you may have set ShowPrintButton to False in Properties window, then please set it to True.
    If there is print icon in visual studio but not in browser, please update the .NET Framework on your web server to the latest version, because the print icon is by default hidden in some version of browser. For more information, you can refer to the relevant
    link below:
    If the problem is not resolved, i would appreciate it if you could give us detailed description of your problem, it’s better to provide the version of ReportViewer and browser, it will help us move more quickly toward a solution.
    Wendy Fu

  • How can I print a LabView report using the printer font (not a windows font)?

    My printer is connected via a com interface. For speed reason I have to use the font of the printer. I use the report generation VIs to generate my report. With the VI "Set Report" its possible to choose a font but I think only windows fonts are accepted.
    Printing from "WordPad" using printer fonts is no problem, just select font "15 CPI" for example. But how does it work with LabView?

    Have you already tried this in LabVIEW? What results did you receive when you tried it?
    J.R. Allen

  • Form 6i printing report directly to printer

    Hi Professionals,
    I am in badly need of help to print my barcode report directly to printer from form, currently it is working fine if i make it preview first and then user has to select network printer to print, but user is not accepting that manual step, and therefore we are unable to launch our material management module.
    add_parameter(PL_ID, 'DESTYPE', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'PREVIEW');
    add_parameter(PL_ID, 'MAXIMIZE', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'YES');
    I appreciate any efforts to resolve this issue.
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    Guide to Implement local printing on client in 10gas/9ias
    To archive this goal we have used orarrp(Oracle Reports Remote Printing Utility), which can be downloaded from the OTN website
    1.Add the required ORARRP mime types to the Oracle HTTP Server configuration.
    (Note: This will be the Oracle HTTP Server belonging to the Oracle Application Server 10g/9ias middle (BI & Forms) tier)
    Do this manually by editing the httpd.conf
    via the Oracle Application Server 10g AS Console e.g.
    Navigate to the Middle Tier Components Page
    Click on HTTP_Server -> Administration -> MIME Types
    NOTE: MIME types added in httpd.conf are as per requirement mode in which report has to be run e.g. pdf, rt(rtf) and html etc. syntax for manual entry in httpd.conf is given below.
    AddType application/x-orarrp-text     rrpt
    AddType application/x-orarrp-ps     rrpp
    AddType application/x-orarrp-pdf     rrpa
    AddType application/x-orarrp-rt     rrpr
    AddType application/x-orarrp-ini     rrpi
    AddType application/x-orarrp-html     rrph
    2. Create an aliasmatch in forms.conf pointing to a physical directory \tmp- for example, directory will be c:\tmp
    Do this by manually editing the forms.conf
    via the Oracle Application Server 10g AS Console e.g.
    Navigate to the Middle Tier Components Page
    Click on HTTP_Server -> Administration -> Advanced Server Properties -> forms.conf
    Add a line like :
    # Virtual path for physical directory of temp
    AliasMatch ^/tmp/(..*) "C:\tmp/$1"
    The advantages of making the changes via EM / AS console, rather than editing the files manually, are:
    - the EM / AS console will put the mime type entries in the correct place
    - the EM / AS console automatically issues a 'dcmctl updateconfig' which synchronizes the file changes with the Infrastructure Metadata Repository
    - the EM / AS console will do the required restart of the HTTP Server component
    (Only the HTTP Server needs to be stopped and restarted – Oracle AS 10g components can remain up and running)
    If the changes are made manually then the following commands must be issued after the changes to httpd.conf and forms.conf have been made.
    Run these command at run prompt
    DRIVE:\oracle\FRHome_1\dcm\bin\dcmctl.bat updateconfig -ct ohs -v -d
    (to synchronize the changes with the Metadata Repository)
    DRIVE:\oracle\FRHome_1\dcm\bin\dcmctl.bat stop -ct ohs -v -d
    DRIVE:\oracle\FRHome_1\dcm\bin\dcmctl.bat start -ct ohs -v -d
    where DRIVE: is the drive where \oracle\frhome_1\ is installed.
    3. Copy and run orarrp.exe on client machine in program files\orarrp\ folder.
    4. Set value of options '”choose_printer=no” in orarrp.ini created at above folder.
    5. Add following lines in your code of run_report procedure.
    In declare section
    vc_file varchar2(225);
    In begin block add
    /* Generate a pseudo unique filename */
    /* In this example - output will be rtf so adding .rrpr extension */
    set_report_object_property(repid, report_filename,store_var);
    set_report_object_property(repid, report_server, :global.r_server);
    set_report_object_property(repid, report_execution_mode, batch);
    set_report_object_property(repid, report_comm_mode, SYNCHRONOUS);
    set_report_object_property(repid, report_destype, file);
    set_report_object_property(repid, report_desformat,'rtf');
    ---- path can be made dynamic by making a database entry in makess.path_entry for tmp folder and
    ---using proc_path procedure from path lib.
    :GLOBAL.PrintOutPut := vcFile;
    In Run report section make following change:
         vc_reportserverjob := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid,pi_id);
         if v_rep_status='FINISHED' then
              message ('error when running report'||v_rep_status);
    end if;
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  • Unable print scheduled report on network printer using BOEXI 3.0

    I'm unable to print a scheduled report on network printer using BOE XI 3.0. I get the following error
    Error Message: Error in File ~ce6a054be1a25b52.rpt: Request cancelled by the user. ]
    Has anyone encountered this kind of problem and know what the solution is?

    Hey Falk,
    Thanks for the response.
    I can print on a network printer after I changed 'Crystal Reports Job Server' to run under a user account that has privileges to access the printer.
    To answer your questions regarding the problem:
    >Can you schedule the report successfully ?
    >>Yes I was able to schedule the report successfully
    >Can you print the report successfully?
    >>NO the scheduled task would fail with the error message as posted above.

  • Print Button on Report

    Dear All;
    Can I place a button on report, and whenwver I will prees it then it will send automatically print of this report on bydefault printer, without out open printer information. Thx.

    please go to the reports forum

  • Printing an ABAP report does not work

    I am starting to learn ABAP programming, i have a simple report:
    WRITE: /'Test printing'.
    WRITE: /.
    WRITE: 'Hello World' NO-GAP.
    WRITE: /.
    I defined an output device with properties "YSWIN (Rel.4.x/SAPlpd 4.09 + ONLY!)" and  "G: Frontend Printing with Control Tech", the printer name is __default.
    I print the above report via "Program" > "Print", nothing is printed, i check my local printer, no print job there.

    Can you share with us the solution of this issue.
    Also please help to close this thread as it was solved.

  • Change "document" to report title in print queue

    Post Author: mroy
    CA Forum: .NET
    When printing from Crystal Reports to a printer, in the print queue, the Document Name is "Crystal Reports - " and the report title.
    When printing using ReportDocument in Visual Basic .NET program to a printer, the Document name is "document".
    Is there a way to change "document" to the report title in code?

    Post Author: Argan
    CA Forum: .NET
    You can only do it using RAS I believe by using the PrintReportOptions objects JobTitle property.
    This is only available using Enterprise or CR XI R2 SP2.

  • When using "Print Report" my default printer changes.

    I have the need to print two different kinds of reports to two different printers depending on which report it is.  I use the Office toolkit and wire the correct printer for the report using the "Print Report" tool.  However, each time I do this, it changes the default printer in Windows to the printer wired.  I don't want to change the default printer just send the report to the specified printer.  Is there a work around?
    LV 8.0 through 2013, Win 7

    Hi The Q,
    a workaround could be to read first which the default printer is, then print your page with the printer you want and then reset the stored printer to default. The information which printer is the default printer can be read from the registry.
    Hope this helps.

  • Arabic -English Report direct printing issues in Oracle 10g

    I am working on Oracle database 10g and application server 10g on windows 2008 platform in Arabic Environment with the following settings.
    -- Oracle database NLS_Characterset as AR8IS08859P6
    --Oracle Database registery NLS_LANG as ARABIC_UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.AR8MSWIN1256
    --Application Server registery NLS_LANG as ARABIC_UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.AR8MSWIN1256
    -- font subsetting in uifont.ali for PDF
    -- set Reports_BIDI_ALGORITHM = UNICODE
    Now I am facing an issue in connection with arabic reports:  When user enter the narration in the DATA ENTRY form like     ' AP600N حبر طابعة ريكو اسود   '      writing from right to left.
    it's storing in the database as '  حبر طابعة ريكو اسود AP600N '    
    Again when its querying in the form, it comes properly as it's written.
    Even its coming in the bitmap report in screen as it's written.   But when I am printing directly to printer in bitmap mode, its coming as its in the database.
    Is there any way to get the print as they wrote in the screen?
    Also the Character mode printing comes in left to right  in screen as well as in printer.
    Please help me...
    with thanks & regards,

    Don't tell so much.
    Check the following link
    1. PDF Reports in Unicode / Arabic & English | Oracle Community
    2. OraFAQ Forum: Reports & Discoverer » Report in Arabic(pdf) (merged)
    3. Arabic Report generated to text file giving Jun... | Oracle Community
    Hope this helps

  • Printer issue with Oracle11i Arabic report

    We are using Oracle11i( on Aix 5.3
    Oracle11i Arabic report output is not properly printing on printer.
    Number in Arabic in Report is not printing ,it is printing international number like 1,2,3
    we are using PAST driver and report in Text Format
    With Regards

    What is your database characterset?
    Please see these docs.
    PASTA 3.0 Release Information [ID 239196.1]
    How to Setup EBS, VPasta, And Pasta for BIDI Languages [ID 839520.1]
    Printing and Previewing Arabic Reports using PASTA in Oracle Applications 11i [ID 179801.1]

  • Report 10g print preview problem

    i use report 10g (HTMLCSS)
    when send to printer i have problems as:
    1- page stream should not show to print preview
    2- page sizing changed in print preview
    but when send directly to printer without page stream i have not problem with page sizing and margin just i have problem with page number i cant set page number as ( from page to page)
    please help me.

    While printing report from the HTML page you can change the margin and header/footer setting by clicking or File>Page Setup>Margin & Header/Footer.
    Just edit those property upon your requirement and then print report.

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