Printing pdf in windows 8

I am trying to print a pdf file from the tile area in windows 8. I can't find an option to print and ctrl P does not print either.

Adobe Reader Touch (Windows Store app with Modern UI) does not support printing yet.
Adobe Reader XI (desktop app with classic UI) supports printing.  It only runs on Windows 8 (not Windows RT).
Microsoft Reader (Windows Store app with Modern UI) supports printing.
The Windows 8/RT operating system itself supports printing.  But some apps lack printing support.

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  • Print PDF with Windows 8

    How do you print a pdf using windows 8

    Please check the Frequently Asked Questions section to find the answer to your question.
    How do I print a PDF from my Windows 8 Device?

  • ID CS6 Crash exporting to Print PDF in Windows

    Hi there,
    I am having trouble exporting my indesign file to a high quality pdf document for printing. I am using Windows 7 64-bit.
    Current file size of the document is 234 MB, most of the images are linked. But when I try and do an export, it crashes with this error:
    (This is in german. It shows the standard error and closing message of windows 7. Adobe Indesign CS6 has stopped working... blahblah)
    So I have tried exporting it into other various files (for testing purposes).
    Downscaled graphics to 72dpi is crashing.
    IDML is crashing.
    I have also tried it on another laptop with windows 7, still crashing.
    Exporting it without most of the graphics (using a copy I made a few days ago) is working. The filesize of the copy was 13 MB. Fonts and everything else looking good. After this copy I started putting in the graphics.
    Interactive PDF (with obviously downscaled graphics) is working.
    So any tips on how to get this done? Thanks in advance.

    Does the file export correctly with previous version of ID?
    A bug is logged for a simlar issue #3229808 . As pointed by Peter, it happens because of shortage in memory allocation for big files.
    Divide and conquer should be the current work-around. Identify the the page that is heavy and export in parts.

  • Printing Adobe PDF on Windows 8

    Trying to print PDF on Windows 8 and Adobe says you do not have any devices that can read Adobe.
    I have updated Printer drivers and have the latest version of Adobe.
    What do I do??

    1. What Adobe PDF software are you using, and what version?
    2. What is the EXACT message that you are getting - please quote it word for word or use a screen shot.

  • How do you print a pdf from Windows 8?

    How do you print a pdf from Windows 8?

    What is your operating system?
    Is this a local or online PDF file?  If online, in what browser?

  • I can no longer print PDF files that were scanned with the very same MX479 on Windows XP, SP3

    I can no longer print PDF files that were scanned with the very same MX479 All-in-One.
    I have an (obsolete) Windows XP, SP3 computer.  Obviously, no updates from Microsoft
    have occurred that might have impacted my Canon Pixma MX479.
    When I attempt to send 1 or more pages from a PDF file to the printer, I don't even get the
    Canon PIXMA popup that would allow me to cancel the print job.
    Yet the Print Queue icon appears in the lower right corner of my monitor.
    If I view the Print Queue, the print queue shows "spooling" and does nothing more.
    If I attempt to CANCEL the print job in the Print Queue, it simply changes to "deleting -
    I cannot cancel the print job that shows NOT RESPONDING via Task Manager, either.
    In fact, the only way the Print Queue icon disappears is if I totally reboot my computer!
    "Luckily", I can still print e-mails, Word documents, and even my downloaded PDF of my
    bank statement.
    So, I was thinking that it was *only* PIXMA'S OWN SCANNED PDFS that could not be
    printed ON THE SAME PIXMA 479.
    However, I have since realized that I also cannot print USPS Signature Proof of Delivery
    PDFs that I received from USPS via e-mail.
    So why can I print *some* PDF files, but not *all* PDF files, like I previously could do?
    NOTE: I *have* tried turning the PIXMA off, unplugging it, rebooting the computer, plugging
    the PIXM in and restarting the PIXMA - still no ability to print PIXMA-scanned PDFs.
    And, I find it very strange that e-mails, Word documents, and some other PDFs print with
    no problem "around" "NOT RESPONDING" PIXMA print jobs.
    I have owned Canon printers for years, including the MX420, and the MX340.

    There may be some security issues related to the USPS PDFs.
    I can't help with the scan/print problem. You seem to have done everything I would try.
    I don't know if maybe using a registry cleaner would help.
    John Hoffman
    Conway, NH
    1D Mark IV, Rebel T5i, Pixma PRO-100, MX472

  • Windows Service no longer able to print PDF files using Adobe Reader

    We have a Windows Service that watches a folder for PDF files to be deposited.  Once awakened, it executes the Adobe Reader in command line mode to print the PDF files to secure check printers. The Windows Service was working fine with but no longer works with
    There are no event viewer errors or errors returned to our Process.Start() call.  The Windows Service is running under the identify of an administrator account and has explicit full access to the printer.  We have also tried the local computer's Administrator account as well as the default Local Service, but none work.
    Using ProcMon to examine the failure, it showed Adobe Reader making many successful registry and file accesses.  Adobe Reader then creates a new process, another instance of itself to read in the PDF file and print to the printer.  However, ProcMon only shows Adobe Reader accessing AcroRd32.exe, syswow.dll (sp) and ntdll.dll and then the thread and process immediately exits with an exit code of 0 (no file or registry accesses).  So, something is causing the instantiated process to fail immediately.
    After more research and trying many things, we disabled "Enable Protected Mode at Startup".  This enabled things to work again.
    We are concerned that disabling this feature might expose security concerns for our customers.
    We are suspecting that some security concerns were tightened with that has inadvertently caused printing from Windows Services to falsely be identified as security violations.  Can you please investigate and provide a resolution?
    Thank you.
    Craig Keating
    Alliance Enterprises, Inc.
    [email protected]

    Can you please give the following details:
    1) Command (given in command line)used to print PDF files?
    2) Is the issue reproducible with other printers as well?
    3) Is directly printing the PDF from that folder using command line i.e without using windows service works fine or not?
    Shakti K

  • Printing a PDF document from a network printer hosted on Windows Print Server

    We have a use case where a XFA form needs to be merged with the XML file and later be printed on a printer hosted on Windows Print Server.
    While I know the first part of merging the template with the data file, I am stuggling to get my document printed.
    Here are the options that I have already tried -
    1) Used the generatePrintedOutput to render a flat PDF and convert it into a PS format.
    2) The output of the above service was input to the "sendToPrinter" service with following configuration settings
        Input document     : <Document variable referencing to the output of the GeneratePrintedOutput service>
        Printer Protocol     : DirectIP
        Server URI            : \\ <IP address of the Print Server>     NOTE: The Print Server is hosted on a different domain & is a Windows Server
        Printer Name        : \\ <IP address of the Print Server>\<name of the printer>
    Some more information about our LC servers -
    OS -> Unix
    Application Server -> JBoss
    When I used these settings and invoked the process, I got the following exception -
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,047 ERROR [com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException] ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>.
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,067 ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException message:com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException: ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>. while invoking service OutputService and operation sendToPrinter and no fault routes were found to be configured.
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,069 ERROR [com.adobe.idp.workflow.dsc.invoker.WorkflowDSCInvoker] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException message:com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException: ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>. while invoking service OutputService and operation sendToPrinter and no fault routes were found to be configured.
    2011-03-07 11:13:39,079 ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException message:com.adobe.livecycle.output.exception.OutputException: ALC-OUT-001-403: Could not connect to the DirectIP Server: \\<IP Address of the Printer Server>. while invoking service OutputService and operation sendToPrinter and no fault routes were found to be configured.
    Therefore I tried to check if I am able to Ping the Printer Server from my Livecycle Server and found that the ping was successful.
    Next - I changed the Printer Protocol from DirectIP to SharedPrinter keeping the rest of the settings same. In this case - when I invoke the process, it did not throw any error , but it did not print any document as well.
    Any suggestion where I have gone wrong? Pls let me know if you would need more information to help me resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Well I found the answer......
    I had to do the two steps below -
    1) Go to Admin UI, "Trust Store Management -> User & Password Credentials" and add a profile for my Printer server with login ID and password which can access the printer.
    So in the "User & Password Crendentails" page, I click on "add" and fill the following values
    Profile : \\ <IP address of the print server> ....... (It is important that you write the name correctly..for example " \\"
    USername : <user id who has access to the printer>
    Password  : <password for that user Id>
    2) In the sendToPrinter service, I used CIFS as the protocol and I have the proper Server URI as below
    And it worked ! .....


    I am having trouble printing to a pdf in windows 8.  I am doing this from Yahoo Mail and for some reason the PDF printer is giving me fits.  Please advise.

    What version of Acrobat are you using. I had no problem with AA XI when I was testing Win8 with AA.

  • PDF files created in Acrobat Pro X for Mac will not print correctly on Windows - text is missing

    I recently created a PDF file with pictures and texts in Acrobat Pro X. However, when I send it to my coworkers (who work on Windows computers), the printed file contains only images, and no text. I am using Century Gothic - a font that is installed on these Windows computers. When they open the files, they can see the text and everything exactly as it is meant to be. However, upon printing, the text disappears completely.
    We are using a Konica Minolta Bizhub printer to complete these printouts. When I print from my computer (the Mac), the files print perfectly on this printer. However, when using the same printer, a Windows user cannot print the text in the PDF's.
    Has anyone else run across this problem? I am thinking of trying to embed fonts, however it doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference (since the fonts show up fine on a Windows computer anyways). Is there a known issue with printing PDF's on a Konica Minolta printer?

    The archive format you used embeds all fonts, as does Press and Print type job settings. The standard job settings does not embed all fonts and that might be where the problem was.

  • Print pdf file directly from a folder, Adobe Reader X in  Windows Server 2003

    In previous versions of Adobe Reader we were able to print pdf files groupwise directly when selected in a folder.
    Now I've installed Reader X on the Windows Server 2003 environment. Logged in as administrator I can still select <Print> by selecting the right mouse button in a folder. Logged in as a user, this is not available.
    I checked user-rights and permissions and made sure they have full control.
    Someone who can help us in this matter?

    Thanks for your reply.
    The file menu doesn't show the print option either. We used to work this way, after installing the 9.0 and Reader X version, this option has disappeared from both the File menu and the right mouse button. For other filetypes, for example Excel the Print option is still available and works properly. Logged in as administrator on the serverconsole, there is no problem. So it seams to be something specific to pdf-formats in a server 2003 environment. The userrights are all set on full control (same as administrator).
    Thanks again

  • Info on How to install adobe pdf as a printer into my device -printer file in windows 7

    Need information on how to install adobe pdf as a printer in my device-printer file in windows 7. I currently have adobe 8 pro & acrobat distiller on my pc.

    Acrobat appears to be running just fine- I am running windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I don't know why it just didn't automatically install- I just replaced an older HD that was going bad. Copied my entire system using windows mirrow image. Adobe pdf converter was in my device and printer file before and now its's not. I did have to reinstall several programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, etc.

  • How do I print a PDF on windows 8 on a pc??????

    How do I print a PDF on windows 8 on a pc??????

    Adobe Reader cannot change the security on a PDF file. You need Acrobat on the desktop, and of course you'll need legal permission and the original password.

  • Can't print .pdf files on windows network printer

    I cannot print .pdf files on Canon IRC printer with UFR II 2.23 or 2.24 drivers connected through a windows network by LDP protocol, either with Apple Preview or Acrobat Reader - looks like the software doesn't find the printer (I have the rainbow whell and the software does not answer). It can last for hours, there is no other solution than forcing the soft to quit and finding another way to print. I have updated Canon drivers from 2.23 to 2.24 (all supposed to work with Lion) and that does not fix the problem.
    This problem does not happen with Ms Word or Safari (or, more generally, other types of files) and it worked fine with Snow Leo even with pdf!! I also have windows XP with Parallels and guess what? I can print through Parallels with Acrobat Reader (for windows XP) on the same printer on which I cannot print with my Mac with Lion and Preview or Acrobat Reader for Mac!
    Please help !!

    It works with Acrobat but the printer does not like queues of documents...
    The site privided me with the topics I fas looking for about this : it's a Canon drivers and Lion permissions problem.

  • Acrobat PDF Printer Hangs in Windows 8

    I am running Windows 8 Enterprise RTM  64-bit on an Intel i7-3770 3rd gen CPU, Z77 chipset. I've found that most PDF printers I have been using on Windows 7 now hang on 8, including the Acrobat X printer (latest version). I have found one free alternative that works fine, but would like to get back to using the Acrobat printer. Will Adobe be releasing an update that addresses the hang?
    Above is a screenshot afterr more than ten minutes:

    Hello All
    I have been struggling with this same problem of Printing to Acrobat PDF driver freezing up not only the print spooler, but also the software I was printing from, on Windows 7 64Bit, using both acrobat 9.4 and Acrobat X with the same freeze, stall lockup result.
    I think this is the same problem you are having.
    I found many questions about this online but no useful answers, and alot of fingerpointing trying to blame different programs and combinations of software.
    The 1 solution, which created a PDF and did not freeze, was to switch of the choice of a saving location in the PDf driver and setting a fixed PDF save location instead of the ASK for location option.
    This worked but was a real pain having to move and rename the file each time.
    This got me thinking that there was actually nothing wrong with the PDF driver.
    The problem seemed to be the user input to save the file to a certain location.
    I then experimented and found that if I was fast enough with a file name, that the save to location option did not freeze up when creating the PDF.
    By repeatedly trying to print and looking at the print dialog box I noticed that after a count of 5 seconds the Acrobat PDF print driver progress box greyed slightly (Asif loosing focus) and after that happened there was no hope of a successful PDF.
    The 5second timer got me thinking about a windows timeout, rather than a PDF option.
    PDF Print Freeze Problem Solution:
    Windows 7 64 bit (And I assume Windows 8 too) has a default program timeout of 5 seconds after which Windows considers a program to be NOT RESPONDING.
    The time during which the PDF printer is waiting for a response from you for a save location, is seen as inactive by Windows and Windows decides that the Print driver has stalled.
    Something then changes anough to effect the driver, and once the PDF print driver is allowed to carry on and save the PDF it can't anymore and stalls.
    Solution is to edit the HungAppTimout in the Windows Registry, and set it to something like 20000 to 30000 = 20 to 30 seconds. (Info regarding the Registry Key)
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\HungAppTimeout
    This then give you 20-30 seconds to select a save location for your PDF.
    In my case (Windows 7 64bit) the Registry entry was missing.
    I had to create it from scratch and reboot.
    Goto the folder in the registry
    Right Click  - NEW - STRING VALUE
    Name it exactly as above including CAPS: HungAppTimeout
    Set the value to 20000 (For 20 seconds or more if you need it)
    Reboot Windows.
    After that Printing to PDf with Acrobat works 100%.
    Note this option also helped on my Windows XP PC.
    I hope this prevents others from struggling as much as I did to fogure this out.

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