PrintWindow api with possible solution for capture screenshot Google Chrome window

as all you know, PrintWindow api give us a black image when us want a capture screenshot  of Google Chrome window. So, a friend said me that a possible solution for this problem is: 
Reduce Google Chrome window for -1px in both sides and after this, reset  to original size. And so, will repaint again.
Based on code below, someone could help me make this? sincerely I don't know where begin.
[DllImport("user32.dll", SetLastError = true)]
static extern IntPtr FindWindow(string lpClassName, string lpWindowName);
[DllImport("user32.dll", SetLastError = true)]
static extern IntPtr FindWindowEx(IntPtr hwndParent, IntPtr hwndChildAfter, string lpszClass, string lpszWindow);
private static extern IntPtr GetDC(IntPtr WindowHandle);
private static extern void ReleaseDC(IntPtr WindowHandle, IntPtr DC);
private static extern IntPtr GetWindowRect(IntPtr WindowHandle, ref Rect rect);
[DllImport("User32.dll", SetLastError = true)]
[return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Bool)]
static extern bool PrintWindow(IntPtr hwnd, IntPtr hDC, uint nFlags);
private struct Rect
public int Left;
public int Top;
public int Right;
public int Bottom;
public static Bitmap Capture(IntPtr handle)
Rect rect = new Rect();
GetWindowRect(handle, ref rect);
Bitmap Bmp = new Bitmap(rect.Right - rect.Left, rect.Bottom - rect.Top);
Graphics memoryGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(Bmp);
IntPtr dc = memoryGraphics.GetHdc();
bool success = PrintWindow(handle, dc, 0);
return Bmp;
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
IntPtr WindowHandle = FindWindowEx(IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, "Chrome_WidgetWin_1", null);
Bitmap BMP = Capture(WindowHandle);
Any suggestions here is appreciated.

I would prefer capture the screen rather than get it from that application directly.
It has been discussed in the following thread.
Is there any way to hide Chrome window and capture a screenshot or convert the Chrome window to image?
In this case, you could remove the line "ShowWindowAsync(mainHandle, 0); " since you don't want to hide it.
using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Drawing.Imaging;
private static extern bool ShowWindowAsync(IntPtr hWnd, int nCmdShow);
public static extern bool GetWindowRect(IntPtr hWnd, out RECT lpRect);
public static extern bool PrintWindow(IntPtr hWnd, IntPtr hdcBlt, int nFlags);
public WhateverMethod()
//initialize process and get hWnd
Process chrome = Process.Start("chrome.exe","");
//wait for chrome window to open AND page to load (important for process refresh)
//you might need to increase the sleep time for the page to load or monitor the "loading" title on Chrome
IntPtr mainHandle = chrome.MainWindowHandle;
RECT rc;
GetWindowRect(mainHandle, out rc);
Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(rc.Width, rc.Height, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb);
Graphics gfxBmp = Graphics.FromImage(bmp);
IntPtr hdcBitmap = gfxBmp.GetHdc();
PrintWindow(mainHandle, hdcBitmap, 0);
bmp.Save("c:\\temp\\test.png", ImageFormat.Png);
ShowWindowAsync(mainHandle, 0);
public struct RECT
private int _Left;
private int _Top;
private int _Right;
private int _Bottom;
public RECT(RECT Rectangle)
: this(Rectangle.Left, Rectangle.Top, Rectangle.Right, Rectangle.Bottom)
public RECT(int Left, int Top, int Right, int Bottom)
_Left = Left;
_Top = Top;
_Right = Right;
_Bottom = Bottom;
public int X
get { return _Left; }
set { _Left = value; }
public int Y
get { return _Top; }
set { _Top = value; }
public int Left
get { return _Left; }
set { _Left = value; }
public int Top
get { return _Top; }
set { _Top = value; }
public int Right
get { return _Right; }
set { _Right = value; }
public int Bottom
get { return _Bottom; }
set { _Bottom = value; }
public int Height
get { return _Bottom - _Top; }
set { _Bottom = value + _Top; }
public int Width
get { return _Right - _Left; }
set { _Right = value + _Left; }
public Point Location
get { return new Point(Left, Top); }
_Left = value.X;
_Top = value.Y;
public Size Size
get { return new Size(Width, Height); }
_Right = value.Width + _Left;
_Bottom = value.Height + _Top;
public static implicit operator Rectangle(RECT Rectangle)
return new Rectangle(Rectangle.Left, Rectangle.Top, Rectangle.Width, Rectangle.Height);
public static implicit operator RECT(Rectangle Rectangle)
return new RECT(Rectangle.Left, Rectangle.Top, Rectangle.Right, Rectangle.Bottom);
public static bool operator ==(RECT Rectangle1, RECT Rectangle2)
return Rectangle1.Equals(Rectangle2);
public static bool operator !=(RECT Rectangle1, RECT Rectangle2)
return !Rectangle1.Equals(Rectangle2);
public override string ToString()
return "{ + _Left + "; " + " + _Top + "; Right: " + _Right + "; Bottom: " + _Bottom + "}";
public override int GetHashCode()
return ToString().GetHashCode();
public bool Equals(RECT Rectangle)
return Rectangle.Left == _Left && Rectangle.Top == _Top && Rectangle.Right == _Right && Rectangle.Bottom == _Bottom;
public override bool Equals(object Object)
if (Object is RECT)
return Equals((RECT)Object);
else if (Object is Rectangle)
return Equals(new RECT((Rectangle)Object));
return false;
And the key method used is the one shared in
Get a screenshot of a specific application.
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    possible solution I got as below
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    You dont have to put java code in your jsp.
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  • Possible solution for problems printing with ICC profiles - esp. R2400

    (N.B. This is long because I've decided to go in to details about the background of the problem etc.. Also note that whilst my experience is with the Epson R2400, anyone with problems printing using ICC profiles in Aperture may find this post helpful, as will be explained further down the post.)
    Ok, here's the situation. I've been an Aperture user for over a year, and an R2400 owner for half a year. In that time I have done a huge amount of experimenting, but I've never managed to get Aperture to work perfectly with Epson's 'premium' R2400 ICC profiles - the ones you can download from their site which are better than the ones provided 'in the box'. This hasn't been too big a deal because, in fact, the R2400 does a rather good job just set to 'System Managed' in Aperture and 'Epson Vivid' with a gamma of 1.8 in the printer driver. Nevertheless, it really annoyed me that something that should work wasn't, which is why I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what's going on. Having said that, I have come across a method which will give you pretty good prints out of your Epson R2400 using the premium profiles in Aperture - it's not perfect, but it's the best you're going to get if you want to use those profiles in Aperture. I understand the words 'it's not perfect' aren't what photography experts would probably want to hear, however, I have seen a few anguished posts from R2400 owners in here before, so I think some people may find it useful.
    The whole reason why Aperture is hopeless at using the R2400's premium profiles is because - unusually - their default rendering intent is set to 'relative colorimetric' rather than 'perceptual'. You might say 'but that's good - it means you get more accurate colours!', and if you do, you're right... however, there's a snag. To get an image to reproduce well using Epson's premium profiles and relative colorimetric rendering, you really need to use black point compensation. This is where the trouble lies: Aperture's black point compensation is diabolical to the point of being unusable when used with relative colorimetric rendering - I feel I need to be awarded compensation every time I've ever tempted to use the setting. So because BPC in Aperture is unusable, that effectively makes the premium profiles unusable too, because Aperture always uses the default rendering intent specified in the profile.
    The solution? Use perceptual rendering instead. Ok, so you can't change the rendering intent in Aperture, which makes that sound a tad difficult. However, as I said in the above paragraph, Aperture always obeys the default rendering intent specified in the profile... so you can see where we're going with this: we need to change the ICC profiles' default rendering intent from 'relative colorimetric' to 'perceptual'. I did some digging around and found one or two expensive pieces of software that could do that... but then I found that, lo and behold, the Mac OS has a command-line utility which can do the job for us, for precisely £0.00. It's called SIPS or 'Scriptable Image Processing System', and you can find out some information about it here: For those who don't like reading technical jargon however, here's what you need to do to convert a profile's rendering intent. First go to terminal, then type in the following command:
    sips -s renderingIntent perceptual
    Do not press 'enter' yet. Instead, add a space after 'perceptual', find the ICC profile you want to modify, and click and drag it into the terminal window. You should then find that your command looks something like this:
    sips -s renderingIntent perceptual /Users/yourname/folder/RandomProfile.ICC
    At which point you can then press 'enter', and the command will execute, giving you an ICC profile which will now make Aperture use perceptual rendering.
    There is just one further thing to be aware of after doing this: for some crazy reason, you then need to turn on BPC in Aperture for the prints to come out as good as possible. Black point compensation shouldn't make any difference when using perceptual rendering as the idea of perceptual is that it takes account of things like that anyway, however, in Aperture BPC does make a difference, so remember to turn it on to get a half decent print. In general, I find that prints made using this setup come out pretty well; they almost perfectly match prints made using the profiles with a perceptual intent in Photoshop Elements, except for the fact that Aperture blocks up the shadows a bit more than Photoshop. However, if you can live with that, you might find this is quite a workable solution.
    Now, I said near the beginning of this post that all the above can apply to other printers too. Most printer profiles have 'perceptual' set as their default rendering intent, in which case everything I've just said won't be of much help. However, If you are reading this because you're having problems with ICC profiles in Aperture, but you don't use an Epson R2400, find your problematic ICC profile, double-click on it, and take a look at the window that opens: specifically, at the 'Rendering Intent' the window mentions. If it doesn't say 'Perceptual' then it may well be worth trying the steps I've outlined in this post to set it to perceptual, to see if doing so produces an improvement when using the profile in Aperture.
    Finally, just one note of caution: if you decide to try out the steps I've detailed above on a paid-for custom-made profile, please back your profile up before messing with it. I haven't experienced any problems when using SIPS to change a profile's rendering intent, but I obviously can't guarantee that it won't do something weird and corrupt your expensive custom-made profile.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask, although (contrary to any impression I may give) I am not a colour-management expert; I'm just someone who doesn't give up when they have a problem that should be solvable.
    Mac Pro 2.0GHz with 30" ACD; 15" MacBook Pro 2.0GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Wow - thanks for such a comprehensive post.
    I have Aperture and a 2400 so this information is exceptionally useful to me.
    Again - thanks for caring and sharing

  • Possible solution for no preview and capture problems

    We are part-time, intermittent users of FCPro - so numerous upgrades of QT, system10, FCPro have taken place since last we captured or did any editing. Seems like all our presets from former use have disappeared, leaving us starting fom scratch. Not using a sophisticated set-up, still capturing through the ADVC-100 with a non-controllable camera. All I know is, last time I captured, everything worked, and I never have had the option of device control.
    After my struggling with the no preview issue all day, my husband DID do some maintenance stuff (delete preferences, repair permissions, etc) but I don't think that was a factor. Try the following (keep in mind, the ADVC is a pass-through "thing"(?)):
    Audio/Video Settings
    Capture Presets
    Name: DV NTSC 48 Khz
    Quicktime Video Settings: Digitizer DV Video
    Input: DV-VCR
    Quicktime Audio Settings: Device DV Audio
    Please bother to post back if this solves your problem - then others will know it works.
    Still having audio sample rate problem, so I may be back....

    Using FCP 5.1.4 During the quest, I'm fairly sure we tried that repeatedly. I think the setting that made the difference between "working" and "not working" was the Quicktime (vers.7.2) setting for Input to DV-VCR. But you are right, I did need to reset the other setting in "capture now" screen to non-controllable device. I did look over past posts on this subject, and before I got cross-eyed from trying to digest too much techno-talk, I did seem to see a correlation with QT in people's observations.
    Oh, and BTW, I wouldn't say it works like a charm - I keep having to go back to easy setup and re-choosing my settings. Sounds to me like something that is supposed to get re-set as part of the preview/capture procedure is actually re-setting the wrong variable, and creating a domino effect after that. There's bad code somewhere.

  • Possible solution for headphone problems with Mac Mini

    A month or two ago, I posted a question about problems I was having with getting earphones and earbuds to work with my mid-2010 Mac Mini. I just wanted to share the (quite simple) solution that solved my problem.
    My problem: I couldn't get any earphones or earbuds to work with my Mini, despite my trying several different sets. Finally I took my Mini into the local Apple store.
    Solution: Though it was not stated in any Apple support literature or postings online, the solution was to push the mini-jack into the audio out port until the mini-jack clicked. I was just being too cautious. I was pushing the mini-jacks into the port (which were in the back of the Mini, so I couldn't get a good handle on what I was doing, since the Mini's back was facing away from me). I wrongly thought I'd pushed as far as the jack(s) should go. Not so. I should have pushed harder until there was a 'click' and the mini-jack was all the way in. Once that was done, no problem.
    Chalk it up to my stupidity or to a lack of detail in Apple's support and help literature, but that was the solution.  I hope this helps others with similar audio out issues.

    Thanks for the response but I think maybe you missed part of my post.  The keyboard works fine with my mac book and with my son's macbook.  The keyboard is actually working right now.  It has been a problem with shut down and then strart up.  I think that I went through all those other SMC and PRAM efforts with Apple support and actually many others and they were completely stumped.  I think that this is a complicated problem for which there may only be a work around but I am hopeful that the next time I shut down, it will work.  I appreciate ideas but if my 4 or 5 hours with Apple support cannot help, I do not believe this is going to be a simple solution but if someone has encountered this or something similar, I would welcome their ideas.  I have gone to the Apple Store in Madison, WI on several occasions and unfortunately I often know more than the people that help me so I am reluctant to go there and to trust the staff at the genius bar.    For example, I recently purchased and Apple watch and the first person that helped me did not know how to turn it on and the second person did not know it came with two different length bands, and I once bought a case for my iphone and the person who helped me was more interested in the color than in the functionality of the case.  I could go on but I am not confident in the competence of the staff there so I am hoping that someone in the support community can help me.

  • Possible solution for white C2D iMacs with screen artifacts or lines

    I have a white 20" Core 2 Duo iMac with the famous screen artifacts issues. Screen tearing, horizontal lines, goofy pixels, you name it. From my research it seems there are countless others with these problems.
    I tried running the SMC fan control app to boost fan speeds. This helped a little, but did not completely solve the issue. A lot of people think these issues are related to heat, and I agree, but only partially. When a graphics chip overheats it is eventually damaged. I have damaged my share of graphics chips while overclocking them in my PCs. In the case of my iMac and maybe plenty of others, I still have issues if the GPU is hot or cold.
    I installed WinXP using bootcamp. I finally found an application which will change the clock speed of the GPU on the fly. The X1600 GPU in my iMac has a 475Mhz core speed and 500Mhz memory speed. I cut these down to 400Mhz on the core and 400Mhz on the memory. At these lower speeds I no longer have any issues with screen tearing, horizontal lines, or random crashing. I do still have a few wierd pixels here and there, but they are not all that noticeable and I can live with them.
    Now for the fun part. I wanted to permanently fix these speeds into my GPU so when I boot back to Mac OS X, I don't have any issues, and I no longer have to boost fan speeds or run any additional apps. I spent most of today taking apart my iMac, putting DOS on a spare SATA hard drive, and running an external monitor while booting my iMac with the spare drive hanging out the side. All this so I can run ATIflash, and use it to dump an image of the GPU BIOS ROM file.
    Well, I ended up finding out the ATI GPU has no ROM to flash. My best guess is open firmware or something like that passes this data on to the GPU when the system boots.
    So, in my case slowing the GPU down significantly reduced my problems while running within windows. I am 100% confident slowing the GPU down will also improve issues within Mac OS X, but I have no way to pull this off.
    If Apple reads this, or if anyone has any connections at Apple, can we please get an optional firmware update to reduce the speeds of the X1600 GPU? It won't fix all the iMacs with these issues, but it will fix quite a few, and for those out there who don't have any issues at all with their white C2D iMacs, lowering the GPU speeds will most likely prevent damage from inevitably occurring, keeping them a happy customer.
    Now, some of you may not like the idea of a slower GPU, but if I have to pick between a slower GPU and an $800 logic board, I will take the slower GPU any day.

    There is a little easier Way to Navigate in Doing an F.D.R. than that Method: I listed it here if you prefer going this Route..

  • Help from a Moderator please, possible Solution for Speakers that do not work with X

    Hi!?I think i know a way to get the X-Fi to work with the Inspire 5700 Digital. I have no evil intend, but i would like to post a link to a competitiors product.Well actuall the product itself is not competition since i could not find a creative labs equivalent to it. The idea is to replace the Inspire Digitals Control unit with an alternati've Decoder, while keeping your all of you speakers and stands and the subwoofer. This would allow the X-Fi to be used perfectly. Games would run in 5. via an analoge connection, and DVD would run?in 5. Dolby Digital and DTS via an digital connection. That way, even Windows Vista would work perfectly since games would be covered by Alchemy and DVD's would be decoded indipendently from the computer by the decoder box. The price for this Decoder Box with an optical cable and a remote control is 30 ? and it can be found on the website of germanys most popular computer speaker systems manufacturer... I will post a link to a picture that shows the System now, and it would be very nice of the moderators to not remove this link since it actually would help people to decide to buy an X-Fi. Thanks? i have not tried it out myself yet, i see no reason why this should not work. If anyone does, please explain why.Message Edited by Force on 06-4-200702:58 PM

    Hi Jerry,
    The other way around. If you UNCHECK the Windows Event Log, then the media buttons wouldn't work.  If you then CHECK the box again with the checkmark, then the media buttons worked.  I have two of the m645-s4070's at home from Best Buy, I'm returning one, I tested this on both systems and it's the same result.
    I've checked the box again and not unchecked anything in Msconfig - services.  I thought i read somewhere that it wasn't necessary for that to run.  I guess I shouldn't mess around with those. 
    Anyway, it would be very interesting to know what the correlation between the Windows Event Log and the media buttons were.  I read some people were having trouble starting their wireless too since it seems the only way to do that is through those buttons above the function keys.  Perhaps they did the same thing by unchecking the Windows Event Log...

Maybe you are looking for

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    I tried to upgrade my iPhone 4 to OS5, completed the back-up and then when the software was installing I received an error message and now my phone is wiped out. How do I access my back up? I don't want to restore my phone and loose everything  it if

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    Hi  :D I have a problem burning properly on my MS-8640S CD-RW. The OS seems to have disabled a part of the drivers installed for this product because they may cause the system to become unstable. The OS does not start a related device driver. Where c

  • IllegalAccessError when starting WL Portal

    Hello, I can't start the WL Portal after installation. On a Windows 2000 Server SP2 : - I installed WebLogic Server 6.1 SP2 with the examples - I installed WebLogic Portal 4.0 SP1 (giving the same password as during the WL Server installation) - I in

  • Satellite A660 - How to change from 32bit too 64bit system

    Howdy! I bought a New Toshiba Satellite A660 i7-2630QM with windows 7 home premium. My problem is Toshiba includes instructions for the first start up and it says i can choose between 32 bit operating system and 64 bit operation system, but when i tu

  • Error in Maven build

    Hi, I am trying to build a code in Eclipse using Maven framework. For the project, I need to include a weblogic.jar file which is not available in maven repository. For that, I have made the following changes in the pom.xml for including the depencie