Problem accessing scheduled report results

I was able to schedule a Disco report successfully. From Disco desktop scheduling manager, I was monitoring the results. After the status says "Report ready", I clicked the "Open" button.
For the first dialog message "Do you want to open the results of this sheet? If you click No the sheet will be empty.", I clicked Yes button.
Then I get the second dialog message "The results run for this scheduled workbook can no longer be used because the query has changed. Do you want to query the database now for the new results?". What does this message mean? Nothing has changed in the report or database or EUL since I scheduled this report. I have been getting this message for all my scheduled reports and it defeats the purpose of scheduling.
Does anybody know what this message means and how can I resolve this?
Thanks in advance.

I am only guessing here but is it possible that the update date on your workbooks has got set in the future. Hence, when the schedule report finishes it checks the update date of the workbook and thinks that the workbook has been updated because it was updated after the schedule report has finished. It then prompts you to re-query for the results.
If you create a new workbook and schedule it do you get the same problem?
Rod West

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  • Schedule report results to be stored on a server in Excel or .CSV format

    Hi All,
    there is a requirement to schedule the report results to be saved in Excel or .CSV format and the file to be stored at a server location.
    Could anyone please advise how we can achieve this if its possible at all?
    Many thanks!

    This is possible using BEx Information Broadcasting.
    After Opening the Query in Query Designer, Click on Query -> Publish -> BEx Broadcaster.
    There is plenty of help on SCN Downloads / Articles on Information Broadcasting that will walk you step by step.
    Here are a few links:
    Just search in SCN for Information Broadcasting and you will get plenty of help.
    Good Luck.

  • Problem with scheduling reports

    We produce reports in Crystal XI R2 and then publish to Enterprise. We have noticed a recurring and 'random' error with certain reports
    The reports run fine in Crystal and in Infoview when run on demand. However when we chose the schedule option, the report goes through the motions of running ie status = running for a suitable period of time and goes to Sucess. However when we try to open the report the 'blue bar' will go about 50% and then freeze without opening. After that Infoview hanges and we need to restart. This always happens with certain reports but other similar reports schedule fine.
    Any ideas?

    That is the problem Clive.  I've had similar experiences that had me baffled.  Whenever you attempt to open the successfully scheduled report, the subreport is run.  Therefore you will have to wait for the subreports to complete before the report opens.  Sometimes this took hours, leaving me to think that it froze.  But it usually eventually comes up.  With each page you go through, the subreport is run again and again.  This is very annoying. 
    I would try modifying the type of subreports I use.  Try the report with "On Demand" subreport and "In Place" subreport.  See which one gives you better performance.  I usually only use subreports for 1 page summary reports.  Other than that they take too long.  I've had reports that I've redone because the subreport version takes too long.
    It is much easier to run these reports on demand.

  • Problems accessing BW Report from Portal

    Hello friends,
    I have a problem. I am trying to create a link in portal that should call a BW Report. To do this we should require the query string which I have. The problem is this report in turn is calling a separate transaction code from a different back end system. When the user tries to execute the report he is getting the following error code
    Can anyone tell me how this can be achieved?
    Points guaranteed.
    Thank You

    You can use SAP Web dispatcher for exposing the BW web reports to extranet. The SAP Web dispatcher is located between the Web client (browser) and your SAP system that is running the Web application.

  • Scheduled Reports results by Command Line

    I have several reports that I schedule to run nightly in Discoverer 10G Desktop. How can I open the scheduled results using Command Line? Once open, I want to export the results as Excel. I can do a unscheduled report using the code below:
    \oracle\BIToolsHome_1\bin\dis51usr.exe /connect username/pass[email protected] /apps_user /apps_responsibility "responsiblity name" /opendb "report name" /sheet "Exception Report" /parameter "parameter name" 'parameter value' /export XLS C:\TEMP\testexport1.xls
    Is it possible to retrieve the scheduled results? How much of this could be done at command line and how much would have to be done in a third party scheduler?
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    How can I open the scheduled results using Command Line? Is it possible to retrieve the scheduled results?No, I don't think it is possible to retrieve scheduled results from the command line.
    How much of this could be done at command line and how much would have to be done in a third party scheduler? It would be better to do it all using a third party scheduler such as the windows task manager. You could schedule the export to run overnight using the task manager and a windows command file. You can search this forum or the LearnDiscoverer blog for more details on third party scheduling.
    Rod West

  • Scheduled Reports Output Format

    Dear All,
    Does anyone know how I can schedule WEBI reports in the same formats as crystal reports? I currently use BOXI r3.
    The current WEBI options are only:
    Web Intelligence
    Adobe Acrobat
    Where the crystal options are:
    MS Excel
    MS Word
    I need to be able to schedule a series of WEBI reports in csv & txt formats to an FTP location.
    Thanks in advance,

    I believe the only option for WEBI reports output formats are Web Intelligence, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat.
    We have been having problems with scheduled reports output format in Excel. WEBI report's page layout is set to Legal and Landscape. But, MS Excel does not keep the same WEBI page layout margins for legal and landscape, and the report does not fit to page on Excel. WEBI formatting works best on Adobe Acrobat.
    We opened a ticket with SAP... their response was it is a known issue with no solution.

  • Scheduling Reports To Inbox

    Hi All,
    I am facing problems while scheduling reports to inbox. As per one of the step given in sdk, I require to downcast the infoObject instance to report instance using:
    InfoObject infoObject  = infoObjects[1]
    Report report = (Report) infoObject.
    I am getting an error in the second line saying:
    "Cannot convert type 'CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.InfoObject' to 'Report'. "
    Request you to help me with the same and provide me the necessary pointers.

    Hi Rajat,
    Do you have CrystalDecisions.Enteprise.Desktop.Report added as a reference?
    That should work, but you can also try
    Report boReport = new Report(infoObject.GetPluginInterface("Report"));


    Hello all,
    I can create a new report in against Discoverer with no problem. The report can be run as a scheduled report....and the
    results pulled up with no problem.
    EXISTING reports that were converted during our 9i to 10G can be scheduled and run. However, when the user attempts to see
    the results they receive an error message stating:
    The results run for this scheduled workbook can no longer be used because the query has been changed.
    Do you want to query the database for the new results?
    After installing a patch some of the workbooks were able to be retrieved. It seems like there is some commonality in the workbooks that don't seem to work from the scheduled reports. It seems that any workbook that has an admin created calculation in the EUL as one of the selected fields or as a condition of the report, causes a problem.
    If anyone of you came across this situation please guide us.

    Hi Manohar
    By resaving I mean opening the workbook in Plus then clicking the Save button to force Discoverer to save a clean copy. You should then reschedule this and see what happens.
    Here's another trick from way back in the early days of Discoverer that might help. You said that the issue was with an admin created calculation. So, try this:
    Create a brand new calculation in your workbook and load the admin calculation into it. Then change all references for the admin calculation, conditions etc, to point at the new calculation.
    Believe it or not, this trick can sometime force Discoverer to work when it otherwise will not. At any rate, its worth a try don't you think?
    Best wishes

  • DELIMITEDDATA with Scheduled report problem

    We are having problems with a report that should be generated as delimited data (CSV) that should be returned to the client and displayed in Excel as delimited data. Also, we need the report(s) to be scheduled so they will execute and the results cached for the user to view them at a later time. If we set the MIME type correctly for Excel and Schedule the report, the results are just displayed in the browser instead of in Excel. If we remove the Schedule parameter the report results are displayed correctly in Excel.
    Does anyone know if there is a way to get the "cached" report results to be returned and displayed in Excel?
    Here are some sample URLs that we are using. Both work with the exception of being displayed in the browser versus Excel as I described above.
    Generated to cache, but is displayed in browser as plain text when viewing results from SHOWJOBS:
    Generated to cache, but is correctly displayed in Excel as delimited data:

    I have the impression that when you use the showjobs option you view the data from the reports server whilst when you use the cache option it gets pushed to you,. That might explain why the mimetype option is not working.

  • Share results of scheduled reports

    Is there a way to share results of scheduled reports at the time they are scheduled? I have found a way to share the results after the report is finished but I need the results shared without going back in to share them. I am trying to schedule reports to run on a routine basis and allow someone else to download the results in my absence. Any suggestions?

    You might also want to consider implementing some variation of Rod West's method of scheduling using Oracle Application's concurrent manager (this assumes you are using Oracle Apps). Here is a link to his paper on this,
    This is the most elegant, robust approach I have seen to this problem of wanting to set-up the sharing at the time that one schedules a workbook.

  • Schedule report problem

    hi all,
    I have created the schedule report for every 10 min .
    1st time file generated good and 2nd time its asking the "already same file exist shall i replace the old file" for this what i will do any one help me.
    thanks .

       Did you ever get this working? I am having the exact same error. I am able to explore/Map/Browse to a WebDAV location (Sharepoint) using the UNC path and it might prompt for the UN and PW the first time and would just let me access the location fine from the XIR2 server. It would also let me create a file in the UNC location.
    Just like you mentioned, providing an incorrect password would clearly say "login error. CrystalEnterprise.DiskUnmanaged: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. " Where as providing a correct password would say "destination file error. CrystalEnterprise.DiskUnmanaged: Access is denied. ". I am going nuts over this and would really appreciate if you can share your findings... There does not seem to be any solutions out there in the internet also. Appreciate your help.

  • Problem in accessing BW Report

    Hi All,
    I need to show BW Reports in EP 7.0
    I have created a system, it's alias and BW iviews and the reports are being shown properly. However, when I have created another user and given the role Reports to the user, then while accessing the reports i get the following exception
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A
    Unable to lookup System 'aliasbwreport_01'. Please check the system object and the alias..
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    Please let me know how should I fix this.
    Points assured.
    Nikhil Bansal

    Hi Nikhil,
      This could be a permission issue with your system that your second
    user does not have. Assign proper permissiions to the system to the user,
    remember to give end user permission.
    Pls consider closing earlier threads if your problem has been solved.

  • Problem with Report Result Display.

    Hi Experts,
    In one of my reports , i need one  key figure length of service in years which is report execution date (system date ) - entry date / 365.
    Entry date is characteristic and it is in the report display.
    I have made a formula and in that i created a formaula variable using replacement path for entry date and got entry date value.
    Similarly for system date i got it into another formula using customer exit.
    I have made antoher formula length of service in years calculation .Calcualtion every thing is fine.
    My output required is show the result value only   and hide the single values for the length of service. ....
    Here My problem is in the result row for this formula lenght of service it is showing as X instead of the value.
    SIngle values are fine .Result row values are coming as X.
    I read that if it is formual varaivble using replacement path result values wont be proper.
    I treid using calcualte result as ...but i have hierarchy display in my report as a result i am getting warning as
    Calculating result as was not executed...
    I tried using exception aggregattion even then result is coming as X.
    So how i should i get my values displayed in the result row...
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    Hi Experts,
      Any inputs on this...

  • Report /sapapo/sdrqcr21 - problem accessing livecache

    I am running the report /sapapo/sdrqcr21, I select the OLTP logical system (already done configuration adn CIF for master data is working fine), but I am getting the next error "problem accessing livecache¨What could it be?"
    Thanks a lot

    Hi Luis,
                I have checked the code for /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21 report , you must have got  the error message as "Problems accessing SAP liveCache". This error has occurred while calling the function module /SAPAPO/OM_PEG_CAT_GET_ORDERS
    (Get Order Data for I/O Nodes in Pegging Area),Livecache connection is ok in your case however this FM is not fetching the data for particular order types that is why giving you the error message. Ask for any ABAP consultant to debug it with your selection criteria.
    I hope this will help you to resolve this issue.

  • Accessing generated reports by scheduler through SDK

    I am using BO XI R2 and recently get the sample code about scheduling.
    I was successfull to schedule a report through Java SDK and migrated our Web application.
    Here is workflow I am thinking
    1. A user logs in our web application. BO XI will pre-configured that the user has inbox in the server
    2. When the user click the report, schedule report on the server
    3. The user navigate away, possibly relogin later to check if the report is done
    4. The user need to see if the report is ready in our web application  -- Missing part
    I beliebe I figure it out #1,2,3 but not sure if there is API to get the generated report from user' inbox.
    Now, I am checking it in the user's inbox but actual user would not have access BO server.
    I should create a web page that list report has done or progress based on user(like history page) and give the user to download the reports.
    Not sure if I explain it well.
    Are there any API or sample code for this?

    Thanks for the reply.  It seems it was due to conflict on IP address. BO support helped us to resolve this. We have 2 NIC card so we hard coded the IP address in the CMS and we also hard coded CMS name in all the services. We used -port and -ns command line. This resolved this issue. Also, in web application we used stateserver instead of Inproc for sessions.

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