Problem Adding Custom Field to Service Process Screen

Hi Folks,
I'm a dinosaur ABAP developer whose been asked to create a custom field to appear on the Business Transaction service process (Support Message) initial selection screen.
I've created the field and generated the necessary objects via the EEWB transaction.  The client has created a Z* transaction type.
Could someone please instruct me how to get the custom field onto the Z transaction selection screen? 
Points rewarded for a successful instructions.

Hi Stephen,
If you have overcome this problem and have any documentation that you can share, please send me at [email protected]
I am having a similar requirement and would be very grateful for your help.
Thanks & regards,

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  • SRM 7.0 -Adding Custom fields in Contract Item screen at particular positn

    We have a requirement to add new custom fields in the Contract Item screen at required position, in Left and right side container.
    We have tried the following methods but have not been able to achieve the same. Kindly help!
    1) Added new field in Context through enhancemnt in the Details screen View of Contract , Binded the field to the field in structure INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_CTR and add the field to teh Layout - Using this method, The field is not saved to the table.
    2) Added the field to meta data table /SAPSRM/V_MDF_IC - This is positionng the field on teh right container at the bottom. We want to position it on left side.
    Kindly help to understand where we are going wrong.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Prasuna,
    Sorry ..You are right..I was looking at some other WDC related to contract data..It you map the CUFs to /SAPSRM/S_CLL_CTR_ITEM which has the include structure INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_CTR then it should work fine.
    If you do this, are you able to view the new fields on the screen?
    you mentioned that you are not able to save the data to the table.
    Include your fields in INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF as well because if you add CUF to any of those doc types, you also have to add those CUF to the global structure for CUF documents.
    Also Check if you fields are there in structures BBPS_CTR_CUF_ITEM,BBPS_CTR_UI_ITEM and BBPS_CTR_ITEM.
    Check whether you have implemented the BADI's like BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI ,BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI and BBP_DOC_SAVE_BADI . check out the structures (whether they having the CUFS) used in those if you have implemented any of them .
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  • Adding Custom Fields to Contract Overview Screen

    I have added Cost Centre as a custom field to the Contract Header screen; I'd like to know if it is possible to add this field to the Overview screen/tab, as we consider it an important field. The SAP documentation hints that it's only possible to add to HEADER or ITEM tabs; is this true?
    This is for SRM 7.0
    Any pointers would be of great help.

    You would have to enhance webdynpro component /SAPSRM/WDC_CTR_DOFC_OV_H for this.

  • Adding custom fields on SAP standard screen

    I have to add some custom fields in the SAP defined standard screen. When I go to that particular screen and try to change it to 'CHANGE' mode , it asks for Access Key. Please suggest me, how to add the custom fields.

    For this only there are enhancements, Just search for screen exits in the SDN or google for
    your transaction and also search for BADI's.
    Regards and Best wishes.

  • Query on adding custom fields of the BP Screen

    Hi Group,
    I have a requirement to add a couple of new fields to <b>BP</b> screen.
    I came to know that, <b>EEWB</b> is not a recommended way of doing this, as if some error occurs it is difficult to revert back.
    And also, <b>BDT tool</b> also cannot be a useful solution as the proposed requirement cannot be achieved.
    So other than the 2 ways, is there any other way through which I can achieve my requirement?
    Thanks in advance.

    is that BP screen in PCUI  ? or in SAP-GUI ?
    do clarify

  • Screen Exit for adding custom fields in Additional Data tab in ME21N

    I need a screen exit or whatever other method for adding custom fields to the additional data tab at header level.
    I also need a similar exit for adding a filed at item level.
    Thanks in advance

    1st find badi or exit and then create screen ...and assign the screen group and screen no for that implementation....some steps i can give u i did with SPRO tcode....
    please check it for VA02
    SPRO u2013 SAP Reference IMG ---  Logistics General --- Basic partner u2013 customers -- Control u2013 Adaption of customers own masters data element u2013 prepare modification of customer free enhancement of customer master record
    1)Screen group                                  description
            zs                                           creating badi      --- (save)
           click on (label tab pages) u2013 new entries
           number u2013 10 , function code u2013 zs10 ,  description u2013 func ---(save) u2013(back)
    2)select (FM_CUSTOMER_ADD) u2013 copy
         Implementation name u2013 ZAS
         (desc u2013 impl for cust) u2013 (save)
        interfaceu2014(check_add_on_active) double click on it
    3)the above screen appear --  write the code in it u2013 (save) --- (activate) u2013 (back) u2013 (save)
         -- (activate) u2013 (back)
       Business adds in customer sub screens
    4)select (FM_CUSTOMER_ADD) u2013 copy
         Implementation name u2013 ZAS1
         (description -- cust) u2013 in attribute u2013 (give screen group name)
    5)go to interfaces (GET_TAXI_SCREEN)  double click on it
       (save)  --- (activate) 
    6)(SAVE)  -- 
        Goto SE38  -- CREATE PROGRAM WITH NAME (ZQW) type module pool
         Goto SE51  -- Prog : ZQW
           Screen : 200 (Create)
          Goto layout u2013 design the screen
    7)save u2013 activate
       then goto transaction : va02
    For User Exit's
    goto to tcode->status->program name->double click on that,
    then goto to-> attribute take the package name and
    Goto SMOD tcode ->Utilities->give the package name and F8
    then a list of exits will display for that tcode as well as that package.
    u can check the table MODSAP
    u can check the table MODACT
    For BADI's,
    1)goto to tcode SE24 give the CL_EXITHANDLER and display and then double click on the GET_INSTANCE
    keep Break point at this location 'call method cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface'
    then the tcode it will trigger there and we can debugg there we can find badi'for that tcode and then remove the break point.
    2)Goto to tcode->status->program name->double click on that program will display's
    then  press crtl+F then cl_exithandler
    Thank u ,

  • Adding custom fields to FPE1/2/3 transaction screen

    Hi guys,
    I need to add custom fields from table DFKKOP to transactions FPE1/2/3 under ADDITIONAL DATA area while manually entering NEW BUSINESS PARTNER ITEM.
    The transaction is not BDT enabled and does not have a screen exit. The user exit and BaDI dont seem helpful to me.
    The screenshot below shows the user exits and BaDI for the transaction.
    Link: Exits
    What are my options to add fields to the transaction screen now?
    Please help out!

    Yea i got the functional guys to configure it. Was a unique issue!.....But I know how they did it.
    You can add it through SPRO transaction. Go to the below mentioned path.
    Go to SAP Reference IMG
    Financial Accounting > Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable > Basic Functions > Posting and Documents > Document >
    Screen Preparartions > Include Own Fields in Detail Screens.
    Here you need to enter the details from FPE1 transaction screen.
    Activity Documentation:
    Include Own Fields in Detail Screens
    In this activity you can, if you have added customer fields to the document structures, include these customer fields in the entry screens of the transaction for posting documents.
    For the detail screens (business partner item and G/L account item) you can create a screen that contains your own fields. You must create this screen as a subscreen using the Screen Painter. In addition you have to create modules for the intialization and for data transfer (PBO and PAI).
    If you have extended the document strutures to includes customer fields, and you need these fields in the entry screens for posting documents, you must create the screen using the Screen Painter.
    Carry out this step to create the screen and the modules that go with it in the system. You do not have to activate these afterwards.
    Further notes
    Read the field help for each field in the table. This describes the exact procedure.

  • Adding new fields in Item details screen in VA01 tcode

    Hi all,
    My requirement is to add custom fields in 'Additional Data B' tab of VA01 transaction.
    That is, after entering the material and quantity, if i double click tat material, it goes to item details screen. In taht, 'Additional data B' tab is there with no fields.
    Now i want to add fields in that.. Is it possible?
    Is there any exit for adding custom fields under that tab?
    Pls tell me the procedure..

    The process for Additional Data B, whether header or item level, is simple... 
    First, add the data elements to VBAK (header) or VBAP (item), in a customizing append.  The accepted practice is to name your fields beginning ZZ, with the appropriate or custom data element/domain.
    Then on Additional Data B screens, already named in this thread, create whatever is needed.  For instance, you might want to add a subscreen that contains a group of fields with the DDIC-specific captions.
    If you simply need a field, you can place the field (like VBAK-ZZMYFIELD).   SAP will then manage updates to the database for need to do anything to see that the data gets copied into the tables.
    In one instance, I saw a pushbutton added that resulted in calls to screens with table controls, etc., essentially an entire subsystem called by pressing that button....

  • Adding Custom Fields to FAGLFLEXP Table

    We have a requirement to update WBS Element for Planning related Data. So have added custom field(WBS Element)  in structure CI_FAGLFLEX04.
    The field is visible when I open FAGLFLEXP table, but when I post data The custom field (WBS Element) is not being updated. Could you please let me know the process to update this field?
    Thank you in advance.

    The procedure isn't so simple. There are several posts on the subject SCN. I suggest research before you start developing.
    Start here:
    However, the most important is: a) Is it really necessary to change the standard? b) There could be a Z table containing the new information and referencing FAGLFLEXP? c) What is the transaction that will keep the data? It has Exit´s for what you need?
    As Vadamalai said below,
    Actually your approach may be wrong, first as an ABAPer should ask to functional team, which transaction and where to insert the fields, it could be header or item level(I am saying example)
    Based on tcode, you need to enhance the table level as well as the screen exit/BADI we need to pass screen to internal programming structure. the structure type will be table type of FAGLFLEXP.

  • Adding custom fields  through SE51

    Hi All!
    This is with regards to adding custom fields through Se51 to standard screens.I had added custom field KNVV-ZZKVGR6 to the screen.
    After drawing the text and I/O buttons.When I activate I am getting an syntax error saying Field KNVV-ZZKVGR6 is defined differently in screen (ABAP/4 field,Dictionary field).
    What does this mean.
    Also if i activate with a SAP standard field instead of the custom it is getting activated.
    But for both the ways I could not able to see the output on the actual transaction.Also the new drawings which i am drawing are in brown color(different form the existing one)
    Please advise.

    hi Praneeth,
    what is the program name,screen number you are trying to modify..,and after appending the field <b>ZZKVGR6 to KNVV</b> , now go to table and choose menu <b>Utilities->Data base Utility-></b> now click on  <b>Activate and Adjust the Data base</b>, then try to add the field.
    and are you adding the field from Dictionary (i.e you have option Get From Dictionary in that give KNVV table name it will list the fields, choose zzkvgr6 from it, and place it in your screen.)
    the exit which you are adding should be appropriate one
    or else you won't get the desired results. what is the exit..

  • While adding custom field in urgent change-Create new field button in AET is not coming

    Dear All,
    we have requirement to add some custom fields in urgent change document. while adding custom fields using AET, create new field button is not coming.
    Thanks in advance. points will be awarded.

    Hi Jignesh,
    Thanks for your valueble inputs, it really helped me to understand the process.
    I checked in Web UI configuration for urgent change document as you mentioned but still that button is not coming.
    In transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB, i have created enh. set: Z_ENHANCEMENT_SET.
    Can you tell what to selelect in application and page popup which comes after selecting Enhance component button. Actually i tried but i am not able to add new record in conf.
    Thanks in advance.

  • CRM 7.0 / IS-U: adding custom fields to Business agreement for replication

    Hello Experts!
    We're working on replication of custom fields from IS-U to CRM 7.0.
    Can you help me with clarification of my understanding of these questions..?
    1) CRM/IS-U mapping tables for buag_main:
    Business Agreement(BUAG_MAIN) is a BO in CRM that corresponds to CRM table CRMM_BUAG and to Contract account in IS-U table FKKVKP.
    Table FKKVKP were enhanced with some z-fields,
    so we are going to enhance corresponding CRM table CRMM_BUAG (or CRMM_BUAG_H) with that new fields..
    But we see that these CRM and IS-U tables have far not the same field structures..
    So, the question: Which crm and is-u tables i should look, enhance and replicate for Business agreement?
    2) Access to Business agreement with possibility to add custom field:
    I couldn't find in Web UI where i can directly edit profile of Business Agreement..
    I've found just access to assignment block "Business agreement" on Account's profile overview page..(Role ServicePRO; Account details).
    There I used AET to add custom field..but I faced with problem when the 1st popup appeared: there was no enhanced object "Business Agreement"..
    Also in role "Utilities IC Agent" i've found "business agreement" profile but there I don't see buttons for adding custom fields..
    So, the question is: Where I can access Business agreement profile to enhance it with custom fields for replication with IS-U?
    3) CRM/IS-U data exchange functions:
    I tend to use tcode CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU:
    for CRM inbound event of BUAG object  - FM CRM_BUAG_MWX_PROCESS_EXT_STRUC..(as template).
    Question: Am I right that it fits my requirement to replicate custom fields from IS-U to CRM?
    Please tell me if you need more information..
    Looking forward to your answers.
    Thank you a lot in advance!
    Kind regards,

    Hi Gobi,
    Thank you for advice. But:
    I've created fields not by using AET - I used documentation that Nicolas suggested me above.
    I've enhanced tables and structures that were mentioned there with my z-fields for both sides (CRM and ERP).
    Also I looked CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU for CRM Inbound BUAG_MAIN - corresponding standard FMs are marked for call.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Adding Custom Fields for Change Request in EHS

    I need to add custom fields in Change request screen, where I am not able to identify for BO and node to do same.
    Its Configuration name  /MOC/F_ISS_ROOT_OBJECT_INFO.
    I tried with /IAM/ISSUE and /IAM/ACTIVITY BO.. but it is not working.
    Not able to identify the correct table for adding fields.Pls help me on the same.
    Reny Richard

    Why don't you check for the ST05, so that you can grasp some of the table names. Should be useful to you

  • Adding custom fields to DB table

    I added custom fields in std DB table using CI_* , activated table using SE14. Now I want to remove the added custom fields , I deleted the CI_* using SE11. It still appears in DB table,  I mean I dont expect to disappear from DB table, when I double click it still takes to structure screen. I deleted include from SE80 also selecting Package, activated and adjusted DB table from SE14 after deletion, but it still appears and when I check the attributes it shows the same package , how to reset the CI_* , bottom line ,I want to make DB table normal as before, because of that I am getting dumps when I execute std DB table related T codes.
    It should be done in easy way but not able to get breakthrough.
    Please let me know your suggestions.

    Hi Sai,
    Try to assign the CI_* structure to $temp,i.e as local object and then activate it first.
    After that, try deleting the local object and adjust the table using SE14.
    If still it does not work, ask your BASIS consultant to do an "Alter table".
    May be that works!
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Adding custom fields to table view assignment block

    Hi All,
      I want to add two news fields to 'Service Contract Item Level' in 'Object List' assignment block. How can i add these two custom fields to table view assignment block using AET. I have tried to add new fields using AET but there is no business object supports to my requirement.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Nitish,
    As naveen sadid use Cutomer_i object . I guess it will be more appropriate.
    And following link will be helpful for AET creation.
    CRM 7.0 How to --4 Adding Custom Fields With The New Application Enhancement Tool (AET)

Maybe you are looking for

  • Call to ABAP webservice failed following upgrade to ECC6

    Hi all, I have the following interface : LDAP (webservice) ->XI 3.0sp17 -> ECC5 (webservice) sending employees id. it works fine. But, these days, SAP ECC has been upgraded from ECC5 to ECC6 (was 7.0). And now the call to the ECC webservice does not

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  • ASR_PROCESS_EXECUTE - ABAP Webdynpro application - http/https

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    Hi guys, I'm making a report on the report  where the user will choose the company code, a period and a fiscal year. And it'll show the totals by some accounts. The problem is that i need to print on the header the address of the chosen company code,

  • Search term search

    Hi All, Is anyoneaware of any FM which gives me the search term for the BP. Thanks and regards Vijay Saha