Problem Creating Partner Link for Adapter Integrating with Tuxedo using JCA

Hi All,
This is the first time that I am working on integration tools. I will explain in brief the problem.
There will be a legacy system (Tuxedo) running which connect to legacy database for requests. I am able to connect to that legacy system using Attunity Studio for getting the response back. Which is working fine.
Now I want that to integrate with BPEL PM 10.1.2 using JCA. For this I followed this URL ( What happens here is, a simple servlet invokes a Session Bean that interacts the Attunity Server using the JCA. For that I am using oc4j container of BPEL PM 10.1.2. I could able to work it fine.
For working with BPEL, I have created synchronous process, when try to create Partner link using Adapter service from WSIL browser, it is not coming in.
Am I missed any important configuration at BPEL PM end.
For doing this a followed the "tutorial 2" @
In exact way, above provided tutorial 2 PDF, I failed at step "Configuring a BPEL Service to invoke the above Adapter Service" on page 11.
Your help is highly appreciated

Something to note. I tried adding the same BPEL services as partner links to a new application and new project on two other developer's workstations, and the creation of the partner links were successful.

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    Note the name of this forum is "SQL Developer *(Not for general SQL/PLSQL questions)*" - so only for issues with the SQL Developer tool. Please post these questions under the dedicated SQL And PL/SQL forum.

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    To create the partnerlink using https URL, I had done the following:
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    I  too have the same issue. Appriciate if you share some knowledge on this issue.

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    I'm using the Create Partner Link dialog, called by right-clicking in the a bpel diagram view. First I select the wsdl file. At this point it askes me if I want to make a local copy of the wsdl file (warning me that it won't be referenceable at runtime unless I do). I answer no.
    Then I select the link type, select MyRole, and leave PartnerRole unspecified (it's a synchronous invokation). When I click "OK" in the dialog nothing happens - the dialog doesn't close and there is no error message produced. I can cancel out of the dialog and the project appears unchanged, although the bpel file in the project shows in italics to indicate that it is changed.
    Here's the wsdl file I'm referencing in the dialog. I'm guessing that the Create Partner Link dialog should be printing an error message to tell me what is doesn't like but no such message appears. Is this a bug?
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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              <schema attributeFormDefault="qualified"
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                   <element name="afterPrefixT">
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                   <input message="client:prefixRequestM"/>
                   <output message="client:prefixResponseM"/>
         <plnk:partnerLinkType name="prefixer">
              <plnk:role name="prefixRequester">
                   <plnk:portType name="client:doPrefix"/>

    I could be wrong, but on a sync call your destination WSDL should be setup as the provider and not requester. Ten the PartnerRole should be set and not MyRole.

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    For the database link of data source, we got the following error message:
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    As I said prior the database link creation should work from within the OWB client (also in 10).
    Regarding your issue when deploying, have you registered your target locations in the deployment manager and did you first deployed your target location's connector which points out to your source?
    I myself had some problems with database link creations in the past and I can't remember exactly what they were but it had something to do with
    - the use of abnormal characters in the database link name
    - long domain name used in as names.default_domain in my sqlnet.ora file
    What you can do is check the actual script created when deploying the database link so see if there's something strange and check if executing the created script manually works or not.

  • A dynamic partner link for very distinct services.

    Is possible to create a dynamic partner link for very distinct services. for examples 10 services has different operation names, inputs, outputs.
    Thank you.

    You could use an Oracle Services Registry ( UDDI ) to store the WSDL and dynamically select the needed WSDL.
    Here is the general idea :

  • Re: Problem providing download link for BLOB data in apex report

    Hi Don,
    Your solution below worked but in the download option i only see save but not open for PDf file in the blob. Please let me know if you have any suggestion to achieve it
    Problem providing download link for BLOB data in apex report 
    591953 Nov 19, 2008 1:55 PM (in response to 660436)
    Currently Being Moderated
    Good morning,
    Here is how I have solved this problem.
    1. The select statement in the sql for the report should not include the BLOB column. I decided to select only 2 columns, the column that has the key and the column with the filename.
    2. On the first column ( the primary key ) I put in the format statement that was simply DOWNLOAD:TABLENAME:BLOB_COLUMN:PRIMARY_KEY
    This works. I believe that the Oracle error I was getting was because I was trying to apply this format statement to the actual BLOB column.
    So, it appears that you can use any of the columns in the report to hold the DOWNLOAD format statement since in the format statement, you are defining the BLOB table, BLOB column and the primary key into that column.
    Hope this helps,

    Branched out from a years old thread.
    user3003326 Don't post to old threads, please.

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    How does companies make sure third party systems are not directly dipping into other systems (oracle apps/others), so that it will follow certain integration best practices.
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    Many oracle apps implementations customizations are more or less directly interacting with third party systems by including code to login into respective third party systems and vice versa.
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    which version of R/3 you are using?
    what is the mechanism the receiving system has, to receive data?

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    Dear Expert,
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                                                                                  iv_low = lv_value
                                                                                  iv_activate = abap_false
                                                                        IMPORTING ev_range_id = ls_table_data-expression_id ).
                INSERT ls_table_data INTO TABLE lts_table_data.
                CLEAR  ls_table_data-expression_id.
    But the following code is not working:
       cl_fdt_convenience=>create_simple_range( EXPORTING iv_application_id = lv_application_id
                                                                                  iv_option = if_fdt_range=>gc_option_not_initial
                                                                                  iv_test_parameter = lv_id
                                                                                  iv_activate = abap_false
                                                                        IMPORTING ev_range_id = ls_table_data-expression_id ).
                INSERT ls_table_data INTO TABLE lts_table_data.
                CLEAR  ls_table_data-expression_id.
    What is wrong?
    How to create than a range for a decision table cell with option: 'not initial'?
    Thank you very much in advance?
    Best regards

    I found the same problem in the comments of this post Filtering Rules using SAP HANA Decision Table.
    A possible solution is to implement a solution directly in SQLScript. Hints can be found in Filtering Rules using SAP HANA Decision Table

  • JCA adapter Integration with SOA suite

    Hi all,
    Where can I find documentation or reference regarding integration of third party adapter with SOA suite?
    There is an option of Third Party Adapter in SOA project of JDeveloper. When I drag it onto the composite.xml file, a window comes up asking for wsdl, jca files, etc. So I would like to know if there is any example or tutorial on how to integrate a third party adapter with SOA suite. Thanks.

    Thanks Anuj!
    It seems like a new way of integrating JCA adapter to SOA suite.
    Actually, I was only aware of integrating as a third party adapter as mentioned in this article ( which require wsdl and jca files.
    Are there any difference between those two approaches? Which would be the recommended approach for JCA adapter integration with SOA? Thanks again for your informative replies.
    Kyi Hein
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    I don't understand what you want. Do you want a link that will download a Dashboard to Excel? Why do you want to replace the "Create Bookmark..." link? What's that got to do with your requirement?

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    as when I want user to use my application user must go to URL like this want the user to use short URL , How can I use shorter URL not all this one.
    I want shorter URL for my application not to write full path .
    thanks in advance.
    Edited by: user611775 on Oct 31, 2010 10:21 PM

    it's up to you. The first part (Mcit-Project-ViewController-context-root) is the context root which you define in the view controller project. 'faces' is the name the servlet filter reacts on. You can't omit it but shorten it in web.xml. The rest is your directory structure. I'm not sure how to shorten this other as to move the jspx files back into the web root folder.
    By the way an ADF faces app never uses the .jspx at the end of the url. If you specify '.jspx', you only render the page but don't start the work flow.

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    Hi SAP (SD-GURUS),
    Actually we create partner functions  before creating customer ex: sold to party, ship to party, bill to party, and payer.
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    sreenivas peruru

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    Hope this helps...
    Jignesh Mehta

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