Problem deleting Domains

Cannot deleting domains.
Error encountered
stderr Aug 10 08:15:23 deleteObjects: java.lang.NullPointerException
stderr Aug 10 08:15:23 deleteObjects:      at
stderr Aug 10 08:15:23 deleteObjects:      at Source)

SeaBiscuit13 wrote:
I also did not notice that the Genieo app is in the upper right header bar, it kept saying it was open and I could not figure out how to close it.
I take it you discovered this by reading Thomas' article on manually removing Genieo.  Glad you were able to get through that.
Apparently that Ad Ware removal you have to upgrade to the latest version of OS, which I haven't done because some of my software is not compatible with the upgrades.  So if anyone knows of a Adware that still runs on 10.6.8 let me know.
I just finished rebooting into a 10.6.8 system I keep around for testing and was able to run the Adware Removal Tool just fine. It's a pretty simple AppleScript which should be compatible with any Intel Mac. I'm know for a fact that other 10.6.8 users have been able to run it. What type of error message did you receive?

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  • Problems deleting computer objects-because of their subordinate objects

    We are running a 2008 R2 domain.  We have recently removed our techs out of Account Operators because we have read that is best practice.  Our techs now have problems deleting computer account objects that have the msmq active directory objects
    beneath the computer object.  Even if I give the techs full control permissions on those computer objects, they cannot delete them because they cannot delete the msmq subordinate AD objects.  The msmq objects are not showing a security tab, like
    other subordinate objects do.  If I delete the msmq objects with a Domain Admin account, then the techs can delete the computer objects.  Any ideas of how I can fix it so they can delete the msmq objects, without being Account Operators?
    Dan Heim

    please see and start with removing the flag for the mentioned accounts. Therefore see "Orphaned AdminSDHolder Objects" in the mentioned article.
    Best regards
    Meinolf Weber
    Microsoft MVP - Directory Services
    My Blog:
    Disclaimer: This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties or guarantees and confers no rights.

  • Problem deleting users with delegated admin

    I seem to be having a problem deleting users with delegated administrator. I am using JES 2005Q4.
    Here is what I do:
    I set Inetuserstatus and mailuserstatus to deleted. Then run msuserpurge to delete the mail box. This seems to be working fine. Then I do a commadmin domain purge and it will actually delete the persons ldap record, but it does not delete the o=pab records or the o=PIserverDB records.
    I am probably missing a step here, and would apprecidate it somebody could point me in the right direction.

    DA patches:
    119777-10 most current release for Solaris
    119778 for X86
    119779 for Linux
    118540-23 Communication Express Solaris Sparc
    118541 X86
    118542 Linux
    118207-42 Messaging core Solaris sparc
    118208 X86
    118209 Linux
    116574-02 Veritas Vcsha (sparc only)
    118242-03 and 118245-03 Dssetup sparc
    118243 and 118246 X86
    118247 Linux
    122018-02 Outlook Connector
    (all the currently released patches. Most have t-patches available from tech support post the above numbers)

  • Firewall problem in domain environment

    I have built two domains for testing purposes. Having deployed domain controllers, exchange servers, sccm/scom servers, sql servers along with some client computers I noticed that I had problems accessing some of servers/clients - I could not manage
    some of them directly with manage command from domain controller or access them via unc path. Some of them I could not ping neither. I was able to solve these problems by changing inbound firewall rules on these machines thus
    allowing some connections such as smb-in, dcom-in . . . In my production environment (I have been working there as system engineer for almost seven years) I have never had these problems - any domain member, whether it has been server or client, was easily
    accessible (managed from dc, unc, ping, . . .). I could deploy GPO with all necessary settings for inbound rules but it should be done automatically - as soon as machine is joined to the domain it must be accessible by using at least common protocols such as
    dcom, smb for managing or simple file copy operation. I checked my production environment again and there were no GPOs for altering default firewall settings on domain member computers so I have no idea why this is happening in my testing domains.

    No one but me has access to these machines. Also Symantec Endpoint Protection software is installed on these machines as it is the case with my production machines where everything is functioning flawlessly - as I mentioned I can access all my machines
    in production domain via computer management, smb, ping . . . One of my test domains has FFL/DFL Windows Server 2008 R2,  the same as my production domain, the other one has FFL/DFL Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is created for learning purposes. As I
    said, in both test domains, all domain computers have SEP installed - the same version and configuration as on my production machines. I have not done anything related to firewall in my test domains on problematic machines - I installed OS on them, joined
    to the domain, installed SEP and afterwards I have worked with specific product machine was created for - SCCM/SCOM, Exchange, SQL . . . servers and their clients.

  • Problem deleting unused InfoObject

    Dear All,
    We have encountered a problem deleting an unused InfoObject getting the following messages :-
    Data element /BIC/OIPTBTAUDIT still used in table/view STRU_453SRKYRVVCCB1I7ZI5ZXNXRO
    Data element /BIC/OIPTBTAUDIT still used in table/view STRU_453TM6SZNZKT8RYRKNBZ0H3G4
    Data element /BIC/OIPTBTAUDIT still used in table/view STRU_453TMH1OY4IU2TWBCQGCF3DTG
    Data element /BIC/OIPTBTAUDIT still used in table/view STRU_453TNP7PZ3CK6FQ8WLWY8E01G
    Now these structures look like transfer structures but we have removed the object from all such structures and have ran where used in RSD1 and this object is not used anywhere !
    Please help as this object needs removing and recreating with the same technical name.
    You help is much appreciated.
    P.S. These structures are marked as Generated structures.
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            Craig Armstead

    Go to the info object in RSA1 in change mode and click edit - where used.
    You  will get a list of other objects where this object is used.
    Delete the data in the cube. Delete the object from the cube and dimension of the cube. If you have more than one cube and ODS that uses this object, pl do the same for cube and ODS.
    Remove the object from the comm structure and other data marts.
    Delete the data in the info object.
    Delete the from the info object.
    Now, again go to the info object and see the where used list.
    The list should be list.
    Now, you are all set to delete the object.
    Finally create another one with the same name .
    Ravi Thothadri

  • Problem deleting multiple keywords in lightroom 5

    I am importing about 20,000 pictures from Flickr. they are all creative commons, and the end result will be the use of approximately 4000 of these in an online sign language dictionary.
    I use Bulkr to import them and this process imports the tags as well as other information such as the photographers name and url.  Many of these photos arrive with hundreds of tags, so that the total number of tags might be 20000 or more.  I need to assign my own tags and delete all the tags that the photo arrived with.  I use the lightroom batch delete to do this (the little minus sign at the top of the keyword list).  i select a keyword, hold down the shift key and scroll down.  the problem is that i cannot just scroll down to the bottom of the list.  There appear to be unpredictable keywords that cause the shift-select process not to work.  if i scroll back up and then carefully scroll part of the way back down, then there will be a point at which shift-select stops working and above that it works. 
    The end result of this is that it takes numerous shift-select-scroll down-select to delete everything so that what should take maybe 2 minutes takes 20 minutes or more. 
    The problem may be related to foreign language keywords especially chinese characters, but even what looks like a perfectly ordinary keyword can stop it.  Two recent examples: travellers cheque  and Київ. In all cases, the words can be deleted when i click directly on them.  you just cant shift-select THROUGH them.
    A separate annoyance that i will just grumble about is that i was forced to put these pictures in a separate catalog because there is always the risk that i could manage to delete my own keywords while batch-deleting everyone elses, and there is no simple way that i know of to undo this. with the separate catalog at least i wont delete all the keywords for my own pictures.

    With respect to problems deleting multiple keywords: On Windows, since at least version 3, LR has had basic bugs when you have more than about 1600 keywords showing.  (Hard to believe it isn't fixed by now.)   A simple workaround for you situation is to filter the keywords one letter at a time and then select the subset of keywords that are showing -- e.g. filter all keywords with the letter "t", then all keywords with the letter "b", etc.
    With respect to not getting the keywords into your catalog in the first place: You can define a Metadata Preset that will clear the keywords on import:

  • Problem deleting music track

    Hi there I am having a problem deleting a song in a slide show I am putting together in FCP. Everytime I select it and try to delete it removes the pictures and the music. What I am doing wrong?

    You might be trying to delete the song when it is on the "Primary Storyline".  The Primary Storyline is the one that has the darker gray background strip from left to right on your timeline.  If you added your song first to your project, you probably added it to the Primary Storyline.  Then the pictures and other things you put over or under your song in the timeline were "connected clips" attached to that primary storyline.  When you delete the stuff on the primary storyline, the connected things get deleted along with it. 
    One way around this is to press the Control key while clicking once on your song.  From the resulting menu that comes up select "Replace with Gap".  The clip you selected should be deleted while everything that had been connected to it remains.  Hope this helps.

  • Problem deleting notes

    I have an intermittent problem deleting the notes in the piano roll. I think it might be something I am doing, or some setting I am not aware of.
    I select one or more notes in the piano roll. Notes are highlighted as expected. Hit the 'delete' key and nothing happens. Sometimes the notes do delete, other times they do not.
    Problem is most common during playback, but can happen when paused/stopped.
    Usually if I re-select the notes one or more times, delete will work.
    Any ideas?

    After you restored, did you set the iPhone up as a new phone or from a backup? You should definitely set it up as a new phone, otherwise you'll likely recreate the software bug you were trying to eliminate by restoring. If you didn't do it this way, try restoring again, and setting up as a new phone. Then, if everything is okay, you can sync your music, apps, notes, etc back to the phone.

  • Problem deleting .app

    I am having a problem deleting .app files from my macbook. I can delete other files such as .mp3 or any other but for some reason when i delete a .app it reappears on my HD. there will be a white circle with a line through it as if its stopping me from being able to delete.
    What can be wrong?

    I just figured it out and fixed it. There was a CleanApp Launch Daemon in my Library.deleted it, restarted my macbook and now joy =]

  • Problem deleting track entry on iTunes

    I have a problem deleting a couple of entries on iTunes I had already erased the songs that were related to this few entries but I couldn't the entries off the library like I normally could.
    A common point of these few songs is that they're all incomplete tracks and that their tags cannot be modified at all.
    I tried the delete button and Right-click > delete but both couldn't work. What should I do?
    Compaq Presario   Windows XP  

    Today, I tried deleting the entry off iTunes and it worked. Wonder why it refused to delete it yesterday, no matter what I did. Hmmm. I hope that this does not happen again.
    (Anyway, I could still delete an entry from iTunes even if the file is read-only.)
    Thanks for your help anyway! I'm touched that the folks are so helpful here!
    Compaq Presario Windows XP

  • Problem deleting songs---HELP!!!

    I'm having problem deleting songs,when i select the ipod icon in the screen of ituns i can't select NOTHING FROM THE LIST,and in the lower right hand a "lock" is locked,(is next to the GB numbers.Can anyone help me to unlocked that thing?
    Oh i almost forget, i'm sure that the hold button isn' he reason for this,coz i checked that it wasn't locked.

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Try unchecking the songs you want deleted in your iTunes library. Then connect the iPod and go to edit-->preferences. Hit the iPod tab. Check "Only update checked songs". Click OK.
    Here are some other options...
    Deleting Songs or Playlists from your iPod
    Finally, you cannot select anything under the iPod because you are automatically updating. That is normal behavior.

  • Problems deleting mail

    Been using Mail for a LONG time. Currently have version 4.5. This week I started having problems deleting some messages (not all) using the delete button at the top of the Mail menu. I found I can delete using my right mouse button. Any ideas why I'm having this issue? Thanks ahead of time!

    I am suddenly having the same issue in mac mail. Giving me an error message "email name cannot be moved to the mailbox null" "Destination mailbox null does not allow messages to be moved to it" I have no idea what mailbox "null" is. This just started happening a day ago... Any suggestions?

  • Hello everyone...I got my very first macbook pro just today and i have a problem deleting the "test" user account. if i can't delete it, the system won't let me turn off the system. I don't know what to do! HELP!!!!

    hello everyone...I got my very first macbook pro just today and i have a problem deleting the "test" user account. if i can't delete it, the system won't let me turn off the system. I don't know what to do! HELP!!!!

    Have you created another admin user? Go to system preferences click users and click the + to add a user; if you haven't already. Once you have another admin user other then the "test" user make sure you're signed out of the test user account. Sign in with the alternate ADMIN USER that you just created or had created already and go back to SYSTEM PREFERENCES and click the same USERS icon near the bottom. Now select the TEST user and click the - sign. This should prompt you if your sure you want to delete the user account. And your done.
    New User created and Test User deleted... I hope this helps.

  • Problem deleting multiple rejected photos in Lightroom 3

    I had some frustrating trouble deleting a set of rejected photos. I am running LR3 on Windows 7 64 bit.
    I flagged about 220 out of 600 photos as rejects in a folder. When I hit ctrl-backspace to delete them, the rejects were shown in the grid view but were not deleted. Nothing I could do would delete them, I tried all the workarounds I could find in the forum and tried everything else I could think of. I was able to delete them one at a time but not all at once.
    Then I tried deleting them in chunks... two at a time, three at a time - worked. Then I tried 30 or so - got a message that one or more of the photos had been published to flickr. I clicked OK to delete from Flickr, that was processed then I got the prompt to delete them - worked. Then I tried deleting the rest of the pictures - about 160 left at that point, worked fine.
    There seem to be quite a few people having trouble deleting rejected photos, maybe there is some kind of conflict between the publishing function and deleting rejects?

    With respect to problems deleting multiple keywords: On Windows, since at least version 3, LR has had basic bugs when you have more than about 1600 keywords showing.  (Hard to believe it isn't fixed by now.)   A simple workaround for you situation is to filter the keywords one letter at a time and then select the subset of keywords that are showing -- e.g. filter all keywords with the letter "t", then all keywords with the letter "b", etc.
    With respect to not getting the keywords into your catalog in the first place: You can define a Metadata Preset that will clear the keywords on import:

  • Problems deleting a string from an external file.

    I am working on a program but am having problems deleting a string of information from an external file. The code I have managed to do only seems to be deleting the surname. The rest of the string remains and the Surname from the string bellow the one that should have been deleted moves to where the surname that was just deleated was.
    this is the code snippet that should be deleting the string:
              System.out.print("Please enter the last name of the contact: ");
              last_name =;
              int z = 0;
              for (int i=0; i < number_of_records; i++)
                        if ((last_name.compareTo(lastName)) < i && (last_name.compareTo(lastName[i]) > i))
                                  z = i;
              for (int i = z; i < number_of_records; i++)
                        lastName[i] = lastName[i+1];
    Anyone got any ideas why its not deleting the whole string?
    the extrenal file is set out like:
    surname,,first name,,phone number

    I don't think you have given enough information to answer this question completely; however, here is my guess:
    The code that appears to be doing the "deleting"
    for (int i = z; i < number_of_records; i++)
        lastName[i] = lastName[i+1];
    }is only acting upon the lastName array.

Maybe you are looking for