Problem facing during BAPI call for an inbound interface.

I have requirement where in i need to make a BAPI call from SRM system using RFC adapter.
After importing the BAPI(Z_INV_REF_PO) in the Integration Repository the structure looks to be a follws,
2.Response and
3.Exception (fault) Message types.
    In my BPM i did a transformation for my source structure with BAPI request. But while doing a BAPI call it throws me Application error as follows,
RFC adapter is working fine.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
- <!--  Inbound Message
- <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
  <SAP:P1 />
  <SAP:P2 />
  <SAP:P3 />
  <SAP:P4 />
  <SAP:AdditionalText />
  <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions">Z_INV_REF_PO.Exception</SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage>
  <SAP:Stack />
Please help me out on this. Itz very urgent

As the error is Applcation_error, the data reached the target system but the BAPI call fails. So you mignt not be providing all the mandatory fields to the BAPI.
Perform a standalone testing of your BAPI, with the data being passed from XI See if the BAPI call is successful..
Hope this helps you.
Siva Maranani.

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    BAPI :
    Use this method to create an account in Bank Customer Accounts. This method returns the following values:
    Identification details for the newly created account such as the internal and the external account number, and the bank area details
    A table containing error messages
    To create an account by using this method, you must specify values for the import parameters Bank Area (BANKAREA) and Product (PRODUCTNAME).
    Note: You must also specify a value in the External Account Number (EXTERNALACCOUNTNR) parameter if you have defined an external number range for the bank .

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    Hi Jagadesh,
    There is no document as such which provides you the step by step information on the upgrade. However, if you doesn't have fair idea on BW and BI, I recommend you to take assistance of your team members, since a simple incorrect step may lead to severe issues. Even though there is no production impact, your management needs this system live always for reporting
    If you still wish to take up the task on your own, I wish you all the best Here is an outline:
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    10. Test the new setup and go-live
    Hope this helps!!
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    Please find the answers to your questions.
    Thanks for you reply!
    Ques: What does FUNCTION 'ZPM1_GENERATE_SRM_DOC_ID' do wns why do you ignore the SY-SUBRC?
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    Interesting question.
    A survey of transaction bapi reveals no DMS bapi's in CRM2007. However, In SPRO there are controls for DMS and transaction CSADMIN can also be found in the system.

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    Btw i've got Xperia S

  • Suppress the Information message during BAPI Call

    Hi, I am getting the information message pop up during the BAPI Call "BAPI_BUS2054_CREATE_MULTI". Is there any possiblity to suppress the message?

    use call function with destination. Here is a short example:
    REPORT  zhabitest.
      et_return LIKE bapiret2 OCCURS 0.
          et_return = et_return.
      ele_return LIKE bapiret2,
      rc LIKE sy-subrc.
    CLEAR rc.
    LOOP AT et_return INTO ele_return.
      IF ( ele_return-type = 'E' )     "error
         OR ( ele_return-type = 'A' ). "abort
        rc = 8.
      WRITE: / 'Call OK'.
      WRITE: / 'Call error'.
    And the function is here:
    FUNCTION ztest.
    *"*"Lokale Schnittstelle:
    *"  TABLES
      MESSAGE i208(00) WITH 'Separate I/O and processing!'.
      GET TIME.
        ele_return TYPE bapiret2.
    * return error randomly
      IF sy-uzeit+5(1) CA '13579'.
        ele_return-type = 'E'.
        APPEND ele_return TO et_return.
    Pay attention to the documentation of call with destination (db commit).
    Walter Habich

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  • Enhancement during BAPI Call

    Hi All,
    I have created an enhancement in VL01N while creating Delivery.
    Now when I do manual Delivery the code is working fine . Enhancement gets triggred and the desired output is achived.
    But the problem comes when the I uase BAPI to create the Delivery,  whenevr I use BAPI 'BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS' to create the delivery the enhancement does not get triggered & that logic is not performed so the final result is wrong .
    This is not olny in case of delivery, this is in all cases like Creating Invoice, Sales Order etc. We have written some checks in these creation after which these documents should be created. But now when I use BAPI's instead of manual creation these checks dont work and the document get created even when they had not to be created.
    Can you please help me in this ASAP.

    Hi Sameer,
    You have to implement the same piece of code in BAPIs also, even BAPI : BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS enahncement points.
    Please check the feasibility of the same. This BAPi is also calling two BADis badi_dlv_create_sls_extin and badi_dlv_create_extout, probably the implementation of the same will help you to solve your problem.
    Please check feasiblity, best wishes,
    Antony Thomas

  • Print during BAPI call in backround

    Hi all...
    I am creating 351 movement using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE in backround,during transfer Order confirmation...I want to print the details after job as been completed,is there any option to give in the BAPI function module...
    Note: If I do manually I am getting printout

    the problem is in this line:
    function.getImportParameterList().setValue(0000000001 , "DEBTORID");
    it should be:
    function.getImportParameterList().setValue("0000000001" , "DEBTORID");
    if you had read the RETURN Structure you would have get more information
    JCO.Structure ret = function.getExportParameterList().getStructure("RETURN");
    System.out.println("BAPI_DEBTOR_GETDETAIL RETURN: " + ret.getString("MESSAGE"));
    If you want more information about the Customer I think it's better to use "BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2".

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    View Solution.

    Hi Sir,
    Turn off your laptop, as soon as you start your laptop again then continously press 'ESC' - till you will enter the Start-Up Menu, in menu Choose (F9 - Boot Device Options) in there you can choose to boot up from CD/DVD or whatever you want too boot up from I think thats what youre looking for.
    - Hope this helped you, let me know if there is any questions or anything.
    Kind regards,
    Best regards,
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    Here the profile contains install_type flash_install and the location of the flar.
    But after the activation before the upgraded unit came up I had to enter the defaultrouter,language details similar to fresh install and top of it the network interface changed from ce0 to be0 and the machine cannot be pinged now.
    Right now upgrade is stopped and the back to square one.
    What is that I have done wrong here . Is it normal behaviour to ask configuration details after the upgrade?

    Can you please let me know what you have selected out of 2 options.

  • Blackberry 9300 Freeze During Incoming Call

    Device: Blackberry Curve 3G 9300
    OS: 6.0 Bundle 2475 (v6.0.0.546)
    Application Storage Free Space: 43.3MB
    Carrier: Maxis Communications (Malaysia)
    My phone has been freezing up randomly during incoming calls for the last 3 weeks. Sometimes I am able to pick up the call but most times it just freezes up. During the freeze, all the buttons will not work and the phone will just keep ringing until the call has been canceled/dropped from the other end.
    There are 3 scenarios:
    1. Phone works as normal. 
    2. Incoming call comes in, phone freezes up, I pull the battery out, phone reboots and everything is fine until the next freeze. I can recieve SMS and all application works as normal.
    3. Incoming call comes in, phone freezes up, I do nothing and let the call end. Screen will black out after a few seconds and none of the button works. Next incoming call comes in, the screen lights up to show the incoming call but none of the button works just like before. In the end, I have to pull out the battery.
    Here are some of the things I have tried:
    1. Deleting applications from my phone to free up memory (Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Google Messenger)
    2. Deleting pictures to free up memory
    3. Updating the phone to the latest software version. Previously it was on version 5 but the freeze happened then too.
    4. Reseting my phone to use the original theme.
    I have never dropped my phone (not even once) and I have been using this same phone for the last 10 months. I still have 2 months left before my warranty expires. I really look forward to getting help from the experts here before I take the last option of bringing my phone to the service center.

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