Problem in Cluster Table Maintenance in sm34

Dear ABAP Experts,
I am new to abap. I am struck in a problem. I have created a View Clusters to maintain database tables. (in se54)
But when I go and try to maintain the fields of database tables: In "new entries" I am able to add only one fild and for other field I need to select from the option that appear from F4. I want to be able to add,new entries in all the fields.
How to do this. WHere did I do a mistake..
I found a similar thre3ad in this forum :Display/maintenance allowed with restrictions | SCN
But in the correct reply: go to se80 and insert the name of your function group. Double click on your screen and click the button "Layout". This show the image of dynpro of sm30. Double click in the column that you want it is non-editable and in your atributes check "only output".
---> I am unable to find the LAYOUT button in se38
Plz refer the screen shots.
Looking forward for your suggestions.

Dear Jozef,
Thanks for your reply.
The problem is during NEW ENTRIES. When I click the new entries button, then I want to add new data. But I am able to add new data for Kunde but not for Kunde Code and KunceCdRef. For Kunde code and KundeCdRef I am able to add the same data that are already exixyting in the database table.
For Eg: in The Master data I have the following data for Kunde, Kunde Code and KundeCdRef.
Kunde           Kunde Code      KundeCdRef
DAMYS         DAS                000
MeSys           MOS               000
BASF            FRE                 090
Intelli             INT                   000
Unkelbach     UNK
Biotest          BIO
Now When in sm34 Through New Entries when  I want to  add the following data (Kunde= MSoft, KundeCode = MST and KundeCdRef = 012), then I am able to populate Kunde = MSoft but in KundeCode & KundeCdRef = I need to choose from the above Kunde Code and Kunde CDRef only)
I hope I was able to clear my problem more properly.
Looking forward for a solution.

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  • Problem in creating table maintenance generator for 61 fields in table

    Hi Experts,
    I am facing problem in creating a table maintenance genarator for a ZTABLE which has 61 fields
    i am using below details whicle creating the TMG
    in Maintenance screen
    i am giving maintenance type as two step
    Maint screen no overview screen 2
                              single screen        3
    Dialog Data Transport details
    Recording routine    standard recording routine
    but it is giving following error
    screen SAPL<ZTABLE NAME>    0003 could not be generated
    In DYNPFIELD_ATTR mandatory field LINE has no value
    please let me know how to sort out these errors.
    Is there any limit on the number of fields for which we can create table maintenance generetor.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    Hi Sudipto,
    There is not limit to the number of fields of the Table which can be used in TMG for generation. But, from the usability point of view this will horrible.
    I created a Z table and added 64 fields and was able to generate the TMG with the screens perfectly. So, I guess there should not be any problem.
    Well, have a look at the Function Group. I guess the screen numbers are already used by some other screens. You can set the system to propose freely available screen numbers from the pool.
    Also, check whether proper authorization is assigned or not.
    And if nothing is working, you can degenerate all the generated screens and then can have a new regeneration of it.
    Hope these tips will work.

  • Problem with cluster table in HR

    Hi everybody
    We are testing TDMS in HR and I have a problem: we want to transfer spanish cluster (PCL2) to the receive system, for this table the entry is transported
    but if I execute transaction pc_payresult the tables of the cluster don´t appear, we used all the cluster tables in the activity transfer selection criteria but the results
    are de same.
    Could please help me?

    the best thing to do is to create an OSS message with the component XX-PROJ-DMS-HR if the following don't help:
    1) have you checked in the PCL2 in the target system with SE16 that the entries really are there for the RE and CU clusters?
    2) what does the protocol of the "confirm" function say (are the PCL2_RE, PCL2_CU and WPBP_RGDIR mentioned?) 
    3) if the protocol doesn't mention these data types then maybe the "Payroll Cutoff" date is set so that no results are found.
    Hope this helped.
    Gerard White.

  • Problem while creating table maintenance generator using two step

    Hello All,
    I have created a Z table in which I have 7 fields, out of which 6 are character fields and 7th field is of type INT4
    Now when I create the maintenance generator using TWO STEP approach, the 7th field i.e., of type INT4 is not available in the first screen (the table control screen). This screen only has 6 fields for display.
    But when I click NEW ENTRIES button, I get the next screen which has all the 7 fields.
    But if I create the maintenance generator using SINGLE STEP, all 7 fields are displayed in the first screen.
    Please suggest. Let me know if you require some more explaination.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Tarun,
    Go to the layout and increase the size of the Screen. or at the screen attributes change the length and width values.
    You know that initially the screen occupies default size only.
    Hope this would serve your purpose.

  • Slight problem with extended Table Maintenance

    I have been working on a modified maintenance dialog - everything is working fine, but I can't stop it prompting for a workbench or customizing request when data is created or changed. Is there a simple way to sort this out?

    it is depends on client settings, in tcode scc4 - > select the client
    changes and transports for client-specific objects
    which is currently in no changes allowed
    if you change to changes without automatic recording /automatic recording of changes then it won't ask transport request

  • Problem with maintain table views SM30 Transaction

    Hello All,
    i have a problem with the table maintenance view SM30, it doesn't permit me to modify the rows in the table.
    we have added a field into the table and when i tried to change the table view from menu: Utilities ==> table maintenance generator==> change the system propose me a message that the screen 0001 will be deleted and recreated...but the system has deleted the screen and doesn't recreate somewehere on internet we find that we should use the transaction SE55 menu:
    Environment==> modification ==> Maintenance screen ==> button Layout which open the tool Screen Painter and from that we have created our screen with 4 fields of our table...our result that the screen is created and i can see it from the SM30 transaction but i can't insert rows in the table...when i try to go to maintain table: menu: Utilities ==> Table maintenance generator to try if i can modify something the system give me a message: "set the compare flag dialog ZIV_DP_PLCHAR_LA"
    the ZIV_DP_PLCHAR_LA is the name of my table...
    can you give me some advices please how should i do to fix this problem to insert rows in table throughout the transaction
    SM30 "maintain table views: initial screen"
    if i want to delete the screen from the SE55 transaction to recreate it newly what should i do to take care about some options
    to have a new screen?
    thanks for all

    First delete the old table maintainence generator.
    Now Recreate the screen and your table is good to go..
    These error messages come when we add new fields and different version of the table maintainence generator in database.

  • Error with the table maintenance screens

    Hi Experts,
    I have created a maintenance view for two tables. The first table has only one field, which is the primary key. The second table is the text table for the first table, where the description of the primary key is maintained. Initially after creating the table maintenance for these two tables, all the fields were comming correctly. The first table showed only one field in the SM30 and the second table showed all fields in SM30(primary key, its description and the language key). The table maintenance was later deleted and regenerated, due to some changes in the table. After regenerating the TMG it is seen that the first table shows all the fields in SM30 same as the second table. I feel the function group program is not getting refreshed. Is there any method to regenerate the function group.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Dhina,
    I deleted the TMG for both the primary table and the text table, but when I check in SE16 I still find all the fields in the primary table just like the text table.
    My first table has
    My second table has
    I have create a maintanence view joining the above two tables(with the following fileds MANDT, EDUCATION_TYPE, DESCRIPTION), and deleted the table maintenance of the above tables. But still when I check the first table in SE16 I can see fields MANDT, EDUCATION_TYPE, DESCRIPTION.
    What is the problem with the table maintenance?
    Any idea?

  • Search help in table maintenance generator

    I have the following problem with the table maintenance generator:
    I created a maintenance view and generated a maintenance dialog using the generator.
    Some of the fields in this view are marked to be used as selection criteria in an additional dialog box which appears just before the system displays the data to be maintained (fields used for subsets).
    The problem is that I cannot attach my own serach help for the fields displayed in this additional dialog window.
    I created a search help, attached it to the data element of that field, reactivated the view, the maintenance dialog - and the result is nothing: my search help does not appear for that field, instead of it there's still a list of values stored in a table defined as a table of values for the domain asociated with the data element.
    Has anyone solved that somehow ?
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks but it would be very nice if it was so easy.
    The screen on which I want the search help to appear is not a screen created by the generator which I could just modify.
    This is a standard dialog box window which appears <u>before</u> the system displays the screen created by the generator. It is screen number 0100 of program SAPLSVIX.
    This screen is used in all transactions created with the generator (see for example OMJJ) so it cannot be modified this way.

  • How to Extract Data for a Maintenance View, Structure and Cluster Table

    I want to develop  3 Reports
    1) in First Report
    it consists only two Fields.
    Table name : V_001_B
    Field Name1: BUKRS
    Table name : V_001_B     
    Field Name2: BUTXT
    V_001_B is a Maintenance View
    For this one I don't Find any Datasource
    For this Maintenance View, How to Extract the Data.
    For the 2nd Report also it consists Two Fields
    Table name : CSKSZ
    Field Name1: KOSTL (cost center)
    Table name : CSKSZ
    Field Name2: KLTXT (Description)
    CSKSZ is a Structure
    For this one I don't Find any Datasource
    For this Structure How to Extract the Data
    For the 3rd Report
    in this Report all Fields are belonging to a Table BSEG
    BSEG  is a Cluster Table
    For this one also I can't Find any Datasource,
    I find very Few Objects in the Datasource.
    For this One, How to Extract the Data.
    Please provide me step by step procedure.

    Hi sachin,
    I don't get your point can you Explain me Briefly.
    I have two Fields for the 1st Report
    In the 2nd Report
    If I use  0COSTCENTER_TEXT   Data Source
    I will get KOSTL Field only
    what about KLTXT

  • Problem in Table maintenance view

    Hi all,
    i am getting some problem in table maintenance view.
    In my table i have some fields and when i created my table maintenance view , it is created , but when i try  to see it in SM30 its not showing my fields and even i am unable to create a  new entry. when i click
    new entries its going back to the sm30 screen..
    How to go abt it
    please help me

    Have you created the table maintanence view the right way.
    You can get good help from below link: [[http://www.****************/Tutorials/ABAP/TableMaintenance/demo.htm]]
    Also, please check the Delivery Class and Data Browser/Table View Maint. in the Delivery and Maintanence tab of the table.
    Edited by: Jayant Sahu on Nov 24, 2008 3:00 PM

  • Problem retreving data from cluster table

    Hi friends,
    Iam facing a problem while retreving data from a cluster table..
    select knumv
              from konv
              into table gt_konv
              where knumv in s_agnm.
    In s_agnm i have 8 entries ie: iam giving manually 8 entries in s_sgnm-low.
    If i do the above way iam getting exactly the 82 entries which i have in KONV table.. This is perfect..
    But when iam using for all  entries iam getting only 58 records from the KONV table..
    ie :
               FROM KONV
               INTO TABLE ITAB1
               FOR ALL ENTRIES IN ITAB
               WHERE KNUMV = ITAB-F1
    Here F1 is the field which is same as S_SGNM as above and it also contains same number of records as above
    Now when iam running the 2nd select statment iam getting only 58 entries ... instead it should get 82 entries as above...
    Can any one tell me how to correct..

    even if i use all the key fields , its giving me the same results 58 reocrds, instead it should give me 82.
    select knumv
           from konv
           into table gt_tybh
           where knumv in s_agnm.
      if gt_tybh is not INITIAL.
        sort gt_tybh by agreement_number kposn stunr zaehk.
       select knumv
              from konv
              into table gt_konv
              for all entries in gt_tybh
              where knumv = gt_tybh-agreement_number and
                    kposn = gt_tybh-kposn and
                    stunr = gt_tybh-stunr and
                    zaehk = gt_tybh-zaehk.
    In the above iam getting all the 82 records for the select-options s_sgnm..
    later iam trying to get the other fields form the same konv table by using for all entries... here even if iam using all the key fields also its not getting me the total 82 records...
    Initially for s_sgnm which contains 8 values , for those 8 values iam getting 82 records it table gt_tybh. But later when iam using for all entries iam not getting those 82 records in the 2nd select statment in the internal table gt_konv.
    Why is this happening...
    can any one correct it..

  • EVENT problem in Table maintenance generator

    Hello all
                 I m working on 4.6C sytem. I m facing  2 problems in events in table maintenance generator
    (1) I am using 04 event (After deleting records from table)   I have written BREAK-POINT in the Form .....ENDFORM... But the control doesnt stop there , when i select  an existing record and press delete record button? not able to understand  this
    (2) When i implement even t 03( Before deleting records from table) , and select  an existing record and press delete record button . Control successfully Go  to corresponding FORM ...   BREAK-POINT ENDFORM . 
    But now the problem is.. in debuggin i can see the contents in TOTAL table  but when i try to code LOOP at TOTAL gives me syntax error saying "  table TOTAL doesnot exists or not defined..but similar field TOTAL_S , TOTAL_M , TOTAL_L  exists.. ???
      how come i can see the same during debugging but cannot code it ?
    Plese help

    Hi Nilesh,
    (1)  I think the control will stop there after you delete AND save. Not sure about that but give it a try.
    (2) I believe you are trying to access fields inside table TOTAL, is that right?
    Actually you have to declare a work area with your Z table type.
    DATA: w_workarea type ztable.
    LOOP at total.
      w_workarea = total.
    Then you can work with w_workarea.
    Best regards.

  • Problem in Table Maintenance Generator

    Hi All,
    We have a TMG which have 11 fields with below fields as primary key.
    As per standard , during Change Mode these keys will be disable.
    My requirment is to  enable the VALIDITY_END in change mode also. I have done that  by changing the attribute in SE51(Input Possible).
    Now Problem is When I change the VALIDITY_END and saves it, In TMG it shows message "Data Saved" but when I check the
    database table , Changes not reflected.
    Please help.

    Hi Jitu,
              I agree this is not the right way to do this. You should keep the following in your key fields. And validity_end as normal field. Use the table maintenance events to make validity_end as a mandatory field. Using this events you can pass error messages to user if they keep it blank.
    Best Regards,
    Tapodipta Khan.

  • Problem with the regeneration of Table Maintenance

    My Scenario is like this.
    I have to add a Long Description with a length of 4000 Charecters. For this I have created in my Z TAble ZINT  INT2  5  and ZZLONG_DESC  LCHR  4000. I have activated the ZTABLE. I have Adjusted & Activated the Database by using Data Base Utility. I have regenerated the Table Maintenance (SM30), here my concern is I am not able to see the ZZLONG_DESC Field for Value Entry. I have seen all other Fields are ready for input, except this field. How do you achieve this.
    What ever I will type in ZZLONG_DESC, when I say SAVE it should be available in ZTABLE.
    How to read the Long TExt for 4000 charecters, is it possible using the Function  Module "READ_TEXT".  Please suggest me.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sivaram Kandula

    Hi Sivaram,
       Yes, there is a problem with fields of long lengths. But, can I know exactly what type of table maintenance u have generated? Is it a one step or a two step? I suggest you to go ahead with creation of two step table maintenance. Then you will definitely see that in the second screen means, when you click on "New Entries" you should be able to see it. Plz have a try at this and let me know with the update. Hope this should work out.
       Otherwise, better to go with Text table concept. Hope you got it.
    Adithya K
    SAP Practise.
    Note:  Reward points for the helpful answers.

  • Problem with table maintenance event

    Hi Experts,
    In the table maintenance event 05 for a ztable, I have written logic to validate if few key fields and non key fields are not initial.
    If they are initial,need to throw an error message and it has to stay in the same screen.But right now it grays out the non key field.
    Tried the combination of events 01 and 05 it grays out the key field.
    Please let me know if there are any ways to achieve this without making modifications in the PBO or PAI of the ztable.

    I have this exact problem, why is this thread 'closed'? Is there an answer provided somewhere?
    I have found a topic which shows an information message, which claims that the data is not saved.
    But it does save the data if you use an information message and blocks non-key fields when using an error message
    so this problem is still open for me.
    Does anybody have a solution?
    Ah an answer was indeed provided in another topic:
    Issuing an Error in Table Maintenance Event
    Edited by: Arno ter Horst on May 5, 2011 4:12 PM

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