Problem in condition of a step in the workflow

Hello experts,
this is releated to thread which i previously opened, but now the issue is abit clear for me to explain u.
I have a workflow, with some steps. the first step has got a condition to check the transaction type of the inquiry. its like this : &ZBUS2000126.TRANSACTIONTYPE& = YINQ.
When i test this workflow its failing and giving error at this point.
Ihave a delegated BO ZBUS2000126, with a event to trigger the method which calls the Z FM to send an email.
I dont know about the binding or container. can u explain what kind of bindings or container creatios has to be done here. please......
I m very new to workflow. so kindly help me out.

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  • Facing problem in integrating my custom jsp with the workflow engine

    I am using Jdeveloper for BPM 11g implementation on my Application.I have Weblogic Server 10.3 Installed and configured the domain. Also the server is up and running.
    I am trying to create workflow and wants to integrate it with my custom jsp but i am facing problem in integrating my custom jsp with the workflow engine.Can you please answer the following questions:
    1)how to link BPM human task with my custom jsp (Requester jsp).
    2)how my custom jsp data(Requester data) will be stored in workflow engine and how the same data will be visible to the next custom jsp(Reviewer jsp).
    This is urgent .Any early reply will be great help.
    Thanks in advance.
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    you forgot to add the usage dependency in the DC metadata section in your DC, you have to add the XSS~utils and fpm as a used DC's as part of your DC, try to add those, if you already done that, so check where missed the adding of used webdynpro components in any of the VAC's or FC's,

  • Problem with Matching and Merging Step of MDM Workflow

    I have created a workflow which will first Match Step where the user will do both
    Matching and Merging. Then, it will go for a process step Final Review.
    Then, it will go for Branch step which is named as Decide on Check in.
    There are two workflow which are launched after this step.
    My workflow ran one time.
    The number of records is: 19585. The Match step which is assigned to a different user is not performing.
    It is a simple match based on First Name, Middle Name and Last Name.
    Any suggestion?
    Kaushik Banerjee

    Hi Kaushik,
    What do you mean with "not Performing"? One suggestion, just log in with the 'Different User' who has been assigned for the matching task, and under that user goto the matching tab, in matching tab you will find a sub tab for Workflow, I hope you can work from there, If this doesnt solve your problem, then please let us know.
    Sorry problem with button;... so message came again... apologize.....
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  • Skipping merge  in match /merge step in the workflow

    Dear all,
    Accepting new imported records in a workflow. One step is looking for identicals in a match/merge step. The user has to accept or skip records depending on the matching results. Manual step to be performed always.
    We are looking for a solution the manual step is skipped in case no matches are found. fi. the matching result is 10 low. The next step in the flow has to start now.
    What process or process step has to be performed?
    Thanks in advance

    The match/merge step is manual because In real time scenarios 'The person who have access to add records in Data Manager not necessarily can have access to approve or disapprove the new added records', so the case become one client say add records in Data Manager and the approval/disapproval, match/merge etc. steps will be performed by Admin or say DBO.
    Thats why match/merge step have manual execution.
    And your qyery if no match found then its should be automatic to next step "No because Admin still can refuse those new added records untill and unless he/she is not satisfied"
    Rewards if helpful.

  • Activity/step in the workflow has a blinking red outline

    Activity/step blinks red in the diagram, and the workflow goes to the Paused state (default behavior.)
    The workflow Failed flag is set to Yes (true) which can be seen in an Explorer folder or view containing workflows or in the Home page Instance monitoring dashboard.
    An uncaught exception during the processing of the activity/step.
    To diagnose the exception, right-click on the activity/step and select Display logs. The fix will depend on the particular exception.
    In the future, avoid taking the action that caused the exception.
    Specific exceptions will be described in subsequent discussions of this sub-forum.

    The match/merge step is manual because In real time scenarios 'The person who have access to add records in Data Manager not necessarily can have access to approve or disapprove the new added records', so the case become one client say add records in Data Manager and the approval/disapproval, match/merge etc. steps will be performed by Admin or say DBO.
    Thats why match/merge step have manual execution.
    And your qyery if no match found then its should be automatic to next step "No because Admin still can refuse those new added records untill and unless he/she is not satisfied"
    Rewards if helpful.

  • One Step in the Workflow

    When there is a change in the status of my sales order I need to place an entry in my application server.
    An event is triggered but I don’t want to create a workflow as this will be the only workflow in my system and i need to do configurations
    Is there any way I can put the receiver as a Function Module as my step is a background step.
    If so how do I capture the event and BO key .

    business transaction event... i am not sure if there is one for change in status of sales order...
    Well u might get one...

  • Workflow Questions - How to execute the steps in a workflow automatically?

    I am using MDM 5.5 SP6.
    My Question is how to execute the steps in the workflow automatically. That means NO user interaction.
    I have a simple workflow, Start- Process -- Syndicate -  Stop.
    When a new record added /updated/inserted this workflow will start automatically.  The workflow inbox, the workflow status is u2018Receivedu2019 Step is u2018Processu2019.  Now I have to right click on the record then u2018Next Stepu2019 then click on u2018Syndicateu2019 then workflow completes automatically.
    How to execute the Syndication step automatically?.  I donu2019t want to have any user interaction to syndicate these records.
    Is this possible?
    The reason for this is I want to do some field validation and based on the field validation some assignments then then I want  to syndicate these records without user interaction..

    If you want to do some validations and then based on result assignments on some of the fields before syndicating, then you have to use workflow. Only syndication server will not fulfill this requirement.
    you may try by making validation's automatic property as "Error". This way it will not allow to add any record not fulfilling validation. You can also try using calculated fields instead of assignment.
    I am not sure if you can make your workflow fully automatic, because atleast one process step is must for any workflow, and process step means user action.

  • Is it possible to remove the contribution step in the basic workflow?

    Our client wants complete control on the the steps and users for each step of the workflow.
    This is the approach they want to follow.
    There would be a default workflow associated for all content. Any updates to any manged content will have to go through this workflow. There will be only one step having one user for this workflow. Whenever content changes the workflow routes to this user. This user will then decide to define the steps and users for the steps of workflow to be asscoiated to this content.
    We thought of making it simple by using a critera workflow and basic workflows to achive this. The default workflow which I was saying would be the criteria workflow. Now once the workflow taskt comes o the user's basket he will then create a basic workflow for the content id with required steps and the users. He will then accept the criteria workflow and start the basic workflow immediately. But we have to ensure somehow that this content of criteria workflow should not be published. We are using content publishing uitility. Hope we can do something there. What I mean by not published here is that content changes made in the basic workflow should not be visible to the end site but they should be visible in the basic workflow.
    Now the concern is that in basic workflow there is a mandatory contributor step which is not really required for us. How can we avoid it. And we how to ensure that the approved contents of criteria are not published unless the basic workflow is approved?

    I think you will have to mix several standard mechanisms to achieve what you are looking for.
    Note that there are two basic ways to achieve that an item is not accessible:
    - item's state (sending an item to a workflow or leaving it in pending state before the item is published belong to this option)
    - item's security (security groups, accounts, ACLs, etc.)
    If you want to have an item in a state that it has not entered a workflow (I'm not sure, but I think it wouldn't be a good idea to mix criteria and basic workflows), but it has to be accessible to a certain group of users, you may have to:
    1) check the item in so that it is accessible to the selected group of users only (published, no workflow)
    2) have the users start the workflow
    3) somewhere (most likely at the beginning of the workflow) relieve the security restriction so that "normal" users can access it during the workflow
    4) as soon as the workflow finishes, it will be available to everyone
    as for 1) I'd consider ACLs (Collaboration Manager component)
    Another option is to write a component with your own logic - if from any reason the standard mechanisms will have too many obstacles to overcome.
    I'd also recommend to consider using BPEL workflows rather than basic workflows - they are equally flexible (if not more) and they can be more easily combined with criteria workflows. You could:
    1) create a general criteria workflow which would grab any new item
    2) the criteria workflow would have just two steps: step 1 - grab an item, wait until BPEL workflow is defined/selected, then continue; step 2 - a synchro step which wait until BPEL workflow finishes, then continue or finish right away

  • Wait step in leave workflow wait for 20 min

    hi friends
      I have designed a multilevel ESS leave workflow. After 1st approver the status need to change from approved to sent after that i am using a wait step with condition REQ.STATUS = SENT. This condition is met immediately but it still waits there nearly 15 to 20 min after that only it goes to the next approver. I dont no y its happening even after the condition is met. There is background job SWWCOND is directly related to this wait step. I have scheduled this job for every 3 min. But its long time to execute. If i remove the wait step its shows dump. How to minimize the time of execution of the wait step.

    Let me know if I've understood the problem correctly.
    You have a workflow with two wait steps.
    These wait steps rely on the running of SWWCOND
    to check if the conditions have been satisfied.
    The workflow takes 15-20 mins to pass the first condition, even
    when already true, but takes little or no time to pass the second
    SWWCOND is scheduled to run every 3 mins and doesn't run for more
    than a couple of minutes.
    My questions:
    - Are you absolutely certain SWWCOND runs every 3 minutes?
      Do you see that happening in SM37 while your workflow is waiting?
    - You've said that the first condition is REQ.STATUS = SENT,
      what is the second condition?
    - Is REQ.STATUS a virtual attribute?
    - Where is REQ.STATUS set to SENT? Outside of the workflow?
      Does it do so without an error? Is a commit work done?
    Rick Bakker
    Hanabi Technology

  • Approval status not captured in the workflow...

    In my 4 tier approval workflow, I have a user decision loop , before which a user decision step is there for approve or reject.
    There are two paths under user decision, one says when reject or approve and another says till last layer which then leads to container operation to collect the next level of agent.
    Under when reject or approve step, there is a condition step that checks if user has approved or rejected.
    Now I need to store in a custom table status R if rejected , status A if approved.
    So I have added 2 steps under each path (approve and reject), but it so happens that when the first tier agent rejects it, the status gets recorded in the custom table but when he approves it , A status is not updated.
    If the first agent approves and second one (final) approves only then A is updated.
    I want the status to be recorded like this
    agent1     Submitted for approval
    This should change to agent 1    approved and then another entry should be added in the custom table with submitted for approval for agent 2.
    My code is in a custom class and it looks fine as it wors for submitted for approval as well for reject. But not for Approved. Container objects in both reject and approve are same except that I pass A or R.
    What can be wrong ??

    First let me give a breif explanation about how and where the result of the decision step is captured.
    While creating a decision step in the workflow you would be giving some texts for each outcome, let say in your case you said that For both approve and reject you are using one branch (Assume that id of this branch is 0001) now the other branch is for reading the next level agent (0002)  so now when you click on the first button then the Decision workitem standard  container element WIRESULT will be populated with 0001 and let say if you clcik on the second button to read the next level approver then WIRESULT will be populated with 0002..
        Here your design is conflicting ( Assuming that what I said above is what you have implemented)  Instead what you can try to do is Just have two outcome in the decision step as 1. Approve(0001) 2. Reject (0002) , now two braches will be coming out of decision step ,  now getting the next level agent keep it in a different background task, by creating a separate BOR method. Insert this task in both the branches.....
    The remaining activities what ever you are perfoming to update the table you do it normally... as you did
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  • How to handle exception thrown in standard bo method in the workflow design

    Hi Experts
        how to handle exception thrown from standard bo method in the workflow design. For example, bo BUS2032, METHOD confirm. If the user cancel it, it will throw exception. In the workflow, how to catch this exception and add corresponding steps in the workflow.

    @jrockman li
    Try to implement the logic that what ever you are performing in the BO mehtod in a FM and in the FM you have tab with name EXECPTIONS define the execption in that tab.Now in the BO method you call this FM  and if the exception occurs by using RAISE you can raise the exception in the FM and based on the number of exceptions your sy-subrc value will be set
    so when sys-subrc is not eq 0 then pass a value back t the workflow container., I think this will work.
    a sample Snippet for understanding purpose
        filename         = <path>
        filetype         = 'ASC'
        filelength       = lv_len
        data_tab         = l_txt_tab
        file_write_error = 1          " If this Exception occurs
        invalid_type     = 2
        no_authority     = 3
        unknown_error    = 4
        OTHERS           = 10.
    CASE sy-subrc.
      WHEN 1. " SY-SUBRC value will be 1 then,
          " Pass or set the value back to the workflow conatiner element

  • CAT2 & CATS - An error occurred on starting the workflow

    We have just finished upgrading from 4.6c to 6.0. 
    Now, whenever we try to enter time using CAT2, we get an error when saving which states "An error occurred on starting the workflow." 
    And when we try to enter time using ESS via the portal, we get a message which states unable to save data. 
    I'd just like to enter some time.
    Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

    Hi Jefferson,
    I had the same problems before with 6.0 below is the link from sap library about details of the task.
    Use these tasks in your data entry profiles in the configuration via IMG Activity in transaction SPRO->Cross-Application Components->Time Sheet->Specific Settings for CATS Regular->CATS regular->Record Working time->Set Up Data Entry Profiles.
    Take note that you still have to tick the with workflow box and you use these task here.
    Now if everything is ok with the time entry and approval for other users check the data entry profile that the user uses in CAT2, it may not be the data entry profile that you have set-up in the IMG.
    Also, check the org structure if you have approvers for the CAT user (tcode PPOME). Note that there is no escalation present in these task so if an approver in the org structure is missing it does not get to the next approver.
    Although SAP documentation says that the opwrkflow is optional although you have the task this also causes the problem, so it is betther to disable the workflow and use the recommended task.
    Use this link:
    as the above link is for CATS in general
    Edited by: Erwin Wee on Mar 11, 2008 3:00 AM

  • Failed to load configuration file for the workflow

    There are two of us who have full control on our Sharepoint 2013 site. I'm able to create workflows and publish them fine. The other user is able to create workflows, but he gets an error when trying to run them. I  tried opening his workflow and got
    the error "Failed to load configuration file for the workflow."
    Any ideas?

    Hi Carltonw1,
    Based on your description, I recommend to verify the things below:
    Clear the SharePoint Designer cache and then open the workflow.
    Ask the user to open the workflow in SharePoint Designer and check if the workflow contains error.
    Ask the user to create the same workflow and associated with another list to see how it works.
    Check the ULS log for more detailed error message.
    To reproduce this issue, could you please provide the detailed steps in the workflow for further research?
    Forum Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Filter don't work or I don't understand the workflow

    Mac OS X 10.6.8
    Aperture 3.2.4
    I use AP for long time without problems.
    Maybe I don't understand the workflow of filters.
    I edit some photos, make HDRs and use external Plugins from Nik.
    When I use the filter to show TIFFs or edit with external applications I don't see the fotos when I use both rules.
    When I use only TIFFs I see TIFFs but only BlackWhite fotos. The colored HDRs also TIFFs but I don't see it.
    When I use only External Edit I see HDRs but only colored HDRs.
    When I use both I see nothing, see screenshot.
    Make I a mistake  ?
    I will not use keyword AP should do his job.
    Jochen (.de)

    Maybe my question is not clear.
    A additionally screenshot is more clear.

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    When I try to setup my new iPad air, I go through all the steps for the iCloud sign-in and choosing security questions and what not. But after I hit the agree to the terms and conditions... It says Apple ID could not be created because of a server error. Have no clue what to do... I've restarted the iPad and get the same message. But my internet works just fine.

    1. Turn router off for 30 seconds and on again
    2. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings

Maybe you are looking for

  • Payment program-Vendor credits

    Hi Gurus can you please help me with this issue. We have a regular invoice of 5000$ and a Vendor credit for 900$, but the F110 payment run is not picking the 900$ credit but picking the invoice 5000. The credits are past due also. It gives me the err

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    Hi, Newly saved bookmarks are showing up farther up the drop down window where I recently deleted bookmarks. How do get Safari to revert back to normal? Thanks.

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