Problem in Creating Source Files (Templates) for Original Application Files

Dear Friends,
I am trying to ccreate "Source Files (Templates) for Original Application Files" . I checked the link
I created a new DOc. type TMP with no statuses, checked in KPO, assigned no. ranges.
Created  DIR & assigned the template file, checked into storage category. DIR no. 10000000390 created.
In Workstation application "DOX" in define templates for originals : doc. type: ZGA, application: DOX; language- EN; no - 01; In source doc- entered doc. type- TMP, doc. no.- 10000000390, part & version
Assigned for required source file copy" ZGA doc. type. -- Default Appl. as "DOX" workstation application.
Now created a DIR with ZGA doc. type, when clicking on originals , DOX prompted and clicking on "create with template" . TMP doc. 10000000390 template open in a new window. I edited & saved. close the MS word window. When comes to DIR, it prompted, Original was changed Do you want to save the original?.
clicked on yes.
Saved the ZGA DIR. When I saw the new ZGA DIR created it didn't capture. Where I went wrong ?
Sai Krishna

Dear Ravindra,
By going this below link, it seems we can use template for creating ne wdocument & attach the same.
Following messages if you read, it may be clear.
By having templates in place we can utilize the pre-defined documents instead creating right from scratch.
Entries can be done in the Template and save the document.
Templates are used for standardization and uniformity. By using templates time consumption for creation of documents will reduce as most of the details are maintained in the master template and the same can be utilize by using the template when creating documents.
If in DMS editing functionality is not there what is the use of templates- documentation?
Sai Krishna

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    is it only possible to create and change templates for original files without transport?
    I have one document type for templates which I want to use for different document types in DC30. I only want to create the templates (document type for templates) in production and do not want to use for every new version the customizing with transport order. As it is a production system without changes allowed, I cannot use DC30 direcly in production. Is there an other way without transport from developement? (Table TCZ02 directly is also not allowed).

    I feel your requirement cannot be met without transports or without opening the production client.
    Deepak Kori

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    Hi Everybody
    I have a very basic doubt but this struck me...
    For a file-XI-file scenario,if multiple files are coming from same FTP server but with different names then we have to create multiple communication channels for all the files of different names..but is this a intelligent approach?Can we do something so that only one communication channel can receive multiple files of different names?plz explain in detail if possible ASAP.
    I have another doubt as in File-XI-File scenario how the XI understands that a particular file is from this FTP server  needs to be send to another particular FTP Server?is it only the name of the file which we give in sender comm channel & receiver comm chaneel which determines this????that means this name should always be same?plz explain in detail if anybody knows?

    Thanks Aamir.I understood the solution.
    Correct me if I am wrong.......
    1)If there are multiple files with different names & different extensions in the sender FTP then we use-->
    2)if there are multiple files with different names & different extensions in sender FTP & I want only say files of 2 extension types(say .xml & .txt)then we use-->
    in one comm channel &
    in another comm channel rite??
    Also I wanted to ask that only two kinda files we can pick up through sender comm channel rite?
    .xml  and .txt(File content Conversion).Can we pick files of other extensions also?(say .doc,.xls)If we use as u said
    then files of all other extensions will also be picked up rite?bt hw will xi convert them into xml?plz explain......
    One of my other q is not answered yet.........all these same doubts are there for receiver communication channel.......but you all have not said nething abt the receiver comm channel........plz explain the answers to all these queries for receiver comm channel for a receiver FTP........ASAP......thanks once again.......

  • Need to create stupid proof templates for non-designers

    Ok folks, I'm new to this forum having come across it in search of a solution to my problem.
    I need to create illustrator template files (.ai not .ait) that customers can download and use to create their own artwork for print. I have to create them in every printable paper format from business cards to A3 posters, folding, non-folding yada yada.
    Now, previously, we used an .ai file with a guide layer we created. This guide layer had all relevant info, was named accordingly. It was set not to print and locked. As I tend to use print to file, distiller and all, this has always been perfectly adequate to create my pdfs. Of course, this doesn't work the same way when saving a pdf, which is what most people do. However, customers who wish to download the templates are having some difficulty with the concept of 'make sure you delete the guide layer before saving your pdf'.
    For the most part, the customers using these files are not illustrator literate. Even though there are clear instructions to 'delete' the guide layer when saving the needed pdfs, they are failing to do so. This means when the .ai (with the non printable layer) is saved to pdf, the guide layer as a hidden object is saved within the pdf. Upon printing at our printing facilities, the guide layer has been printed with disasterous results.
    A possible solution we came up with was to use the ruler guides to create the guide layer. For this solution to work though, I need to be able to use different colours for different guides within the same document. Which we can't. We can only change all the guide colours and they are all the same colour.
    Another idea would be to outline text indicating various printable and non-printable areas and making them into guides via View>guides>make guides, which works to an extent but looks messy, especially when viewing the full page and again, isn't particularly distinctive, leading back to having different guides in different colours.
    I've come across another possible solution involving template layers. Viewing the resulting pdf seems fine and in all purposes it does what we need, except for when reopening the saved (not printed) pdf back in illustrator, the template layer is still there and I need it gone. The same way it would be if the .ai were printed to postscript and sent through distiller.
    My ideal solution would be to have to ability to have the different coloured ruler guides in place throughout my document, but as I previously stated, all guides have to be the same colour and that's useless in this instance.
    So, has anyone got any bright ideas. Coincidentally I need to create the same templates for both psd and indesign but I'll cross that bridge when I've figured this out.

    Hey Mike, thanks for the response.
    1. Not a chance, if, even when the process is described in great detail in an info pdf, available as info on the website (with screenshot instructions) and mentioned in the .ai file itself, they aren't even deleting the guide layer, then turning off 'Preserve illustrator editing capabilities' is kind of a stretch. Like I said, the folks these templates are to be designed for are not illustrator literate for the most part.
    2. Not sure if this would work. I'd have to look into it.
    3. Beyond my capabilities. I'll let you know if number 2 works.
    One possible solution I've come up with uses the idea of a template layer always on top, with 'DELETE THIS LAYER' and screenshot of layers pallette and clear little red arrows etc. If I can the template layer to always remain on top, with their artwork layer underneath, they would have to toggle hide/unhide to view their artwork, and the reminder to remove the guide layer would be pretty much in their face. That's not a guarantee either though.
    Personally, I think what I've been asked to achieve is a pretty hard task and honestly, I'm thinking there are no failsafe options.

  • Making change in original application file for new version

    I am new to DMS.
    I have a basic query about versioning of DIR.
    I have created a DIR with status in Released.
    I have attached a original application to the DIR. Now when I am creating a new version of DIR, original application file is also getting copied to the new version which is desired.
    My problem is I want to make changes into original application file in new version of DIR and want to save. But I am unable to do so. It is not allowing me to change the original application file for new version which is desired for storing some ISO documents.
    Is there any settings which I am missing?
    Waiting for reply ASAP.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Niraj Sikligar

    If you want to make changes in the "Release" Status, go to dc10, select Doc type and define status screen. Do not put "S" (Lock mode) for Status - Release
    Also please check in new version , you are clicking on Edit symbol in Orginals tab, if u double click the file, it would open always in display mode , and it wont allow you to make any changes

  • Source SPM template for CURR_DS (Z_SADSECC6TCURR) to map

    anyone have idea what is source SPM template  for CURR_DS (Z_SADSECC6TCURR) to map, I have extracted the data to BI and maintained necessary tables in BI as well, but i  am unable to find standard template to map the CURR data source .. Neither create new template.
    For others its direct templates are available not CURR? Can someone give me tips to build CURR template?

    Hi Mahesh,
    SPM uses the standard currency tables for any currency conversion in the application.  If you already have currency populated in the standard BW tables you don't have to load the same data again using the SPM data load mechanism.
    Having said this if you want to load data using flat files, you need 2 files one for the currency conversion rate and second file for currency conversion factor.

  • Creating a customized template for Content Presenter

    Hi people,
    I created a new template for content presenter, I created a jsff file and add a entry in
    This is my entry:
    <view id="mycorp.content.templates.pressrelease.listitem">
    Marketing Press Releases
    This is a view of Marketing Department Press Releases
    But isn't working, I don't know where I need put my template1.jsff, I've tried in mds folder, in WebContent Folder, at same folder that templates-registry.xml but nothing works,
    Someone knows where I need put this file and how can I set <template-def>?
    Thks in advance

    Hi people,
    I have already the answer,
    In <template-def> if you use "/"(forward slash) so you're in root context app (http://<host>:<port>//<app>/you're here)
    Thks anyway,

  • To save room on my hard drive, once (fcp1).dv files have been created, can I delete the original .dv files?

    I've got a lot of what seems to be redundant media files on my hard drive, but I'm not sure how necessary all these files really are.  To save room, once (fcp1).dv files have been created, can I delete the original .dv files?

    This is FCP X related.  I haven't used Final Cut Studio.  Regardless, for some reason I have many clips twice.  The only difference is in the name, not in the kind or size of the clip.  For instance, I've got a "clip-2008 09:25:11.dv" and a "clip-2008 09:25:11(fcp1).dv". 
    I don't know how that clip was created, but all my clips have been duplicated that way.  Now it may be that I ingested them in iMovie and then used those clips in FCP X - or perhaps when FCP X says this new version "needs to convert your clips".  But the point is that half my media space is taken up by these duplicate files, and I would like to remove one or the other of those duplicates.
    Any suggestions?  Thanks.

  • Unable to establish a for loop in custom rtf template for seeded xml file

    Hi Experts ,
    I am Unable to establish a for loop in custom rtf template for seeded xml file. i am using <?:for-each:G_BSALINE?> FORM FIELD .....<?:FOR-EACH?END> .AM i missing something?
    Please help.

    Need more information about your XML data structure; however based on the code you provided, the synax does not look right; you have some colon sign where it is not needed etc... You could use the following (although not quite sure if you want to use Form Filed to group by or just display), but look at the example provided below.
    <?for-each-group:G_BSALINE?> FORM FIELD .....<?end for-each-group?>
    Example code:
    <?end for-each-group?>

  • Need document on how to create write back template for 11g

    Can anybody provide documentation on how to create write back template for OBIEE 11g?

    Can anybody provide documentation on how to create write back template for OBIEE 11g?Yes! Oracle does. How about you start by reading it? I will give a hint, it's on the System's Administration guide.

  • Creating a HTML Template for Professional Web Transaction

    Hi ,
    I am  trying to create a template for a transaction. While creating the internet service.. i select the initial screen for the template to be generated. A template is generated. But it gives error when i try to use it.
    How do i create a HTML template for transaction , for which there are no default template available when creating a internet service.
    Please help.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi ,
    I am  trying to create a template for a transaction. While creating the internet service.. i select the initial screen for the template to be generated. A template is generated. But it gives error when i try to use it.
    How do i create a HTML template for transaction , for which there are no default template available when creating a internet service.
    Please help.
    Thanks and Regards

  • How to create a new template for pages in iPad?

    How to create a new template for pages in iPad?

    In spite of the latest updates Pages for iPad does not support:
    1) User templates
    2) Headers
    3) Footers
    4) Page numbers
    and it is not compatible with Pages for OSX, a document cannot be edited alternatively on Mac and iPad without destroying headers and footers.
    - The Word export is far from perfect
    - Does not really support Page Layout mode (you cannot duplicate a page at least)
    - Does not have a multi-page overview
    - The spelling support of iOS and OSX is at the level of Apple Maps except 4-5 languages.
    - It takes a long time until it starts
    INSTEAD, according to the latest updates:
    - It can do change tracking
    - Lock and unlock objects
    - Add reflections to shapes
    Dear Apple, please understand:
    - We like iPad and we wish to use it for real work.
    - We wish to have user templates, headers, footers and page numbers.
    - We do not expect all the features of Pages for OSX, but we do expect real compatibility.
    - We do not wish to switch back to Word for Windows unless you force us.
    Please try to concentrate on real development not on unimportant changes like in the latest dissapointing update.

  • Original application file with extension .flc not opening

    I have got an requirement from my end user for DMS. He operates a software named FLOW LOGIC CONTROL, from there he generates a document with extension .flc.
    I am able to check in the docuemnt in DIR, but when I try to access the same through DIR, it does not open.
    I have defined work station application as FLC with file format as .flc and application (path and programme name) as %AUTO% for Define work station application in network in customizing.
    Do I need to define application other then %AUTO% ? If so what it will be?
    I have tried to open same file through DIR on the desktop where the software is running, but there also I could not open original application file.
    Kindly help me resolving the issue.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Niraj Sikligar

    Hi NIraj
    The filed which I mentioned to You mentions the Path of the application which is used to display or change the Original Alpplication file.
    If you want to change or display Word document that you have checked in the content server, when you say display the system find the path where this Program ( eg. WINWORD.Exe ) .
    eg Path                 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.exe
    Check in your PC this Path.Whenever you open a word document it uses this path for winword.exe to process word document.
    So in your case the program may be installed in your PC or on some anather Computer.If its on your local machine the Mention * %AUTO%
    If 2D or 3D Document mention it as suggested earlier reply.( I Think in your case a Engineering document is getting generated.And it must be 2D or 3D doucment. ).
    If your program in on anather machine then give path name of that program.
    Please press F1 in the field * Path with program Name * to check the help for possible entries.This will help you to solve the problem.
    Hope this helps you
    With regards
    Mangesh Pande

  • Original application file name

    is it possible to view original application file name while searching document (attached file name not document name)?
    is it possible.currently i am not using EasyDMS.
    points will be awarded,be sure.
    thx in advance..

    maybe it is possible to create a special classification characteristic which includes the original file name. This file name is normally stored in table DMS_PHIO2FILE. Here you will find the original file path and name.
    You can also use report DMS_KPRO_READ. Here you can also enter document data and you will receive all necessary data on the attached originals as PHIO ID, LOIO ID and filenames.
    Hope this information is usefull and don't forget to reward points
    Best regards,

  • Original application file Text search

    Hi DMS Gurus,
    we Have a common requirement of finding the DIR by using the word or sentence present inside the Original application file.
    can any one please let me know the complete requirement for this, is this feature inbuilt in standard DMS system using Content Server.
    I have did the basic configuration in  transaction code SKPR07).
    Enter the document class : DMS_PCD1.
    Select: Edit / Administration.
    A dialog box appears where the following data is preset,
    Document Area :  DMS
    Administration table: DMS1DIDSTA
    Class can be indexed:  X
    Set the indicator: Setup indexing.
    and MIME text type is already present for Word, Excel, Pdf, PPT file type in Standard.
    the Text search with original window appeared in CV04N but entering any text inside the Original it is unable to find the original.
    is there any other setting i have to make please let me know.
    Does this necessiates really installation of
    1) A new Trex server for this  process.
    2) can this Trex server be installed inside Content server
    points Awaiting .
    Thanks in Advance
    Kumar K

    Hi DMS Gurus and SAPIENS,
    Welcome to New Year 2009, Wish you all and your family a Very Happy Prosperous, Peacefull, and sucessfull New Year 2009.
    Like we all know any Word document in a PC or System can also be searched by giving the known Words in the file as the search criteria.
    why there is any 3rd Party software required to avail this feature, that too in DMS which mainly deals with external Documents.
    will be more happy if this can be achived with SAP-DMS standard funtionality or configuration.
    if Like the TREX server has to be Integrated with DMS Server as a stand alone server?
    will this be Completely Taken care by Basis or Functional involvement is required.
    Please Clarify.

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