Problem in creation of STO(stock transport order)

hi all SAP gurus,
i am facing the problem in creation of stock transport order with ME21N code. i m getting the error msg of "Not possible to determine shipping data for material in STO "
i have checked the stock transport order setup in customization. but not getting the clear idea to come out from this problem.
if anybody have the idea of " how to do the customization of stock transport order setup, pls. let me explain.
thnx in advance.

Hi Rajesh,
when ur creating STO with UB doc type, then you have to maintain material in both the plants.
Regarding the error which is comming for you, you have to check the settings at
SPRO- IMG- MM-Purchasing-Set up stock transport order- Assign delivery type & Checking rule
here for document type UB and your supplying plant-XXXX select nothing for Dlv type(delivery type) and chr - 01 and after this save.
After this you create STO as you are doing and see what the system is prompting.
For any further clarification let me know.

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  • HELP for all 5 TYPES of  STO  Stock Transport Orders with detailed scenario

    PLEASE help me understanding the detailed scenarios for all 5 TYPES of STO s
    as in my day to day job activities , i frequently handles issues related to STO s

    Hi Jagatram,
    Standard SAP has the following methods For Stock transport order:
    1) One Step Transfer stock without using purchasing documents; Use movement type 301.
    2) Two Step Transfer stock without using purchasing documents; Use movement type 303 in Supplying plant and movement type 305 in receiving plant.
    3) Using Standard Transport Order (STO) without delivery in two steps. STO created in T-Code ME27, receiving plant posts goods issue (for returns), movement type 351 and supplying plant post goods receipt from using movement type 101.
    4) Using Standard Transport Order (STO) with delivery in one step. STO created in T-Code ME27, Receiving plant creates shipment and Goods issue document (for materials to be returned) with movement type 647 and goods receipt document with movement type 101 both created in one step.
    5) Using Standard Transport Order (STO) with delivery in two steps. STO created in T-Code ME27, Receiving plant creates shipment and Goods issue posted (for materials to be returned) with movement type 641.Goods receipt is posted in the supplying plant, movement type 101.
    6) Using Transportation scheduling agreement (TSA) with delivery in two steps. TSA created in T-Code ME37. Receiving plant creates shipment and Goods issue document (for materials to be returned) with movement type 641. Goods receipt is posted in the supplying plant, movement type 101.
    To achieve it, necessary configurations has to be done in Tcode- OMGN.
    SPRO>> Materials management>> Purchasing>> Purchase Order>> Set up Stock transport Order:
    1. Plant: For the receiving plant, maintain customer No-Plant (If using STO with delivery), for the Sales Org, Dist channel and Division.
    2. Checking Rule: Create checking rule.
    3. Define checking rule : Usually no change required here.
    4. Assign delivery type/checking rule: Assign the document type(UB) - Supplying plant- Delivery type(NL).
    5. Purchasing document type: Maintain the supplying plant- Receiving plant relationships for the doc type-UB, either 1-step or 2-step, as per business.
    Hope this helps!

  • Incorrect delivery creation date in stock transport order

    I've checked SAP notes and forums but no answers to this one....hope you can help.
    I have 2 plants, in separate company codes.  One orders from the other using a full inter-company process.
    The issue is, when i raise a PO the delivery date (shipping tab) is updated correctly, using the agreed lead time (planned delivery days)
    However, the Delivery Creation Date is usually updated with 'todays' date.  It's as though the planned delivery days on the material master or PIR is being interpreted as a transit time between the plants.
    This has 2 undesirable effects:
    1.  The supplying plant has no notice, requirement date is NOW
    2.  Delivery creation batch jobs create deliveries which aren't really due yet
    I really need the Delivery creation date to be a true material availability date  ie the date the goods are required to be available in the supplying plant.  For us this would be 3 days (transit time between plants) before the delivery date. 
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    true lead time.
    is a bit ambiguous.  The system does exactly what you tell it to do.  'True Lead time" is not defined in SAP.  What do you mean by this term?  Are you talking about "Total replenishment lead time" in the material master?
    Anyhow, you are telling me you want the delivery creation date to be "three days prior to Delivery date".  No problem, set PDT to 3 days.  So, if you today created an STO with a delivery date of July 30, and the PDT was 3 days, the delivery creation date would be July 27.  If you also want cushion, then today convert the STPRs with a delivery date of July 30.  Don't wait until July 27 to convert these PRs.
    How are you creating STOs today?  You mentioned delivery dates being populated by the system.  How? What transaction/what program?  If your current process is to automatically convert all existing STPRs into STOs, then you probably need to consider adding some time to Purchase Req processing time.  OMEW in config.

  • STO (stock transport Order) posting:  ATP and inventory impact

    Dear All.
    ATP configuration "OVZ9" gives you one checkbox to include or exclude purchase orders from ATP.  "Incl.purchase orders".
    In general we do want to include these for ATP, but this also includes STO documents.  In some cases we do not wan to include the STO.
    Is there a way to not include the inbound STO as a receipt in ATP for a plant, but include purchase orders?
    If not through ATP configuration, then possibly through the document setup or posting?  Wondering if we make a copy of the UB to a ZB and can exclude ZB from ATP or have it post to blocked stock or some other way so this type of STO does not impact ATP?
    Many thanks!

    That's a good idea.  Thank you.
    If it works we could post the STO's we want to exclude to a different storage location.  We'll check and see if this excludes the receipts from ATP.

  • KE24 no shipping point for STO(Stock Transport Order)

    Dear All:
    When I run KE24(account based), I found some of the data without "shipping point" value. Most of these records are from STO orders.
    May I ask if there is any solution for this issue?
    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Hi, This situation in ONLYfor STO orders.
    For other orders, it is normal.
    Therefore, I do NOT think this is because COPA fields are NOT maintained.
    Thanks for your reply

  • Inventorize excise amounts in STO ( Stock Transport Order )

    Dear experts,
                I am transferring a material from plant 1000 to 2000 via STO.Both plants are in same company code.
    1) STO created
    2)Delivery Created
    3)Proforma Invoice
    4)Excise invoice created in J1IIN
    I created excise invoice as    Basic Price - 100
                                                   BED(10%)  -   10
                                                   ECS (2%)   -     2
                                                   HSE (1%)   -     1
    My requirement is inventory account in Plant should get credited with 100 and Inventory account in Plant 2000 debit with 113(100102+1).Plant 1000 is excise able so plant creates excise invoice but plant 2000 is not excise able.In short i want to  inventorize excise amounts in plant 2000.Please suggest.

    hi abhijeet,
    this is an intra plant stock tranfer for same company code.
    here plant 1000 is excisable and 2000 is non excise.
    normally plant 1000 has to give an excise invoice.
    plant 2000 will not give an excise invoice because it is not registered under excise norms.
    these excise amounts will be added to the value of the product and will be shown in an non excise plants.

  • Stock Transport Order Without Delivery

    I m trying to transfer stock from one plant to another (within same company) without delivery.
    what all configuration do i need to do.
    pls. guide.
    I m little bit confused over stock transfer,
    Pramod Kumar

    Oh no, not at all!  This forum is meant to answer all your problems!
    Configure Inter company Stock Transport Order
    Material should exist in both the plants (Delivering & Ordering),
    Internal customer should be assigned to the ordering plant ( MM -> Purchasing ->
    Purchase Order -> Setup stock transport order -> assign the internal customer to the
    ordering plant and assign the Sales area of the internal customer.
    Assign its Sales area to the delivering plant
    Assign the document type and Delivery type NB and NLCC
    Assign the Supplying plant --> Receiving Plant --> NB
    Take the delivering plant and assign the sales area.
    Vendor master has to be created and assign the supply source (Delivering Plant).
    Create a purchase order ME21N ---> Save
    Delivery VL10 G ---> Calculation rule (appropriate) --> Assign the purchase order
    number here and execute.
    Select the Delivery creation line and do the back ground process.
    Start the log display and see the delivery document number by the documents button
    Goto VL02N --> do picking and PGI --> Then do the MIGO with respect to the delivery
    Billing (Intercompany pricing conditions should be set).
    1. Customer No. for the Goods Receiving Plant - OMGN
    2. Availability Check- Checking Rule (if necessary) - OMGN
    3. Assign a Delivery Type for the Delivering Plant - OMGN (for Stock Transport Orders,
    4. PO type (which i believe you have done) - OMGN
    5. Assign Vendor No. to the Supplying Plant (done) - VK02
    6. Assign Customer No. to the Purchasing Plant for the Inter-Company Invoice (but you
    need to assign this to the Sales Organization pre-assigned to the Purchasing Plant),
    IMG-SD-Billing-InterCompany Billing-Define Internal Customer No. by Sales Org
    ***and by the way for the Invoice to work between Cross-Company Plants, you need
    also to have a Sales Org for the Supplying Plant and a Pricing Determination Procedure
    The following steps have to be followed in order to configure stock transport order
    between two plants.
    1. Create a vendor for the Company code of the receiving plant using account group 0007
    via T-Code XK01.
    2. In the purchasing data view assign the supplying plant and the schema group
    3. Create customer with the sales area of the vendor.
    4. The shipping conditions, the delivering plant and the transportation zone determine the
    route in the STO.
    5. In the pricing procedure determination relevant to the STO assign document pricing
    procedure and customer pricing procedure to get the pricing in the invoice.
    6. Maintain condition records for pricing condition.
    7. Maintain carrier as a partner in the customer master.
    8. In OMGN select the supplying plant and assign the company code and sales area.
    Similarly select the receiving plant and assign the company code and sales area (The
    company code to which the plant is assigned to).
    9. Assign the delivery type and checking rule to the document type.
    10. And finally, assign the purchasing document type to the supplying plant and the
    receiving plant.
    11. Create the STO using T-Code ME 21N and save.
    12. Check for release strategy if any and release using T-Code ME 28.
    13. Create delivery in background using VL10G.
    14. If delivery is created, it is an indication of correct configuration and master data
    Stock transfer between two plants in deffernet company codes is known as inter company
    stock transfer.
    Material shoud be maintained in both supplying and receiving plant MM01
    Sotck should maintain only in supplying plant MB1C
    Create receving plant as a customer in suplying plants company code and sales area
    Assign this customer number in receving plant detials OMGN
    Assign supplying sales area in supplying plant details OMGN
    Assign delivery tupe NB for in combination of supplying/ receving plants.
    Create STO ME21N
    As it is normal there in the item details wer should get shipping date i.e customer number
    Go for Deliveryy VL10B
    Shipping point *****
    Select PO go for execute
    then select the delivery then go for delvy ............create delvy,,,, delvy nubmer generated.
    Goods Issue VL02
    Delvy doc **********
    Click on picking
    enter the picking qty
    Click on PGI
    in the mean time check in the PO history you will get the details
    Goods receipt MIGO
    Stock overview the stock will be updated....

  • Stock Transport Order Pricing Procedure

    Dear Experts,
    Please let me know the opssibility to configure pricing procedure for STO (Stock Transport order between two plants of same Company code..
    Pls explain in detail

    In SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Conditions > Define Price Determination Process > Define Schema Determination > Determine Schema for Stock Transport Orders > Here assign Calculation Schema "RM2000" i.e. Stock Transfer Document to Schema Grp Pur. Org, STO Type (For e.g. UB) and Supplying Plant.
    Calculation Schema "RM2000" has condiiton type P101 which will pick up the MAP of supplying plant automatically during creation of STO in ME21N ("Conditions" Tab).
    You can create new freight/delivery cost conditions in M/06 and assign in pricing procedure "RM2000" in M/08

  • Stock transport order  problem

    hai guys
    <b>Requirement:</b> Supplying plant good issued valuation type should be automatically updated in the receiving plant while posting goods receipt.
    1.Stock transport order created in receiving plant with valuation type V1.
    2.supplying plant posting goods issue With respect to the Stock transport order with valuation type V2.
    3.But in the receiving plant it is showing valuation type V1 only.i want this should be automatically updated to Valuation type V2 from the supplying plant while posting goods receipt.
    <b>NOTE:</b>both valuation type V1,V2 configured both in the Supplying and receiving plant.
    How to resolve the above problem.

    Use TCode MBSU to recive the material in receing plant against the suppling plant document
    If u do goods recipt against STO it will pick up the data from sto only ie V1 and not V2
    Reward if useful

  • Stock transport order creation

    hi gurus
    i want pricing should be carried out at the time of creation of stock transport order.
    kindly advice what to do for this requirement.
    thanks & regards

    Hi Suman,
    Just to add to what is mentioned above.
    There are two types of STO same company n cross company.
    1) If it is same company then there will be no pricing carried out
    2) if it is corss company then like Pricing procedure in Sales Order we have Pricing schema in STO .
    This can be well assisted by MM team.
    Hope it helps.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Stock Transport Order (STO)will not create delivery

    I have created a intercompany Stock Transport Order (STO) and it has created the shipping tab in the Purchase order(PO), and all seems to be correct.
    I have material in the plant, yet when I go to create the delivery using VL10G, the PO does not show as a choice. I also do not get an error, so I cannot tell why it is not creating the delivery.
    Is there a way to see an anaylis of why the STO is not showing as a choice?

    Please check the delivery date in the STO created.and adjust the del creation date etc input fields at VL10G and try the posting.If there exists no error in the po created.

  • Stock transport order (STO) financial documents

    Can any one post the financial documents of a stock transport order process between two different company codes( Both one step and two step process with delivery and billing document).

    Please check the delivery date in the STO created.and adjust the del creation date etc input fields at VL10G and try the posting.If there exists no error in the po created.

  • Problem in stock transport order

    Hi all,
      In stock transport order in item condition tab is not updating .will it updates are not .If it updates what are conditions are to be maintained
    Thanks & regards

    plz check configuration as follows
    In SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Conditions > Define Price Determination Process > Define Schema Determination > Determine Schema for Stock Transport Orders > Here assign Calculation Schema "RM2000" i.e. Stock Transfer Document to Schema Grp Pur. Org, STO Type (For e.g. UB) and Supplying Plant.
    Calculation Schema "RM2000" has condition type P101 which will pick up the MAP of supplying plant automatically during creation of STO in ME21N ("Conditions" Tab).
    You can create new freight / delivery cost conditions in M/06 and assign in pricing procedure "RM2000" in M/08 and also assign the Accrual Key to this and do the Account Determination for this Accrual Key in OBYC
    At the time of PGI, following accounting entry will get generated;
    Stock A/c - Dr - 110 INR (Receiving Plant)
    Stock A/c - Cr - 100 INR (Supplying Plant)
    Freight Clearing A/c - Cr - 10 INR (Supplying Plant)

  • Commitment Item error in Stock transport order

    Hi all
    I have a stock transport order (STO) for a material non valuated in both sending and receiving plants.
    While creation , there is an error with respect to completion of an "committment item" *.
    If I input  the committment item in  STO create transaction in R3 , the STO is  saved  (permitting blank account assignment for the STO item  as intended)  and there is no further issue till post goods issue in sending plant or GR in receiving plant.
    The problem is however that this STO is triggered from APO and transferred via CIF to R3 while there is no chance to input the commitment item. This results into a CIF error with the STO not created  in both R3 and APO.
    Is there a way I could bypass this "committment stuff" in this situation?
    Thanks in advance
    *The exact error message is as follows;
    "  No commitment item entered in item 00001 plant < >
       Message no. FI311
    The posted document contains at least one company code in which Funds Management, Cash Budget Management, or Project Cash Management is active. Therefore you must enter a commitment item in all involved company codes.
    Enter a commitment item.
    If you cannot enter a commitment item, check with your system administrator that your account assignment derivation is adjusted so that the system can automatically derive a commitment item from another account assignment, or from the G/L or cost element.   "

    Did you try using derivation rule using FMDERIVE in case funds management is active.
    Please also refer to the link below which guides on the item category to be assigned in Commitment item.

  • MM- outbound delivery through Stock Transport order

    How to stop the automatic creation of outbound delivery for a stock transport order(STO), in Txn ME21N. Actually after save of a transfer order of STO type, when we try to create the outbound delivery in Txn->VL10B, in background, It creates the delivery, without checking the stock in the storage location. This creates further problem in Picking. So the outbound delivery should not be created for those materials which do not have proper stock within correct storage location.
    If any one has faced it, please help me in writing user exit or any other method to validate the same.

    Hi Gajendra,
    Refer this link:
    Reward with points if it is helpful

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