Problem in deleting request from ODS

I did an init load from newly created update rule for my existing ODS. I cancelled the INIT load as it was taking a long time and tried to delete the request from ODS, but when i deleted the request it is not getting deleted. Under request/DTP it is showing 'Request without Monitor Log: APO Request or Terminated Request Generation'. Can you please tell me how to delete this request.

  The load is from One ODS to another. The problem is i deleted the init, but there is a request in ODS as in mentioned above which i am not able to delete. Help needed.

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  • Unable to delete request from ODS - BW 3.5

    Hi experts,
    I am not able to delete request from ODS in BW 3.5, patch level 21. I put the request red, but it does not help to delete it. The request is full load and quite hudge (16GB). Deleting actually takes too long (several hours), but does not finish, so I cannot tell you any error description. It seems that this job can run forever... I was trying to activate the request before, but because of a tablespace limitations I received some short dumps. That is why I am trying to load it agin in smaller parts. It is strange thou that in Manage/requests tab the request has flag 'available for reporting' but the data cannot be viewed as active (only as new data). Any ideas, OSS notes?
    Thank you,

    If you want to delete  requests manually from the ODS tables.
    1. tcode se16.
    2. delete the request in these tables : RSICCONT (delete activated requests OR
    Make the selective deletion of the contents of that request), RSMONICDP, RSODSACTREQ (give the name of the ODS and the
    request ID and delete all the entries pertaining to this selection in that table.), RSODSACTUPDTYPE.
    You can check OSS Notes 947481

  • Unable to delete requests from ODS

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to delete requests fwhich is having some added records rom an ODS. I changed the status of QM to RED and in the monitor screen as well. Now, when I try to select the request and delete, a trash can appears and after hitting the refresh button the reportinng availability appears against the request.
    I deleted the entries in the change log table...then I was able to delete the request from the ODS. Now when I try to reconstruct those deleted requests from the Reconstruct tab by changing the QM status in the monitor to green, the status of these request are in Yellow and there are updated records but the added records are 0. When I try to change the QM status it give s message "Request is already (partially) activated, no further QM action is possible.
    How do I change the request QM status to Green and the get all the added records as there were in previous instead of 0's with out reloading the ods from r/3.
    Thanks in advance,

             This error may be  RSMPC141 error.
    Please see Note 643880 and Note 849857
    this may occur  becos of loss f records in change log.
    You will need to reload to fix this problem

  • Deleting Requests from ODS

    I have a request REQU_42Y54WN5641WI37ZC04U19PS9 in ODS.
    How to delete this request? how can I find that.

    Go to Adminworkbench (<b>RSA1</b>)-> <b>Infoproviders</b>-><b> Right click on your ODS</b> and click <b>Manage</b>. In the <b>requests tab</b>, you will find all the requests loaded into ODS with their request IDs. Find the request with request ID as REQU_42Y54WN5641WI37ZC04U19PS9 and delete it. <b>But note that the requests which are activated after this particular request will also be deleted.Anyway when you delete this request, you will receive a message stating that the latest requests loaded after this particular request will also be deleted.</b>
    Hope this helps...let me know

  • How to delete a specific request from ODS

    Hi all,
    We have an ODS which we're loading invoices from legacy system. In legacy system, there are two tables for invoices. First one is daily records which is archived on last day of each month. As you guess, second table is  for archive records. We need all of the records from  both tables. Because of performance issue , we don't want to load both tables everyday . So we created two transformation. Since there is no delta option, we need to delete the first table request from data targets before extraction. And delete the request from the second table only last day of month. We're created process chain. But there is no option for deleting only the request from a specific data source or transformation. Are there any solution for this?

    Thanks for your code. But is there any function module to delete most recent request from the ODS.
    I had 2 requirements...One in need to delete from ODS & Other one from Cube.
    FM - 'RSSM_DELETE_REQUEST' will be used to delete from Cube only.
    Can please you send FM & ABAP Code to delete request from ODS.
    Thanks in advance.
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  • Deactivate delta update before deleting the request from ODS

    Hi all,
    Happy New Year wishes to all.
    I have a scenario, where I am feeding the data to ODS from flat file and from ODS to Cube. Here ODS is a Data mart. Flat file to ODS full update and ODS to Cube First Initialization and Delta.
          I deleted the latest request from ODS, at the I got the message dialog box and it is saying that
    “Request 98888 already retrieved by data target BWVCLNT”
    “Delta update in data target BWVCLNT must be deactivate before deleting the request
    “Do you want to deactivate the delta update in data target BWVCLNT?
    So I pressed Execute changes, then after I loaded the data in to ODS and when I am trying to load the data into Cube, once I pressed execute button it is displaying the message dialog box like
    “Delta request is incorrect REQXXXXXXX in the monitor”
    “A repeat needs to be requested”
    “Data target still include delta request REQXXXXX”
    “If the repeat is now loaded, then after the load”
    “There could be duplicate data in the data targets”
    “Request the repeat?”
    After execute changes it is showing only “zero” Records only.
    What is that mean and why zero records it is displaying instead of delta records.
    Anybody faces this type of problem please let me know. This is somewhat urgent to me
    Thanks and Regards
    Satish Chowdary

    <i>Hi Satish,
    First Switch off the ODS ( automatic Update of Datatarget ) , though not really necessary. delete the Req from the Infocube, then delete from the ODS . Now delete the Init Req from the Infopackage for datamart infopackage.then Do an Init without datatransfer into Infocube. Later load data into ODS and then go for delta update to Infocube.
    I hope this helps.
    Dont Forget to assign Points.</i>
    Dude, you just repeated my answer I gave a few hours ago. Are you hungry for points?

  • Delete overlapping requests from ODS

    Since it iss not possible to delete overlapping requests from an ods by any automated process like in info cube.
    Can we still delete overlapping request using abap code or the only way to do it is to delete  data (selective deletion) in a start routine.
    Any tips would be helpful

    Hi ,
    Try the following logic to delete the ovelapping requests from a particular data source.
    *& Report  ZV_DELETE_REQS                                              *
    *&Description:This program is for deletion of eixsting Full requests   *
    *&            from ODS                                                                     *
    data: RSICCONT like rsiccont,
          rsseldone like rsseldone.
    data: begin of i_req occurs 0,
          rnr like RSICCONT-rnr,
          end of i_req.
    refresh i_req.
    select * from RSICCONT UP TO 2 ROWS
                      where ICUBE  = 'ZCS_D10'
                      order by TIMESTAMP descending.
      i_req-rnr = rsiccont-rnr .
      append i_req.
      clear i_req.
    loop at i_req.
      select single * from RSSELDONE where RNR eq i_req-rnr and
                      source in ('0CO_OM_OPA_5',
      if sy-subrc eq 0.
            REQUEST                    = i_req-rnr
            INFOCUBE                   = 'ZCS_D10'
            REQUEST_NOT_IN_CUBE        = 1
            INFOCUBE_NOT_FOUND         = 2
            NO_ENQUEUE_POSSIBLE        = 5
            OTHERS                     = 6.
        IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
              WITH sy-MSGV1 sy-MSGV2 sy-MSGV3 sy-MSGV4.
          message i799(rsm1) with i_req-rnr 'deleted'.
          select single * from RSICCONT where ICUBE  = 'ZCS_D10'
                                          and  rnr    = i_req-rnr.
          if sy-subrc ne 0.
    hope it helps....

  • To delete a request from ODS

    Hello all,
    I am not able to delete the request from ODS .
    It gives the error message :no request found in the change log.
    how shlould i delete the request??
    thnx in advance.

    thnx sriram n balaji!
    i checked my infosource through the prgm:RSAR_PSA_CLEANUP_DIRECTORY
    the following message appears in the display log:
    Version 000 technical name /BIC/B0000043000
    Partition 0003
    Request Ratio:[Deleted:Total]->1 :2
    Records Ratio:[Deleted:Total]->753943 :1507886 ,50 % logically deleted
    Partition 0004
    Request Ratio:[Deleted:Total]->0 :1
    Records Ratio:[Deleted:Total]->0 :753943 ,0 % logically deleted
    what should i infer from this ?
    can anyone please tell me the step by step procedure to delete the request.

  • Need to delete a request from ODS

    i need to delete a request from ODS Full update,It failed.I forced it to activate for testing and the request turned green.But iam not able to delete the request now as the job log says it has incorrect status and now not able to change the QM action of Request as it has already been activated.Now how do i delete this request.

    I think your request has been partially activated so you are not able to delete the request.
    If u really need that request to be deleted then see that there sholud not be any request above that one.
    Try to make the request red in manage screen and it will pop up a window which is having start no and cancel click no
    and then try to delete the request.
    If not need that request make the qm status red and leave it the data will be available for reporting.
    Vikram Singh

  • Selective deletion of request from ODS which is activated and updated

    Hi all,
    I would like to delete the request from ODS which is activated and updated into data targets, i.e if i have three resquests 1,2,3 which are activated  and loaded into i would like to delete the between (2) request from ods, it says we have to delete latest first(3) , cant we delete this 2 nd request by doing some sort of settings plz let me know if any body got come to know this...plz
    Many thanks in advance,

    Did you look at the Online-Docu (link above)? In the administration of the ODS (I think menue 'Manage' in an english environment -> I've none at the moment) where you see each loaded package there you have a button right of the request id (status of data mart). If you press on this a dialog screen appears. There you can press on the trash icon. This resets the delta queue for the specific request.
    You have to do this for request 3 and 2. Then you can delete the request nr. 2. The bw system will then delete this request from the active data and from the change log. After this you can schedule the delta load again. This process will load request nr. 3 to the connected InfoCubes.
    If you do not reset the delta queue you will not be able to load request nr. 3 from the change log.
    As I supose you want not to delete request nr. 3 because of some long duration to upload and activate the whole request again.
    This works fine. I've done the last weeks often because we loaded request with 3 million records and more.

  • Can we delete particular request from ODS

    Hi All,
    Can't we delete particular request from ODS?
    there are dozen of successful requests in ODS, when i deleted one successful request from the middle, all the subsequent requests lost the tick which indicates they are updated to cube. Is there any way that i can undo this one?
    can we do selective request(successful) deletion from ODS?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Samara,
    what i was trying to do is re-arranging the requests according to chronological order, which are not in. imagine the scenario
    ODS requests      cube request
    5         ->             E
    4         ->             D
    2         ->             B
    3         ->             C      
    1         ->              A
    what iam trying to do is put them in sequence
    ODS request        cube request
    5                           E
    4                           D
    3                           C
    2                           B
    1                           A
    If i delete 3rd ODS request put it over 2 it won't accept as the request number is lesser than that of 2nd request.
    can we reconstruct any request from reconstruction tab or just the latest request?
    How does this effect the data which is already updated to cube from ODS?
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            Robyn Hoggard

  • Delete the bad request from ODS.

    i am tring to delete the bad request form ods object but i am unable to delete the request from ods. i am using full uplaod and the processing is "psa and datatarget in parllel. when i check the data in PSA, it is giving "No data packet numbers could be determi request REQU_5SMPS3MTHYJHHUYQ62AM61H89".
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi KAsi,
    I had a similar issue few weeks back, look in SM50 and chk if there are any processes still running which might lock the object. Also chk in st22 to see if any dumps are created under your login.  If tehre are any processes - you can try to cancel them or ask Basis to help u with it.
    *I guess* - when you hit delete, the delete  icon appears but is not able to lock(enqueue) the object and after sometime the delteion program cannot move forward and hence it returns to original status.

  • Error while deleting request from DSO: S:RSODSO_ROLLBACK:259

    While deleting request from DSO, we face following errors:
    S:RSODSO_ROLLBACK:259                129 transaction rolled back by an internal error: fail
    Message no. RSODSO_ROLLBACK259
    Job is getting completed with message:
    Deletion of request REQU_3HHPSMIMMVRF87FI0EGC5CS4B from data target ZPR_ODS failed
    Deletion of request REQU_3T80EDOBQR7CWSC8QKKHAMH5N from data target ZPR_ODS failed
    Deletion of request REQU_8JIMF8SRDOG0T3QG6AGRA63Q3 from data target ZPR_ODS failed
    Deletion of request REQU_CMCCHOZGOF3KXNMVXB94ZHMCB from data target ZPR_ODS failed
    Deletion of request REQU_BPCAB8LY6V4CMC3XQ12AWN7MJ from data target ZPR_ODS failed
    <Message short text RSODSO_ROLLBACK 259 does not exist>
    Parallel processes (for Rollback); 000003
    Timeout for parallel process (for Rollback): 000600
    Package size (for Rollback): Dependent on Activation
    Task handling (for Rollback): Backgr Process
    Server group (for Rollback): No Server Group Configured
    Job finished
    Kindly help us to resolve the error.
    Antony Jerald.

    Hi Dinesh,
    Thanks for your reply.
    We have Netweaver 7.30 with BW on hana on SP 9.
    First 3 SAP notes doesn't meets the need.
    Shall I use 1007717 note? 
    Which says:
         use transaction SE16 to delete all entries for this request and for this Operational Data Store (ODS) object from the RSICCONT, RSMONICDP, RSODSACTUPDTYPE and RSODSACTREQ tables. Then set the 'from-date' in the administration of the data target to a value older than the oldest request loaded in this ODS object. Choose 'Refresh'. This corrects the administration.
    Will it resolves the problem?
    Kindly suggest.
    Antony Jerald.

  • Delete request  in ODS  or  Change request status

    Hi Experts!.
    I have been trying to delete a request from ODS,  and this have been Impossible.
    Originally Data was in ODS and in Cube. I deleted the data from the cube without problems.
    To delete the request from the ODS I turned the check status to red.
    If I try to delete the request from the ODS, at first, the request is flagged with a 'Trashbin' indicator, and when click 'Refresh' again, the 'Trashbin' indicator changes back to the 'Report is available' icon.
    I have already checked:
    - Data from this requests are not in any datatarget.
    - There are not any process locking the ODS.
    - I checked T.code SM37 josb BI_DEL* after deletion and the message was there was no records for that request.
    I decided to delete the data selectively and leave the request as already is,  but I can't get the request to green again. I have no message errors but it doesnt change.
    I entered to the monitor for the request and turned the status to green again, but outside is still in red.
    Can anybody helpme?
    Even deleting the request o turning it to green again will be a solution.
    Thanks a lot!.
    Ana M.

    Hi Ana,
    I think that you're able to change the total status, but not the status in the administration requests of ODS, because the system feels that the active table and the change log table are not aligned. This is a way to prevent to update records from ODS to other data target.
    So you have to realigned active table and change log.
    Try to delete the request in the change log related to the activation of the records you've uploaded. You can delete that request in PSA administration, the name of the request is ODSR*.
    For example: your request is REQU_1000. In the tab  "reconstruction" of the requests management of ODS you also find the name of the activation request for example ODSR_2000.  You'll find that request even if you don't use PSA during the upload!
    Once you set the correct selections for PSA tree (settings --> display selections for PSA tree), search in the PSA administration the request ODSR_2000 and delete it. 
    Hope this helps

  • Unable to Delete Data from ODS ---Tricky

    Hi Frds/ BW Guru's,
    I am trying to delete the request from ODS , I could see the job being scheduled for deletion, but finally the request is not deleted. What can be the reason for this and how can I go about from here, we have to do it in production.please respond soon .

    Generally, I wouldn't think the deletion would be impacted by tablespace issues except for two scenarios -
    With Selective Deletion, the BW deteremines how many rows you will be deleting and if it determines that it will be more than 10% of the rows in the tables, the BW decides that it is faster to copy the table, excluding the rows to be deleted, and then drops the old table and renames the copy to the original table names.  In this case, there must be enough freespace in the tablespace to accomodate the temporary copy as well as the original table.  I don't believe applies to deletion of a Request, only a Selective Deletion.
    Request deletion requires temporary space in the Rollback tablespace.  The database must maintain an image of the table before the deletion until the change is committed, so that in the event the deletion process fails or is cancelled, the deletes that were being done can be rolled back to restore the table to its previous state.  Again, unless this Request held a very large amount of data, the amount of rollback space availalbe should not be an issue.
    I would guess Authorizations is a good canidate for the cause.  There was a fairly recent Note 810201 that allows for the creation of a new RSADMIN parameter that is designed to permit deletion of a Request, but NOT a Delete All Data.

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