Problem in Hierarchy in BEX Query

I have created Query for balance statements & Profit ,Loss statement by using hierarchy. It  is execuiting in perfectly.But the problem is "I want in the query output hierarchy with only 1 node that is Profit/loss node."
I have done restriction on that node only. But I am not getting the output for that node.
If I add one more node for Profit/loss node it is showing data.
my question is If I restrict only one node why it is not working?
please give me suggestions on this. <b>we need only one node in the output Hierarchy.</b>
Plaese give me the steps Regarding this.

Hi srikanth,
thanks for ur reply,
My hierarchy having like this:
Fiancial satement
          |--->Source of funds
          |---->App.of Funds
          <b><b>|---><b>Profit/loss node</b>->caliculated Profit</b></b>
          |------->Un assained Node.
1. I have not used any Structure .
2. I have placed my Hiearachy in ROWS and I ahve restricted only Profit/Loss Node.
( But If I select only 1 node in Restriction data is not getting in query)
IF I select "profit/loss node " & some other node in Restriction data is coming in the output of Query.
What is the reason for this.
whatt I have to do to get only 1 node in the output with values.
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  • Problem of hierarchy in bex analyzer

    Dear all,
    I met a problem when I using Bex analyzer to run a query, there is a characteristic 0CS_PLEVEL (posting level) with a hierarchy. If the characteristic is displayed in the row or column, i can filter with the hierarchy node, everything seems to be fine. But if the 0CS_PLEVEL is set to be a free characteristic in the query, when I filter with hierarchy text node (not leaves), then there will be wrong message about 'No applicable data found', but if I add drill down according to Posting Level in rows, it indeed has data value.
    And I tried filtering value with same hierarchy node with other query which is built based on Multiprovider, everything is fine.
    I wonder if there is any speciall setting for filtering by hierarchy node in the query based on virtualprovider 0BCS_VC11?
    Your reply will be appreciated.

    In the Exception definition,Make sure you have selected following :
    In Display tab    ->    Select Exception affects data cells
    in cell restrictions tab  -> Exception affects everything
    After that,once you execute the query,Exceptions should be shown on all levels.

  • Incomplete hierarchy in bex query (infoobject 0COSTCENTER)

    Hi Friends!
    I have a problem with hierarchy on infoobject 0COSTCENTER, the hierarchy is completely loaded into BW system (and is active), but when displays in query bex, cost centers are missing in the hierarchy (nodes and cost centers).
    Plaese some help!!
    Thanks everyone!

    Even if you have used a hierachy that you know 100% has been loaded correctly - your report results can still "break" it.
    Hierarchies work by creating a relationship between parent and children. If you imagine your family: your parents are only related to your children through you actually being in between. If you disappeared from the relationship there would be no direct connection between you parents and your children. Your children are not the children of your parents.
    It's the same in BI !
    If a node is filtered in a report, the hierarchy mechanism doen't automatically reassign ownership of the children without parents. These are technically orphans.
    The result is that even when you use hierarchies with a report that has selections some nodes in the hierarchy work because all the children conformes to the selection whereas other ones do not, and it appears that something has gone wrong.
    You can force it to work by adding other key figures into your report that do not have the selection, but you'll have to discuss that with the business.

  • Imcomplete hierarchy in bex query

    Hi Friends!
    I have a problem with hierarchy on 0COSTCENTER, the hierarchy is completely loaded into BW system (and is active), but when displays in query bex, cost centers are missing in the hierarchy (nodes and cost centers).
    Plaese some help!!
    Thanks everyone!

    Hi Friends!
    I have a problem with hierarchy on 0COSTCENTER, the hierarchy is completely loaded into BW system (and is active), but when displays in query bex, cost centers are missing in the hierarchy (nodes and cost centers).
    Plaese some help!!
    Thanks everyone!

  • Input control -Check Box Problem in webi4 over Bex query

    Hi All
    i am in webi4 over bex query
    my customer requirement is to have the option to select multiple values from object (e.g Document class) with out the need of presenting the field(e.g document class) in the report
    when I use the input control check box or list box i have the following problem
    if I select from the input control all values I see the report ok
    if I select 2 values from the list I receive #UNAVAILABLE , but if i add the field to the report ( the document class) it works fine.
    the problem is that  if I don't have the field in the report i get the #UNAVAILABLE
    any assistance is appreciated

    this question has been asked many times before on this forum, so do please search first.
    Here's some steers :
    and :
    Also, do search the knowledge base articles over here in the cross-search:
    you keywords would be "4.0 webi #UNAVAILABLE"    (there are 12 sap notes about this)
    Finally, make sure you use all the latest Patches (Patch2.11,  2.12 next week) to include corrections.

  • Crystal Reports - Problem with too long BEx Query technical variable names?

    I have Crystal Reports 2008 SP3 and the SAP BO Integration Kit XI 3.1 SP3 installed and want to access a BEx query on a BW system within my Crystal Report.
    The problem is that the name of the BEx variable is not displayed correctly (just "[]" is displayed for the variable name) as a parameter within Crystal Reports when I import the query. Furthermore I can't navigate through the fields of the query within Crystal Reports.
    The technical names of the BEx query-variables have a length of 12 characters.
    The interessting thing is that if I change the technical names of the BEx query variables to a maximum length of 8 characters everything works fine.
    I use the SAP toolbar within Crystal Reports 2008 to create the report and have the "MDX-driver"-setting selected.
    Has anyone ever had the same problem? Any suggestions?
    I don't want to change the technical names of the variables of my queries...

    Just fixed the problem: The "Transports" for the Integration Kit had to be imported at the BW-System

  • Problem with Time-dep hierarchy in BEx Query

    I have a workbook that consists of 3 queries. All the 3 queries uses heriarchy and hierarchy node variables on 0CUST_SALES. The hierarchy is time-dep. 2 of the queries returns the output and 1 of them just displays "No applicable data found" for some of the nodes. I checked the hierarchy table and the date range for the nodes are in the range (01/01/2010 - 12/31/9999), the leafs have the range as 01/01/2010 - 06/30/2010. The 3rd query is the actually the summary of the other 2 queries. I checked the queries and found that the field 0CUST_SALES is on the characteristic restriction pane of the filter tab in the incorrect query and in the remainiing 2 its on the default values pane.
    Will this be causing the problem in the incorrect query?
    There is also a key date derivation type defined in all the queries. Its defined as Basic Time Char with the derivation type as "First day of Period". We are not using any infosets. The quries are on a multiprovider which has only basic infocubes.
    Can someone please explain how this works?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Diogo,
    Below is the code I am using in the customer exit.
    SELECT * FROM zae_tt_pbuild INTO TABLE gt_pbuild.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            LOOP AT gt_pbuild INTO gs_pbuild.
              CONCATENATE '*' gs_pbuild-pbuild '*' into lv_pattern.
              ls_range-low = lv_pattern.
              ls_range-sign = lc_sign_i.
              ls_range-opt = 'CP'.
              APPEND ls_range TO e_t_range.
              CLEAR: ls_range,
    I have tried using '%' instead of '*' aswell but the result is same.

  • Hierarchy in Bex Query

    How to assign hierarhcy in the row of a query thru query designer? I have a hierarchy and I would like to asssign the whole hiearachy in the row and not only nodes.
    Please advise.
    Best Regards,

    Hi UR
    Presentation Hierarchy
    You can present the characteristic as a hierarchy. Choose  to select a hierarchy. The hierarchy is flagged automatically as an active presentation hierarchy. If you deactivate the Active checkbox the characteristic is not displayed in the query as a hierarchy but as a basic list.
    If you restrict the characteristic to a hierarchy node the node hierarchy is adopted automatically as the presentation hierarchy. You can deactivate the presentation hierarchy here if necessary.
    You can set the sorting within the hierarchy according to the Key or Name in Ascending or Descending order. If you do not make any entries, the values are sorted as determined in the hierarchy.
    Each hierarchy has certain properties that you specify in the hierarchy definition. You can override the following hierarchy properties for the current hierarchy:
    ·        Expand to level
    In column B (user settings), select the checkbox and enter a numerical value for the hierarchy level that you want to expand the hierarchy to.
    ·        Position of lower-level nodes
    In column B (user settings), select the checkbox and choose whether you want to position lower-level nodes Down or Up. Choose Up if, for example, you want to see the overall result at the bottom.
    ·        Values of posted nodes
    In column B (user settings), select the checkbox and choose whether you want to Display or Suppress the values of posted nodes.
    In hierarchies, nodes always display the aggregated values of the subordinate nodes and leaves. If a node has a posted value, you cannot see this. To display this posted value, an additional leaf is inserted that has the same name as the node. This leaf displays the value posted to the node.
    In the following example you see that for cost center A1 an additional leaf has been added and the value of cost center A1 itself (10) is displayed. This additional leaf does not exist in the hierarchy. You can display or suppress this leaf (with the value of the posted node).
    ·        Nodes with only one lower-level node
    In column B (user settings), select the checkbox and choose whether you want to Display or Suppress the values of nodes with only one lower-level node. Suppressing nodes with only one lower-level node helps you to reach the more detailed information quickly.
    In the following example, Cost Center A and Cost Center A.1. contain the same information since Cost Center A has only one lower-level node in the hierarchy. If you are interested in the detailed data for the individual cost centers, you can suppress the uppermost node with only one lower-level node as this does not contain any additional information.
    Drag a characteristic into a directory in the Query Designer (rows, columns, free characteristics or filter), select it and choose Properties from the context menu. You get to the Characteristic Properties dialog box.
    For more details plz fo thouh the link.

  • Problem Bex Query Designer

    Our BI guys are facing a problem with the too - Bex Query Designer.
    They want us to update the version of the Query Designer.
    Can you please guide me as how do I obtain the latest version of Bex Query Designer.
    My current version is - release 2004s SUpport pack - 0, revision 418

    have a look at this
    SAP NW BI BEx Compatibility of MS Operating Systems and Office Products [original link is broken]

  • Field Header issue while integrating BO on Bex query

    Hi All
    I have a integration problem of BO on Bex query.Wondering anyone had a similar problem before.
    I have a report which has Grant Description, Grant Key and some measures in the report layout. The report also has some additional available fields like Company Code and Company Code Key which can be dragged and dropped into the report by an end user.
    Free Chars that can be dragged in report
    Grant Description
    Measure 1
    Company Code
    Grant 1 for X
    Company Code - key
    Grant 1 for Y
    Grant 1 for Z
    When i include the object in Webi report (using BICS connection) i see fields like "Grant description " and "Grant Description- Key (not compounded)" (clicking on the dimension in the query panel) or Company Code and Company Code - Key. In the report layout headers, i have used substring function to remove the unnecessary part (e.g. for Grant columns)
    The problem is with the objects which is not in the report layout and can be dragged in. For example in the above scenario business users wants the name to be changed to "Company Code" and "company Code -No" when they drag these fields in the report. I can't change the object name if it is not in the report layout (unless i create a variable and 'somehow' hide the original object called "Company Code - Key"). I am also reluctant to create a variable in BO and name it accordingly as this report is a multilingual report (based on BW userid the headers will come in French, English or spanish). I would like to keep the headers same as that in BW for multilingual function to work (which is defined in BW).
    BW developers can probably create new infoobjects and populate the field with company code key data but that is a very big a task considering the so many report we have which needs key for all the objects.
    Is there a way the name can be changed to "Company Code- No" when creating a Webi report using bex query (using BICS connection and not universe) ? Really appreciate if someone can share their views on this issue as it looks like an integration issue to me.

    Hey Carly,
    thanks for your suggestion.
    I actually search for notes, but found non relevant for our system. The BW notes can actually be implemented as there is an "embedded" BW server, but it's release seems to be high enough.
    I don't think the query is "hanging". The "loading" popup stops after a few minutes and then simply shows the "empty" entry with an updated timestamp under BEx documents. We don't receive any errors.
    Not too familiar with "tracing" within BO, but I'll give it a try (after doing some research and consulting some (ex-)colleagues). I have asked to "update" our front end tools too, as we're rather "low" (and have some Dashboard issues as well). So, since it's already (late) Friday afternoon here, I might just wait on that update (almost time to start my weekend).

  • Hierarchies over BEx query

    this is my hierarchy in  BEX query
                               course(node id:1 header)
                    training grp 1                  training grp 2             training grp3----
    level 1(node id 2)
    -training grp 4(parent is grp 1,LEVEL2)   
            - training type1(leve 3)
             -training type2(level1 3)
    now in crystal reports i am able to achieve by grouping at training grp(level 2) and training type and summarizing the keyfigure .However, i am not able to get or display the training grp at level how to get it?
    2) is there any way to group on trainig grp only on level 1?I tried to created group expert  and restrict with values in level 1, but it didnt work.
    ie. i want  the same way when we run the report in bex analyzer where we are using the hierarchy in rows and key fig in clumns.
    trainig grp 1                               1000
       training grp 4                            1000
           trainig type 1                          500
           trainig type 2                         500

    See this post: Classic Crystal Reports and Classic SAP connectivity questions

  • Aggregation Issue when we use Hierarchy InfoObject in the Bex Query.

    Hi All,
          I have created a bex Query having some Char's and one hierarchy Infoobject in Rowa and RKF's. I haven't used any Exception aggreagation Objects in RKF. but, when I execute a query in the Over all result it's showing the Exceptional aggregation based on the Hierarchy Object.
    Briefly Illustrated my problem here.
    OrgUnitHierarchy     EmpID       RKF
    Root                          1                1
    RootA1                     1                1
    RootA2                     1                1
    Root                          2                1
    RootB1                     2                1
    RootB2                     2                1
    Root                          3                1
    RootC1                     3                1
    RootC2                     3                1
    Over all result                              3
    In the above example the Sum of the RKF is 9. but its showing only 3. When I Connect this with crystal report is the sum of RKF is showing 9. Please help me which is the correct one and why it's not aggregating child nodes?
    Is there any Config needs to be done to aggregate all the nodes of the Hierarchy? Thanks for your support in advance

    is this related to BEx Analyzer or BEx Web Reporting ? if so then I would suggest to post the entry into BEx Suite forum as this forum is for the SAP Integration Kit from BusinessObjects.

  • Problem with hierarchy variable while displaying query in Portal

    I came up with an problem with a query in the portal.  The problem is :
    I have one query which is displayed in the portal. The Query has hierarchial selection criteria. I am executing the same query using analyzer. Its taking the variable from the selection and displaying it on the analyzer. I have used the option to " display the query on web " from the BEX query designer. From there its opening and displaying the results with the given selection criteria.
    Where as when i open the query seperately in portal, its not displaying the results.
    I came to know from one of my colleague that the porblem is with the Web item and the hierarchial variable declared in WAD  was different from the variable declared in the BEX Query designer.
    I never Worked with WAD. I tried finding out the variable definition. But i was unable to find out where the Hierarchial variable was defined.
    Please help me out regarding the same.

    The problem is sovled.

  • Query problem with hierarchy filter

    Hello everybody,
    i have a problem with a BEx Query 3.5 on a BW 7.01-System. This query includes the cha cost category as free characteristic which is filtered on a node. When we execute this query everythin works correktly. When I now select a filter value in BEx fpr this char the formula value in the row does not change. When I drilldown on this char the correct data was shown. This problem occurs only with this hierarchy node. With other selected nodes this problem does not occur.
    We have regenerated this query in rsrt but that don't fix this issue.
    Has anybody an answer?

    the problem is known. You may check whether implementing the following note solves the issue:
    best regards,

  • Using 2 BEx query structures - Not displaying as a hierarchy

    I have CR2008, and I am using a BEx 7.0 query that has 2 structures.  One structure is key figures, the other is a layout that I turn on and display as a hierarchy.  There is cell definition behind the query.
    How can I get this second structure to view as a hierarchy in Crystal?  The cell definition is calculating correctly in Crystal, however all of the Profit Centers show on the same line, without indentation.
    If I create a Profit Center hierarchy in BW and bring it into Crystal, then I cannot use the cell definition, which is needed to calculate the correct results.
    Thanks in advance for responses.
    Scott Friery

    Help please!!  I really need some guidance for this problem?  Can I manually modify how the structure looks once I bring it into Crystal and drop into the "Details" section of the designer?
    The structure from the BEx query looks like this in Crystal:
    Global Sales
    Western Region Sales
    Location 1
    Location 2
    Location 3
    Eastern Region Sales
    Location 4
    Location 5
    Location 6
    I want the structure to look like this (and it does in the BEx 7.0 query designer)
    (No Indent) Global Sales
           (Indent 1 Space )Western Region Sales
              (Indent 2 spaces)  Location 1
              (Indent 2 Spaces) Location 2
              (Indent 2 Spaces) Location 3
           (Indent 1 Space) Eastern Region Sales
                (Indent 2 spaces) Location 4
                (Indent 2 spaces) Location 5
                (Indent 2 spaces) Location 6
    Any help is appreciated.
    Edited by: Scott Friery on Feb 24, 2011 8:07 PM

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