Problem in mapping dropdown list  values with the queries

I am building a simple applicaittion of currency conversion.
The scenario :
I have a input form with a dropdown list and a input field to enter the amount
I have created the drop down list with the respective details
Value   Desc
1          dollarToeuro
2          euroTodollar 
when the user selects the first option in the drop down list and then enters the value and gives a submit -> the conversion takes place
but evrytime i select the second option --> the application hangs..
i have given a guard condition in the submit action for each if the query as LIKE(@option,"1") OR LIKE(@option,"2") for the respective queries.
Please can someone tell me where i am going wrong???

Hi ,
what is the need of ur gaurd condition there?
and try to run the model without that guard condition.

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  • Me21n change line item dropdown list value

    hi experts,
    i have a requirement to automatically remove the aulty po line item when user click on CHECK or SAVE button, i done this by removing the record from ETT[] and POT[] at ENHANCEMENT-POINT mm06ef0p_pruefen_01 SPOTS es_mm06ef0p_pruefen INCLUDE BOUND.
    it is working fine except one scenario which is, if the faulty line item is 00020, and the line item dropdown list is selected line item 20, after i removed the record from POT[], it hits abap runtime error. when i check at debugger, it is caused by system will look for line item 00020 ( follow dropdown list value ) but the record is removed, so come to error... it is working fine if the dropdown list is selected line item 10.
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    or you all have some other suggestion?
    please help... i need it urgently coz i have been solving the problem for 2 weeks....
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    generally it's not a good idea to delete item without using standard method. You can see one example why it is usually complicated. Maybe I have a workaround for you. You can try to use BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST. There is a method CHECK where you get reference to PO header. You can easily get references to your items by calling method GET_ITEMS. So you will perform your check for each item and for wrong items you will call method INVALIDATE. This item will be marked as invalid and it will not be posted. Here I do not know how it will be displayed to user. Maybe the user will have to delete this item manually.

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    in numbers 2 there was a "show search" which gave a list of all occurrences of a value with the location. Does this exist in Numbers 3?

    The search results pane is gone in V3. If it's critical, stay in V2. I'm not being flippant, I have certain documents that I very carefully keep away from V3 because I don't want to give up the V2 features for those particular files. Some users have reported problems with having both versions active at the same time, so it's best to quit one before launching the other, but other than that you just need to be careful not to open your V2 documents with V3.

  • How to compare dropdown pre value with post value in sharepoint designer list workflow

    How to compare dropdown pre value with post value in sharepoint designer list workflow

    Can you provide more details about your requirement? It would make others easier to find a solution for you.
    By default, a workflow will be triggered after submitting data in the NewForm or EditForm.
    If you want to monitor the value changed in a drop down menu which is supposed to be in NewForm or EditForm, it would be more appropriate to apply custom JavaScript in the NewForm
    or EditForm page.
    About how to detect the value changed using JavaScript, the demos in this thread would be helpful:
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]

  • Max length of Dropdown list value

    I wanted to know the maximum length that a dropdown list value can have in an offline Adobe form. Any help would be appreciated.

    Its always better to keep the no: of values in the drop down to hundreds.
    If you are running to 1000's, go for some other options like asking the user to enter the value and then do the check for that specific value. Also, usability of the drop down will be worse, if it has more values (just think of you selecting a value from a list of 10000 values - sorted or not).
    It may also result in the scroll bar growing so thin that it disappears, do try it out yourselves by increasing the values to about 130000 [:)].
    Thanks and Best Regards,

  • Attaching a form component value with the link

    Help! Desperate!
    How do I attach list box value with the link. This is part of my code. I am struggling with the <a href part of the code. When the user clicks one of the options from the list box, that value should be attached to the link.
    private String getWageFooter(String rate)
    StringBuffer sb1 = new StringBuffer();
    String typerate=rate;
    sb1.append("<hr size=\"3\" width=\"550\">");
    sb1.append("<table width=\"950\"><tr><td align=\"center\">");
    sb1.append(" To change the Rate Type view");
    sb1.append("<p>Click on a Rate Type in this list and click the<I><b>");
    sb1.append("<font color=\"blue\">GO</font></b></I> button");
    sb1.append("<br><select name=\"ratetype\"><option value=\"\">Select One");
    sb1.append("<option value=\"All\">All Rate Types<option value=\"Hourly\">Hourly Wage");
    sb1.append("<option value=\"Annual\">Annual Wage</select>");
    sb1.append("<a href=\"occWageReport.jsp?typerate=");
    sb1.append("<img src=\"../images/go.gif\" border=\"0\"></a>");
    return sb1.toString();

    Anybody! Any ideas how to attach the value of the item in the list box with the link as a querystring?

  • Facing problem in integrating my custom jsp with the workflow engine

    I am using Jdeveloper for BPM 11g implementation on my Application.I have Weblogic Server 10.3 Installed and configured the domain. Also the server is up and running.
    I am trying to create workflow and wants to integrate it with my custom jsp but i am facing problem in integrating my custom jsp with the workflow engine.Can you please answer the following questions:
    1)how to link BPM human task with my custom jsp (Requester jsp).
    2)how my custom jsp data(Requester data) will be stored in workflow engine and how the same data will be visible to the next custom jsp(Reviewer jsp).
    This is urgent .Any early reply will be great help.
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: 990133 on Mar 24, 2013 5:31 AM

    you forgot to add the usage dependency in the DC metadata section in your DC, you have to add the XSS~utils and fpm as a used DC's as part of your DC, try to add those, if you already done that, so check where missed the adding of used webdynpro components in any of the VAC's or FC's,

  • Comparing the current value with the previous one in Powershell

    New to scripting and i was wondering how can I compare the current value with the previous value?
    I am having trouble with the loop structure, and I am not sure I am on the right track...
    I am trying to compare the record to next record in the same csv file after import-csv... My code runs fine, but is not giving the right result.
    $FilePath = Get-FileName -initialDirectory "C:\"
    #Testing for null
    $Data = Import-csv -Path $FilePath | Sort-Object BUYER, {[int] $_.PO_NBR}, {[int] $_.LINE_NBR}
    Foreach($fData in $Data)
    $i = $fData
    Foreach($i in $fData)
    if($fData.Buyer -eq $i.Buyer)
    #save all the same buyer name to a new variable
    Write-Host "Same as previous"
    Write-Host "Variable is null"
    Remove-Item function:\Get-FileName

    Thank you. The Foreach loop is now working properly.
    Can I ask what is the purpose of "-ea 0" in the import-csv? I can't seem to find "-ea" as a parameter for import-csv in help.
    -ea is short for -ErrorAction.
    Don't retire TechNet! -
    (Don't give up yet - 13,225+ strong and growing)

  • Consolidation deletes values with the Flow_Type property "OPENING"

    Hello all,
    We have set up journals to populate a DataSrc dimension value with the following properties:
    In other words, we do not do not want values in this data source to be picked up or in any way manipulated when we execute Consolidation (Stored Prodcedures SPCOPYOPENING, SPRUNCONVERSION,SPRUNCONSO).
    However whenever we execute consolidation the system delete some values in the above mentioned datasrc. Open further investigation, it seems to only delete values where the flow dimension value has the FLOW_TYPE - OPENING.
    Have you by any chance encountered this issue? Or do you have any ideas why this could occur?
    Thank you & regards

    When I look to the SAP BPC MS V7.0 starter kit, I find the following differences :
    - they use NETVAR to the Variation flow
    - they call the Flow_type for CTA "TRANSDIF"
    - there is no TRANSLOPE
    I hope it helps

  • Map the user exit variables with the queries/cubes using them

    Hello Friends,
    What are the post unicode conversion tests that you can perform on front end/existing queries?
    is there any added advantage for queries due to unicode?
    is testing the working of variable  enough? is there any table to map the user exit variables with the queries/cubes using them?

    Guys, any clue about this? Answer are appreciated.

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    I agree. I liked the previous map app.  The version 6 app is powered by tomtom, I think.  No more street view. I don't care for the new overhead view when dropping a pin.  Plus, the current map app doesn't have the local points or data base that the google maps app had.  Too bad I can't go back to the old map app.

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    Sir, the subject is, I do not know the original owner Will helped me know that the owner or on the way to end this problem, or any way to communicate with the person in question

    This is a user to user forum.  You are not addressing Apple.  It appears that you may be having issues related to Activation lock: (  If you cannot contact the original owner to have them remove activation lock, you should return the device for a refund.

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    i just reset my computer and my itunes account is not allowing me to do anything unless i answer my security questions. the problem is i never supplied them with the answers they are asking.i don't know what to do!!!

  • How to add a column to a list created with the Dynamic List Wizard to display the values of the fiel

    ADDT, Vista, WAMP5.0
    We have 2 tables: clients_cli (id_cli, name_cli, tel_cli, and several more fields) and cases_cas (id_cas, idcli_cas, court_cas, and a lot of other fields).
    Clients may have many cases, so table cases_cas have a foreign key named idcli_cas, just to determine which case belongs to which client.
    We designed the lists of the two tables with the Dynamic List Wizard and the corresponding forms with Dynamic Form Wizard.
    These two forms are linked with the Convert Dynamic List and Form Wizards, which added a button to clients list named "add case".
    We add a client and then the system returns to the clients list displaying all clients, we look for the new client just added and then press "add case", which opens the Dynamic Form for cases, enter all case details and everything processes ok.
    However, when we view the cases list it display all the details of the case, including the column and values for the foreign key idcli_cas. As you can image, it is quite difficult for a human to remember the clients ids.
    So, in the cases list we added a another column, named it Name, to display the names of the clients along with cases details. We also created another recordset rsCli, selected the clients_cli table, displaying all columns, set filter id_cli = Form Variable = idcli_cas then press the Test button and everything displays perfect. Press ok.
    Then, we position the cursor inside the corresponding cell of the new Name column, go to Bindings, click on name_cli and then click on insert. The dynamic field is inserted into the table cell as expected, Save the page, and test in browser.
    The browser call the cases list but fails to display the values of the Name column. The Name column is simply empty.
    This issue creates a huge problem that makes our application too difficult to use.
    What are we doing wrong?
    Please help.

    1.     Start transaction PM01, Create Infotype, by entering the transaction code.
    You access the Create Infotype screen.
    2.     Choose List Screen.
    3.     In the Infotype no. field, enter the four-digit number of the infotype you want to create.
    When you specify the infotype number, please remember to enter any leading zeros.
    4.     In the Screen Number field, enter the screen number of the list screen you want to enhance.
    5.     Choose Create.
    The Dictionary: Initial screen appears:
    6.     Create the list screen structure.
    7.     Choose Activate.
    8.     Return to the Enhance List Screen in the Enhance Infotypes transaction (PM01).
    9.     Choose Create All.
    The additional fields are displayed on the list screen, however, they contain no data.
    The fields can be filled in the FORM routine FILL-LISTSTRUCT in the generated program ZPnnnn00. The FORM routine is called for each data record in the list.
    Structure ZPLIS is identified when it is generated with a TABLES statement in the program ZPnnnn00.
    The fields can be filled from the Pnnnn structure or by reading text tables.

  • Getting problem in binding DropDown List with table data in visual JSF

    Hi All,
    I am new to visual JSF.
    I am getting few problems while working over components.
    I have succeeded in binding data of Person table in a drop down list .
    By just drag drop worked.
    But while connecting to external DB this drag drop mechanism didn't work for me .
    1st problem that i faced was by dragging method columns are not visible when i did right click-> bind to Data -> DataProvider window .
    But i am successfully printed table Data in backend ie: by putting
    for(int i=0; i<xn_white_listDataProvider.getAllRows().length;i++){
           System.out.println("  value :"+xn_white_listDataProvider.getValue("SUB_ID",xn_white_listDataProvider.getRowKey(Integer.toString(i))));
    }I am not getting how to set Items in dropdown1
    I tried putting
    HelloSh.xn_white_listDataProvider.options['XNODE.XN_WHITE_LIST.SUB_ID, XNODE.XN_WHITE_LIST.SUB_ID'but it didn't work while for person data table
      items="#{HelloSh.personDataProvider.options['PERSON.PERSONID,PERSON.NAME']}"it is working
    when i am writting items="24,28" in dropdown1 box
    & printing its value in static text Like
    <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText3" style="position: absolute; left: 72px; top: 120px" text="#{HelloSh.dropDown1.items}"/> it is printing fine .
    Plz help me in this regard.
    Any clarification if needed plz let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

    <h:selectOneMenu id="menu1" styleClass="selectOneMenu">
    <f:selectItems value="*#{selectitems.pc_DynamicPortletEdit.regList}*" />
    </h:selectOneMenu>When we bind the list to the h:selectOneMenu the code in the JSP will be as given above.
    My doubts here are
    1) But when i tried to bind the list to a selectonemenu the code in the JSP is looking like this one
    <h:selectOneMenu id="menu1" styleClass="selectOneMenu">
    <f:selectItems value="*#{selectitems.pc_DynamicPortletEdit.regList.regList.toArray}*" />
    </h:selectOneMenu>2) Also in the runtime instead of displaying the values in the dropdown, i am getting the object names ([email protected]) in the drop down.
    What am I doing wrong? Any help here would be usefull for me.
    the code in the backing bean for setting the values is like this
    List dropListValue = new ArrayList();
        for (int x=0; x<result.length; x++){ //where result is array of string values              
            SelectItem tempSelect = new SelectItem();
    this.setRegList(dropListValue );The bean is in request scope only.

Maybe you are looking for