Problem in opening BI Query in Portal

Hii Expert,
i have designed a BI query which is running fine in BEX analyzer and showing right result , but it is showing error when i try it to open on Portal and showing Error like:
-> Fiscal year variant P3 not expected
->Variable 0FYEAR could not be replaced.
->Variables for data provider  contain invalid values
->     Processing is not possible
Prakash Kumar

I have seen this problem before where the corrections from the following notes were missing:
1411933 Incorrect data under special circumstances
1470258 Incorrect data in query with time-dependent hierarchy
Please check that these nots have been applied in your system.
Please note as well that the variable cannot be replaced if query isn't restricted on a fiscal year variant.
If you would like to use the variable 0FYEAR the fiscal year variant must be in the filter of the query, that is
valid for the whole query. Otherwise the period can't be found, check note 141842.
Kind Regards,

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