Problem in opening BI Query in Portal

Hii Expert,
i have designed a BI query which is running fine in BEX analyzer and showing right result , but it is showing error when i try it to open on Portal and showing Error like:
-> Fiscal year variant P3 not expected
->Variable 0FYEAR could not be replaced.
->Variables for data provider  contain invalid values
->     Processing is not possible
Prakash Kumar

I have seen this problem before where the corrections from the following notes were missing:
1411933 Incorrect data under special circumstances
1470258 Incorrect data in query with time-dependent hierarchy
Please check that these nots have been applied in your system.
Please note as well that the variable cannot be replaced if query isn't restricted on a fiscal year variant.
If you would like to use the variable 0FYEAR the fiscal year variant must be in the filter of the query, that is
valid for the whole query. Otherwise the period can't be found, check note 141842.
Kind Regards,

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  • Problem while opening Bex query on the web

    Hello BW experts,
    I have a problem while opening Bex query from my SAP Favorites.See below.
    When i double click on the query, i get the following page, with the server name KBWS01QX.
    But, from RSRT Tcode, select the query > query display as HTML > Click on ABAP Web , click execute as shown below, it is going to the correct URL as in the 2nd screen shot below.
    My question is why is it going to the wrong URL when i open it from  SAP Favorites menu?
    I want it to open the same URL as it opened from RSRT(which is the right one)
    What is the Config needed to make it to work from SAP favorites.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks alot.

    Thank you all for your responses.
    See below some additional info.
    From RSRT, this time I clicked on JAVA WEB, and i get the below URL, which is the same URL i was getting when i executed the query from SAP favorites.!3aportal_content!!2fplatform_add_ons!!2fiViews!
    Also, i have executed the Function module : RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET and i get the below values.
    It seems that it is trying to connect to Java portal something services may be, but i want it to open in ABAP web only.
    Please help.

  • Getting problem to open Web Transaction from Portal

    User is trying to open one link from portal, which is SAP transaction iView.
    This calls one custom transaction from SAP R/3.
    This transaction is Easy Web Transaction and GUI support for it, is SAPGUI FOR HTML.
    Now the problem is, user is not able to open this link from portal. I can open this same link in my login. But this particular user can't.
    Whenever he tries to open this link, gets error message, 'Transaction ZXXXX can not be called in the Easy Access Menu; see long text' and instead of opening the transaction in browser, it opens SAP R/3 GUI.
    I have checked the portal content and found no error.
    Also asked user to login in my system, but got the same error.
    This user is able to access same link from Quality portal, but not from Production portal.,
    eventhough the data in both portals is same.
    What can be the error?
    Please give your expert comments. Thanks in advance.
    - Amrut

    Hello Miikkal,
    You need to enable SharePoint class in IE. Please follow this
    blog and follow this
    Once, this is done you can Enable all the IE settings to load for Intranet and Trusted zone settings
    Put your site in compatibility mode and trusted zone
    Also, make sure that 2 versions of Office suite is not installed on the system.  Eg. Lync 2013 and Office 2010 on one single machine
    What happen when you by pass your TMG server. To do this we need to make host entry for URL directed to APP server IP Address.
    Thank You, Pallav S. Srivastav ----- If this helped you resolve your issue, please mark it Answered.

  • Problem in opening a query in BEX analyzer..

    i am using front end sap gui 7.20 with patch 9..
    my issue is that when i tried to open a query in bex analayzer. i get following error stating that
    you donot have suffiecent authorizations for the infoprovider XXXXXX
    function module /SDF/AL_MAP_TRANSID_LOGH does not exist
    and i tried to open a query from bex query designer ..i am not able execute it
    and i get strange error while executing tcode rrmx..the status error states that microsoft excel is not installed, install microsoft excel viewer
    after installing microsoft excel viewer also..i get the same error...
    pls suggest asap guys

    Hi Satish,
    You can ask yur tech support team to install sap gui and in specify them to tick "SAP BW add ons".
    also Enable the macros for the analyser.

  • Problem in opening a view on Portal

    I'm working with SAP BI 7.0 integrated with SRM Portal and I'm facing the following issue: when I launch a report via Portal, in the "Data Analysis" tab there is the button "Save view", that allows me to save a view with specific technical name and description. Anyway, once I succesfully saved the view, I'm not able to re-open it because I can't find any button such as "Open" or "New Analysis".
    Do you know how to solve it? Does it depend by a missing Web template?
    Thanks for your help!

    What is the MIME type of the data ?????

  • Problem in Opening of Calendar in portal ? -URGENT

    Dear All,
    I have recently applied the above patch(
    I have my Calendar and its Parameter Page(page based on Procedure) in two Tabs of a page. After selecting the Parameters when I press the button to submit to the Calendar Tab IT DOES NOT GO TO THE CALENDAR TAB AND BLANKS OUT THE PARAMETER TAB. But if I click on the tab of the Calendar it shows it to me the data for the previously selected parameters.After this if I again try from Parameter Tab it transfers smoothly.(i.e. The page transfer does not occur untill the Calendar tab is clicked once !!!)
    I have tried the page transfer both through 'PORTAL30.WWA_APP_MODULE.SET_TARGET' as well as JavaScript window.location.href methods, but failed.
    Please tell me where the problem is?

    Thanks for your response
    WWSEC_SSO_ENABLER_PRIVATE.PARSE_URL_COOKIE requires two mandatory input parameters p_listener_token and the encrypted_urlc cookie (Where do I get this from )
    Please clarify or if you have a sample can you send across

  • Problem in opening Query

    Hi all,
    I need to create a workbook on a query, Am facing problem in opening the query, when i try to open a query in analyzer/ RSRT  it starts processing & continues till 1 hour or more & finally message "Time limit Exceeded" pops up.
    i tried opening a workbook & copy the workbook & tried changing the query in the data provider. but the same problem persists.
    can anyone suggest me an alternate way to create workbook on a specified query.

    Hi arun, 
    It is not due to query performance coz all the performance related measure such as BIA & Aggregates are already taken, i dont even get the variable pop up screen for selecting &
    once when i executed the query in RSRT it gave an ABAP Debugger errror. i check if it was problem with table space, but space is available & its auto extendable.

  • Open a QueryView from Portal in SAP Analyzer

    Hey guys,
    I have a Query Q1 and a view V_Q1 which was created in SAP Analyzer 7.0.  I know how to publish V_Q1 to Portal, see
    But using the tecnique above, V_Q1 always opens in Web Analyzer, but I want to get V_Q1 to be opened in SAP Analyzer.
    I already achieved to publish Q1 to Portal and to be opened in SAP Analyser (using codelink with Parameter QUERY=Q1 and Parameter SAP-GUI-Type = SAP Gui for Windows).
    But how to publish V_Q1 to Portal and to be opened in SAP Analyzer.
    All hints are helpful....

    Hi Krishnan,
    thank you for your response.
    I created the View in BEx. I still can open the query view from BEx. I am able to open the query from Portal. From that config; i tried to change the iView in Portal, so that it opens the query view. But it isn't working. BEx is just opening blank.
    I recognized, that there is also a parameter "Dynamic parameters" which seems to be important. Nevertheless, I didn't managed to open the query from from portal.
    Do you have a working config?

  • Problem with hierarchy variable while displaying query in Portal

    I came up with an problem with a query in the portal.  The problem is :
    I have one query which is displayed in the portal. The Query has hierarchial selection criteria. I am executing the same query using analyzer. Its taking the variable from the selection and displaying it on the analyzer. I have used the option to " display the query on web " from the BEX query designer. From there its opening and displaying the results with the given selection criteria.
    Where as when i open the query seperately in portal, its not displaying the results.
    I came to know from one of my colleague that the porblem is with the Web item and the hierarchial variable declared in WAD  was different from the variable declared in the BEX Query designer.
    I never Worked with WAD. I tried finding out the variable definition. But i was unable to find out where the Hierarchial variable was defined.
    Please help me out regarding the same.

    The problem is sovled.

  • Problem opening a query in BEx Analyzer 7.10

    we have problems with the BEx Analyzer, an empty screen is
    displayed when we open a query.
    I'm going to explain the steps:
    We open Analyzer, goto open query, logon into BW window appears and then, before the screen to select query from an Infoarea, roles, etc is load, the Analyzer seems to open the SAP Logon and an empty screen from R/3 appears.
    We can not close this R/3 empty window, only when we close the Analyzer this windows is closed.
    The problem happens with the SAP GUI 6.40, so we updated to
    SAP GUI 7.10, installed patches, addons and windows/ office
    patches but the problem persists.
    How can we solve this issue?
    Thanks in advanced.
    Best regards,

    Yes, I have done all the installations that the notes said and the pre-requisites:
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 + .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 + Hotfixes and windows update + Microsoft Visual J# .NET Framework 1.1.
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 + .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 + Hotfixes and windows update + Microsoft Visual J# .NET Framework 2.0.
    - Microsoft Officce 2003 patches (KB907417, KB945185) + Office 2003 SP3
    - bi710sp03_300 and bi710sp04_400
    - gui710_6-10002995.exe and kw710_1-10004321.exe
    But the problem persist.
    I have executed BI Frontend installation check tool (sapbexc710.xla) and seems everything is OK.

  • Problem with opening MS Excel files through Portal

    Hi All,
    I have a user that is complaining about the behaviour of MS Excel files in the Portal. The MS Excel files do not match their behaviour at the windows level. The issue has to do with how MS Excel files never seem to open in a maximized sate when you open them from the portal. The same cannot be said about MS Word files. The behaviour of MS word files is consistent between windows and portal.
    Solutions will be REWARDED.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Krishnen Subramanian.

    Hi Hussain,
    I hav uploaded the excel file into my KM contentafter that when i try to open it , it does not open as maximized.
    Let me explain:
    I create a new excel file on my desktop:
    I open this file:
    I maximize the workbook and save:
    I close Excel and then open the file right back up:
    I notice that Excel and the workbook open up maximized. I close Excel again.
    I now upload the file to the portal:
    I then open the file from here:
    It is noticed that the Excel is not maximized. We would like for it to behave as it does from the desktop. In other words, if it is saved as maximized, it should open from the portal that way. If it is saved as half way open, it should open that way from the portal.
    I have found that MS Word documents behave in the portal as they do on the desktop. I create an MS Word file on my desktop:
    There appears to be something portal related that prevents MS Excel files from opening maximized.
    Hope you will be abl to solve the message.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Krishnen Subramanian.

  • Issue with Broadcasting and Publish query to Portal from query Designer

    Dear all,
    I have created a standard template ZWT_STANDARD_TEMPLATE in WAD and I have added this for Adhoc Analysis in 'Set Standard Web templated' RSCUSTV27.
    For Broadcasting I have added 0BROADCASTING_TEMPLATE70.
    I have problems with my broadcasting as well as publishing the Query in Portal.
    When I use a Broadcast to Email - it opens a new window with my standard template(ZWT_STANDARD_TEMPLATE ) I have added. No data though.
    Same thing happens for publishing too...When I publish the query to portal from Query Designer or WAD it takes me to the same window with my standard web template. No data though.
    I think both are related to the same issue. Its with broadcasting.
    What is the default template for Broadcasting in NW2004s? Below is the url I have included when I do it from Query designer. Its actually starting the Command - START_BROADCASTER70 but I dont know if it has to do a SOURCE_QUERY=ZCOPA_C03_FAST_PAYABLES. Could anyone compare it with your urls
    This is the url for publishing from WAD
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Hi KK,
    Did you solve your problem, i am also having the same issue. Please let me know if you have solved this issue.

  • Error in Opening a query after Authorization.

    Dear Experts,
    in a requirement to restrict the users to access some specific queries only I have created the role and assigned some queries to those role in PFCG. The user is able to see only the authorized queries when he login to BEx Analyzer . Now the problem is that when he opens the query instes of getting the prompt for variable values entry he is getting some message as
    " Error in specifying the value for variable for Fiscal year and plant."
    however the query is opened success fully with my ID which has all authorization.
    in Role maintenance I have provided following authorization to the user .
    1. Business Explorer - Global variables
    2. Authorization Check for RFC Access
    3. Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
    4.BI Analysis Authorizations in Role
    Business Explorer - Components
    Business Explorer - Components: Enhancements to the Owner
    Business Explorer - Enterprise Reports
    Business Explorer - Folder View On/Off
    Data Warehousing Workbench - Hierarchy
    Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoCube
    Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoObject
    Data Warehousing Workbench - MultiProvider
    Data Warehousing Workbench - DataStore Object
    Authorization Object for RS Trace Tool
    5. Business Explorer - Variants in Variable Screen
    could please some one tell where i am missing , are what is wrong with it.
    Thanks !

    you may wish to try executing the queries using the RSECADMIN and analyzing the log for the same.
    Hope it Helps

  • Context Menu in BW Report Iview not opening after upgrade to Portal 7.3

    Hi All,
    We have a unusual problem that, the Context menu of the BW reports for options like filtering is not opening post Upgrade to Portal 7.3 for End users.
    However, with Super Admin role, the Context menu opens for the BW report Iview.
    I have tried giving the same permission that the Super Admin Role has on the BW Report Iview to the End users, still no success.
    Any idea? Anybody faced same kind of problem?
    Please revert for any more info.

    Hi Uday,
    This is really a shot in the dark since I have not done much with 7.3.  Have you checked for UME actions that are assigned to the administrator but not the end user?
    Best regards,

  • Is it possible to open a query from sap menu favorite to excel?

    Hi all
    I have added a query in favorite . From the favorite in sap menu , i want to open the query in excel.
    Is is possible?
    Currently the query open in web.
    Please revert back if you have any idea

    Hi Daya Sagar,
    You said the query saved in favorite from query designer will open in browser and the one saved from analyzer will open in bex excel. But it does not work for me. It saves as web icon and both query is opening in browser.
    Hi All,
    The different story for me is I have problem of opening the web browser by running a query from favorite or user menu because in the url I have different Client. Is there any way to fix this url problem. Any one in this thread can help me on this issue and will be awarded. Thanks.

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