Problem in posting Service Entry Sheet for PO containing unplanned services

Hi Experts,
I am facing an issue with Service POs which are uploaded by a program as a part of Data Migration activity.
PO Document Type--> Framework Order
Account Assignment Cat--> Unknown
Limit Tab in Service PO--> Overall Limit and Expected Value are mentioned
Service Tab- No planned service maintained
Error Msg No- SE366
While posting SES against this PO - I get a error msg- "No limit for unplanned services amounting to xxx.xx exists" (where xxx.xx is the amount).
1) I have manually created the same PO in system which allow me to post SES without any problem.
2) Considering this a a bug I tried to rebuild the PO with report - RMBESTK3 but no success.
Can anyone please suggest?

Thanks all for prompt reply.
The issue is resolved now. The porblem was under 'limit' tab there is a tab 'Other Limit'. Under this tab there is a check box 'No Limit' - if we manually create such PO then the box is automatically checked which the uploaded POs were lacking. After checking this box manually the problem is resolved.
Thanks once again for suggestions.

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  • Service entry sheet for t.code ml81n

    Hai every one,
    My requirement is like this.
    User should select one line item while adopting from service PO in service entry sheet and save. So that he will get one service entry sheet for one line item. so when he  select more than one line item and tries to save in one service entry sheet the system should give error message and he should not be able to save.
    For this i found one function exit 'EXIT_SAPLMLSP_031'.
    i wrote the code like this.
    tables:esll, rm11p.
    data : serent like esll-extrow,
    serent1 like esll-introw,
           count type i
    data: begin of ix_esll occurs 2000.
             include structure msupdap.
    data:    selkz   like rm11p-selkz.
    data: end of ix_esll.
    *count = 0.
    **loop at IX_ESLL .
    *if IX_ESLL-selkz = 'X'.
    *count = count + 1.
    if sy-tcode = 'ML81N'.
    *if sy-index <> 0.
    if sy-srows <> 0.
    esll-extrow <> '0000000010'.
    *if esll-EXTROW = '0000000010'.
    *if ix_esll-extrow <> '0000000010'.
    message e000(38) with 'Select only one line item'.
    In ML81n we can see the line item start with 10,20 ,30 like that. If i hard code the line number is 10. it will work correctly. if i select the 20 it wont work.
    If user select 30 or 40 how i can do this.
    Plz helpme regarding this. It is very urgent.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Just use the following code as it is. If you are facing any problem please let me know.
    data: w_no_of_records Type I.
          c_pgmvariable(21)  value '(SAPLMLSP)REF_ESLL[]'.
    assign (c_pgmvariable) to <FC>.
    I_REF_ESLL[] = <FC>.
    DESCRIBE table I_REF_ESLL Lines w_no_of_records.
    If w_no_of_records NE 0.
       message e000(38) with 'Select only one line item'.
    Raju Chitale

  • Error: while creating Service Entry Sheet - for HELD PO

    Hi experts,
    While PO XXXXXXXXXX is in the status of Hold. System allowed me to create & delete a service entry sheet(SES) on particular date.
    Another day i tried to create SES for the same PO. System is not allowing me to create SES and it gives me error as  'Purchase order XXXXXXXXXX incomplete (parked)'.
    While debugging I found that ekko-memory field set to 'X'. At this point I am getting error.
    My question is why the system is allowed me to create SES for a PO which is in HELD status?.
    Please help me.
    Thanks In advance,

    Thanks for the reply.
    We are aware that system will not allow to create Service entry sheet for held po. But it is allowed me to create on a particular date. Another day i tried to create/delete a SES for the same PO or new PO(held status)  system is not allowing me to delete/create SES.
    Please help me what might be the reason which allowed me on a particulare date.
    Thanks in Advance,

  • To make service entry sheet for multiple line items of the service PO.

    Hello MM Gurus,
    Please help me for the following
    I create a service PO with say 10 line items. Then while doing the service entry sheet the system automatically picks the line item 10 by default. When I try to enter the other items it throws an error" unplanned services cannot be entered"
    So how to make a service entry sheet which shall include all the line items of the service PO at the same time.
    So if I have 100 items in the PO do we make the service entry sheet 100 times against each item? Is there any seeting/solution on this?
    Please help.

    I have two solution for u.
    1) Create different service entry sheet -ML81N for each line item and create single invoice verification for all service entry sheet - MIRO
    2) Create service purchase order - ME21N for only one line item.
    And include all services in service tab available at item detail level of service purchase order. Enter it's quantity and rate.
    Than create one service entry sheet for purchase order.
    So you can create one service entry sheet for all line item of services.
    Note: - Use option 2 for easy process.
    Mahesh Wagh.

  • Multiple Service Entry Sheet For PO Line Items and One GR Document

    Dear All,
    We have just migrated from ECC 5.0 System to ECC 6.0 System. We are facing a problem while processing service entry sheets and the GR against them. The scenario is:
    1. We create a maintenance plan
    2. Upon saving the Maintenance Plan, a Purchase Requisition (PR) is generated
    3. The PR's are combined into one Purchase Order
    4. Against the Purchase Orders, multiple service entry sheets are created
    In ECC 5.0 System, we used to accept the service entry sheets and only one material document used to get generated as GR document. But now in ECC 6.0, we observe that with the same configuration, individual material documents are getting generated for individual service entry sheets. Is there a configuration in ECC 5.0, that enables clubbing of service entry sheet items in one GR document?
    Your help will be sincerely appreciated.
    Thanks and Sincere Regards,

    If this can be of help I can report the list of the programs that                    
    are executed:                                                                               
    Before the popup "FUNCTION POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_STEP" appeares in ML81N,                          
    following programs are executed:                                                                               
    5  FUNCTION POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_STEP SAPLSPO1                                           
    4  FORM SELECTION_CHANGED_PO SAPLMLSR                                                
    3  FORM FCODE_SEL_PO SAPLMLSR                                                        
    2  FORM FCODE SAPLMLSR                                                               
    1  MODULE (PAI) FCODE SAPLMLSR                                                                               
    Unfortunately at this time it is not planned to change the current                   

  • Query related to Service Entry Sheet for maintenance order

    Dear Gurus,
    I am little bit confusing while entering SES for maintenance order,
    Do we need to enter both Maintenance Order# & Cost Center# in Account assignment tab of SES?
    What is impact of entering both in SES?
    What is standard procedure of accepting services for maint order?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Amol
    Why you created Framework Order ?.. You can not change account assignment category in service entry sheet..e.g. K-Cost Center.. F- Order
    But depending upon settings, you can change account assignment values such order 1 to order 2
    If there are requirement that SES can created for  Account assignment F or K. I recommend you to use following approach
    1. Create a Contract - ME31K with AAC as U- Unknown (If business already have rates negoiated with vendor for services)
    2. Create release order with reference to contract and system will prompt you to enter AAC- it can be K or F
    3. Perform SES w.r.t to Release Order.
    Other Approach can but not strong one.. create two line items in the PO. one with K and Other with F.. then choose the line item at time of SES creation that business want to book the cost on CC or Order.

  • How to create a service entry sheet for a purchase order acct assmt = U

    I need to create a service entry sheet using bapi BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE for a purchase order with account assignment category as 'unknown' (U).I am able to create SE sheet for a purchase order if account assignment is maintained in PO but our requirement is susch that at the tme of PO creation they dont assign Acct assgnment cat but want SE sheet to be entered with category 'P' and WBS elemnt . I tried to pass the asscount assgnment category in the header data as 'P' and entered WBS element in table it_services. I am getting error message
    'No account assignment exists for serviceu2019. any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

    can u create it SE entry  manually  without A/c assignment  ?.

  • How we restrict the TECO fucntion without service entry sheet for PM03 cont

    Dear PM Guru's.
    one of my client asking to restrict the TECO function if there is no cost in order either by external service cost or internal service cost? If user raise an order for one external activity , he not created the service entry sheet against PO and he did TECO of the order, when FI people settles the cost system showing either order is already settled or there is nothing to settle. Please guide me how to restrict the user to do the teco function in order. Its very crucial and urgent for me. if any one have solution please update it immediately.

    IWO10004 Maintenance order: Customer check for order completion
    Use the above user exit to check the cost for the order. If there is no cost, then give error message.
    You can check tables PMCO and AUFK.
    Also you can use function module PM_WORKORDER_COSTS_LIST to retrieve the actual cost values.

  • Disable release flag in service entry sheet for specific users

    How can we disable the release flag for specific user/s in Service Entry Sheet(ML81N)?
    Can any one suggest?

    Hi dear,
                In the ML81N T code, there is an object M_EINK_FRG Release code and code grp.
    leave it empty. and assign the Role to the user with whoom you dont want to release the SES.
    In this process the system will show you the green flag and also allow you to release the SES but when you will save it the system will give an Error Message about the Authorization.
    this will not allow the user to release the SES.
    Hope it Helps,
    Yawar Khan
    Edited by: 1234_abcd on Jan 21, 2011 12:40 PM

  • Entering the scores in service entry sheet for vendor evaluation

    I could not able to enter the scores for vendor evaluation in service entry sheet. How to do it.
    With regards
    G Narendra kumar

    While defining the Sub Criteria for Service, you have select the Scoring Method as C (Determination from quality rating of service) or D (Determination from timeliness rating of service).Then u can find a tab for Vendor evaluation in Service Entry sheet where you can enter the scores for service.

  • Double service entry sheet for the same invoice and same period

    2 service entry sheets have been made for the same PO with the same period and the same invoice no. And hence by mistake 2 bills have been passed for the same work...
    how to avoid this.....
    is there any std.setting available while creating service entry sheet.
    Plz. help

    If there is sufficient quantity in the PO, this cannot be prevented by the system.
    Have the data entry person write the SE Sheet number on the physical copy of the bill so that another person entering it can see that SE Sheet is done.
    Hope this helps,

  • Restrict service entry sheet for reversal

    Hi experts,
    How can we put a check that service entry sheet should be reversed by the user who has accepted the same even from the same Plant, Purchasing organisation etc.
    thanks in advance

    hi Rajat,
    Configure release strategy as below -
    Two release codes for X (Say 19) & Y (say 20)
    Give authorisation User X - Rel code 19 and User Y - Rel code 20
    Configure SES release strategy wherein SES can be either released by 19 or 20 (See Pic 1)
    Maintain classification
    Now create SES & release with User X having authorisation for rel code 19 only (See Pic 2).
    And then try to un-release with User Ywith release code 20, it will not allow & will give error "Not possible to cancel release with code 20" (See Pic 2)
    User Y can not un-release with release code 19 as he dont have authorisation for rel code 19.
    Try this out in TEST system, hope this will help you.
    Reg, Rakesh

  • Service entry sheet for shipment cost reversal - Change option is greyedout

    I need to cancel shipment cost document. Which is completely transferred to accounting. First i am trying to reverse the service entry with revoke acceptance . But system is not showing change button neither in toolbar nor under menu. can anybody help on this?

    For cancle the shipment cost you have to fallow these steps
    1- VI02 -Delete the shipcost doc.
    2- VF01 - cancle Billing doc
    3- VT02 - Del TPPL doc.
    4- VL09- Cancle PGI
    5- VL02n Delete Delivery doc
    Hope it will helpfull for you

  • Change in Service entry sheet leads to creation of service condition

    A new condition will be created (within ML35) when we change prices in the services which are assigned to Model Service Specifications. When we change a price, SAP creates for that activity number  a new condition record. Could we turn this functionality off?
    Edited by: Jan la Gasse on Dec 2, 2009 3:37 PM

    Thanks for your prompt reply. The condition update has not been selected and the issue still exists. I will try to explain it in more detail.
    We create a purchase requisition for services and we fill in a service number on the tab services. This service number belongs to a Model Service specification and has a price of 42 euro in the specification. Price change and condition update of this service are not checked.
    In the purchase requisition we fill in a price of 40 euro (service tab). After saving this requisition, SAP creates a service condition of this new price (40) and a validity from date same as creation date. The price in the model specification did not change.
    We do not want to create a new service condition (especially not with the only criteria price and validity date, because this can harm other affiliates).
    Hopefully you can help me further.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How Can I Create One Entry Sheet For Multiple Line Items of A PO

    Please Tell Me How Can I Create One Entry Sheet For Multiple Line Items of A PO

    It is not possible to create single Service Entry sheet for multiple PO line items. It is 1 to 1 relation.
    you have to make different service entry sheets for different item of service master.
    Manish Joshi

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