Problem in REM Planning table.

Hi PP Gurus,
We created one material with REM profile 0004 with MRP1, 2, 3, 4, BD1, 2, Accounting 1, 2, Costing 1, 2 and Work scheduling views. In Work scheduling view weu2019ve not maintained any Production Scheduler and Production Scheduling Profile except Production storage location. Whenever weu2019re accessing Planning table (MF50) getting the errors
1.     Date adjust. level incorrect: Plant 1001 /ord.type PE / prod.sched. *
2.     No lead time scheduling: Plant 1001 / order type PE / prod.sched. *
3.     No capa. data determined: Plant 1001 / Ord. type PE / Prod. sched. *
One more thing. If we donu2019t put any sales order OR PIR using MD61 Planning table is not showing any details in Material Data rows of Planning Table. And system is not allowing to create any Planned Order manually. What might be the problem?
If we put any Sales order or PIR using MD61 though the Rows in Material Data get visible but system is not showing any calculation changes in u2018Complete capacity datau2019 rows. We mean to say system is showing Available capacity but not showing any Required Capacity at Production line.
Thanks & Regards,
Abu Arbab

In OPU5 Rate base scheduling active tick mark for scheduling and generate capacity with selection ID 02.
Scheduling level -rate-based scheduling
Scheduling type- Backward.
Then check the planning table section parameter
SPROProductionRepetitive ManufacturingPlanningPlanning Table--Maintain Entry Parameters.
Please check scheduling level and other parameters?
I hope u have not maintained any prod scheduler at work scheduling view.
Please change this and try again run MRP with planning mode -3 deleted and recreated with lead time scheduling and check the result
The production line what u have selected at planning table should be same with, production line define at "production version"

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    I have encountered a problem in REM planning Table, from REM planning table when i m accessing Bar char planning table and try to dispatch the planned order it is not dispatching the order. I have checked the scenario is previously it was working fine but now it is not working with same settings can u guide me tht which settings affect the planning table dispatch. neither it was showing the capacity requirements, i have maintained the rate formulas is work centre and formula was working fine, i doubt it relate to SPRO settings kinldy give me hints where i can check n wht standard settings i have to make for planning table..

    Plz give some suggestion on this....

  • Splitting in REM planning table

    I am presently working with REM planning table.In planning table there is functinality of splitting the monthly quantities to daily quantities or weekly quantities.
    When you split the quantities what calculation system is doing internally?
    How system determines the start and end dates for the splitted orders.
    If I want to split the quantities on the basis of fixed percentages that is 18  % first week , then 23 % second week , 25 % third and rest percentages for last week.
    Can this weekwise varying distibution is possible in Planning table ?
    Waiting for reply from the REM Gurus.

    Hi ravindra,
    if u are working with longer lead time planned order, u can use various functinality to split the order qty for day or shift wise.
    The Avilable Capacity of the workcenter plays important Role.With refernce to this Avilable capacity the sytem schedules (spilts) order qty as per your need.
    Lead time scheduling will be carried out to determine start and end date of planned orders.
    For example u want distribute planned order day wise, system schedules the planned order with reference to Daywise Avilable capacity of WC. if the capacity requirements of planned order exceeds the avilable capacity of one day, system will automatically spilit the order qty for next day for remaining capacity requirements.
    This is way, system works to spilit the order. Before that u have to select correct scheduling data under "scheduling" tab of planning table.
    For your last question, system will schedule planned order according to Avilabale capacity and capacity requirements.
    i think u can spilit manually accorting to your need .Since  u have Avilable capacity for full week why do u want to spilit with some percentage.

  • REM Planning table - Capacity requirements and Levelling.

    Hi i have few queries in REM planning table.
    In REM planning table MF50 my selection is based on entire plant. Here in total capacity data tab for any particular plant it will show the list of work centers which are maintained in particular plant to know the capacity details as per our requirement.
    1.When i select any WC line and click on change capacity display from CRP it is giving break up with required and available capacity hours for any particular WC available time is assume 22.5 hrs per day which is given in operating time in capacity header in WC but in MF50 it is showing 23hrs.I have defined shift sequence in OP4A and assigned in capacity header grouping which have 3 shift with 30 mins break in each shift which results in 22.5 hrs working for a day so in shift sequence and operating time it is mentioned as 22.5 hrs is the time available for day but in MF50 it is showing 23 hrs available for day?
    2.What is due% in MF50 total capacity data for any work center and how required time would be calculated?
    Appreciate if any one has any example.

    Hi bump for any suggestions?
    i have noticed one thing the time available is a round up value actual time available as per capacity header is 22.5 but in MF50 it is showing as 23..if i change to 21.5 then it is showing 22hrs available per day is this the standard behaviour?
    can anyone tell me how the required time is calculated?

  • IMG setting for REM Planning Table

    Hi Gurus,
    Can any one throw light on following IMG settings-
    Path -
    IMG --> Production --> REM --> Planning --> Planning table --> Maintain Row selection --> Reciepts Other version
    Relevance of "Other version - in IMG setting for visible rows in planning table".
    Planning table output does not change with check or uncheck of version.
    Which check or unchecking, planning table is considering all the production versions of the materials maintained.
    What is purpose of having a check or uncheck, if system is giving the same result.

    Hi Srini,
    We create production version to OPTIMIZE the production. We mention the routing and the BOM in the production version. Actually speaking, in the REM scenario we don't even need a planned order. Production order is absolutely not needed. So in the planning table, it shows the production data for all the versions that you have created, irrespective of whether or not you check the indicator. During planning run, the system will take the first production version by default. So in the planning table you can see the optimum production and you can do leveling also, possible through the row selection option in IMG. Hope this sheds a light on your concern.

  • Error message in capacity planning table

    I am  using REM planning table.I enter the planning table by giving the selection criteria of Plant and production line.
    System is giving following error message,
    the error message and dignosis of the error message is given here.
    'No prod. dates for material MTI_FERT011, version 0001, production line 2279'
    Message no. REMPT315
    The planned order has no production dates for the combination of material, production version and production line you specified.
    This may be as a result of the following, for example:
    The planned order was scheduled but not using the production line you selected. (The production line is determined by the production version you entered in a planned order.)
    One possibility of finding out what is causing the problem is:
    To access the planned order from the detailed dialog box in the table via "Change" and reschedule the planned order. Check the scheduling log by choosing "Goto --> Scheduling log". More information is displayed in the log's warning or error messages.
    But which master data to be corrected is not known.
    Experts please guide me.

    I had the same error while working with the REM planning table, despite the consistency of the data.
    Another cause that can lead to the error message REMPT315 is that in the production version detailed screen, "Planning data" table you have entered the routing next to rate-based planning. You must enter the routing (number of the group and the group counter) on the line detailed planning.
    After that, choose check again and try to introduce new quantities in the planning table. It worked for me!

  • Planning Table MF50

    Hello experts,
    Can some one please explain the purpose of the planning table MF50 and how to use it for capacity levelling. I am in a REM environmnt.

    1)In Repetitive Manufacturing, the master plan is represented by the planning table. The planning table is a tool for operative planning and is used to plan the production quantities:
    2) In a repetitive manufacturing environment, planning and control is usually carried out in a period and quantity basis. The layout of the planning table has been designed to support this requirement and is also based on periods to provide a very clear, easy-to-interpret overview of materials and production lines.
    3)The planning table is the planneru2019s/MRP controlleru2019s most important tool for planning the production quantities. At a glance the planner can check production quantities, monitor the available capacity of the production lines and check up on the availability situation of the products produced on each line.
    4)You can directly enter and change production quantities in the planning table. You can assign u2018non-assignedu2019 production quantities to the production lines or you can reassign production quantities to alternative production lines.
    5) You create the production quantities or assign them to the production line in the planning table.
    6 )You can also use the planning table with capacity planning. Here, planning is based on lead time scheduling. The basis for lead time scheduling is the routing. You can access the capacity planning table directly from the REM planning table.
    Anupam Sharma

  • Planning table ( REM)

    Hi Experts,
                 When we opening planning table (mf50) with material selection ,then complete capacity data  section is not appearing& in header view of capacity requirement planning (change capacity display isin grey color).
    we have already set the parameter related to REM senario (e.g,rem profile,prod.schdl.profile,scheduling parameters (PE),w.c capacity data etc).
    where i had mistake ,plz let me know....

    panney wrote:
    > Thanks for reply... I am sending 2 images, please refer the images.The problem is complete capacity data tab is not displaying,so,plz let me know were i have gone wrong.
    Images path:
    Its a simple problem, you need to assign your resource to the production line field of the production version( use transaction C223 or MM02 in MRP4 view to make this correction). Once the production version has the Production line assigned you should be getting the Capacity data in MF50.

  • Operations are not getting despatched in capacity planning table

    Hi Experts,
    I am using capacity planning table (Graphical) to level the capacities and sequence the process orders. The start date of my orders are very well in future and sufficient capacities also is available in resources. But when I go to CM25 and select one order and click on despatch, system is not despatching it. This is the case for almost all the overall profiles.
    The surprising factor is, this function was working fine earlier without any issues. I havent done any changes in configs which will affect capacity planning.
    What can be the reason for this? Any thoughts please?.
    One more thing. Is there any option to avoid the capacity planning step if Iam using R/3 and manage it by some other way?
    Appreciate your earlier reply
    Thanks & Regards

    Most likely you didnt define the rowsource key properly. Please look under <install>/errors folder for any file there.
    Also, please read the documentation. There is information there about how to troubleshoot a loading problem. Please always read the documentation and we would appreciate feedback on the documentation.

  • Question on Plan Table

    This is the Explain Plan for one of my SQL queries
    | Id  | Operation            |  Name       | Rows  | Bytes | Cost  | Inst   |IN-
    |   0 | SELECT STATEMENT     |             |   101 |  7676 |    60 |        |
    |   1 |  SORT ORDER BY       |             |   101 |  7676 |    60 |        |
    |   2 |   NESTED LOOPS OUTER |             |   101 |  7676 |    50 |        |
    |   3 |    VIEW              |             |   100 |  2400 |     5 |        |
    |   4 |     UNION-ALL        |             |       |       |       |        |
    |   5 |      REMOTE          |             |       |       |       | MKTG   | R-
    S ||   6 |      REMOTE          |             |       |       |       | MKTG   | R-
    S ||   7 |    REMOTE            |             |     1 |    52 |     1 | MKTG   | R-
    Note: cpu costing is off, PLAN_TABLE' is old versionI am concerned about the note "cpu costing is off"
    Does this mean my optimizer is RBO?
    Moreover, what is the cost cloumn in the explain plan table meant by?
    Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE Production
    TNS for HPUX: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    I did 'select cpu_cost' from v$sql_plan;'
    The column results in NULL values.

    Hi Justin,
    I ran into some serious problem here.
    As per the suggestions given, this is the modified query
    SELECT   x.rep_date,
                   TRUNC(y.creation_date) - TRUNC(x.rep_date) days,
              FROM (SELECT /*+ DRIVING_SITE(pt_gift_cert_referrals) */ a.*,
                           /*+ DRIVING_SITE(pt_cd_mailings) */ b.member_kit_flag,
                           to_date(b.shipment_date,'dd MON YYYY') rep_date
                      FROM [email protected] a,
                           [email protected] b
                     WHERE a.cert_mailing_id = b.cert_mailing_id
                       AND to_date(b.shipment_date,'dd MON YYYY') >= '22-AUG-2003'
                    UNION ALL
                    SELECT /*+ DRIVING_SITE(pt_gift_cert_referrals) */ a.*, /*+ DRIVING_SITE(pt_certificate_referrals) */
                           'Z' member_kit_flag,/*+ DRIVING_SITE(pt_cert_stage_log) */
                           to_date(b.creation_date,'dd MON YYYY') rep_date
                      FROM [email protected] a,
                           [email protected] b
                     WHERE a.cert_event_id = b.cert_event_id
                       AND SUBSTR(b.process_type, 1, 14) = 'CLUBDISH DAILY'
                       AND to_date(b.creation_date,'dd MON YYYY') >= '22-AUG-2003') x,
                   [email protected] y
             WHERE x.certificate_id = y.certificate_id(+)
          ORDER BY rep_date,
                   x.certificate_id;Unfortunately, the query resulted in NO rows.
    no rows selected
    Elapsed: 00:02:31.03
    Execution Plan
       0      SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=CHOOSE (Cost=60 Card=101 Bytes=76
       1    0   SORT (ORDER BY) (Cost=60 Card=101 Bytes=7676)
       2    1     NESTED LOOPS (OUTER) (Cost=50 Card=101 Bytes=7676)
       3    2       VIEW (Cost=5 Card=100 Bytes=2400)
       4    3         UNION-ALL
       5    4           REMOTE*                                            MKTG.WOR
       6    4           REMOTE*                                            MKTG.WOR
       7    2       REMOTE* (Cost=1 Card=1 Bytes=52)                       MKTG.WOR
       5 SERIAL_FROM_REMOTE            SELECT /*+ */ "A2"."CERTIFICATE_ID","A2"."GI
       6 SERIAL_FROM_REMOTE            SELECT /*+ */ "A2"."CERTIFICATE_ID","A2"."GI
              0  recursive calls
              0  db block gets
              0  consistent gets
              0  physical reads
              0  redo size
            338  bytes sent via SQL*Net to client
            234  bytes received via SQL*Net from client
              1  SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client
              1  sorts (memory)
              0  sorts (disk)
              0  rows processedThe thing more bothering is, optimizer is not using the DRIVING_SITE hint
    Previous Execution Plan was....
    6742176 rows selected.
    Elapsed: 03:15:20.07
    Execution Plan
       0      SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=CHOOSE (Cost=53 Card=100 Bytes=76
       1    0   SORT (ORDER BY) (Cost=53 Card=100 Bytes=7600)
       2    1     NESTED LOOPS (OUTER) (Cost=50 Card=100 Bytes=7600)
       3    2       VIEW (Cost=5 Card=100 Bytes=2400)
       4    3         UNION-ALL
       5    4           REMOTE*                                            MKTG.WOR
       6    4           REMOTE*                                            MKTG.WOR
       7    2       REMOTE* (Cost=1 Card=1 Bytes=52)                       MKTG.WOR
              0  recursive calls
             14  db block gets
              0  consistent gets
          14173  physical reads
              0  redo size
      112195379  bytes sent via SQL*Net to client
        3146621  bytes received via SQL*Net from client
         449480  SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client
              0  sorts (memory)
              1  sorts (disk)
        6742176  rows processedAny help on this would be greatly appreciated.


    To see the current statement getting executed im using the session browser utility in TOAD. And to find the plan of the query im going to the view plan tab. But in that tab it saying the plan table is not available. I created the plan table from $ORACL_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlxplan.sql for the user. But even then im not able to see tha explain plan.
    I also changed the plan table in TOAD from TOAD_PLAN_TABLE to PLAN_TABLE in view-->options-->General. But still im not able to see the explain plan

    Okay, so back to basics: you need to identify whether this is a problem with Toad... or with your PLAN_TABLE. So, just for a moment, ditch toad.
    Test one: Connect to the database via SQL*Plus as the user you trying to use to explain the query in Toad. Then issue:
    What's the output (and what's the user you're connecting as)?
    Message was edited by:
            Joseph Crofts
    Oops - missed a line from the SQL statement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Clear the History Data Automatically in Production Planning Table MF50

    Dear Friends,
    I have the problem to set the Production Planning Table (Txn MF50) to
    clear the history data automatically. Currently, all the history data
    in the planning table has to be cleared manually.
    Appreciate your help.
    Zahari Yusof

    instead of just removing the whole history like private browsing do, i just want to remove browsing/download history and form&search. i didn't want to remove cookies and active logins, heheh. thank you

  • Reg: Functions of Planning Table MF50

    Hi Friend,
    i wish you all a happy Friendship day...
    I need to know the following Function in REM,
    1. Functions of Planning table.(MF50)
    2.When we carry out Backflush , Components , activities get Posted. where can i find the reports for activities and components posted.
    3. Preliminary Costing Values.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi dayanan,
    1. Planning table MF50 is used to create a manual planned order respective date wise inspite of creating in MD11 one by one.
    2. When you assembly backflush in MFBF your component consumption and Activities will get posted automatically GI, GR & Activities will be posted. This component consumption you can see through movement type 261 in MB51. Cost of that consumption and activities you can monitor in Product cost collector. PPC. for that go to KKF6N-select version- Header---- costs.... There you can refer the updated cost of consumption and MHR.
    3. If you to consume additional component without GR that means only GI, goto MFBF and select component backflush and enter the component which you want to consume.
    Hope this will clear all your doubts.

  • Variant Configuration - Planning tables disappearing from planning profiles

    Hi everyone,
    I'm having a strange problem with some planning profiles I've set up in MDPH for several of our configurable products. I'm getting reports from our production planners that certain planning tables within these profiles are suddenly disappearing from the profiles, along with all the values they've input for those characteristics. This is apparently happening without anyone making any changes to the profiles.
    By way of background, I've recently created several new variant models (including planning profiles) for a new series of products, several of which share characteristics with the variants that are experiencing the problem I described. Is it possible that this might somehow be impacting the planning profiles of the old variants?
    Any help is greatly appreciated. We're running 4.6c, FYI.
    - Greg

    Hello Anil,
    Thank you very much for your reply. I've read both notes you referenced and they seemed very promising in that the symptoms described match what we are seeing. Unfortunately, however, they don't seem to reflect the root cause of the problem I'm seeing. Our users are logging in in English, and we have English names for the characteristics in question. Also, we are on a later patch version (55) than the one that fixed this issue (51). So I don't think this one will help us to fix the issue.
    If you have any other ideas, please let me know. Thank you again for your help on this!
    - Greg

  • IP: How to build a single planning table

    Could somebody tell me how could I build a single planning table (without fact column) for BEx Analyzer? If I put only the plan column into the input ready query, than the Analyzer not displaying any data ("there aren't data to display"). Recently we define a hidden fact column next to plan data, but I think there are better way to solve this problem...

    As I can understand, you want to show blank cells fof entering a planning data ?
    Just set to "mater data" access for the characteristic in BEX.
    This way all master data values of the characteristic will appear with blank key figures.

Maybe you are looking for

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