Problem in reports server

When a report is executed, I get this error.
Can any one help me out in this?
This is a production problem.
[H[2Jexception oracle.reports.RWException {
oracle.reports.RWError[] errorChain={struct oracle.reports.RWError {
int errorCode=56048,
java.lang.String errorString="Engine rwEng-0 crashed, job Id: 6402",
java.lang.String moduleName="REP"
thanks and regards,

you can use a key map file
Look here:

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  • Problems With Reports server in Oracle 10g IAS

    I am having problems with the reports server. It keeps on giving me the error below
    REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server <myreportservername> failed
    I am able to correct it by restarting my server while my backup server is off the network and playing around with my server configurations. It works for a while 2 weeks to a month then I start getting the same error again.
    Could someone please point out to me where I could be going wrong?
    Is there any known problems when 2 IAS are on the same network. I am on Windows 2000 Server.

    In rwnetwork.conf change
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <!DOCTYPE discoveryService SYSTEM "file:/home/oas10g/frhome/reports/dtd/rwnetworkconf.dtd">
    <!--multicast channel="" port="14021" timeout="1000" retry="3"/>-->
    <namingService name="Cos" host="IP of ur Server" port="14021"/>
    bounce OC4J_BI_Forms
    run naming 14021

  • Parameter form problems w/reports server

    I'm in the process of trying to make some reports from a forms-
    based application available on an intranet via reports server.
    If I call the reports without a parameter form (just take the
    default parameter values) they work fine, but as soon as I put
    in a 'Paramform=YES' I start running into problems.
    The entries in cgicmd.dat are in this form:
    reptname: server=servername report=reptname.rdf
    userid=user/[email protected]_name destype=cache desformat=PDF paramform=YES
    When I submit the parameter form, no matter what set of values,
    I get this error:
    Oracle Reports Server CGI - Key "" is unrecognized. Possible
    causes: bad URL syntax; key in URL was not found in the key map
    Also, on some forms that should have drop-down list boxes, it's
    instead displaying a blank text field followed by a long string
    of values as plain text below it.

    sounds like an issue we had in the early versions of 6i. i would suggest you upgrade to the latest patch.
    the oracle reports team --pw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • PVM Installation Problem (install report server)

    i am trying to install PVM 1.0.2 , but i have the following error:
    Installing Report Server:
    ERROR: Failed to install report server as user pvmadm. Please check OS
    user configuration then try again.
    I add pvmadm to root group,except dba group, but i have the same problem.
    Any ideas ?

    The installation of a Reports Server as a "Windows Service" is no more possible in Oracle Reports 10g R2 :
    Start the reports server with the command :
    rwsrver server=<server_name> batch=yes
    or use opmn to manage the reports server .

  • Sporadic problem: The report server has encountered a configuration error. Logon failed for the unattended execution account.

    I have 2 reports that have subscriptions.   I am sporadically getting this error.   If it was really a configuration problem then I think I should get the error every time.     Does any one have any suggestions of
    what to look for?    I have not found any errors relating to this problem in the server logs.

    Hi ClareD,
    According to the error message, there is an unattended execution account specified on the report server. Based on my research, the issue always occurs when you are using incorrect login name and password. Such as the password expired. Please make sure you
    set the correct login name and password.
    Besides, please double check if the user has the following permission on the reporting service database server:
    Public and RSExecRole roles for the  ReportServer database.
    RSExecRole role for the master, msdb, and ReportServerTempDB databases.
    If he does not have the permission, please try to grant the proper permission first. For more information, please refer to the article:
    If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask.
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

  • Problem with Reports Server on Fusion Middleware 11g

    We recently installed a new Weblogic Fusion Middleware Server 11g and I'm trying to get the reports server to start. When I issue the opmnctl command to start the standalone report server it says it is unable to do so but does not explain why. Our old 10g reports server was on Windows Server 2003 and the new 11g one is on Linux RHEL 4 so there are some differences, I'm hoping someone can give me a hand to find out what the problem is - at the moment I'm flying blind.

    In the documentation that Shail pointed to, take a look at the Migration Assistant part:
    *"The Oracle Forms Migration Assistant updates obsolete usage in your PL/SQL code in order to upgrade your Forms 6i applications to Oracle Forms 11g."*
    I think it is clear that you can upgrade from 6i to 11g in one step... you need to upgrade to 10g first if you are coming from pre 6i versions ...
    *"If you are upgrading from releases of Forms before Forms 6i to Oracle Forms 11g, you must first upgrade your applications to Forms 10g, and then upgrade* them to Oracle Forms 11g."+
    You can also decide not to use the Migration assistant and open the 6i objects (.fmb, .mmb, etc) with the Forms Builder 11g and they would be upgraded to 11g by simply saving the object.

  • Problems with Report Server configuration

    I am installing the Report Server using the Web Cartridge in Oracle Aplication Server.
    The version of OAS is 4.0.
    I have followed the steps indicated in the manual of configuration of the Report Server, but the cartridge it doesn't work, being obtained the following error in the logging files:
    06-29-2000 12:46:40 543608 andromeda `Cartridge Server` 2696 1 0x400fff `OWS-10804: Cartridge instance failed to initialze `
    06-29-2000 12:46:40 560208 andromeda `Cartridge Server` 2696 1 0x400fff `OWS-10911: Throwing exception for reason: wrkwfCreate: Error in Creating instances `
    06-29-2000 12:46:40 608409 andromeda `Broker` 122 1 0x10fff `OWS-04793: Operation oracle_OAS_Cartridge_OASCartridgeFactory_create_nw returns exception IDL:oracle/OAS/Cartridge/CreateFailed:1.0 `
    06-29-2000 12:46:40 760776 andromeda `Cartridge Server` 2696 1 0x400fff `OWS-10827: Cartridge LISTA/Lactas init instance callback did not return WRB_DONE `
    06-29-2000 12:46:40 778988 andromeda `Cartridge Server` 2696 1 0x400fff `OWS-10911: Throwing exception for reason: wrkwInit : instance init did not return WRB_DONE `
    When an application and a cartridge are defined for the Form Server there is not any problem, and OAS it works perfectly.
    I wait some suggestion on that it is what can have been forgotten in the configuration the one cartridge.
    Thank you in advance.

    "Unable to connect to the server at CALYSTO\ReportService.
    Hello Tom,
    It should be "ReportServer" in the URL, not "ReportService".
    In "Reporting Service Configuration Manager" look up the correct URL. Open Internet Explorer with right-mouse click => "Run as Administrator" and open the URL, this should work. Navigate to "Side setting" (on top right side),
    go to tab "Security" and add your account with role "System Administrator". Afterwards you should be able to open the URL without running IE as admin.
    Olaf Helper
    [ Blog] [ Xing] [ MVP]

  • Problem with Reports Server and invalid DB packages when release code

    I'm not certain that this is a Reports issue or not, but wondered if anyone had encountered similar. We've recently upgraded from Forms and Reports 6i to A couple of times now, after doing a release of code to our environment, we find that the next request to the Reports Server generates a 'existing state of packages has been discarded' error. Submitting exactly the same report request a second and subsequent times works fine.
    However, we always make sure we recompile all invalid packages after a code release; and our Forms front-end doesn't encounter any errors like this. Is there some possible issue with using existing Reports engines to run reports after a code release - should we be bouncing the Reports server..?

    Hi. Thanks for your quick response. The contain of StrSql is:
    "SELECT IdTipo FROM TIPOSTELEFONO", where IdTipo id a column of TIPOSTELEFONO Table.
    I tryied the same sql setence with SQL Server Management Studio Express and it works fine. Already I have tryied with others sql sentences. All they worked fine in SQL Server Management Studio, but not with my java example using sqljdbc4.jar.
    sqljdbc4.jar documentation comment that these driver work with sql server 2000 to sql server 2008. I'll ask this cuestion in Microsoft forums.

  • Problem accesing report server 9i

    Last week, after a server reboot cause by the march 11 OS patch, I was no longer able to access my report server.
    This error is given when try accesing it :
    REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server rep_ps9ia failed
    I have no prior issue with my application serveur (and as a matter of fact Discoverer and my other services continue to work just fine).
    the server is in IN_PROCESS mode and in the log file I see it starting up and shutdown down at each call...
    I have put the trace on and got the following error in the rwservlet.trc
    [2007/3/13 0:59:36:744] Debug 50103 (RWClient:doGet): QueryString: report=circulation.rdf&destype=cache&desformat=html&userid=
    [email protected]&P_DATE=11-03-2007
    [2007/3/13 0:59:36:744] Info 50103 (RWClient:processRequest): queryString:report=circulation.rdf&destype=cache&desformat=html&
    [email protected]&P_DATE=11-03-2007
    [2007/3/13 0:59:36:745] Debug 50103 (RWClientUtility:getReportsServer): server: rep_ps9ia
    [2007/3/13 1:0:16:89] Exception 51002 (): Bind to Reports Server rep_ps9ia failed
    exception oracle.reports.RWException {
    oracle.reports.RWError[] errorChain={struct oracle.reports.RWError {
    int errorCode=51002,
    java.lang.String errorString="Bind to Reports Server rep_ps9ia failed",
    java.lang.String moduleName="REP"
    at oracle.reports.utility.Utility.newRWException(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.reports.client.ServerManager.getServer(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.reports.client.ServerManager.isSecure(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.reports.client.ServerManager.isSecure(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.reports.rwclient.AuthManager.getAuthId(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.reports.rwclient.RWClient.appendAuthId(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.reports.rwclient.RWClient.processRequest(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.reports.rwclient.RWClient.doGet(Unknown Source)
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
    at com.evermind.server.http.ResourceFilterChain.doFilter(
    at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(
    at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(
    at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.processRequest(
    at EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.PooledExecutor$
    [2007/3/13 1:0:16:89] Debug 50103 (RWClientUtility:isFromPortal): portal: null
    [2007/3/13 1:0:16:89] Debug 50103 (RWClientUtility:isFromPortal): webdbversion: null
    Can anyone help me ?

    "ORA-12535: TNS: operation timed out"
    Am I following correct procedure:
    Installed client program.
    I opened "net configuration assistant"
    entered service name as that of server
    entered server name, database (system/password).
    Anything else.

  • Report Server service problem

    Hi all champions.
    I have installed 9iAs R1 on windows 2k.My form server is running well, but there is a problem with Report server and its service is not ruuning (error 186).
    What could be the tns entry for folders 806 and iSuites?
    Early reply will be appreciated.

    Do you have the repository connection configured? This is in the 806_home\report60\server\server_name.ora file with repositoryconn= setting.
    If you do, make sure you can connect to that database with the user name/password you have configured. Connect from 806_home\bin\sqlplus to check this.
    Are you on the latest patch?
    Did you configure the service to not interact with the desktop? If not, you should change it to not interact.

  • Very weird report server problem

    Hello gurus,
    I'm currently facing werid problem.My report server status is UP and running.But I try to access the showjobs url, the page shows *500 internal server error* or cannot bind to report server errors.
    I have enabled traces and actually found out that report sever engines are actually running,picking up reports,creating DB connections,formatting pages and dumping into cache folder,like everything normal.All traces show no error or abnormality.
    rwdiag command also shows my report sever exists.
    I can't understand how is this possible.Please guide me..
    I think the problem is with the rwservlet?I'm sure rwclient and rwrun would run successfully as well..
    Edited by: anandk on Jan 9, 2011 1:00 PM
    Edited by: anandk on Jan 10, 2011 10:55 AM

    Hi there
    Just would like to know if you have change some file configuration like httpd.conf,rwservlet.conf or ias.porperties?
    Actually you report server is running file but this is host naming issues.
    Provide me what you did so i can help.

  • Problem with oracle report server

    Dear All
    I have deployed Oracle application server 10g forms & report services on win 2003 server.
    but problem is that after some interval report is getting hanged and not opening on web browser,
    If i restart the report server then it will come very fast.
    As i am new to this field Can anybody tell me how can i investigate the problem of report server.
    Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

    you can modify the report engine in EM console, you can put one or more JVM for this as well that it have expiration day, this will be helpful, because you can put an iddle time, so when the engine get it, it will be restarted, as well max of process again will be restarted.

  • Report Server Engine freezes for 30 seconds and more

    Hi all,
    I have problems with Report Server and reports execution.
    Customer complains slowness in the execution in many reports that were fast.
    Before: 4-5 seconds
    Now : 25-30 seconds
    I turned on server and engine trace and i saw that no log is written for 25 seconds in a report execution.
    My environment:
    DB: Oracle 11R2
    Report Server:
    I changed some parameters in server.conf:
    cacheSize= "200" (from default value 20 - cache dir contains 950files for 150Mb)
    initEngine= "1"
    maxEngine= "4"
    diagnosis value="yes" (to write .dig file)
    <trace traceFile="E:\REPORTS\Log\reportServer.trc" traceOpts="trace_all" traceMode="trace_replace" traceModule="all" />
    maxConnect="120" (from default value 20)
    The SQL query takes 0.2 seconds.
    Here the logs:
    In reportServer.trc
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Info 50132 (JobObject:reset): jobid = 134138 Get command line: REPORT=E:\REPORTS\aq\aq_sit_ord_abbin.RDF
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (ConnectionImpl:runJob): Job queue for jobid = 134138 is 0
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (ConnectionImpl:runJob): jobid = 134138 is in current queue
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (ConnectionImpl:runJob): Calling findDuplicatedJob for jobid = 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (JobManager:findDuplicatedJob): Found no duplicated job for job 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (ConnectionImpl:runJob): No Duplicate jobs for jobid = 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (ConnectionImpl:runJob): Job 134138 is Enqueued
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (JobManager:firstToRun): job 134138 is first to run
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (JobManager.runJobLocal): Trying to get engine for Job 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineManager:getIdleEngine): Target max engines = 4
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineManager:getIdleEngine): rwEng-0 is used = true
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineManager:getIdleEngine): rwEng-0 state is 1
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] State 56004 (EngineInfo:setState): Engine rwEng-0 state is: Reserved
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (JobManager.runJobLocal): Job 134138 got Engine rwEng-0
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (JobManager:runJobInEngine): Job 134138 calling setCommand on engine rwEng-0
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineManager:updateEngineState): Engine rwEng-0 status is 3
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] State 56004 (EngineInfo:setState): Engine rwEng-0 state is: Running
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineManager:updateEngineState): Engine rwEng-0 status is 5
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] State 56004 (EngineInfo:setState): Engine rwEng-0 state is: Idle
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (JobManager:runJobInEngine): Send job 134138 to engine rwEng-0
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineManager:updateEngineState): Engine rwEng-0 status is 3
    *[2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] State 56004 (EngineInfo:setState): Engine rwEng-0 state is: Running*
    *[2012/2/8 6:7:26:714] State 56016 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Job 134138 status is: Running the report Initializing report*
    [2012/2/8 6:7:26:714] Debug 50103 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Finished updating job: 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:104] State 56016 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Job 134138 status is: Running the report Formatting page 1
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:104] Debug 50103 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Finished updating job: 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:432] State 56016 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Job 134138 status is: Running the report Formatting page 1
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:432] Debug 50103 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Finished updating job: 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:823] Debug 50103 (RWCacheItem:addFile): add file 'B66ST519.pdf' for job 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:823] Debug 50103 (RWCache:updateCurrentCapacity): Current cache capacity is 61232723
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] State 56016 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Job 134138 status is: Finished successfully
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] Debug 50103 (JobManager:notifyWaitingJobs): Master job 134138 notify its duplicated jobs.
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] Debug 50103 (JobManager:updateJobStatus): Finished updating job: 134138
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] Debug 50103 (EngineManager:updateEngineState): Engine rwEng-0 status is 1
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] State 56004 (EngineInfo:setState): Engine rwEng-0 state is: Ready
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] Info 56013 (ConnectionManager:release): Connection 294 is released
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] Info 56013 (ConnectionManager:release): Connection 295 is released
    In rwEng-0.trc
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): Running
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Info 50132 (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): Get command line: <...>
    [2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): Quit
    *[2012/2/8 6:7:0:901] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:run): Running Jobid=134138*
    *[2012/2/8 6:7:26:667] DST 50103 (C Engine) System parameter BACKGROUND is obsolete.*
    [2012/2/8 6:7:26:714] DST 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtprint) Distributing the report
    [2012/2/8 6:7:26:714] DST 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtpredo) running
    [2012/2/8 6:7:26:714] DST 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtpredo) no preformat of pages requested, quit
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:823] DST 50103 (C Engine) 18:07:27 DST aq_sit_ord_abbin: desformat=PDF destype=cache copies=1 level=Report
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:823] DST 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtfl_FreeDistList) running
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:823] DST 50103 (rwfdt:rwfdtfl_FreeDistList) quit
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:run): CRunReport returns: 0
    [2012/2/8 6:7:27:839] Debug 50103 (EngineImpl:run): Quit
    What has happened in those 26 seconds?
    In rwEng-0-j-2012-02-08_17-15-01.dig
    [2012/2/8 18:7:0:901] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): Before calling EngineComm.updateEngineState(STATE_RUNNING)
    [2012/2/8 18:7:0:901] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): After calling EngineComm.updateEngineState(STATE_RUNNING)
    [2012/2/8 18:7:0:901] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): Before calling EngineComm.updateEngineState(STATE_IDLE)
    [2012/2/8 18:7:0:901] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:setCommandLine): After calling EngineComm.updateEngineState(STATE_IDLE)
    [2012/2/8 18:7:0:901] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:run): Before calling EngineComm.updateEngineState(STATE_RUNNING)
    [2012/2/8 18:7:0:901] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:run): After calling EngineComm.updateEngineState(STATE_RUNNING)
    *[2012/2/8 18:7:0:901] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:run): Before calling CRunReport()*
    *[2012/2/8 18:7:26:714] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:updateJobStatus): Enter*
    [2012/2/8 18:7:26:714] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:updateJobStatus): Before calling EngineComm.updateEngineJobStatus()
    [2012/2/8 18:7:26:714] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:updateJobStatus): After calling EngineComm.updateEngineJobStatus()
    [2012/2/8 18:7:26:714] Diagnosis (EngineImpl:updateJobStatus): Exit
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.
    Alessandro Zenoni

    Any suggest??
    Another very strange thing: the problem is only in the afternoon.
    From 7am to 1pm , reports are fast!
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.
    Alessandro Zenoni
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  • .Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) report server.

    i have a question about Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) so many users are facing the problem in report server and even i faced the problem,
    i started the report server and tried to display the report but it was giving me errors sometimes
    REP-41213 unable to connect to report server and sometimes
    REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server <servername> failed and so on.
    but after using an ip address or MS loopback adaptor then it works perfect.
    in Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) its working with machine name and we do not need ip address and also we can start report server by services.
    But in Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) its not the same and all the time we start report server by command.
    Is there any solution in Forms [32 Bit] Version that run report server without ip or loopback but only work with a machine name?.

    Hi Sarah,
    my reports-server works all the time, and i did not do any configuration or install any loopback-adapter. I have a reports-server name like rep_<machine> and can use that in forms also as in URL-syntax.

  • OC4J Report Server is not saving the PDF out put

    Hi everybody,
    I have a master report running under OC4J.Under this master report 1000's of other reports are runninng by using the srw.run_report.Report name and other required parameters are taking from the database.My aim is to send all generated PDF reports by using the javamail.My problem is report server is not saving any reports until the completion of the master report.Once the master report is completted we can see all the reports under the specified folder, before that we can not see the out put in the folder .So the above reason my mailing part is getting faild because of system cannot find the specified file in that particular path
    Hi anybody know how to save each pdf report in a folder insted of waiting the completion of entire report
    Is any particular report configuration is required for that?
    srw.runreport is running in the batch mode
    thanks in advanceee
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    Mathew Thomas

    Please helppp meee

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