Problem in Resetting the Frame Color to default

Hi Gurus,
When I was working with Frames, in property pallette, mistakenly I selected a color for the Frame background. Before that it was "<Unspecified>".
Now I want to set the Color of the Frame to Default.
Can anyone help me on this regard, because it is not allowing me to leave that property as blank. Also I tried with automatic. the bg color changes to black.
Please provide me a solution on this regard.

Awesome. I tried this is Forms 6i. it worked. I will try in 9i also and confirm.
Thanks a lot for your quick response.
Thanks and Regards,

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    I have a jsp page that is set to 4 frames(the codes is below).
    at the main frame, it has a logout button for users to log out. However, when i try to logout. The logout screen only takes the space within the body frame. What must I do to display jus the logout screen?
    Thanks for helping!
    <%@ include file ="../JSP/Control.jsp" %>
    <TITLE>File Repository System</TITLE>
    <FRAMESET COLS="1400,28*" frameborder="no" BORDER="0" NORESIZE>
    <FRAMESET ROWS="80,69*,21">
    <FRAMESET COLS="370,*">

    for the logout button, set it's target to be "_top"
    ie logout
    That tells it to replace the entire frameset, no just the current frame that it is in.

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    I took a guess and I figured it out. Just set the background color to null.
    JPanel panel = new JPanel();
    panel.setBackground(Color.white);       //Set Panel to White
    panel.setBackground(null);                 //Reset Panel Color to Default Gray

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    Please help, i used to have various colors to select from when selecting FILL in Keynote such as red, now I only have a few pastel colors. I cannot seem to fix this problem to get the original colors back. Can someone please advise what I need to do.

    i have on my ipad2 and re-download it - but I can't afford to loose the presentation that I currently have ....??
    Are you using Keynote on an iPad?
    If so you posted in the wrong forum, this is the Keynote Mac discussion and it is a different application. I dont know how the iPad works at all, so I cant help you, post in the Keynote iOS discussion.
    If you are using a Mac, the colours palette is accesed by clicking on the colour well (arrowed) and then selecting a colour chip or changing the color in the colour wheel.

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    My screen shows neon colors and a zigzag shapes.  How can I reset the color resolution?  This laptop was supposedly fixed but when returned all my data had been "lost".  The certified mac tech said he reinstalled the OS but lost all my desktop files and HD and couldn't recover.  ODDLY, when I started the machine and started fresh, my old hard drive was still there!  Although he'd wiped out my current desktop files- gone.  But, the  screen colors went wonky all of the sudden and I don't know how to resert or correct the resolution.  Can any one share a suggestion?

    With that kind of issue after returning from a repair where a tech was inside the computer, it should be returned to the same place for an evaluation of the problem, a diagnosis, and perhaps they need to check their work to see if something came loose while they had it apart.
    The System Preferences> Displays has a panel to select settings.
    You may have to try & see about a reset of System Management Controller Or, if reset of NVRAM may help. Not sure if these would do anything if there is hardware damage.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • Problem in resetting the Page numbers

    I am using to print PO report using XML publisher.
    The layout that is needed is
    ---- It cointains page number x of y ,po number,po creation date,and other details.
    ---- It cointains po lines and po headers data.
    end body
    After the body ends we need to print Service note in a seperate page.But this service note should not have header and the pages of the service note will not be included in total pages of the PO.
    If the PO is 10 pages and service note 2 pages then the total page of PO should be 10.
    This is for one PO.We have to print many number of POs in a single request.
    Presently the problem is that for resetting the page numbers of service note I am using a section break after the end of body.What it does is it reset the page number.But the problem is first all the POs are displayed then its service note.But I need one PO and then its service note .Then the second PO and its service note.

    I have used the following method to call the template based on IF condition as follows:
    The way I expected the outcome is:
    if the COPY_ORIGINAL variable's value is '(Copy)' then it shoud print once the template with a label '(Copy)' in it.
    if the COPY_ORIGINAL variable's value is '' (empty) then it should print 4 times the template, with different labels as: 'Original' , 'Accounts Copy', 'FP Store Copy' and 'Gate Copy'
    the way I used the xml tags is mentioned below:
    <?if: COPY_ORIGINAL='(Copy)'?>
    <?end if?>
    <?if: COPY_ORIGINAL=''?>
    <?end if?>
    <[email protected]:xdoxslt:foreach_number($_XDOCTX,1,4,1)?>
    <?if: position()=1?>Original<?end if?>
    <?if: position()=2?>Accounts Copy<?end if?>
    <?if: position()=3?>FP Store<?end if?>
    <?if: position()=4?>Gate Copy<?end if?>
    <?end for-each?>
    <?end for-each?>
    <?end template?>
    <?end template?>
    In this case, it won't call the template TC1 and reset the page numbers, instead it prints the page numbers continuously.. (no resetting of page numbers)
    why the following If statement:
    <?if: COPY_ORIGINAL=''?>
    <?end if?>
    is not working for the statement:
    <[email protected]:xdoxslt:foreach_number($_XDOCTX,1,4,1)?>
    Please update...

  • Can you change the frame colors in the .chm file?

    In RoboHelp 8, HTML Help Output with .chm deliverable, is it possible to change the color of the frame borders?

    Hi there
    I'd say it depends on what you are referring to. Some influence is there but not much. Which "Frame" is it? Can you post a screen capture pointing out what you hope to change?
    Cheers... Rick
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    Hi All,
    Is there a way to reset the default encryption keys on IDM?
    I was trying something and generated a new server encryption key and now I can't get my AD resource adapter to talk to the gateway.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Thank You

    Try finding the solution on

  • Why does the frame color change to black when I copy and paste between documents?

    Copying and pasting between documents in Indesign. The color of the text stays the same but the lines and frames change from a specified color to black. Also changes when I drag and drop can anyone tell me how to fix this?

    You have not provided any exact information like what version of ID, system info, paragraph styles, color definitions and whatnot, so we can't know what is going on. either way, ask in the ID forum and provide all those important details.

  • Turning off the iPad after wireless problems factory resets the iPad

    Here is the scenario...
    1.) The iPad will work perfectly for several days.
    2.) Then it will no longer detect wifi networks at all. It simply says "No networks found". (This is not an issue with the wifi network itself)
    3.) Power the iPad off and then back on normally.
    4.) The iPad has now been factory reset and must be completely setup again.
    Nothing atypical is on the iPad as far as applications going. And this scenario has happened multiple times.

    If you haven't tried a restore of the OS, give that a try (without installing any third-party apps until you can confirm that the problem goes away) and see if it helps. If it doesn't, then it probably is a hardware problem and you will indeed need to contact Apple.

  • Does anybody had this problem which is the surface color has changed?

    I purchsed an macbook WHITE only about 2 months.
    since a month after I can see the macbook surface color has changed which under my two hands.
    resulted in the macbook looks so dirty and ugly.
    I feel so sad with this problem which I think this is a hardware fault or at least this is a design fault.
    does anybody have the same problem as mine and how to deal with?
    even APPLE company can replace a new one for me but I will have the same problem after a month.
    does black version have this problem?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Not from what I've heard. Here's the article of what you should do about it:
    If you have done it, and it didn't solve the problem, contact them again and ask for a replacement machine.

  • Problem in setting the background color of jtable with Nimbus

    I have created a java swing application. In which I am using JTable.
    When creating a simple JTable and displaying with Nimbus, the row background color alternates between white and a light blue-grey.
    I want the table with single colour. Only the first column should be grey colour and other should be white.
    I used this code to set the background and foreground colour.
    public Component prepareRenderer
        (TableCellRenderer renderer, int index_row, int index_col){      
                Component objComponent = super.prepareRenderer(renderer, index_row, index_col);         
                Color objGreyColour = new Color(240,240,240);
                Color objWhiteColour = new Color(255,255,255);
                if(index_col == 0){
                    objComponent.setFont(new java.awt.Font(CommonClass.getFontName(),java.awt.Font.BOLD, CommonClass.getFontSize()));
                return objComponent;
            } Look wise it is fine but when i try to select the cell it is not highlighting the cell and also i m not able to select multiple cell with ctrl key.
    Any help would be appreciated

    1) if you want better help soone,r please post an SSCCE ( instead of a code extract.
    2) selection highlighting is lost because your code... doesn't handle selection. To take selection into account, you can use <tt>if (super.isRowselected(index_row)) {...}</TT>.

  • Problem in getting the frame object in firefox 20.0.1

    When i upgraded to firefox 20.0.1 which have throw exception in javascript.
    I am using a lightstramer 3.6 library for my development.
    Program cause error by use this object.
    "var masterWinRef = self.parent.frames["push_engine"]"
    When I change this line to
    "var masterWinRef = top.document.getElementById('push_engine').contentWindow ;"
    So, what is the different between this?
    Before use firefox 19 is working.

    Is there anything wrong with the code?No, only with your understanding of the Date class. From the API:
    The class Date represents a specific instant in time, with millisecond precision.
    The different time displayed for different TimeZones around the world are just that: a display format for the same instant in time.
    To display the "instant in time" in a different TimeZone, use DateFormat. Here's a small sample:TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone ("GMT");
    Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance (tz);
    System.out.println(c.getTime ()); // prints Tue Mar 18 02:56:53 IST 2008
    DateFormat dtf = DateFormat.getTimeInstance ();
    dtf.setTimeZone (tz);
    System.out.println(dtf.format (c.getTime ())); // prints 9:26:53 PMIt's no different from formatting the same number in various ways: 10 decimal == 0xA hexadecimal == 012 octal == 1010 binary. Same value, different representation. Same intant in time, different local time for each zone.
    cheers, db

  • My iPhone 4S has been prematurely shutting down (shutting down at 30% battery) how do I fix this problem and reset the battery?

    It has also gotten rid of the "personal hotspot" option. How do I get that back?

    The Basic Troubleshooting Steps are:
    Restart... Reset... Restore from Backup...  Restore as New...
    Restart / Reset
    Backing up, Updating and Restoring
    If you try all these steps and you still have issues... Then a Visit to an Apple Store or AASP (Authorized Apple Service Provider) is the Next Step...
    Be sure to make an appointment first...
    allisham wrote:
    It has also gotten rid of the "personal hotspot" option....
    Trouble Shooting  >

  • After updating firefox to 6.0.1 and again after 6.0.2, Firefox checks compatibility of add-ons on EVERY start, and also resets the homepage back to default. How can I fix this?

    The problem persists with Firefox in Safe Mode


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