Problem in transporting workflows

There are some workflows already existent in the QA system. I try to make some client specific changes to the workflow template and one of the tasks and after Im done. I try to create a new request to send across the changed wf template and the changed task. I am not sure how to do that, can anyone help me

hi Satish,
Don;t know on which sap version you're on. But ther should be an export/import from xml option in the menu of the wf builder (pftc, click in template then worklfow builder button). I've never tried this before, so I don't know if this works.If you're trying to create a "custom" transport in which create the keys manually. Then I advise you to first create/change a WF-template in dev and look up what entries are in the transport and use these tables with your own key to create the import.
Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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    I see that you have still not received any hints about how to transport a workflow.
    Are you not asked for a workbench transport when you save the workflow definition? I think this is solved by changing a setting in SOBJ or whatever the transaction is called. Of course, the prerequisite is that your basic workflow settings (transaction SWU3) is already OK. Ask basis people for assistance before you create havoc by making changes in SOBJ.
    Otherwise, search for OSS Notes. There probably is one mentioning this problem.

  • Problem while transporting transfer rules in BW 3.5

    Hi All,
    I have a problem while transporting transfer rules in BW 3.5.
    I have just checked the box for conversion to Transfer structure / Transfer rules of an infoobject and tried to transport it to quality. I got this below error message:
    The selections   T ZBW_ZBILLRATP_TEXT_BA specify more than one DataSource
    You need to select an individual DataSource based on the selection conditions
    InfoSource =
    Source System =
    Object Version = T
    Transfer Structure = ZBW_ZBILLRATP_TEXT_BA
    although the select event is not unique.
    Check the objects to which the selection applies.
    Reference to transfer structure ZBW_ZBILLRATP_TEXT_BA not available. No activation possible.
    Message no. RSAR436
    Transfer structure ZBW_ZBILLRATP_TEXT_BA should be transported into this system.
    However, no DataSource mapping refers to this transfer structure.
    System response
    The transfer structure was not activated or deleted.
    Ensure that DataSource mapping, with a reference to the transfer structure ZBW_ZBILLRATP_TEXT_BA is on the same transport request. Use the transport connection to create a consistent request.
    Can any one provide me details of how to overcome this issue. I tried transporting all related objects.

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Befor Transporting the Transfer rules, make sure that you are transporting the Active Versions of your Datasource & DataTarget between which your transfer rules exist.
    Also make sure that the Transfer rules are active before it is transported.
    Hope it helps!

  • Problem during transport

    Dear All,
    Now i meet a problem during transport my ABAP in dev to prod server. Not sure is BASIS or my problem.
    The error is "Request after end mark"
    One more question is for the transaction code STMS, the status for production server should be LOCK or IMPORT QUEUE IS OPEN? If it should be IMPORT QUEUE IS OPEN, how i going to do it cos now our status is LOCK?
    Thanks for ur help....

    The "Request after end mark" will be displayed due to the following:
    Requests after the end mark are not imported during the next import. The end mark is automatically deleted only when the next import has completely ended. Afterwards, the requests can be imported. You can see the legend information in the following website:
    However, as per your questions I understand that the TMS configuration is not proper. Can you check the r3trans and the transport routes/layers again and see what is missing?

  • Problems when transporting from DEV to PROD

    Hi experts, I have problem during transport from DEV to Production.
    We have a  DEV, QAS and PRODUCTION and we have transport from DEV to QAS very well. But when we transport from DEV to PROD, recibe an error  like:
    After beginning the import method RS_IOBC_AFTER_IMPORT for Objects types IOBC mode (activation)
      Failed to verify catalog InfoObjetos ZCM_UNIMET_CHA01
      The InfoObjeto ZCM_RENC version does not exist in active
      The InfoObjeto ZCM_RENM version does not exist in active
    1.The Query is: Wy if the transport go OK from DE to QAS, then The transport from DEV to PROD terminated in error?.
    2. There are any items to check in production before to transport?.
    PD: All of the Objects in DEV are in ACTIVE status
    Ramon Sulvaran

    The transport ended in QAS with error code (4) and ended in Producion with error code (8), the detal of the error in Production begin with:
    Home After import RS_ODSO_AFTER_IMPORT method for type (s) ODSO object (trigger mode)
    Activation of DataStore objects of type Object
    Check DataStore objects of type Object
    DataStore Object Verification ZCM_DS01
    The DataStore object is consistent ZCM_DS01
    Burning the DataStore objects of type Object
    Internal activation (DataStore Object)
    Pretreatment / Creating DDIC objects to DataStore Object ZCM_DS01
    Table / View / BIC/AZCM_DS0100 (type 0) DataStore object recorded ZCM_DS01
    Create / Delete the indexes for the active table
    Table / View / BIC/AZCM_DS0140 (type 4) recorded ZCM_DS01 DataStore object
    Type of table / BIC/WAZCM_DS0100 recorded
    Table / View / BIC/VZCM_DS012 (type VIEW) recorded ZCM_DS01 DataStore object
    Log ZCM_DS01 DataStore object changes was recorded successfully
    Writing Object Catalog entries (Tadiran)
    He has written the object TABL / BIC/AZCM_DS0100 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
    He has written the object TABL / BIC/AZCM_DS0140 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
    He has written the object TABL / BIC/VZCM_DS012 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
    He has written the object TTYP / BIC/WAZCM_DS0100 in catálgo objects (Tadiran)
    Activate all ABAP Dictionary objects (5):
    Error / Warning in progr.activación Dict., Detailed log> Detail
    Activate table / BIC/AZCM_DS0100.
    Lack of expansion to the category table
    Lack of extension category for include or subtype .......
    When i go to BW Production to check teh object. I see tha the Object was create but in inactive status (grey color). When y Try to Actiavate it y see the error:  Error/ Warning in program Activation Dcit. Detailed Log -> Detail

  • How can I add a User to the transport workflow

    Hi all,
       I want to add one user to the transport workflow in BW Dev system? How can I do it, PLEASE.

    Check this if you can reset the workflow if the configuration of old user get damaged instead of creating a new one.
    Please reward if it helps.

  • Problem in Transporting Function module

    I have created a bapi(RFC).
    For testing I created several copies and Bapi Object and the last version got sucessful .
    but now I am getting problem in transportation, I have included the FM and Function group in the new request no but the include program is not taking the new request no and and when I am going to version management there is no no.
    can anybody help me for this??
    Thanks and Best Regards.

    Pl post questions [SAP Business One] forum questions only.
    Pl close thread.

  • Problem in transporting change document

    Hi guys,
    I have created one change document for customized field.
    I m getting problem while transporting this change document.
    The view is not generating in production system.
    Function group is coming blank for change document object in production.
    Is there other way of generating the change document ???
    Kindly reply.

    Check this.
    1. Deletion flag is set or not.?
    2. Execute MCDOKDEL and check for the document
    3. Archiving path Storage Path location.?

  • Problem in transporting WPC Content

      I am facing  problem in transporting WPC Content from server1 to server2. After transport the webpages are not displaying the contents. Webpages are showing empty layouts. I have done the layout configurations. Webpages are cotaining iViews and Html contents from KM . The webpages are not allowing to edit. Its very urgent.Help me to get through this.

    Hi MaliniV,
    Before you transfer the WPC content from one server to another, you need to be very careful about the settings and configurations. Did deply the WPC on the other server ? Did u do any custom page layouts in development server ? if yes, you need to do the same in production server as well. if not , it won't work.
    I too had the same problem before. but ! after checking all these , I corrected them.
    I hope this will help u.

  • Problem in transporting authorization object

    I am facing a problem in transporting the authorization object. We have an existing cube in development and production. In production the object has 3 authorization objects checked. Now I want to change the authorization object assignment in my cube. So I changed the assignment in the development, but when I tried to transport the authorization object it collected all the cubes where the authorization object is used.
    I want to transport only the authorization object associated with that cube, not all. I understand that logically if we are transporting the authorization object from RSSM, it takes all the assignments. But I don't want to do that because there may be some inconsistencies between the system.
    Can you tell me weather we have any other way, so that the authorization object is transported only for one particular cube assignment not all.
    Thanks in advance

    I tried that but not getting anything.
    Can you please tell me the steps.
    Steps I have done are as follows.
    1. Go to RSSM and select the authorization object.
    2. We have a button which says transport authorization object. I clicked on that.
    3. I got a list of all the authorization objects there. I selected my authorization objects and clicked on Transfer Object button.
    4. Then I get the hierarchy authorization objects.
    5. After that I selected a request and everything is included in that request. I didn't got your above mentioned option.
    Do you want me to go to the table RSSTOBJDIR and delete all the other entries??
    It would be great if you can tell me the steps to do that.
    Thanks in advance

  • Problem in transporting the component Controller

    Hi Friedns,
    We had a problem when transporting a WD Componenrt controller. Til Quality it when ok. But when the transport reached to production we saw that from the attributes tab of the Componenrt controller the WD_ASSIST WAS MISSING . Due to which it was giving a dump. We recreated a new transport and sent it but that didnt worked to .
    Can anybody advise any solution. In the dump it is saying Component ZBASE_RATE CONTAINS SYNTAX ERRORS.

    It might be difference of the environments in ur quality and production systems.
    Check whether both systems are having the same level of webdynpro patches.
    You can check with ur basis people for this clarification.
    Veerendra Nath

  • Problem in transporting the text elements for user exit EXIT_SAPLV09A_002

    Hi  All,
    I am facing a problem in transporting the text element (text symbol) for the exit EXIT_SAPLV09A_002. It is implemented and transported but the text elements are not transported and even if I try to delete them and then create them again, on activation it doesn't prompts for TO and it version its shows it as local object. I have tried to manually assign the TO by using limu as id of program and rept as type and SAPLXV09 as the name of the object but still it doesn't allows as an error message comes prompting local object cannot be assigned to TO. Kindly suggest solution this problem.
    Edited by: Sachin Dangayach on Nov 15, 2010 4:21 PM

    Hello ,
               In the Quality after you run the report check in the layout option>display text elements> variables and check what value is displayed for the use exit variable , if it is correct then problem may be in the selection you gave when you run the report if the user exit variable value is wrong , then set a break point in the code and run the report from rsrt and check where the error is.
    hope it is clear
    assign points if useful

  • Problem in transports!! Please help

    Hello BW Gurus,
    I am havinga major problem with transports.The Client had separate HR box as the source system for HR Objects.
    Since the HR box is obsolete, we assigned SAP R3 as the new source system to infosources and activated them.
    I created a transport by collecting at the transfer rule level. The transport is failing saying it cant fing the SAP source system.
      Post-import methods for change/transport request: BWDK960528
      Follow-up action RS_AFTER_IMPORT for IOBJ L started at 20060203130629
      Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR APCO (Activation Mode)
      Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR IOBJ (Activation Mode)
      Characteristic 0LANGU: Lower case makes selection of char. values difficult
      Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR ISFS (Activation Mode)
      Source system SAPTDV210 does not exist
      No mapping defined for source system XXXHRP210
      RFC connection to source system XXXHRP210 is damaged ==> no Metadata upload
      Source system SAPTDV210 does not exist
      Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR ISMP (Activation Mode)
      Source system SAPTDV210 does not exist
      No mapping defined for source system XXXHRP210
      Source system SAPTDV210 does not exist
      Start of the after-import method for object type R3TR ISTS (Activation Mode)
      There is no DataSource with these attributes
      Reference to transfer structure 0ACTIONREAS_TEXT_BA not available. No activation possible.
      There is no DataSource with these attributes
      Reference to transfer structure 0ACTIONTYPE_TEXT_BA not available. No activation possible.

    hi Simmi,
    seems several errors
    1. first you have to do source system mapping in your TARGET system (or you have to do correction since you change to new source system), from the log, i assume SAPTDV210 is the new SAP assigned (in bw dev/source), and e.g your target is SAPTQA999 then in SAPTQA999 do rsa1->tools->source system mapping, and fill up SAPTDV210 in 'orgsrc..'(first column) and SAPTQA999 in 'trgsrc..'(last column?) and save.
    2. XXXHRP210 ? if this system still exist, right click this source system and 'restore'.
    3. 0ACTIONREAS and 0ACTIONTYPE datasource doesn't exist in target system, in target system have you replicate from r/3 ?
    if problem not solve in one go, would help if you specify bw dev name and target name, also r/3 new and old.
    hope this helps.

  • Problem in Transport Request

    Hi All,
    I am trying to transport the contents of a Z table from one client to another client using sm31 transaction.
    When i tried to do this, i am getting the problem like
    "Transport is not possible for the specified data".
    the table type is: Master data, Transparent Table
    Moreover this table is having three fields and all are Primary key fields.
    Any one have idea how to solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance.
    Ram Sri

    Hi ram,
    1. delivery class
    2. make the delivery class of your z table
       to 'C' (customizing)
    3. then it will ALWAYS ask
       for request,
      whenever u create new entries into this table.
      (via sm30)
    4. make sure u save and activate the table.
      also delete and re-create the table maintenance.
    amit m.

  • Problem in standard workflow of claims in ESS

    Hi ,
    I am functional consultant and I am facing problem in standard workflow of claims WS18900023 .
    When approver clicks on approve button it gives message that ' Validation is succesful 'and it does not get approved.
    When approver clicks on Approve button it should say that request has been approved and that workiten should go from his inbox but this is not happening  .That workitem still shows in his inbox with same status of to be approved .
    Kinldy help in resolving this issue .
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Archana,
    I assue that you have activated the BADI GET_NEXT_APPROVER.
    Follow these steps.
    => Request for claims from portal.
    => Then in SAP run the T-code HRPBSIN_AC_ACRP and check the request status. It should show as To Be Approved.
    => Then logon as manager and approve the request from UWL.
    => Now agian in SAP run the T-code HRPBSIN_AC_ACRP and check the request status. It should show as Approved. ( If your maintaining Multi level approval process status will be Partially Approved).
    => Once it shows status Approved, Run the T-code HRPBSIN_AC_INFU, it will show the list of requests to be update in IT0015.

Maybe you are looking for

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