Problem of hierarchy in bex analyzer

Dear all,
I met a problem when I using Bex analyzer to run a query, there is a characteristic 0CS_PLEVEL (posting level) with a hierarchy. If the characteristic is displayed in the row or column, i can filter with the hierarchy node, everything seems to be fine. But if the 0CS_PLEVEL is set to be a free characteristic in the query, when I filter with hierarchy text node (not leaves), then there will be wrong message about 'No applicable data found', but if I add drill down according to Posting Level in rows, it indeed has data value.
And I tried filtering value with same hierarchy node with other query which is built based on Multiprovider, everything is fine.
I wonder if there is any speciall setting for filtering by hierarchy node in the query based on virtualprovider 0BCS_VC11?
Your reply will be appreciated.

In the Exception definition,Make sure you have selected following :
In Display tab    ->    Select Exception affects data cells
in cell restrictions tab  -> Exception affects everything
After that,once you execute the query,Exceptions should be shown on all levels.

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  • I am facing Problem with my Bi Bex Analyzer 7.10 .

    Hi All,
    I am facing Problem with my Bi Bex Analyzer 7.10 .
    I have Windows 7 with Office 2007 insatlled on my Machine and  SAP GUI 7.10  with  patch 11.
    When i Open the Bex Analyzer and click on OPEN Query, it shows me the German Laguage istead of English ( Open Query )
    and the Open query  Icon is not responding
    Hence my Bex Analayzer is not working .
    Is there any MS Office 2007 Patch that i have to istalled on the The Machine .
    Please advice.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Nilesh,
    To see the text in English,you have to login to backend with Language as "EN" in the Logon Screen.
    To make the icons work in Analysis and Design Toolbar,you can install in KB from Microsoft.
    Close Analyzer,install this KB and then Launch Analyzer.
    This will solve your issue.

  • Problem in Hierarchy in BEX Query

    Hi ALL,
    I have created Query for balance statements & Profit ,Loss statement by using hierarchy. It  is execuiting in perfectly.But the problem is "I want in the query output hierarchy with only 1 node that is Profit/loss node."
    I have done restriction on that node only. But I am not getting the output for that node.
    If I add one more node for Profit/loss node it is showing data.
    my question is If I restrict only one node why it is not working?
    please give me suggestions on this. <b>we need only one node in the output Hierarchy.</b>
    Plaese give me the steps Regarding this.

    Hi srikanth,
    thanks for ur reply,
    My hierarchy having like this:
    Fiancial satement
              |--->Source of funds
              |---->App.of Funds
              <b><b>|---><b>Profit/loss node</b>->caliculated Profit</b></b>
              |------->Un assained Node.
    1. I have not used any Structure .
    2. I have placed my Hiearachy in ROWS and I ahve restricted only Profit/Loss Node.
    ( But If I select only 1 node in Restriction data is not getting in query)
    IF I select "profit/loss node " & some other node in Restriction data is coming in the output of Query.
    What is the reason for this.
    whatt I have to do to get only 1 node in the output with values.
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  • SAP BEX Analyzer Set values for variables

    Please help us out in sorting out this problem,
    We are automating BEx Analyzer for a Testing Project with Quick Test Professional (QTP) a functional automation tool uses VB script.
    There are 5 steps in automation
    Invoke BEx Application
    Log in to BEx server
    Run Query
    Set values for Variables for Query
    Display Report
    We are able to do 1,2,3 steps using BEx API functions and running BEx macros but we struck up with 4th step,
    1. Invoke BEx Application
    ‘Launch Excel
    Dim app
    Set app = createobject("Excel.Application")
    ‘Make it visible
    app.Visible = true
    ‘Attach add-in to Excel file
    app.Run ("'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'!SetStart")
    2. Log in to BEx server
    Login to Bex server
    Function logonToBW(app)
    Dim myConnection
    Dim logonToBW2
    On Error Resume Next
    logonToBW2 = True
    ' Create logon to system with following user and system details
    Set myConnection = app.Run ("'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'! SAPBEXgetConnection")
    With myConnection
    .client = "600"
    .User = "USERNAME"
    .Password = "Welcom123"
    .Language = "en"
    .systemnumber = "00"
    .System = "BWDCLNT600"
    .systemid = "BWD"
    .ApplicationServer = ""
    .SAProuter = ""
    .Logon 0, true
         If .IsConnected = 0 Then
               .Logon 0, False
    If .IsConnected <> 1 Then
    MsgBox "Automatic logon failed. Please enter your username and password in the next screen ..."
    Exit Function
    End If
    End If
    End With
    ' Run connection query to see if connected
    app.Run ("'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'!SAPBEXinitConnection")
    logonToBW2 = True
    End Function
    3. Run a Query
    app.Run "'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'! runQuery", "ZZCCA3_M01_Q0003"
    Till here the script is running fine then the “Select values for Variables” window is displayed.
    This is where exactly we struck up; in this window we need to select values.
    Name of the Fields
         Field Name     Technical name of characteristic     Variable Name     Value
    1     Company Code                     0COMP_CODE     ZM_COMPCODE     1000
    2     Cost Center Hierarchy          0COSTCENTER     ZS_CCTRN     1000MDON
    3     Cost Center Node     0COSTCENTER     ZS_CCTRN     1000COP
    4     Cost Element          0COSTELEMENT     ZS_COELN     1000GDON_6999
    5     Fiscal Year     0FISCYEAR     0P_FYEAR     2007
    To select values for variables, we are trying below code but its giving an error,
    app.Run  "'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'!SAPBEXSetFilterValue", “1000”, "0COMP_CODE"
    app.Run  "'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'!SAPBEXSetFilterValue", “1000MDON”, " 0COSTCENTER "
    app.Run  "'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'!SAPBEXSetFilterValue", “1000COP”,  "0COSTCENTER"
    app.Run  "'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'!SAPBEXSetFilterValue", “1000GDON_6999”,  "0COSTELEMENT "
    app.Run  "'C:\Program Files\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExAnalyzer.xla'!SAPBEXSetFilterValue", “2007”,  " 0FISCYEAR"
    Any help highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Hi Reinhard,
    Pleas look at this:
    Passing a range to SAPBEX.XLA!SAPBEXSetFilterValue
    Best regards,

  • Create report on hierarchies using Bex Analyzer

    Hi sir/mam,
    can any one tell me how to create report on hierarchy in BEx Analyzer .
    Basically i have an info object which is kept under Rows.what i did wasi simply dragged from Dimensions and dropped that info Object into Rows in Rows/Column pane.But that info object has hierarchy in Dimensions. when i dragged and dropped i only get that info object not with the Hierarchy.Now i have to create a report on that info object with the same Hierarchy as it is in the dimensions .
    please tell me the steps how to create hierarchy .

    Dolly, welcome to developing in BW.
    A hierarchy is considered a 'Property' of a characteristic. You can just right-click on the characteristic and select the hierarchy from the tab titled "Hierarchy" in the properties section. Select "Activate Hierarchy Display" and choose the hierarchy you want to show. You can also use a variable to allow the user to select from all available hierarchies for that characteristic.
    (Note that this is for BI 7. BW 3.x involves a similar process, but the interface is a bit different.

  • Bex Analyzer 7.0, Filter on Hierarchy Node (Text Group)

    Hi gurus,
    I would be glad if anyone of you could help me with this issue.
    I made an application with Bex Analyzer 7.0 which does following -> create certain combinations and copy it directly into PowerPoint as a picture. This works great, I can send you the code if you want to. I could even create a blog or wiki ...
    My issue appears when I try to copy a value for hierarchy node into Filter in Bex. It is possible to write into Filter some value and the system sets a filter with this value, there is no doubt about it. But I wanted to filter on a whole hierarchy node. I'm not able to do this by copying the value into the line. With the context menu no problem.
    Example 1:(works fine)
    Characteristics    Filter:
    0comp_code       1000
    Example 2:(doesn't work)
    Characteristics    Filter:
    0comp_code       +Group1(Text Node)
    I will appreciate any kind of help.
    Thank you

    As promissed, here is the code with which we export graphics into powerpoint.
    BEx Analyzer 7.0
    Following scenario -> user defines combinations in the list, what should be exported (area "D39:D142") Macro copies selections into filter area (D22).
    Sub Chart2PPT()
        Dim objPPT As Object
        Dim objPrs As Object
        Dim objSld As Object
        Dim shtTemp As Object
        Dim chtTemp As ChartObject
        Dim objShape As Shape
        Dim objGShape As Shape
        Dim intSlide As Integer
        Dim blnCopy As Boolean
        Dim i As Integer
        Dim f As Integer 
        Set objPPT = CreateObject("Powerpoint.application")
        objPPT.Visible = True
        objPPT.ActiveWindow.ViewType = 1 'ppViewSlide
        For Each cell In Range("D39:D142")
    If Cells(i, 4) = "" Then Exit Sub
    If Len(Cells(i, 4).Value) < 1 Then Exit Sub
        Cells(22, 4) = Cells(i, 4) 
        For Each shtTemp In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
            blnCopy = False
            If shtTemp.Type = xlWorksheet Then
                For Each objShape In shtTemp.Shapes 'chtTemp In shtTemp.ChartObjects
                    blnCopy = False
                    If objShape.Type = msoGroup Then
                          ' if ANY item in group is a chart
                        For Each objGShape In objShape.GroupItems
                            If objGShape.Type = msoChart Then
                                blnCopy = True
                                Exit For
                            End If
                    End If
                    If objShape.Type = msoChart Then blnCopy = True
                    If blnCopy Then
    '                  blnCopy = True
                       If shtTemp.Name = "GraphAbsatz" And (Cells(i, 8).Value = "x" Or Cells(i, 5).Value = "x") Or _
                        shtTemp.Name = "GraphPreis" And (Cells(i, 8).Value = "x" Or Cells(i, 6).Value = "x") Or _
                        shtTemp.Name = "GraphUmsatz" And (Cells(i, 8).Value = "x" Or Cells(i, 7).Value = "x") Then
                        intSlide = intSlide + 1
                        ' shtTemp.UsedRange.CopyPicture 'kopiert nur Grafiken
                        ' objShape.CopyPicture
                         shtTemp.UsedRange.CopyPicture 'kopiert die ganze Seite
                         ' new slide for each chart
                        objPPT.ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide Index:=objPPT.ActivePresentation.Slides.Add(Index:=objPPT.ActivePresentation.Slides.Count + 1, Layout:=12).SlideIndex
                      End If  
                   End If
                If Not blnCopy Then
                ' nichts kopieren
                     ' copy used range
                   ' intSlide = intSlide + 1
                   ' shtTemp.UsedRange.CopyPicture
                     ' new slide for each chart
                   ' objPPT.ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide Index:=objPPT.ActivePresentation.Slides.Add(Index:=objPPT.ActivePresentation.Slides.Count + 1, Layout:=12).SlideIndex
                   ' objPPT.ActiveWindow.View.Paste
                End If
            ' nichts kopieren
               ' intSlide = intSlide + 1
               ' shtTemp.CopyPicture
                 ' new slide for each chart
               ' objPPT.ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide Index:=objPPT.ActivePresentation.Slides.Add(Index:=objPPT.ActivePresentation.Slides.Count + 1, Layout:=12).SlideIndex
               ' objPPT.ActiveWindow.View.Paste
            End If
        ' nächste Selektion
         i = i + 1
        Set objPrs = Nothing
        Set objPPT = Nothing
    End Sub

  • BeX-Analyzer - color more levels of hierarchy

    i have a hierarchie with 10 levels and i would like to give each level a different color. Using Analyzer i am only able to set different colors for the first 4 levels. Excel offers the following style sheets for this:
    Is it possible to have more style sheets like:

    well, defining my own style sheet wouldn´t help much, because the problem is that BeX Analyzer marks all hierarchy levels bigger than 4 with SAPBEXHLevel3. If i define a style sheet for SAPBEXHLevel4 this wouldn´t work, because the elements of hierarchy level 5 are still marked with SAPBEXHLevel3. Somehow i need to tell BeX Analyzer to mark level 5 elements with style sheet SAPBEXHLevel4, level 6 elements with SAPBEXHLevel5 etc...i guess this is done somewhere in the SAPBEX-Add-In?

  • Variable hierarchy display not changed (BEx analyzer)

    We have a BEx query, in which a drilldown characteristic is displayed as an hierarchy
    Hierarchy display is active
    Selected hierarchy:
    Name - constant
    Version - customer exit variable
    Customer exit calculates version from manual input variable.
    We need to view the report in BEx Analyzer.
    When the query is opened, we select manual input variables and the hierarcy's version is set correctly.
    The issue is that when we change manual input variables at runtime, the data is refreshed,
    but hierarchy display is not changed. The selected hierarchy's version remains unchanged.
    In order to change hierarchy display, we need to open characteristic properties and change the selected hierarchy manually
    or we need to reopen the query and provide another manual input variables.
    Our system version is 7.01 patch level 9
    Is there any way to fix this problem
    Or some workaroud?
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Michael, thank you for reply.
    But I don't see how these notes may help me with my problem.
    1753959 - I don't get a short dump
    1745472, 1751321 - system displays all queried nodes, the problem is that if I input another variable, hierarchy version variable is calculated via user-exit properly (I see it in ABAP debugger), but displayed hierarchy has version, which was set when I opened query initially.
    1717433 - nodes are returned with non-empty result. I can see that data is refreshed, hierarchy version is requested correctly, but is displayed incorrectly. We can see, for example, new hierarchy leaves, but in "n/a" node.
    I tried to run the same report on system with version 7.01, patch level 12 and get the same behaviour.
    My problem is similar to that described in notes 993151, 957219, but our system patch level is already higher.

  • Problem in BEx analyzer output in BI dev and BI Quality

    Hi All
    I am facing a problem in BEx analyzer output in BI Dev and BI Quality server where the query is make on BI infoset.
    When i am executing the query in BI dev server then it is giving the output result but when i tried to executing the BI query in BI quality server the i got 'No available data found result'.
    I have also checked the same selection input result in infoprovider for infoset and output is getting for the same.
    Please suggest for regarding solution.
    thanks & regards,
    Gourav Sekhri

    check whether you have loaded data in to quality server if no, please load data for all the target involved in info set.  If data loaded check all the target 'request for reporting available 'or not.
    Also check whether data is showing in infoset or not.. if data availble there change your selection critiria accordingly.
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  • Problem with '-' (dash) in BEx web analyzer

    Hi All,
    we are having a strange problem with 0BPartner and 0Material. Our BPartner and Material have '-'(dash) sign as part of key. While selecting this BPartner/Material in Bex Analyzer, we do not have any problem, but when we try to select the same Bpartner/Material in BEx Web Analyzer, it puts an escape char in from of the dash. For eg:
    If i select the Bpartner "1234-5467" then in Web Analyzer selection box, it is displayed as  "1234\-5467" in the selection screen.
    If i do a search on 1234-5467, it returns zero value.But if i do a search on 1234\-5467, then i get the search hit.
    If i enter the Bpartner in the selection window directly and If i do not put the escape char, then it considers the input as range 1234 - 5467 and returns me no value in the report output.
    Has anyone had this type of issue? Please respond.

    Thanks Olivier,
    Sorry if you had misunderstood my question. They are 2 different Info objects. and i am having problem searching values in each one of these info objects.
    Let me explain it with an example.
    Let say company defines material in the following format.
    "123", "456", "788", "345"....etc.
    And I have a report which has material as input selection.
    To run this report with single material i enter "123" in the selection screen
    To run this report with a range of materials, I need to enter 123 - 456 in the selection.
    I have no Issues
    Scenario 2.
    Consider a case if the materials are defined in SAP as "001-1234", "987-234"
    "123-234" etc.
    In this scenario, to run the same report for 1 material, i will enter 001-1234. But now the question is how will BW system interpret this material entry.
    Is this 1 single material(001-1234) or a material range (001 - 1234)??
    We have issue here. The system considers this material "001-1234" as a range (001 to 1234) instead of single material and gives me zero output.
    Any help??

  • Problem-taking a long time to open Bex Analyzer

    We upgraded from BW 3.1 to BI 7.0 SP9, Front End SP 9, Patch 3, Revision 370 and have a problem when we try to access Bex Analyzer.  The response time is very poor. It can take as long as 3 minutes (or longer) for Bex Analyzer to open after we click on the Bex Analyzer option.  When we were on BI 7.0, Front End SP 7, the response time was better but since upgrading to FEP 9, the time to open Bex Analyzer from our PCs is very long. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how was it resolved? Thanks

    You might want to trouble shoot with web log from BINW2004s forum topper and Front end Champ Prakash ...
    <a href=""></a>
    Hope it Helps

  • Problem in executing query in browser and bex analyzer

    i am not able to execute query in browser nor bex analyzer...
    problem is that i dont have option to run in bex analyzer in query designer (menu bar seems missing in query designer and how can i get enabled
    and when execute the query in browser using bex query designer prompts me with following error
    URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available
    ■The termination occurred in system ERD with error code 403 and for the reason Forbidden.
    ■The selected virtual host was 0
    and i tried to open the query from bex analyzer  level
    it prompts me as follows
    macros are disabled because the security level is set to high and digitally signedtrusted certificate is not attached to the macros,to run the macros change the security level to lower settings
    pls suggest me

    hi suman,
    thanks for your response.. but let me be more clear
    i am using sap gui 7.20 front end and when i execute rrmx i am able to navigate to BEx analyzer but when i tried to open a report which i create i get following error message..
    you do not have sufficient authorization for infoprovider zic_proj
    function module  /SDF/AL_MAP_TRANSID_LOGH doesnt exit
    second thing is that i tried from bex query designer to execute the report ..but i am not able to execute the report...
    i hope some connections seems missing..please let me know what to do ASAP..
    and where can i post this question to get fast reply

  • Problems with dynamic data slices and BEx Analyzer

    Hello experts,
    we use a data slice to lock released data.
    This data slice contains an exit-variable which selects all plan that are already released out of a ABAP dictionary table.
    The user can release data via planning function. He can start this function with a button in a BEx workbook.
    He use the same workbook for insert planning data.
    the problem is:
    when a user releases data, the value of the exit variable in our data slice changes but the data slice 9999 seems to be NOT generated with the new value. the reuslt is, that the user can still change released data.
    the data slice is just new generated after logout and login again not after refresh the query.
    Is there a possibility to force the system to generate data slice 9999 with the actual value of the exit variable? maybe a function module or method?
    We have this problem just in BEx Analyzer. In Web Reporting everything works fine and the data is locked by the data slice after refresh.
    Thank you

    Hallo Johannes,
    if you want to have this kind of behaviour you need to go for a data slice of type exit. You will find some information about this in the Planning forum.
    The data slice is instantiated once, but when you release the data you need to call a method in your exit data slice which rereads the values. This is a rough idea how this could be done.
    Regards Matthias Nutt
    SAP Consulting Switzerland

  • Problem opening a query in BEx Analyzer 7.10

    we have problems with the BEx Analyzer, an empty screen is
    displayed when we open a query.
    I'm going to explain the steps:
    We open Analyzer, goto open query, logon into BW window appears and then, before the screen to select query from an Infoarea, roles, etc is load, the Analyzer seems to open the SAP Logon and an empty screen from R/3 appears.
    We can not close this R/3 empty window, only when we close the Analyzer this windows is closed.
    The problem happens with the SAP GUI 6.40, so we updated to
    SAP GUI 7.10, installed patches, addons and windows/ office
    patches but the problem persists.
    How can we solve this issue?
    Thanks in advanced.
    Best regards,

    Yes, I have done all the installations that the notes said and the pre-requisites:
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 + .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 + Hotfixes and windows update + Microsoft Visual J# .NET Framework 1.1.
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 + .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 + Hotfixes and windows update + Microsoft Visual J# .NET Framework 2.0.
    - Microsoft Officce 2003 patches (KB907417, KB945185) + Office 2003 SP3
    - bi710sp03_300 and bi710sp04_400
    - gui710_6-10002995.exe and kw710_1-10004321.exe
    But the problem persist.
    I have executed BI Frontend installation check tool (sapbexc710.xla) and seems everything is OK.

  • BEx Analyzer - Convert to formula - Dynamics of a hierarchy

    Hi BI-Experts,
    I have a question regarding the BEx Analyzer built in functionality "convert to formula".
    Once I have done this, the report is more ore less static, establishing a fixed link between the cell and the query result.
    Let's say I had included a G/L account hierarchy and converted the analysis grid item to formulas: I will lose drill down functionality of the hierarchy, drag & drop etc.. I can live with that.
    But what happens, if I update the G/L hierarchy in BI by uploading from ECC and someone added an additional text node and 3 new G/L accounts. They won't appear in my "convert to formula" report, even when refreshing, right?
    Does anyone know a work-around for a highly formatted report in BEx Analyzer which keeps the layout when refreshed (only way I know is with "convert to formula") AND using hierarchies which should be able being updated?
    Every hint is much appreciated!
    Kind Regards,
    Steffen Lange

    Steffen Lange wrote:
    > But what happens, if I update the G/L hierarchy in BI by uploading from ECC and someone added an additional text node and 3 new G/L accounts. They won't appear in my "convert to formula" report, even when refreshing, right?
    > Kind Regards,
    > Steffen Lange
    Thats right, as now the key figure values are basic excel formulas though they refer your dataprovider.
    The only option is to update the value of the hierarchy (new nodes etc) in the workbook too, you can add a new row and insert the new hierarchy value it should pick it up and key figures populated accordingly (you may need to put right row column value for your key figure calculation formula).
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