Problem syncing apps - Error OXE 800000B

I am having synchronizing my 2 iPad and my iPhone with iTunes. I assume therefore that the issue lies with iTunes and not the hardware. The syncing process starts normally: save the iPhone / Pad content, proceeds to the various checks, then starst downloading the new apps... and bugs on the first apps. It then cancels the synchronisation and delivers a message that the systems had an unexpected error OXE800000B (ou 0XE...) and that none of the apps could be synchronised.
Can anyone help please?

DRM protection is included with all 3rd party apps - free and paid, which is tied to the iTunes account used to purchase/download the apps.
You cannot merge iTunes accounts.
Are you using all 5 computers that are currently authorized with the same iTunes account - the iTunes account being used with your iPhone?
If not, you can de-authorize all 5 computers with this iTunes account followed by re-authorizing the computers that are still available and being used with the iTunes account.
If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes on this computer, all iTunes content on your iPhone will be erased with the first sync. In regards to iTunes content, an iPhone can be synced with an iTunes library on a single computer only.

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  • Problems syncing apps with 10.3.1

    recently i have had problems syncing app updates on my ipad since i updated to 10.3.1. i did a restore on the ipad thinking that there was a problem with the operating system. it froze during the restore and every time i tried after that. i was able to restore on a different computer with an older version of itunes and was able to sync apps from that computer. i tried to sync apps again on the origional computer and when i do it takes an hour for them to all load on but at the end i get an error that says some of the apps in your library were not installed on the ipad because one or more errors occured.  i have reinstalled itunes several times and also reinstalled the apple moble device drivers. every time i trie to sync apps i use a new back up file so there would be no corrupted files. i have also gone to apple and they gave me a new ipad. please help i dont know what to do.

    i have downgraded to versio 10.2.2 and i still have the same issues. I have also tried deleting then redownloading the apps to see if a new version will correct the problem however i have had no success. please tell me every idea that you might have to fix the problems i am having.


    I HAVE PROBLEM SYNCING APPS.I tick them in itunes it starts to sync them and then automatically deletes them as well as putting default to none apps ticked...
    my iphone is empty from apps even thught I have 72 ticked...

    Hello Violet03,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities!
    I would recommend a few things here. If you havent already restart both your computer, and the iPad.
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    Restarting your device
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears, and then slide the slider.
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
    If that doesnt work then close all the apps that are running on the iPad with this process:
    From the Home screen, click the Home button twice.
    Tap and hold on the app.
    When it starts to jiggle, tap the to close it.
    Double-click the Home button and try opening the app again.
    From: iOS: Force an app to close
    And if the issue persists it might be a good idea to backup and restore your iPad in iTunes with this article.
    iOS: How to back up and restore your content
    All the best,

  • Having problems syncing apps

    im unable to sync apps from my iPhone to my itunes...evertyhing else syncs fine.

    Are you currently connected to a 3G network or a wifi network ? If an app is over 20 meg in size then you will only be able to download it over a wifi network, not over 3G.
    And have you tried downloading the apps on iTunes on your computer and then tried syncing or dragging and dropping the apps across to the iPad device ?

  • Can't sync apps - error message says that they can't be identified

    I tried to sync my Itouch this morning and got a message that it couldn't complete because it couldn't identify all the apps.

    the message actually says that they can't be determined.  I do have 'sync apps' checked.  I just tried shutting down my itouch and itunes and restarting them and that didn't work.

  • Problem syncing app from computer to iphone & ipad

    I downloaded an app (Red Laser- barcode scanner) on my windows computer. I want to use it on my iphone and ipad but can not sync it. 

    This is the same problem I am having. And it was a problem with 3.0.1 also.
    As FM said "I can not mark 'Selected Folders' in iTunes. It appears Sync phots from the folder that I want, but 'All folders' is still marked."
    There appears to be no way to change from "all folders" to "selected folders". All relevant buttons are grayed out.
    I would love to attach a screenshot to clarify …

  • Problem Syncing apps

    I have an iPhone, iPad and PC with ITunes. I sync via iCloud and wirelessly. Only some of my apps seem to sync, others, such as and only appear on the device to which I downloaded the app. What is interfering with them appearing on all devices

    I don't know how to tell if the apps are appropriate for both, but what I've found is some apps I've downloaded that only have an iphone version show up on the iPad but in the iPod size and configuration.
    The problem I am having with these apps is that they aren't even showing up in the iTunes app list on my computer.

  • Problem syncing apps after restore

    it tells me that the computer is authorized for them on this computer.
    Why? Everything else syncs fine.

    Go to the Applications folder under your iTunes Library. Double click on any one App. It will prompt you to put in your iTunes password to authorize the Apps. Then go back to your iPhone's Applications tab and hit Sync.

  • Problems syncing apps onto iPod

    Hi there. Last week I downloaded Trails and iDialUDrive on the iTunes store, which were downloaded successfully and are now on my list of Apps. Though every time I want them to be synced onto my iPod, it simply won't do it. Every other app downloads, though these two won't. And I paid for these apps, so if it won't let me use them, how can I get my money back?

    Are these apps compatible with the ipod touch?
    The Trails I see is a GPS tracker ( the ipod touch does not have GPS) and lists only the iphone as compatible devices.
    IdialUDrive is a telephone app (ipod touch is not a phone) and it also lists iphone as only compatible device.
    Did you look at the requirements on these apps before buying?

  • Syncing Apps Problems

    I'm having such problems syncing apps especially when they are purchased on my phone. I haven't been able to get one single app that was purchased on my phone to automatically sync back to my computer. I can see during the sync it says at the top if iTunes "Transferring purchases from my phone to computer", but nothing ever happens. When I get updates on my phone they don't work anymore, message says to get them on your computer next time you sync. The only way I get updates to work is to manually remove the original app, uncheck it itunes to remove it, then add it back like a new app. This is the only method that works without generating errors. I have also tried in itunes, file, transfer purchases back to itunes, but this doesn't work either. The progress bar looks like it is working but then none of the apps are in itunes.
    I'm using a MBP on the latest OSX version.
    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Same problem here. Having been a long time Palm user, I really miss the ability to adjust conduit direction, ie: Phone--->Desktop, or Desktop--->Phone.
    I have ceased downloading applications to the phone, and only download from iTunes on my desktop, then sync the phone to the desktop.
    IMHO, the iPhone integration into iTunes is not the best.

  • How can I sync apps from Mac to iPhone and visa versa.

    Firstly I'm not having any problems syncing apps to my iPhone.
    I'm very OCD and would like to have it so that If I install an app onto my Mac, it sync to my iPhone. And then if I delete it from my Mac and plug my phone in to sync, it will delete it from my iPhone.
    Basically I want my iMac to be the hub of the apps, so everything I see on my iMac will be on my phone.
    Let me know if you have a solution for this!

    As far as installing is concerned, if you install an iPhone app on your Mac and sync your iPhone to your Mac using either USB or WiFi the app will be installed on your phone. You can also go (on the phone) to Settings/iTunes & App Store and turn on Automatic Downloads for apps. Then whenever you buy or download an app on your computer or another Apple device it will automatically be installed on your iPhone.
    For uninstalling, there are 2 ways to uninstall; one is on the phone (which you said you don't want to do) and the other is to connect the phone to iTunes, click on it, then on Apps, and uncheck any apps you don't want on the phone, then sync.

  • Sync Apps to Note 4 since Lollipop

    Can't Sync my Facebook app with my phone anymore!  Not sure if this is due to the FB update or Lollipop.  Anyone else having problems syncing apps now and if so, is there a fix?

    Did you try soft reset it reinstall fb?

  • I am trying to sync my iphone 4. Get error :"itunes cannot sync apps to the iphone because the apps installed on the iphone cannot be determined"

    I wanted to sync my iphone 4 (cdma).  I have synced it before successfully.  I am getting an error "itunes cannot sync apps to the iphone because the apps installed on the iphone cannot be determined" and the apps and items follwoing apps in syncing (photos for example) will not sync. Items prior to apps synced (calendar/contacts).  I restarted both my iphone (currently on ios 4.2.8) and my computer, itunes was on 10.6.1, same problem.  I installed itunes 10.6.3, same problem.  I had been waiting to update ios to 5.1.1 and would like to do that now, but wanted to sync first.  Anyone have any ideas?  I am stumped!  Thank you.

    Hello glenysfromwm
    On your computer, try the download link below to get the latest version of iTunes to download so you can sync with your computer.
    iTunes 11.1.5
    -Norm G.

  • ITunes cannot sync apps to the iPod because the apps installed on the iPod could not be determined error message

    I've been getting the "iTunes cannot sync apps to the iPod because the apps installed on the iPod could not be determined" error message for a while. I have tried restoring my iPod but as soon as I try to sync it again (even with nothing changing in iTunes or on the iPod) I get the same error message. Whenever I want to add music to my iPod I have to delete everything and then wait hours for it to restore which is ridiculous. Anyone have any other suggestions for fixing this problem?
    I'm using a 3rd generation iPod touch with 4.2.1 software and iTunes

    The fact that there is so many discussions with no clear answer is the problem.
    I went back and looked through all the different suggestions and and tried them all to make sure I didn't miss anything. What finally worked for me was making sure all apps were updated on the iPod and making sure all apps were updates in iTunes (under the Library>Apps tab NOT under devices) and then syncing.

  • I am getting this error message after upgrading to iOS5: "iTunes cannot sync apps to the iPad "ray's iPad" because the apps installed on the iPad could not be determined."

    I am getting this error message after upgrading to iOS5: "iTunes cannot sync apps to the iPad "ray's iPad" because the apps installed on the iPad could not be determined."
    I wiped it out and restored from backup but I am still getting the same message.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and that fixed it. Here are the specific instructions that I was given.
    Try the following steps:
    1. Go to Microsoft website to fix install and Unistall problems. Click "Run now" from Fix it to remove all iTunes & related installer files:
    Be aware that Windows Installer CleanUp Utility will not remove the actual program from your computer. However, it will remove the installation files so that you can start the installation, upgrade, or uninstall over.
    2. You should remove all instances of iTunes and the rest of the components listed below:
    it may be necessary to remove all traces of iTunes, QuickTime, and related software components from your computer before reinstalling iTunes.
    Use the Control Panel to uninstall iTunes and related software components in the following order:
    Apple Software Update
    Apple Mobile Device Support
    Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)
    Follow the instructions from Apple article listed here: to remove all components
    3. Reboot your computer. Next, download iTunes from here: and install from scratch
    Good Luck!

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