Problem w/ ereasing a file from iTunes library! It simply shuts down iTunes

Hi, can anybody help me? my problem is that every time that i want to erease a video file from the library iTUnes shuts down!! I cant even sync my iPod anymore because it says that "Itunes has detected a problem and must shut down"! Please HELP!!
I already uninstalled iTUnes but I thought that this will erease all my library so I could sync my iPod again, when I re-installed the Itunes program there was my library again!! What can I do?

This is Apple's support document on that subject:

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  • Problems during copying music files from iTunes 10.6.1 to iPhone

    1st problem
    In new iTunes 10.6.1 on my MBP when copying music on iPhone if during copying add additional musical files in queue, copying of files from the previous queue stops. In the previous iTunes version of such problem didn't arise. Whether there is a solution of this problem?
    2nd problem
    In older version of iTunes i could adding new music files to my iphone with drag and drop from Finder. Now i must add files in iTunes library and then from library drag and drop files to iphone. How to solve this problem?

    You would have to purchase 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and install it, assuming your computer is compatible.

  • Can't drag files from itunes library (to anywhere) anymore.

    Recently I've noticed I can no longer drag files from the library in my itunes. I can't drag them to playlists, and I can't drag them to the desktop.
    I have repaired permissions and even tried removing the library.xml file and let it generate a new one, but I still get the same result.
    I am on a mac os 10.6.8 Macbook Pro.
    I'm not sure when ths started happening, but I wonder if it has something to do with an itunes update. I have the newest version and always dwnload the updates. I can still add files to the library by control-clicking the files and selecting the option in the dropdown list. This isn't an intentional change in the way the program works is it? Is no one else having this problem??

    Iphone will sync or manually manage with one and only one computer at a time.
    Syncing or manually managing to another will indeed erase the current content and replace with the content from the new computer.

  • Hi.. i am finding problem in transferring .avi file from dektop to itunes

    hi.. i am finding problem in transferring .avi file from dektop to itunes

    iTunes does not support .AVI files. However, you can use iSquint to convert the file to an Apple-Friendly format (Its free, and really easy to use)

  • Problems downloading a television series from iTunes

    I have had problems downloading a tv series from iTunes. I have been looking everywhere for info on how to retrieve non-corrupted versions of two of the episodes... no joy!
    I have the most up to date version of iTunes. I have clicked on the 'Check for available downloads in the Store menu' and it just tells me that the two episodes can't be downloaded as they are corrupted.
    Can someone please help me???!!!

    Hi Brenden,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to help. I've gone through the details as suggested on the articles you've sent links to. Strangely, even though both episodes appear in my iTunes Library as unusable files, neither are listed under iTunes on my hard drive. In other words, nothing to delete.
    I will keep hold of the links you've sent in case I have similar problems in future.
    I have sent screen grabs, etc to Apple Support further to finding out how to report a problem and it looks like they're investigating. Its frustrating though.
    Thanks again for trying.
    Best wishes,

  • Cannot delete movie file from iTunes

    After converting movie file via Quicktime and adding it to the iTunes library, I am not able to remove it anymore. If you try to delete it, it crashes iTunes and after that all desktop icons are frozen. The movie does not play in iTunes, you cannot edit its info without crashing iTunes either. Movie plays in preview pane in Finder....
    Is there any other way to remove the file from iTunes?

    Try deleting the file without iTunes running.
    When you next open iTunes it should then be marked as a missing file and you should be able to delete the entry from iTunes.
    Hope this works
    Colin R.

  • How do I batch delete all my protected music files from iTunes.

    Hi, in a moment of stupidity, while I was working on a backup folder of my friends files (from his broken computer - copied them to my PC so he could get them back onto his new PC) I managed to copy all of his songs from his iTunes folder into my iTunes library. I don't know how I managed to do this, maybe it was the fact that I was really tired at the time.
    I own all my music - none of my music is copy protected (it is either downloaded from legal sites where the bands themselves [usually unknown or alternative artists] release their music, or I ripped the music from CD's I bought) and all of his music is copy protected.
    Now thing is, I have upgraded my PC before realising I did this, so now I don't have the original iTunes library (formatted PC and reinstalled XP from scratch) - is there any tools out there that will find and delete all your copy protected files from iTunes?
    I could go through song by song and when it comes up with the "Authorise computer - This computer is not authorised to play "******" Would you like to authorise it" and delete those songs, but as this is a very slow and time consuming process and considering I have 8,551 songs, I would prefer a faster way.
    I would go and re-rip all the songs, as I have the original discs, but this would take very long, and put quite a bit of strain on my CD drive, and this would not account for all the songs I have spent years finding on the internet/demo songs from friends bands.
    Any help is appreciated, as I would love to be able to remove all of his songs so they don't keep popping up in my iTunes library
    Thanks in advance.

    I have never tried this and am not at a computer with iTunes, but can you delete from a Smart Playlist? If so, you could make a smart playlist that shows songs that are of kind Protected ACC. Then select all and delete from that playlist. But I am not so sure if you can delete from a smart playlist.

  • HT1766 If I have accidently deleted my music files from iTunes on my PC laptop, can I get them back from my iPad which was synced just before I deleted all the files?

    I accidently deletes all my music files from iTunes on my PC laptop. Can I get them back using my iPad mini Retina that was synced just before I deleted the files? I am a bit old fashioned, so all of my music has been imported from my CD,s, not purchased from iTunes store. I could re-import, but almost 5,000 songs. Especially when they are sitting there on the iPad.

    Yes, if they were purchased from iTunes.  If they were CD's you copied to your iTunes library, then synced to your iPad, you may be forced to redownload the CDs again.
    Connect your iPad to your computer via USB and with iTunes open wait for your iPad to recognized on the left side of the iTunes screen.  Right click your iPad once and a dialog box will apear.  Choose Transfer Purchases and the music apps, etc., you purchased will transfer to your iTunes library on your computer.

  • "Entitlements are not valid" error message when trying to sync ipa file from iTunes to iPad

    Is anyone else getting this error message, "Entitlements are not valid",  when trying to sync .ipa file from iTunes to iPad?
    The issue I'm having is getting the ipa file that was built by the 'Adobe Flash Packager for Iphone' installed into my iPad.
    So, I have a swf file that works and was able to publish it into the Android Market.  I then compiled and build the same flash project with the Packager for Iphone into an .ipa file.  But when I try and install this .ipa file into my iPad to do my testings, i'm getting the error message. 
    I would like to test my ipa file in my iPad device before submitting it to the Apple Store.
    Any help would be appreciated. thank you.

    Developing for iphone can be amazingly complicated and frustrating.  (even before you start coding).  The process of having to create a Certificate, to approving the Certificate, to Assigning the deviceIDs to the certificate, to creating the AppIDs, to creating the provisioning profiles and then creating the .p12 file... is just too tedious. 
    I solved the problem of the "Entitlements are not valid".   The AppID i had set in the iPhone Developer Portal did not match that of the AppID i had set in the Adobe Flash CS5 -> Publish Settings.  (ie. com.yourdomainname.yourappname).  After I re-entered my AppID and compile, i was able to sync the .ipa file into my ipad. 
    I wish the error message had been a little more descriptive.  Could have saved me a whole day.
    I hope this helps others.  But my guess is, if you don't set the 40 character device ID correctly, or the email in the signingcertificate correctly, you'll get this same generic error message.

  • Deleted files from iTunes not showing in Trash Can

    Hi there,
    I am experiencing a problem where if I delete a track or podcast from iTunes and select the option Move to Trash, it does not show up in my Trash Can on the dock unless I open TC in Finder. Only then the TC logo on the dock shows that TC is not empty. Is this something that only I am experiencing? Any help to explain why this is and how to remedy it would be appreciated.

    I have found that if I delete files from iTunes, I don't see paper showing in the trash indicating that something is there, but if I click the icon for the trash, the paper will suddenly appear...and opening the folder to view what's in the trash shows that the deleted song is, indeed, there.

  • I can't sync music files from itunes to my iphone4s(ios6)?

    i can not sync my musci files from itunes to my iphone4s.

    Ragazzi anche io ho lo stesso problema.
    Ho attivato l'iTunes Match, che funziona correttamente sul pc e sull'iPhone 4S.
    L'ho attivato anche sul mio iPad, ma, tuttavia, dopo un breve periodo in cui ha funzionato correttamente, ha iniziato a dare problemi.
    Vi descrivo di seguito ciò che ho rilevato:
    - il periodo in cui l'iTunes Match ha funzionato correttamente sull'iPad è durato solo qualche settimana;
    - in seguito, anche se tutti i brani della Cloud venivano visualizzati sull'iPad, dava problemi nel senso che i brani non venivano riprodotti e, inoltre, la durata veniva indicata in "zero" per tutti i brani, sicchè, cliccandoci, non venivano riprodotti;
    - ho provato a disattivare e riattivare l'iTunes Match e, a questo punto il dispositivo ha dato il messaggio "tutta la tua libreria musicale verrà sostituita con quella su iTunes Match", mentre, nell'applicazione "MUSICA" erano spariti tutti i brani: veniva visualizzata, al centro della pagina, la nuovoletta del Cloud, con una barra di download sotto. Questo è durato per circa quattro giorni, senza che succedesse nulla, nel senso che la barra del download non mostrava segni di caricamento;
    - allora ho provato a ripristanare le impostazioni e, a questo punto, erano visualizzati di nuovo i brani, ma comunque senza possibilità di riprodurli (la durata di nuovo indicata come "zero");
    - nel momento in cui ho provato a cliccare su uno dei brani, è riapparsa la nuvoletta del Cloud con la barra di download sotto;
    - quando i brani ricompaiono, hanno sempre durata zero e non vengono riprodotti;
    - ho attivato anche la condivisione in famiglia ma il problema non cambia.
    Vi preciso che il mio iPad è della prima generazione ed è aggiornato all'IOS 6.

  • Issue to transfer music files from itunes to iPhone

    when I want to transfer a music file from itunes to the iphone. the iphone is visible but can not be selected to copy the file in there.
    Worth noticing that similar transfer worked fine on a different MAC. In both cases, the option synchronised was not ticked
    Any suggestion?

    Don't tell me that we can only transfer music file from one unique itunes library??

  • Syncing ipod already containing files from another library:

    If I were to get a used ipod already containing music and videos, then went to sync the same ipod with files from MY iTunes library, how could I do this without erasing the files already on the ipod (I've seen before in this situation, iTunes gives a message that this ipod contains files from another library, they will be erased, etc. etc.)? Is there some way to first "sync" from the ipod over to iTunes?

    No, there is not a simple way to do that. You could get a music retrieving program, but that would probably cost money. Any category you select to sync with your library (music, video, games, etc), it will erase everything. (I went through it twice.) It's a different story if your iPod is formatted with a different OS, like Mac to Windows and vice versa. You would have to erase and reformat everything on that iPod.
    Example: my sister got a new used iPod once, and we chose to sync music, pictures, and video, but keep the games already on there since we had not bought any.
    Hope this helps!

  • HT1660 when deleting music files from iTunes and you select Keep File, where is that file stored and how it is retireved?

    when deleting music files from iTunes and you select Keep File, where is that file stored and how it is retrieved?

    The file is just left where it was when it was connected to the library. Typically:
         <User>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/<Artist>/<Album>/## <Name>.<Ext>
    If you want to add it back just drag it into iTunes. If you want to cull the files you kept previously add the entire iTunes Media folder back into iTunes (or use one of Doug's scripts that has the same effect), then delete (and don't keep) the recent additions.
    Note that warning/prompt is only issued when the files you are removing are located inside the designated iTunes Media folder.

  • Can't delete files from iTunes File Sharing

    iPad, IOS 8.1.3
    MacBook Pro Retina, OS 10.10.2
    iTunes, v12.1
    I'm trying to delete files from iTunes. In this instance, I have files I made in Pages, via my iPad, I have learned how to move them to my computer without using iCloud, which I prefer. Now I can't get them off of the iTunes app on my computer.
    I have deleted them from my iPad and from my computer but they are still in the iTunes app on my computer. To see these one must plug the iPad into the computer. When iTunes, on the computer, opens, choose Apps from the side bar, (under settings), scroll down to File Sharing, pick the app, in this case Pages and there is a list of all the files, (docs), still on the computer, within iTunes.
    If i drag one of the files to the desk top on my computer and clic on it it will open. This is true for any of the apps under File Sharing.
    This seems very insecure to me and it also appears to take up space on my iPad.
    Anyone know how to get rid of these files?

    I had an orhpanded link to a networkshare which does not exist anymore. With the "cmd" key pressed down I was able to dump the favorite to the trash.
    Thank you.

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