Problem when updating af:table with new records

I have a page that shows two tables from the same DB table but with different VOs.
Table1 displays records where date_column is within the current month, table2 displays all records.
The problem is that when I add new record and return to the page, I find out that the new record has been added to both tables, it’s shown in table1 even though its date is not within this month.
When I run the page again the problem is solved and everything is in the right place !!
How can I fix this?

you will have to re-query the iterators because you add the new row to a VO - which is an iterator - that wont filter your input (instead you add to a filtered iterator). However, its strange that both tables show that value because if these are different VO they should be independent. Only if they are instances of the same VO tehy are expected to show the same data

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                   <xs:attribute name="id" type="xs:ID"/>
                   <xs:attribute name="class" type="xs:NMTOKENS"/>
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    Does Oracle not support element reference to other element with dot?
    For instance, body -> body.content
    Thanks for your attention.

    Sorry, amendment on the schema
         <xs:element name="body">
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                        <xs:element ref="body.content" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
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    If the sign does not go away it has not completed the restore. So you are incorrect when you say it "keeps completing the restore" if that message is still displayed.
    Do you get an error message? If so, what is the error number?

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    I try to figure out if it exists a syntaxe for UPDATE statement using a record like it exists for INSERT statements.
    select * into v_rec from employees where rownum = 1;
    v_rec.employee_id := -1; :=||'_';
    v_rec.employee_id := -1; :=||'_XX';
    UPDATE EMPLOYEES SET VALUES = v_rec where employee_id = -1;

    update EMPLOYEES
       set row = v_rec
    where employee_id = -1

  • Problem in updating FPLT Table with custom fields of the billing plan

    Hi Guys
    I have a requirement to add 2 custom fieldd in the billing plan tab of sales order and I could not find any screen exit for that. However I got access key and added those 2 fields on the screen but I am not able to uodate table FPLT from there.
    I can see exits to pass the value but because there is no screen exit, the program cant retain the values keyed given by use on the screen.
    I really dont know where do I need to write the code and how to make screen fields read by the program.
    Please please help.
    Thanks a lot

    Probably too late, but here's the solution:
    - Transaction SE51 program: SAPLV60F and dynpro number: 0030
    - Goto 'Logical execution' or something like that (i'm connected in french)
    -  Modify standard code line 75: here I have added the field 'LIBEL'
    *{   REPLACE        DTAK910958                                        1
    *\      FPLT-FPTTP.
    *}   REPLACE
    Il means that field LIBEL will be checked with field FPTTP.

  • Best way to update a table with disinct values

    Hi, i would really appreciate some advise:
    I need to reguarly perform a task where i update 1 table with all the new data that has been entered from another table. I cant perform a complete insert as this will create duplicate data every time it runs so the only way i can think of is using cursors as per the script below:
    tmpVar NUMBER;
    CURSOR c_mem IS
    SELECT member_name,member_id
    FROM gym.members;
    crec c_mem%ROWTYPE;
    OPEN c_mem;
    FETCH c_mem INTO crec;
    UPDATE gym.lifts
    SET name = crec.member_name
    WHERE member_id = crec.member_id;
    INSERT INTO gym.lifts
    VALUES (crec.member_name,crec.member_id);
    END IF;
    CLOSE c_mem;
    END update_new_mem;
    This method works but is there an easier (faster) way to update another table with new data only?
    Many thanks

    This method works but is there an easier (faster) way to update another table with new data only?
    Almost anything would be better than that slow-by-slow loop processing.
    You don't need a procedure you should just use MERGE for that. See the examples in the MERGE section of the SQL Language doc
    MERGE INTO bonuses D
       USING (SELECT employee_id, salary, department_id FROM employees
       WHERE department_id = 80) S
       ON (D.employee_id = S.employee_id)
       WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET D.bonus = D.bonus + S.salary*.01
         DELETE WHERE (S.salary > 8000)
       WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (D.employee_id, D.bonus)
         VALUES (S.employee_id, S.salary*.01)
         WHERE (S.salary <= 8000);

  • Recordset - updating 2 tables with 1 recordset using application object update record

    I have a recordset that uses a field from 2 different tables
    with a select statement where clause that joins a userid. I can
    display the field’s data just fine. Now I want to use the
    Application object “update record” so I can modify
    either of the fields. The problem is the Application object
    “update record” only allows you to update one table.
    How does Dreamweaver mx 2004 allow me to update 2 tables with one
    recordset and 1 submit button? Currently using php.
    Example of where:
    Where member.userid = member_detail.userid
    I tried creating the one form with the field from the first
    table and that works just fine. I added the other field from the
    other table into the form but ofcourse there isn’t any code
    that will update the second table so it won’t work.
    My application requires me to update alot of fields between 2
    tables at the same time.
    Does anyone know a way using Dreamweaver mx 2004 to do this?
    I don’t have much php experience.

    jon-rookie wrote:
    > DreamerJim,
    > I am sorry but I don't think you are correct. I just
    can't believe that with
    > all the powers to be at Macromedia and now Adobe can't
    figure out how to update
    > two tables at once. There are millions of db's out there
    that require this. I
    > spent several hours today perusing lots of posts on the
    internet. It seems I
    > am not the only one out there that has asked this
    question. Unfortunately
    > there are no good answers yet to my surprise.
    > I did find a Dreamweaver extension that does exactly
    what I myself and many
    > others want. The problem is it is no longer available
    unless you purchase a
    > bundle of software from Adobe.
    > I have not looked into it in detail so I am not 100%
    sure that is accurate!
    > Still, alot of php programmers do this all the time
    without much trouble. I
    > just want to know if Dreamweaver mx 2004 has the
    capability if a person knows
    > the right steps.
    > Hopefully a Dreamweaver expert will post something to
    let us know for sure.
    > Until then I am stuck.
    Not even CS3 has this built in, you will either have to code
    it yourself
    or buy the extension you have found. Dreamweaver gives you
    features to help you develop applications, but if you want to
    anything really clever you have to do it yourself.
    One thing to consider is maybe creating an SQL view that is
    can be
    updated. I am pretty sure it exists, then you use the view
    instead of
    the table in the update behaviour. I have never done it
    myself, but I am
    sure it can be done.

  • ORA-19007 when coping a table with an xml type in it to a new schema in the

    ORA-19007 when coping a table with an xml type in it to a new schema in the same database.
    Hi all,
    When I copy a table with an xml type in it to a new schema in the same database I get an ora-19009.
    The setup is as follows I have a schema a with table TABLE_WITH_XMLTYPE where data is:
    "" element "FolderProperties"
    Both schemas have the following xml schema registered as a local xml schema
    SCHEMAURL => '',
    '<xs:schema xmlns:xs=""
    <xs:element name="FolderProperties"
    xdb:defaultTable="FOLDER_SEARCH_PROPERTIES" />
    <xs:complexType name="FolderPropertiesType" xdb:SQLType="FOLDERPROPERTIES_T">
    <xs:element name="FolderID" type="FolderIDType" minOccurs="1" xdb:SQLName="FOLDER_ID"/>
    <xs:element name="Properties" type="PropertiesType" xdb:SQLName="PROPERTIES"/>
    <xs:complexType name="PropertiesType" xdb:SQLType="PROPERTIES_T">
    <xs:element name="Property" type="PropertyType" maxOccurs="unbounded"
    xdb:SQLName="PROPERTY" xdb:SQLCollType="PROPERTY_V"/>
    <xs:complexType name="PropertyType" xdb:SQLType="PROPERTY_T">
    <xs:element name="DateValue" type="DateType" xdb:SQLName="DATE_VALUE"/>
    <xs:element name="NumValue" type="NumType" xdb:SQLName="NUM_VALUE"/>
    <xs:element name="StringValue" type="StringType" xdb:SQLName="STRING_VALUE"/>
    <xs:attribute name="Name" xdb:SQLName="NAME" xdb:SQLType="VARCHAR2">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
    <xs:minLength value="1"/>
    <xs:maxLength value="255"/>
    <xs:simpleType name="FolderIDType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:integer"/>
    <xs:simpleType name="DateType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:dateTime"/>
    <xs:simpleType name="NumType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:decimal"/>
    <xs:simpleType name="StringType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string" />
    LOCAL => TRUE,
    when I try to do the following insert:
    I’ll get an ora-19007.
    Can some one point me in the right direction how to solve this error.
    Thanks Roelof.

    Who did you create the second table, in other words, how did you COPY the table as you said...
    If you created the second table via a CTAS (create table as select) then you will have created a table that is not the same as the original one. AFAIK I have once created an enhancement request for this after discovering that JDeveloper, for example, creates a "copy" via a CTAS which creates the wrong structure. Double check via package DBMS_METADATA.
    SQL> set long 1000000
    SQL> select DBMS_METADATA('TABLE','TABLE_WITH_XMLTYPE','SchemaA') from dual;
    SQL> select DBMS_METADATA('TABLE','TABLE_WITH_XMLTYPE','SchemaB') from dual;If you have got two different tables, than Mark's solution should help.
    Edited by: Marco Gralike on Feb 15, 2009 11:16 AM

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    I have a problem when updated the new release of iphoto version(11 jun 2012). After that I cannot open any photo libraries and program is error. I must to force quit iphoto window. There are any fixed bug update.

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    1- I can't find folder when I make Search with new OS X Mavericks update? I have 4 Tr HD when am looking for my file I have to make search but now search can't find files?????
    2- alt is not working?

    I use to do search like this before I update my Mac, how I can do it now?

  • I have added a new field in IT0006 ,Now when try to create a new record for

    Hi Experts,
    I have added a new field in IT0006 ,Now when try to create a new record for a employee.
    1,If I give the SUBTY in the PA30 screen getting an error "Don't Specify a subty error"
    if and remove the subty and press CREATE button popup's comes and list the subty values.......It was allowing me to enter the subty in the PA30 screen prior to my new field addition in IT0006... is't a problem with the new field addition?
    2, After I choose the subty value from the pop-up I am able to see the next screen....BUT GETTING AN INFORMATION MESSAGE THAT "Assignment to feature P0006 did not take place"?
    3,, In the next screen after I have passed all mandatory fields while attempting SAVE I am getting an error called " Time constraint table in T777D is incorrect" what could be the cause?

    How are u adding fields to table using append in se11 or pm01.
    if you are adding fields using se11 delete it and add it0005 in transaction pm01 and generate object.
    add fields to structure CI_XX_R0005 and generate screen and maintain entry and screen in maintance view add entry and activate program.

  • I have a question my iphone4s has a problem when updated iOS8 there will be freeze problem i think iOS8 is not supported in 4s!!!!!!!!!

    i have a question my iphone4s has a problem when updated iOS8 there will be freeze problem i think iOS8 is not supported in 4s!!!!!!!!!.
    one more question when i phone5 update with iOS 8.1.2 this iOS supported iphone5???

    Hi Ios 8.1.2 Should work on iPhone 4s / 5 You may have a bug Backup to  cloud over WiFi Then Restore back to Factory  Settings This will make iPhone as new. Use same Apple ID & you will get your Apps & Data back Do Restore over your WiFi. Cheers Brian

  • Updating a table with billion rows

    It was an interview question, what's the best way to update a table with 10 billion rows. Give me your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    The best way to answer questions such as this is NOT with a absolute and specific answer.  Instead, discuss your strategy for approaching the problem.  The first step is to understand your exact requirement.  It is surprising how often people
    write update statements with an under-qualified where clause. NEVER update a row that does not need to be updated.  For example, a statement like:
    update mytable set cola = 'ABC' where id in (1, 45, 212);
    Assuming id is unique for the table and the specified values exist in the table, we know 3 rows will be updated.  Do all of those rows need to be updated?  Think about it.  If cola is already set to 'ABC' for any of those rows, we could ignore
    those rows and make the update more efficient.  To do that, you need to add "and cola <> 'ABC' " to the where clause.   That is just one example of understanding exactly what you need to do - and doing only that which needs to be done.
    Once you understand exactly what you need to do, you need to analyze the impact of the update and identify any potential issues.  Updating a lot of rows can take a lot of time and consume large amounts of log and disk space.  What else is using
    the table?  Can you afford to lock the table for the duration of the update?  Are there concurrency issues, regardless of whether you update in batches or in one single statement?  When using a batch approach, is there an issue if someone runs
    a query against the table (i.e., the result is different from that of the same query run after all updates have been completed)?  Are you changing something which is included in an index?  Are you changing part of the clustered index? 
    Ultimately, every question you are asked is (or should be) designed to test your problem-solving skills and your skillset. IMO, it is relatively easy to improve your skillset of any particular tool, language, or environment.  The other - not so much
    and that is why they are more valuable IMO.

  • How to update two tables with trigger

    how to update two tables with trigger ?
    I have two tables :
    MI number;
    ID number;
    When I insert a new value into the asia.MI ,I also can
    insert the same value into the field.
    I have write a trigger as follows but it does't work.
    create or replace trigger MI_TRG
    before insert on asia
    for each row
    seq number;
    select MI_SEQ.Nextval into seq from dual;
    insert into ASIA_PRO(MI_ID)
    end MI_TRG;
    How to realize it ?

    Why do you say it does not work?

Maybe you are looking for

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