Problem with BAPI CALL in BPM(with in a loop)

Hi All,
I have a scenario where i invoke a BAPI by name BAPI_IPAK_START which pushes some data from Delta Queue to the Info Object.After invocation, the BAPI returns a request ID.In order to get the status of the request which is created by the previous BAPI, i invoke another standards BAPI BAPI_ISREQUEST_GETSTATUS with the previous request ID(the ID that is returned by BAPI_IPAK_START).i hav to check for the status until the request is fulfilled.inorder to do that,i inserted the BAPI_ISREQUEST_GETSTATUS in a loop with the condition on XPATH variable of the response that is returned by the BAPI_ISREQUEST_GETSTATUS.TECHSTATUS is the XPath variable name of the response of the  BAPI_ISREQUEST_GETSTATUS.The loop has to b executed until it's value is G.when i activated this BP,an error code with 99 is returned in my sxi cache.the work flow is not getting generated.the error is displayed as
'TECHSTATUS' is not a component of data object 'PAYLOAD'.
Any help wud b appreciated.

>>an error code with 99
check cache refesh and tell me if it gives any error!?

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  • Problem for Bapi Call  in Integration Scenario

    I am creating an Integration Scenario at Design time which can be used during configuration time.In the Int. Scenario, I am using a Int Process(BPM). I am making a synchronous call to BAPI from my BPM. How can this be implemented in Integration Scenario.
    So how can I send a input message from BPM to BAPI and then take further steps only after getting response from BAPI. Is there any way to define synchronous Action in Int Scenario??? And another point to be noted is that we are not using any communication channel to send the message from BPM or receive the response in BPM. We have only a receiver communication channel which receives the message for the BAPI.
    So please help in solving this problem.

    > Thanks for ur reply. I am trying to follow the suggestion given by u. U have specified that the BAPI  in R/3 system has to be inserted as an application component. But I am unable to do that. I am using IDES system for the BAPI,but in the selection screen for the Application Component we have only instances of installed product in the SLD. So how to find out the application component to be imported.
    What you need to do is, first of all your import the BAPI (RFC) into XI system. (I hope you must be knowing how to import the RFC & IDOCs into XI system). Make sure this BAPI is remote-enabled under attribute TAB in R3 ---> SE37.
    Now this imported BAPI (RFC) will be used in your message interfaces and this message interface will be used inside ACTION. And then you can use this action in your Integration Secnario as mentioned in the picture above in my first reply.
    Sorry for the confusion, you need to R3 business system name rather inserting the BAPI as a business system under 3rd swim lane.
    > And another problem is that I have to create an action for in the application Component containing BAPI and then it should be connected to the action in BPM for interaction. I have created one action for this and given the BAPi as both outbound and inbound interface. Is this the proper way to do this???
    As mentioned above, after you import the BAPI (RFC) in XI you can create the messge interface. There should be two Message Interfaces. One for sending the request and other for receiving the response message.

  • Problem with RFC-Call within BPM

    Hello Experts,
    I am developing a scenario in which I call an rfc-function-module for saving information from an incoming xml which will be transmitted as Idoc to another SAP System.
    The Idoc transmission is doing properly. But the RFC-Call I try to do always ends with a red flag. Error-Message: message has error status on outbd. side at the Process-Engine.
    Can someone help solving that problem?
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Alexander

    Hi Rajhans,
    1) The user mentioned in the RFC communication channel is having the authorization.
    Yes, he have the authorizations.
    2) Go to Communication channel monitoring and check what error you are getting for the communication channel is showing.
    There is an error about the FileSenderChannel. Error: java.lang.NullPointerException.
    3) Check whether the RFC created at abap stack is remote enabled or not.
    The function module is remote enabled.

  • Output Type determination with BAPI call

    Hello SAP experts,
    Thank you in advance for any guidance or ideas you may have.
    We are modifying an outbound delivery document with the following functions:
    bapi_outb_delivery_change and ws_delivery_update
    and we need to cause an outbound type to be determined(executed) 
    This process works when we post goods issue manually but does not work when we post goods issue via an ABAP program using the above mentioned functions

    For Output determination the condition technique has to be followed.
    1) Maintain Output condition table -V/57
    2)maintain Access sequence
    3)Maintain Output condition type-V-30
    4)Maintain Output determination procedure
    5)Maintain condition records in VV11
    Besides you should also assign the Output types to Partner function
    Assign Output to sales document header & sales document type (eg: OR)-V/43
    Assign Output to Item category-V/69
    The condition types for Output in your case is BA00(standard).
    Have you done all these ?
    I hope this would be helpful for you.

  • Problem regarding BAPI call from a webdynpro applications

      We are trying to call a BAPI in R/3 system from a webdynpro application through the standard method. But we are getting some problems in JCO settings. We already wasted so much time in solving those problems. Is there anyway where i can access BAPI from Webdynpro application.

    Hello Anna,
      You can do it by using SAP Java Connector API's in the implementation of the Webdynpro application. You can refer to the sample programs for JCO at and download the latest version of SAP JCo in that install those files as per the installation document in the downloaded zip. The downloaded zip contains information about JCo APIs and sample programs.
    Hope this will solve your problem.
    Best Regards,

  • Problem In BAPI Call

    Dear All,
    error is generated while calling Following FM
    invalid parameter PO_ITEMS.
       DATA : BEGIN OF i_poitem OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE bapiekpo.
    DATA : END OF i_poitem.
    PARAMETERS p_ebeln TYPE ekko-ebeln.
        purchaseorder                    = p_ebeln
      ITEMS                            = 'X'
      ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT               = ' '
      SCHEDULES                        = ' '
      HISTORY                          = ' '
      ITEM_TEXTS                       = ' '
      HEADER_TEXTS                     = ' '
      SERVICES                         = ' '
      CONFIRMATIONS                    = ' '
      SERVICE_TEXTS                    = ' '
      EXTENSIONS                       = ' '
      PO_HEADER                        =
      PO_ADDRESS                       =
      PO_HEADER_TEXTS                  =
       PO_ITEMS                         = i_poitem.
      PO_ITEM_SCHEDULES                =
      PO_ITEM_CONFIRMATIONS            =
      PO_ITEM_TEXTS                    =
      po_item_history                  = i_poitem.
      PO_ITEM_HISTORY_TOTALS           =
      PO_ITEM_LIMITS                   =
      PO_ITEM_CONTRACT_LIMITS          =
      PO_ITEM_SERVICES                 =
      RETURN                           =
      PO_SERVICES_TEXTS                =
      EXTENSIONOUT                     =

    uncomment TABLES
    purchaseorder = p_ebeln
    * ITEMS = 'X'
    * SCHEDULES = ' '
    * HISTORY = ' '
    * ITEM_TEXTS = ' '
    * HEADER_TEXTS = ' '
    * SERVICES = ' '
    * SERVICE_TEXTS = ' '
    * EXTENSIONS = ' '
    * PO_HEADER =
    * PO_ADDRESS =
    PO_ITEMS = i_poitem.
    * po_item_history = i_poitem.
    * RETURN =

  • Designing the scenario of multiple BAPI call in a loop in BPM

    I need some help in designing this scenario. I do not have the luxury to write a custom BAPI. Here is my scenario. A typical async>sync>async with little modification
    1. Async call to BPM with input payload
    2. BPM calla BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST with customer number and sales organization from input payload and returns a list sales order items (Sync)
    3. I need to call the BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS for each sales order number that I got from the first call (Sync?). Not sure how this has to be designed
    4. Transfer the  data through HTTP adapter (Async)
    I am able to perform step 1, 2 and 4 (of course only line item data). I need some pointer help on how to incorporate it in step 3 of BPM.

    3. I need to call the BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS for each sales order number that I got from the first call (Sync?). Not sure how this has to be designed
    for this the BPM should have a block after the Sync the block have your send step....the mode of the block will be ForEach....
    Check this blog for more info: /people/milan.thaker/blog/2008/08/05/modes-in-block-step-of-bpm
    Check this similar example from help:
    Edited by: abhishek salvi on Jul 1, 2009 10:57 AM

  • Not getting a reply back from a BAPI call

    Hi all;
    I am trying to call a BAPI from xMII which has its input parameter as  from and to dates.I passed in the dates in format DDMMYYYY but am unable to get a reply back from BAPI.
    Same thing is working when i execute the BAPI with the same parameter in R/3 system.
    Please help.

    Did u hv defined Transaction Input parameter with Data Type DateTime which is used to be passed to BAPI request item.
    Pls do check the LastErrorMessage using Tracer (see the tracer logs after hitting F5/F6)
    IlluminatorDocument(With one string param defined)
    SAPJCOInterface(With BAPI call and input param passed in date format)
    <b>Tracer (LastErrorMessage mapped to the mesage) </b>
    IlluminatorRow(Reply from bapi mapped to output param)
    One thing more, y r u not using Repeater action which is used to loop the response from BAPI call and within the loop, use Row action to append the response item the XML Document defined in the first sequence. (Hope, u remember my that guided doc in some prvious thread posted to u where full guide with steps are provided)

  • Problem with mutiple BAPI calls during the commit

    Hi all,
    I am trying to create accounts for a given partner i the transaction F9K1 using the BAPI BAPI_BKK_ACCNT_CREATE. After calling the BAPI I am committing it too.
    The problem is if I try to create multiple accounts like RCA, ACA, MCA, IOE and so on, the first time the BAPI is called to create RCA account it is successful an it is even committing. When I call the BAPI to create the the ACA account the return table from the BAPI shows success message but the commit fails. If I restart the program and try creation of accounts now the RCA will throw a error msg saying account already exist, ACA account will be created and then the MCA account creation fails in the same manner explained above.
    I see the issue is with multiple BAPI calls and I tried using all sort of methods like clearing buffers, start new task in local and wait command and all.  But none of them seems to be working for me.
    Can anyone please guide me on how I can overcome this problem.

    BAPI :
    Use this method to create an account in Bank Customer Accounts. This method returns the following values:
    Identification details for the newly created account such as the internal and the external account number, and the bank area details
    A table containing error messages
    To create an account by using this method, you must specify values for the import parameters Bank Area (BANKAREA) and Product (PRODUCTNAME).
    Note: You must also specify a value in the External Account Number (EXTERNALACCOUNTNR) parameter if you have defined an external number range for the bank .

  • Problem in lock Sales order create with BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2

    Hi All,
    i have the z program to create the sales order with reff  quotation in SD With BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.
    this program will  excute every 30 mins .
    Problem: Some times if i excute the program in background it is taking morethan 30mins so second batch excution also gets starting to create the sales order for same quotation then it is creating 2 sales orders at atime with 1 quotation.
    here i am getting duplicate sales orders so i want to lock the creation of duplicate sales order.

    Some solutions
    - Just lock (ENQUEUE) any object at the start of the job(*), if not locked, you can exit or wait in a loop, will be released at end of job (use a _SCOPE '3' so commit work wont release the lock)
    -> This will insure the job runs only once at a time
    - Lock the quotation before calling the BAPI, will be released by the COMMIT_WORK (from where do you fetch the quotation, if it is a customer Z_table, you can use the lock object that you have surely created ?) (use a _scope '2')
    -> This will insure that at most one job will convert a quotation (i suppose you set a "done" flag or status  in the quotation record)
    Read [SAP Locks |] if you are not familiar with the concept of lock in SAP.
    (*) E_TABLEE for table, E_TRDIR for program, anything not required by another process


    I have problems with BAPI BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE. I need to create Purchase requisition for services. If I use BAPI BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE, Purchasing requisition is created, but field NETWR in table EBNK is 0. If I create purchasing requisition manualy using transaction ME51N, field NETWR in table EBNK is filled with correct price.
    Can you pls. help me, what do I wrong in calling BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE?

    Not sure if you got your answer or went to OSS for a resolution. But, as I was searching OSS for my issue, I came across the following note:
    Note 1498435 - BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE: EBKN-NETWR is not updated

  • Rewrite  process and remove the call to f-54 and replace with bapi proces

    Hi Gurus,
    Please help me to find the soultion.
    The root cause of this continual problem is the design and use of BDC session for F-54.  Is there a redesign possible with ECC6.0?
    I wanted to rewrite the process and remove the call to f-54 and replace with bapi process.
    if this is now possible in ECC 6.0
    The benefit would be to better control what PO was used in the DP recoupment.
    Thanking you,
    Raju Singhireddy.

    Hi Balaji,
    Check this BAPI

  • CUCM 8.6(2) migration problem with external calls

    Hello all.
    Yesterday we have migrated our telephone infrastructure from CM4.x to CUCM8.6(2), after some weeks of tests.
    Yesterday night all seems to work properly, all phone updated and registered, external calls going out and in.
    But from this morning, with all users at work, it appears a strange problem, that until now I couldn't solve: randomly all external calls go down.
    I can't address this problem, since gateways (all cisco 2811 routers) are the same and with same configuration as yesterday.
    All thing that I can think is that router that seems to cause the problem is configured not with mgcp by cucm, but with h323 route inside the router.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    GW says normal call clearing.
    But, maybe I've addressed the problem.
    I've found a bug fixed into latest cucm release (8.6(2a)SU1) that say "h.323 calls improperly disconnected".
    So I'm trying to upgrade from 8.6(2a) to 8.6(2a)SU1, but process fails :-(
    I've tried from a dvd and also loading iso image from sftp, but after few minutes appears an error
    08/04/2012 09:43:55|Started auditd...|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|Started setroubleshoot...|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|Changed selinux mode to enforcing|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|Cleaning up rpm_archive...|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|Removing /common/rpm-archive/|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|File:/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/, Function: main(), Upgrade Failed -- (1)|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|set_upgrade_result: set to 1|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|is_upgrade_lock_available: Upgrade lock is not available.|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|is_upgrade_in_progress: Already locked by this process (pid: 1286).|
    08/04/2012 09:43:56|release_upgrade_lock: Releasing lock (pid: 1286)|
    I've rebooted server yet and problem remains.
    Thanks for any other suggestions.

  • Problems with conference calls(adding and merging calls) after upgrade to ios 8.1.2 on iphone 5s

    I am having weird problem intermittently with adding calls or merging them or swapping them. The issue happens 8 out of 10 times whenever I try to do a conference call. This issue came up after I upgraded to 8,1.2. Never experienced this in 8.1.1 or previous version.
    Some of the scenarios that I have experienced is:
    1. While on the call, when I try to add a new contact, it just doesn't dial the second number.
    2. Sometimes the second number gets dialed, cannot merge the calls.
    3. After talking to the second person, cannot go back to the first call.
    I am very sure that this is not a carrier issue as it worked flawlessly before upgrade.
    Anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the above infromation. I did a complete restore of my iphone through iTunes connecting it to my computer via cable. iOS8.1.3 was re-installed. I then added back my settings and data which were backed up prior to restoring the phone. I still have the same issue with conferencing and adding a third caller. When I hit the [+] box, the existing caller is not put on hold. The phone appears to be making a call but it is not dialing to the 3rd party. Shortly thereafter, the Merge icon appears but there is no active call to merge with. I have tried this several times using my wife's iPhone and our home phone to set up a 3-way call. I know it is not working because the 3rd phone (our home phone) does not ring. Is this a hardware problem? My wife's iPhone 6 works with no problem and was purchased the same time I purchased my iPhone 6. Probably time for a visit to the Apple Store unless there is another solution.
    iPhone 6; iOS 8.1.3; Carrier: Verizon

  • Problem with multiple calls to hr_infotype_operation in a loop

    Im using infotyp 2003 with the following situation. For a date, e.g. 2011/07/20 and a person_nr I have several time entries, like 08:00-09:00, 10:00-12:00, 15:00-17:00. Now I read the entries with  HR_READ_INFOTYPE and store them back unmodified with hr_infotype_operation in a loop in the same report.
    data: i_p2003 type standard table of p2003.
    *          TCLAS                 = 'A'
               pernr                 = person_nr
               infty                 = '2003'
             BEGDA                 = '20110720'
              ENDDA                 = '20110720'
    *          BYPASS_BUFFER         = ' '
    *          LEGACY_MODE           = ' '
    *        IMPORTING
    *          SUBRC                 =
               infty_tab             =  i_p2003
              INFTY_NOT_FOUND       = 1
              OTHERS                = 2.
    loop at i_p2003 assigning <p>.
              infty         = '2003'
              number       = person_nr
              validityend   = '20110720'
              validitybegin = '20110720'
              record        = <p>
              operation     = 'MOD'
              dialog_mode   = '0'
              return        = return_struct
              key           = personaldatakey
              OTHERS        = 0.
    the first call to hr_infotype_operation succeeds but the following operations fail because of collision. This example is stupid, I know, but it shows the core of a problem I have in a more complex report.
    I face the problem that several calls to HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION cause a collision error even if there cannot be a collision because the data are unchanged.
    Any hints on this.

    Hi, you must execute a 'BAPI_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE' before 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION' and a 'HR_EMPLOYEE_DEQUEUE' after.
    See next example:
    Bloqueo del empleado
        NUMBER = PERNR.
    Si se pudo bloquear el empleado intenta
    insertar el infotipo
        INFTY         = '2001'
        NUMBER        = P0001-PERNR
        SUBTYPE       = i_p2001-subty
        VALIDITYEND   = acdate
        VALIDITYBEGIN = acdate
        RECORD        = i_p2001
        RECORDNUMBER  = '000'
        OPERATION     = 'INS'
        TCLAS         = 'A'
        DIALOG_MODE   = '0'
        NOCOMMIT      = ' '
        RETURN        = I_RETURN
        KEY           = I_KEY.
      VARGT = 'Y'.
      VARGT = 'N'.
    No se hace COMMIT debido que el estandar lo realiza
    Desbloqueo del empleado

Maybe you are looking for

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