Problem with CLIENT_OLE2 functions, please help

Hi all,
I´m trying to create a new excel document on client side, filled with data from database tables.
When server tries to execute the following line:
aplicacion     := CLIENT_OLE2.CREATE_OBJ('Excel.Application');
it hangs up and in the Java console appears the following trace:
"Exception occurred during event dispatching:
at oracle.forms.webutil.ole.OleFunctions.create_obj(
at oracle.forms.webutil.ole.OleFunctions.getProperty(
at oracle.forms.handler.UICommon.onGet(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.onGetHandler(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.processMessage(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.processSet(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.onMessageReal(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.onMessage(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.processEventEnd(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ewt.lwAWT.LWComponent.redispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ewt.lwAWT.LWComponent.processEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.retargetMouseEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.processMouseEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
at Source)"
I think webutil configuration is right, because other webutil functions like "client_get_file_name" work correctly... and the same code worked fine in my test server.
More info:
Test server: Windows XP, Oracle 10g, Forms 9.0
Final server: Unix, Oracle 10g, Forms 9.0
Any help?
Thanks in advance.

Have you got the Jacob files installed on the application server? These are not part of webutil, you will need to do a web search to find them.
See section 2.3 of the Webutil Users Guide.

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    BufferedReader inStream;
    Frame is set up here
    public class Buttonhandler implements ActionListener
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
    String comm = e.getActionCommand();
    if(comm.equals("ok")) {
    public void test() //checks whether the login is true
    new Messenger(ID);// the second class is invoked
    public boolean LoginCheck(String user,String passwd)
    //Enter the Server's IP & port below
    String destination="localhost";
    int port=1234;
    connection=new Socket(destination,port);
    }catch (UnknownHostException ex){
    error("Unknown host");
    catch (IOException ex){
    ex.printStackTrace ();
    error("IO error creating socket ");
    inStream = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(connection.getInputStream()));
    outStream=new DataOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream());
    }catch (IOException ex){
    error("IO error getting streams");
    System.out.println("connected to "+destination+" at port "+port+".");
    BufferedReader keyboardInput=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
    String receive=new String();
    }catch(IOException ex){ error("Error reading from server");}
    }catch (IOException ex){
    error("IO error closing socket");
    // second class is defined below
    public class Messenger
    Socket connect;
    DataOutputStream outStr;
    BufferedReader inStr;
    public static void main(String args[])
    { Messenger mes = new Messenger(args[0]);}
    Messenger(String strg)
    void setupEvents()
    fram.addWindowListener(new WindowHandler());
    login.addActionListener(new MenuItemHandler());
    quit.addActionListener(new MenuItemHandler());
    button.addActionListener(new Buttonhandle());
    public void LoginData(String name)
    //Enter the Server's IP & port below
    String dest="localhost";
    int port=1234;
    int r=0;
    String str[]=new String[40];
    connect=new Socket(dest,port);
    }catch (UnknownHostException ex){
    error("Unknown host");
    catch (IOException ex){
    ex.printStackTrace ();
    error("IO error creating socket ");
    inStr = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(connect.getInputStream()));
    outStr=new DataOutputStream(connect.getOutputStream());
    }catch (IOException ex){
    error("IO error getting streams");
    String codeln=new String("\n");
    outStr.writeBytes("[email protected]*&[email protected]#$%^");//code for sending logged in users
    String check="qkpltx";
    String receive=new String();
    while((receive=inStr.readLine())!=null) //the statement that causes the exception
    }catch(IOException ex){ex.printStackTrace();error("Error reading from socket");}
    catch(NullPointerException ex){ex.printStackTrace();}
    } catch (IOException ex){ex.printStackTrace();
    error("Error reading from keyboard or socket ");
    }catch (IOException ex){
    error("IO error closing socket");
    for(int l=0,k=1;l<r;l=l+2,k++)
    stud[k]=" "+str[l];
    public class Buttonhandle implements ActionListener
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
    //chat with the selected user;
    public class MenuItemHandler implements ActionListener
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    String cmd=e.getActionCommand();
    //Disconnect from the server
    else if(cmd.equals("Change User"))
         //Disconnect from the server & call the login window
    else if(cmd.equals("View Connection Details"))
    //show connection details;
    public class WindowHandler extends WindowAdapter
    public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e){
    //Disconnect from server & then exit;
    I�ll be very thankful if anyone corrects the mistake for me.Please help.

    You're connecting to the server twice. After you've successfully logged in, pass the Socket to the Messenger class.
    public class Messenger {
        Socket connect;
        public static void main(String args[]) {
            Messenger mes = new Messenger(args[0]);
        Messenger(Socket s, String strg) {
            this.connect = s;

  • I have a problem with my microphone, please help if you can

    Hello everyone.
    I have a problem with my microphone. After i bougth Creative's sound card "Sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio" and installed it, everything was allright and my microphone was working great, but this was when I used Windows XP, when i started to use Windows 7, it suddenly was very weak and i almost didn't heard it.
    Currently, I have bouth Windows XP and Windows 7 installed, so I know the microphone is working when I am switching up between the OS, because it still works good on Windows XP.
    If you can help please tell me.
    I am using Windows 7 64 bit, I made sure the flexijack settings in the Audio controll panel are set to microphone and not line in, in the Windows 7 audio controll I have set the microphone volum to maximum and made sure it is configured properly.
    Thank you for helping.

    Originally Posted by tav2000
    Hello everyone.
    I have a problem with my microphone. After i bougth Creative's sound card "Sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio" and installed it, everything was allright and my microphone was working great, but this was when I used Windows XP, when i started to use Windows 7, it suddenly was very weak and i almost didn't heard it.
    Currently, I have bouth Windows XP and Windows 7 installed, so I know the microphone is working when I am switching up between the OS, because it still works good on Windows XP.
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    While waiting for other forum members to post..
    Perhaps you havent installed the latest drivers yet? (link HERE)

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    Boot into Leo, start Disk Utility and you should see two partitions, your Leo partition and a Fat32 partition of 32GB at the end of the drive.
    If not, boot camp didn't create it for some reason. If it is there then check it with DU and make sure its OK.
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    I've had it with the framework. It's been 20 hours and counting that I am trying to insert/validate a new record.
    Things just don't work as advertised.
    Here's the situation:
    I have an entity object with various validation rules in the validate() method.
    Then I have a simple JSP page to insert new records.
    At submit of button, I follow the framework's default
    create new row and fill it up, with the difference
    that i need to validate the row as soon as I fill it up
    with data from the http request:
    <jbo:OnEvent name="Create">
    <jbo:Row id="newrow" datasource="ds" action="CreateInRange" >
    <% try { %>
    <jbo:SetAttribute dataitem="*" />
    newrow.validate(); //******* NOTICE HERE THAT I VALIDATE
    } catch (JboException ex) {
    throw ex;
    } %>
    Unexpected behavior 1: If the validation fails,
    newrow DOES NOT GET REMOVED!!!! I know this
    since when I view data thru a data table component,
    the row is there WITH THE ERROR INFORMATION set!!.
    If I do a commit transaction, then the erroneous information ENDS UP IN THE DATABASE!!!!!
    Unexpected behavior 2: If I do a rollback, every
    call to subsequent pages results in a jsp error:
    java.lang.ClassCastException: oracle.jbo.html.jsp.datatags.OnEventTag
    Chris Lambrou

    I have (hopefully) found a solution to my part of this problem. I was getting the ClassCastExceptions on any page with a <jbo:row> tag after doing a failed DML action. I have tested this with the delete event. (btw, I am using jdev9.0.3.3 w/ BC4J/JSP) Before what I was doing was this:
    <% try { %>
    <jbo:Row id="delrow" datasource="ds" rowkeyparam="jboRowKey" action="Delete" />
    <% } catch (JboException jboEx) { %>
    do something
    <% } catch (Exception ex) { %>
    uh-oh, this is bad
    <% } %>
    If I removed the try/catch block everything worked fine. Unfortunatlely, I need to try/catch block here. To work around the problem I changed the code to this:
    <% Row rowDelete = ds.getRowFromKey(params.getParameter("jboRowKey")); %>
    <% try { %>
    <% } catch (JboException jboEx) { %>
    do something
    <% } catch (Exception ex) { %>
    uh-oh, this is bad
    <% } %>
    The second bit of code does the same thing (but it doesn't use a bean like I think <jbo:Row> does) and it doesn't cause the ClassCastError on subsequent errors.
    I really hope this helps someone else because it took me forever to get a workaround!
    ~Rob Lundeen

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    Hello once again.
    I'm developing a master-detail form, so I'm using a "Package Spec" variable to hold the primary key value from the master form. The primary key value for the master is generated by a sequence.
    Here's the package spec:
    PACKAGE primary_keygen IS
    pkey varchar2(15); 
    END;Now the master table has the following "Before Insert" Trigger .
    primary_key_value varchar2(15);
    select lpad(to_char(ref_gen.nextval), 4,'0')
    into primary_key_value from dual;
    END;For the detail block. I have the following "Before Insert Trigger" to generate the primary key values.
    if :new.M_ref_number is NULL THEN
    ENd if;
    END;Works quite fine if I have only one detail block. But if I have multiple detail blocks. Depending on the user's selection. i.e. After entering data into the master block, the user selects a detail block ('Letter type'- using stacked canvases for this purpose and radio buttons for selecting the view) and then Inserts data into it. here's what I do in the Detail block2.
    if :new.O_ref_number is NULL THEN
    ENd if;
    END;Now the problem is that When I enter one record into detail1, works fine, but for the second time, when I try to insert another record. the master table gets a new reference number (primary key value) while the detail block gets the previous value that was used in the first record!, so that means 'pkey_gen.master_key' is holding the old value, while in my opinion it should hold the new value, I dont know whats wrong here. If I try to insert two consecutive records into the same detail table, I get an error saying "Unique Constraint voilated", becuase the variable is holding the old values.
    And lastly after it inserts the record into the database, I get a dialog box saying, "successfuly inserted 2 records into the database" and when I click ok, the Form closes by itself, any ideas on how to stop this?
    I'm really stuck here. Please help me out on this.
    Note: I'm using Form6i with Database 10g.
    Message was edited by:

    Maybe the best way to start is to try building a new form from scratch. For simplicity I will assume that you have one master and one detail table. Master table has a primary key and the detail table has a foreign key to the master. Based on this, with the forms you can create a database block based on your master table. Use the wizard. Again using the wizard, create a second block based on the detail table. You'll see a screen to prompt to create a relationship. Create one by selecting the master table and the right foreign key relation. Now take a close look to all triggers automatically created by the form. Also check the "Relations" object found in you master block object tree. Note that the foreight key column in the detail table has the "Copy Value From Item" property set to monitor the master block's primary key.
    This is the basic. You don't need the database triggers, except (in case you want to insert through, say, SLQPlus) the one for the master table, which will look like this:
    IF :new.ref_number IS NULL THEN
    select 'ABC/'||pad(to_char(ref_gen.nextval), 4,'0')
    into :new.ref_number
    from dual;
    END IF;
    Now you have to take care about the inserts in your form. Create PRE-INSERT trigger on the master block.
    IF :master.ref_number IS NULL THEN
    SELECT 'ABC/'||pad(to_char(ref_gen.NEXTVAL), 4,'0')
    INTO :master.ref_number
    FROM dual;
    END IF;
    Run the form and explore different situations to see how the form is keeping the data integrity.
    Compile with Shift+K (incremental). Sometimes forms blow just because not all of the trigers were compiled properly.
    Hope this helps...

  • Having problems with Frontrow. Please help!

    i've been trying to figure this out all day today but i haven't found any solution. hopefully you Mac Geniuses can help. now, my problem isn't that my videos won't play, because they do. they all play perfectly. okay, so when i launch Frontrow, all my video files appear under their respective folders; my TV Shows appear under the TV Shows folder and my Music Videos appear under the Music Videos folder. however, for some strange reason, these files also want to appear under the Movies folder. That means they're showing up twice! -under the Movies folder and TV Shows/Music Videos. is there anyway to fix this, because it's really cluttering my Movies folder and i admit i'm a really anal neat-freak.
    Also, i have correctly labeled the video files as Movie, TV Show or Music Video under iTunes. Everything is organized well under iTunes, so i doubt it's that.
    please help!!
    Message was edited by: ec84

    It might be because with the new update, it seems as though anything stored in the MOVIES folder , shows up under movies in Front Row. I have a folder of Transformers AVI'S in my movie folder, now it shows up in the movie directory of front row

  • Messaging Problem with 3.0 Please Help

    I upgraded to 3.0 and now 3GS. Prior to this my wife was able to text me from her verizon blackberry, no issues and it came in on the iphone messaging. Now, somehow the iphone is changing it into an "email". The text appears as her [email protected] It's not a real email because it's not appearing in my home outlook server which is where the iphone pulls my emails from. This is way inconvient since the text doesn't appear till i go manually pull email. Anyone else have these issues. She didn't do anything different, just texts to my phone #? Techies please help.
    Paul in San Diego

    Hi Omid,
    As far as I am aware of you will need to have a two way trust to proceed with the integration.
    Cheers! Happy troubleshooting !!! Dinesh S. Rai - MSFT Enterprise Project Management Please click Mark As Answer; if a post solves your problem or Vote As Helpful if a post has been useful to you. This can be beneficial to other community members reading
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    Im having a huge issue and im hoping that someone can help me. Awhile ago i changed what i believe to be my router settings using and i believe i added WEP secuirty. I changed my password i know that much. Anyway my problem is this - When i try connecting a router to my computer, i cannot access the internet OR the setup. I just get a yellow caution sign on my wireless settings (running Windows 7), but when i connect my cable modem (Comcast) to my computer, i can access the internet. I have reset both the router and my cable modem MANY times (hard resets) and STILL cannot get the setup page for the router. I have TWO WRT54G rourters and BOTH do the same thing when connected to my desktop , yet BOTH work fine on an old machine running XP, so it is something i did with this computer. Can someone please help me solve this issue? any hlep would be appreciated as i am stumped and do not know how to fix this and cannot use WI-FI or my Xbox 360 until i can fix this..Thanks.

    Check the IP address of your computer and see if it's in range with the router's IP.
    To learn how to do so, click here.

  • I'm having problems with my ringtones please help

    I have tried everything to fix my BB Curve problem even down to the battery.   I have custom ringtones set for my husband and other family members.  So whenever they call or text I know who it is..  Now my issue is that if I get a text from my son his ringtone will sound than if I get a standard text my son's ringtone will go again.  Not the default for just regular ringtones.  I took off my facebook becuase someone said that could be a problem.  Verizon sent me a new phone and I entered everything manually so if there was something wrong I wouldn't transfer the problem to the new phone.  It's not fixed.  If someone could please help me.  I'm getting ready to turn my BB off completely it's that frustrating.  Thank you for any help.

    It sounds as if you are saying that any "non-specific" SMS sender receives that text tone of the last one you have set a personal tone for who has texted you?
    I don't know.  I can only say that if you use those instructon in the guideline, they work.
    There is a user here named Cathlabnurse, she has a good understanding of these settings... Maybe you could send her a Private Message to review your settings with you.
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    3. Install free BlackBerry Protect today for backups of contacts and data.
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  • Having problems with USB cable, please HELP!

    While trying to download aim/aol I was having problems with my USB cable and my phone being connected, it was like they were showing they were conneted but when I tried to download aim it said no drivers were recognised. My phone was giving me the option when the USB cable was plugged in asking me if I wantd to do something to do with the media mass storage.
    Anyway, once the drivers were downloaded to my comp and I plugged USB cable into my phone and comp i'm no longer being asked on my blackberry about the mass storage, my phone doesn't seem to be recogniaing tht it's linked up to my computer at all even though it's showing the little plug thing in my blackberry and coming up on the computer.
    Is there anybody out there who can help me?!

    Go to Options -> Media Card -> Mass Storage Mode Support: On
    If your query is resolved then please click on “Accept as Solution”
    Click on the LIKE on the bottom right if the post deserves credit

  • Problem with file downloads - please help

    Good morning. Since upgrading to BT Infinity 2, I have been experiencing the following problems:
    Cannot update Sonos firmware to version 5 - download times out and gives error 30
    Cannot download most files from safari - all start for the first few kb and then just hang
    Cannot download larger PDF files from Mac Mail
    These problems manifest themselves over wireless and wired connections, with the BT Homehub 5 and an Asus router. My ipad has no problems when on other networks or if I access my email from my work computer. When talking to BT technical support over the chat facility yesterday the connection dropped once every 10-30 seconds before reconnecting again. All of this leads me to believe that I have an intermittent failure on my broadband connection however BT insist that there is nothing wrong with the line or the router. I have changed channels on my router but this does not seem to make things better. Internet is working fine on all my devices for web browsing - only file downloads experiencing problems.
    Please help.

    Oh sorry, I thought from your description you were using an ASUS connected to the HH5, but it turns out you're using them separately.
    Is there a firmware update you can get on the ASUS?
    If you found this post helpful, please click on the star on the left
    If not, I'll try again

  • Problem with long report - please help

    We are using crystal report with ASP.NET/C# (Visual Studio 2005).
    Using Crystal report viewer control on the web page to have previews.
    A particular report is for say 6000 pages. I can not preview the report on the web page.
    I have the following questions:
    1. Does it make sense to think of previewing such a huge report on web page?
    2. What should be the alternate?
    3. I tried "Export to PDF" technique, but it failed.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I tried to use exportToPDF technique. It works when the number of page is less. But just hangs up when the number of pages is high. I am working on finding the breaking number.
    There is no problem with HD space as well.
    I also tried to print the report to a printer on the server directly. I used the printer as "Adobe PDF" to use Acrobat Distiller to create the PDF. It starts up and asks for the destination for the PDF file also. Once it starts the system shown an error and the Microsoft Feedback Assistant for failed application comes up.
    I am now trying to print the pages to a network printer connected to the server. Shall get back with latest update after sometime.
    Please do look into other possibilities or points where I might have committed an mistake.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Problem with my OC4J, please help

    i have one big problem with my OC4J Application Server: i create an instance, then i deployed my appliation with the .ear file. i have 15 page uix. my problem is when i want to see my application from the browser, some of the page run correctly ans some other no; in other world the one that don't run, in reality it run but it display the last one that run correctly.
    i hope that i m celar.
    can you help me.
    Thank you

    Please post your log file content as well as server version, OS etc. (see:

Maybe you are looking for

  • Save As and Export in single action?

    Is it possible to save an .ai file as a PDF and export it to a .dwg file in one step?  Kind of like batch processing in PS? Thanks, Keith

  • Can't get photoshop to work, just installed it.

    I just loaded photoshop 7.0 and some of the features are not working! I can't change text, etc. What can I do?

  • How do I copy content from a 1st generation ATV back to my Mac?

    I have a first generation ATV.  Some time ago I synched from a MacBook a bunch of video onto the ATV hard drive.  I subsequently deleted all the content from the MacBook.  I now want to recover the content from the ATV hard drive back to the Mac.  I

  • Images of ipad for printing

    Hi, dont know if this is the right forum but i am looking for images of the ipad to put on to our works web site. Does anybody know where i could download some that are Royality free or safe to use on a commercial website? It is to show the ipad as a

  • Budget not working

    Hi All, I have set block for the budget deviation. I have set budget for PO , GRPO, and Accounting. selected the radio button of monthly budget. I have set the 12000 as budget amount for G L NO EX1111. So per month budget amount is Rs.1000. For the f