Problem with create universe on Business Objects XI 3.1 base on SAP Query

I have a problem with create universe on Business Objects XI 3.1 base on SAP Query.
The problem is hierarchy. Massage on Busines Objects is :
   OWBS_ELEMT__ISTKOSZT(cube ICPC01/BEX_ICOC01):Exception condition  "HIERARCHY NOT FOUND" raised.(WIS 10901) 
Query in BEX run OK.
Best regards.

Thanks for response.
When I run BEX QUERY, all works OK.
All hierarchies was created and activated  on system BW.
This situation appears after upgrade BW to SAP NetWeaver 7.3.
Before upgrade I created universe without any problems.
Regards Ela

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    Murugan Arumugam.


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    Hello Gurus,
    I've problem with Creating Info Record
    i tried to create info record for Plant Specific/Purchase Org
    The first Screen General Data is OK
    i entered all the data in the next screen ie
    Purchase Organization Data screen but i'm getting error
    <b>Make an entry in all required fields</b>
    but there is Mandatory Textbox ie "VALID TO" which im unable to select Bcos its Disabled
    pls help me regarding this
    thanks in advance

    Have u given the net price. <b>VALID TO</b> is the date until which the price shown in the info record is valid.
    If there is no price that is valid on the current date, the last-valid price is displayed and the date field contains the day before the start of the next validity period (this may be 12.31.9999 if there is no further validity date). If all validit periods lie beyond the current date, the price of the next period is displayed. The date field then contains the end date of this period.
    These validity periods we will maintain Purchse data CONDITIONS while creating info record. Check the validity period for the conditions.
    Hope this will helps u
    Ravikumar Bolla

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    Has anyone idea?
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    This does work for me :
    Connected to Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release
    Connected as dev
    SQL> create table r_t (
      2   r_id varchar2(25),
      3   l_id varchar2(25)
      4  );
    Table created
    SQL> insert into r_t (r_id, l_id) values('R','L');
    1 row inserted
    SQL> alter table r_t add (rl_id varchar2(60) generated always as (r_id||'-'||l_id) virtual);
    Table altered
    SQL> select * from r_t;
    R_ID                      L_ID                      RL_ID
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    Hi all,
           I am new to Business Object XI 3.0 integration for SAP solutions, can anyone please help me with the basics for Business Objects XI 3.0, I will probably be doing an installation of the same at my organization very soon, can anyone please tell me how much time is it going to take for me to complete the installation, what are the prerequisites, what should be the starting step for the same. Any advice as to where am I suppose to be carefull, I would really appreciate the help.

    Hi shree,
    As you are going for the new installation of Business Objects Enterprise XI R3 you can find all the prerequisites for the installation like the disk space and all other such requirement in the documents provided in the following link.
    You can have the Business Objects documents from the following site.
    -     Please go to Http://
    - Click on Business Objects tab
    - Select the product as Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.0  and it will list all the document under the respective product.
    You can find all the prerequisites in the Business Objects Enterprise admin guide. And if you need to have BO and SAP work together in conjunction you need to have the Business Objects Integration Kit for SAP. Integration Kit provides the database drivers and other features for reporting off SAP.
    Link to download the useru2019s Guide:
    -     Please go to Http://
    - Click on BusinessObjects tab
    - Select the product as Integration Kit for SAP
    User guide: BusinessObjects Integration Kit for SAP Useru2019s Guide.
    I hope that helps you.

  • Free Trial SAP Business Warehouse 7.4 SP5 incl. SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 SP2 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP7

    I have 2 questions:
    Relating to accepting Terms and Conditions:
    If I click <Try Now> for solution SAP Business Warehouse 7.4 SP5 incl. SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 SP2 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP7
    and scroll down Terms and Conditions, the button <I Accept> remains disabled.
    Other solutions like SAP HANA, developer edition 1.0 Rev 80 I can accept.
    I have to mention, that so far I have no CAL account
    Is it possible to choose another Amazon Instance Type - instead of the default one (r3.8xlarge with 244 GB RAM)?
    I don't need 244 GB RAM on my BW on HANA server.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Harald,
    ad 1) I assume that this is caused by a browser bug. Which browser (IE8, FF31, Lynx, ...) are you using on which operating system (Windows 7, SUSE Linux, ...)? Have you tried another browser to narrow down the possible root causes?
    ad 2) The 244Gb instance is not only hosting HANA but also the ABAP/BW portion. In order to have all the demo scenarios of the BW on HANA Trial working it is required that the HANA server has 244GB of memory available. With less than 244Gb the demo scenarios wouldn't work and then there would be users complaining ;-)

  • How to create a universe in Business Object from BW

    Dear Memebers
    I need your help, I'm trying to create a report in business object using a cube as datasource, but when execute it does not appears the text, for example costumer 1000, his name is coca-cola.
    Does anyone help me?, maybe i does not set something
    Thanks a lot

    Hi Ariel,
    Not sure what BW is? If this is not related to using a SDK you may want to post your question in the Business Objects enterprise or Crystal Report Designer Forum.
    Thank you

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