Problem with Excel output format

Hi Guys,
I am creating a report in XML Publisher (not standalone). I am facing some problems could anyone please help me to figure out the issues.
Is it possible to have all three output format (PDF, HTML & EXCEL) exact (same aligned) only by creating a single RTF Template? I am facing the problem with Excel output format the output format of excel is taking excels cell formatting.
Example Numeric fields --> Right Aligned, text fields --> Left Aligned
One more issue with excel is -ve(negative) values are getting displayed in red and in brackets like ($13) (with red color).
Our client want excel output on priority.
Is there any limitation for excel output format of reports?
It is very urgent for us please help.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
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Hi Mahi,
Thanks for your response. But i could not understand how can we write wrapper program could you please give some light on this or provide some link it would be helpful for me:-)
I have read that blog for excel limitations but i have more question?
1) What about the negative values?
if any field is displaying negative amount then excel not displaying right value for that:(
2)How can we align header or data?
Do XMLP with EBS provide any solution for formatting in excel?
3) If for the alignment of numeric value we concatenate them with any special character then how can we perform calculation that field?
Here are so many formatting issues do we need to write any code in xml for that?
Please help.
Many Thanks,

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  • Problem with images in XML with excel output

    I made an XML concurrent program, with excel output, but i am having a problem:
    The rtf template has a logo (bmp image), but it is not showing in the excel (if i execute the concurrent in the oracle applications). However, if i create the xml in Oracle Reports in my computer, and then load that xml in the rdf template in word, i can see the logo in the excel preview. I don't know why is it not showing when i execute the program in applications.
    If someone can help me with this, i will be very grateful.
    Message was edited by:

    xml cP, will not give you a image in excel output,..
    In RDF there is a placeholder for image, and the image is located in certain location, at runtime it picks and render the output with logo.
    but xml CP, will get the data in xml type and merge with rtf to get the output you wanted..
    if you have the rtf with logo embedded in it, if output is of pdf or rtf output , then it will display the logo ,.
    in excel currently it is not possible to show the logo,..
    excel you see could be xml-excel or csv-excel not the true binary excel.
    to get the logo embedded ,for that you have to wait on tim for the excel template, which will be release in near future i guess..

  • Problem with Script Task formatting excel

    Hi Experts,
    I am creating a package and using Script task to format one excel dimension file, now the problem is if I execute the package from BIDS designer with static values then the package executes fine with excel file formatted perfectly fine but if I execute same package in BPC via Data manager with values used from variables it gives error on script task message:
    "Description = System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A03EC): Microsoft Office Excel cannot access the file 'E:\PC_MS\Data\Webfolders\CDNPLAN\AdminApp\Stage\Employee.xls'. There are several possible reasons:
    u2022 The file name or path does not exist.
    u2022 The file is being used by another program.
    u2022 The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook.
    at Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.LateBinding.LateGet(Object o, Type objType, String name, Object[] args, String[] paramnames, Boolean[] CopyBack)
    at Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.NewLateBinding.LateGet(Object Instance, Type Type, String MemberName, Object[] Arguments, String[] ArgumentNames, Type[] TypeArguments, Boolean[] CopyBack)
    at ScriptTask_2921447fa19c44dfae73d5370828ba94.vbproj.ScriptMain.Main()
    Now to crosscheck I commented the dynamic variables from the code and used same static values with Data manager as they are in BIDS but it didn't help, please find the code below and help me in solving this problem or just give me some clue to come out if this:
    Thanks & Regards,
    Public Sub Main()
              ' Add your code here
            'Dim FileName As String = Dts.Variables("MYWEBFOLDERS").Value & Dts.Variables("MYAPPSET").Value & "\AdminApp\Stage\" & Dts.Variables("MYDIMNAME").Value & ".xls" This I commented as it was using dynamic variables
            Dim FileName As String = "E:\PC_MS\Data\Webfolders\CDNPLAN\AdminApp\Stage\Employee.xls"
        Dim WB As Object ' Workbook
        Dim WS As Object 'Worksheet
        Dim W As Object 'Window
        Dim XL As Object 'Application
        XL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
        XL.DisplayAlerts = False
        ' Open the workbook
        WB = XL.Workbooks.Open(FileName)
        ' WB = GetObject(FileName)
        '    XL = WB.Parent
        '    XL.DisplayAlerts = False
        WS = WB.Worksheets(1)
        W = WB.Windows(WB.Name)
        ' Change the name of the worksheet to MEMBERS
        WS.Name = "MEMBERS"
        ' Set up the split and freeze the panes
        W.SplitRow = 1
        W.SplitColumn = 1
        W.Split = True
        W.FreezePanes = True
        ' Make it visible
        W.Visible = True
        ' Replace *ID column header with ID
        Dim Row1 As Object
        Row1 = WS.UsedRange.Rows("1:1")
        Dim I As Integer
        For I = 1 To Row1.Columns.Count
          If Row1.Cells(I, 1).Value = "*ID" Then
            Row1.Cells(I, 1).value = "ID"
            Exit For
          End If
        ' Paste Values
        WS.UsedRange.NumberFormat = "@"
        WS.UsedRange.Value = WS.UsedRange.Value
        ' Change the font of everything to Arial,9
        With WS.Cells.Font
          .Name = "Arial"
          .Size = 9
        End With
        ' Format the top row to be bold and orange
        With WS.Rows("1:1")
          .Font.Bold = True
          .Interior.ColorIndex = 44 'orange
        End With
        ' Auto-fit all the columns
        ' Convert to Excel format
        Const xlNormal = -4143
        WB.Parent.DisplayAlerts = False
        WB.SaveAs(FileName:=FileName, FileFormat:=xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False)
            ' Close and save changes
            WS = Nothing
            W = Nothing
        ' Quit Excel
            XL = Nothing
        Dts.TaskResult = ScriptResults.Success
         End Sub

    If you do not define GLOBAL VARIABLE in your BPC package and BIDS, why don't you try to have it? you should specify the webfolder and file name in advanced script, then you also need to create global variable as text type in BIDS.
    I saw many cases BPC does not pass the dynamic variable to BIDS, therefore I changed the type of variable as the Global variable and it works for me.
    YH Seo

  • Issue with Excel output in BI Publisher(OBIEE 11g)

    Hi All,
    I have designed my BIP report in RTF Layout, it contains pivot table( with one column and one row and a measure column).  when i export the report in Excel output format, i have 3 issues.
    i) I have fixed the pivot table row height as 13.75 pixels in RTF Layout but when i export it into Excel output it comes with 15 pixels as row height.
    ii) In layout i have Arial 8 as font formatting, in Excel output it comes with calibri 11 (when i double click on the cell it shows Arial 8).
    iii) Pivot table has month Column which grows horizontally when i run the report ie. Jan, Feb,..Dec.In Excel it has to show each month with a single column is my requirement like
    Sales Quantity
    But it shows like below, each month occupied multiple columns; it affect the report structure.
    Sales Quantity
    Can anyone help me on this.
    Thanks in Advance

    Try using substring instead of substr. You may want to try LOGO1 and LOGO2 as texts first just to ensure that the condition is working.
    <?xdofx: if substring(OU_NAME,1,3)='MAC' then LOGO1 else LOGO2 end if?>
    Hope this helps.

  • Matrix with excel output?

    I was wondering if creating a matrix report with excel output is possible?

    Are you referring to creating matrix report with excel output by specifying
    destype=localfile desformat=DELIMITED delimited_hdr=yes?
    Also, I am aware that we can create well formatted excel output with jsp reports. Has anyone given that a try with matrix reports or only rdf would work?

  • I am unable to print a proper playlist in the jewel case format.  Lines print on top of one another.  No problem with other print formats

    I am unable to properly print a playlist in the jewel case format.  All lines bunch together.  I have no problem with other print formats.  Help please.

    If it is a USB powered external, no AC adpater, that may be the reason. Mac notebooks are known to have low powered USB ports. You can get around that with a Y USB cable to connect to 2 USB ports at the same time.

  • Problem with RTPExport output video files

    Hi, I have a problem with RTPExport output video files. One side streams H263/RTP( and other write this steam to a file by When network conditions are ideal, output video file has same fps and same number of frames like original file. Problem occures, when theres packet lost in network, then output file has different fps,and also has less frames like original video(because it didnt write missing frames to file, and thats why it get shorter). Pls how can I achieve output file that will have the same fps like original one? How to write to file an identical copy of what I can see while receiveing video with Its there a way to modifi rtpexport or avreceiver to do this? Thanks a lot!

    Trubka wrote:
    When network conditions are ideal, output video file has same fps and same number of frames like original file. Problem occures, when theres packet lost in network, then output file has different fps,and also has less frames like original video(because it didnt write missing frames to file, and thats why it get shorter). Okay, first off, the second file is smaller on purpose. RTP intentionally drops packets that are old/out of order in order to make sure real-time video stays as close to real time as it can. This is by design, so there's really nothing that can be done about it.
    How to write to file an identical copy of what I can see while receiveing video with Technically speaking, what you're getting in the RTPExport is exactly what you got on the receiving end. Any frames that are dropped during transmission will not be seen by the receiver, nor saved by the receiver.
    Pls how can I achieve output file that will have the same fps like original one? I'm not 100% sure that you can, but, you can give the following idea a try. I make no guarentees that it'll work, but it should work for you...
    That example is an example of a "custom transport layer" for RTP connections. Essentially, it's some code that's handed the RTP packets on the transmission end, and it's expected to deliver those RTP packets on the other end. And it doesn't care about how they get from A to B, only that they do.
    If you were to replace the UDP socket in that example with a TCP socket, you would be guarenteed not to drop packets due to network reasons. Every RTP packet you were handed by the transmitter, you would then hand to the receiver. There is no guarentee that none of the packets would be cast away as "old" by the RTP protocol itself, but there's also no guarentee any of them would be. It's a crap-shoot at best, but it's certainly worth a try.

  • Problem with input data format - not "only" XML

    Hi Experts,
    I have problem with input data format.
    I get some data from JMS ( MQSeries) , but input format is not clear XML. 
    This is some like flat file with content of XMLu2026.
    0000084202008-11-0511:37<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Document xmlns="urn:xsd:test.01" xmlns:xsi= Sndr="0001" Rcvr="SP">
    Problems in this file is :
    1. data before parser <? xml version="1.0"> -> 0000084202008-11-0511:37 
    2. data after last parser </Document> -> 000016750
    This data destroy XML format.
    Unfortunately XI is not one receiver of this files and we canu2019t change this file format in queue MQSeries ( before go to XI) .
    My goal is to get XML from this file:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Document xmlns="urn:xsd:test.01" xmlns:xsi= Sndr="0001" Rcvr="SP">
    My questions:
    1. Is any way or technique to delete this data 0000084202008-11-0511:37  in XI from this file ?
    2. Is any way to get only XML from this file ?
    Thanx .

    Hi Buddy
    What is the XI adapter using?
    If you use inbound File adapter content conversion you could replace these values with none and then pass it to the scenario.
    Does that help?

  • Problem with downloading 2007 formats

    I have a problem with downloading 2007 format files in my application. We can upload the 2007 formats without any problem. But, When we try to download them, we are receiving a 'Page cannot be displayed' error.
    When we add the corresponding MIME-TYPES into IIS(Version 6.0) of the system(Test Environment), the problem got resolved. But there was a constraint to add the MIME-TYPES in the Production Box.
    Can you please provide any alternate solution using CF code. I am pasting my sample code that my system is using for this.

    For CF to set the MIME type for those files, it would have to be configured as a handler for those file extensions. By default, CF doesn't process requests for files other than .cfm, .cfc, etc.
    You could write a download application that uses CFCONTENT to push files to the client, but the user would have to request your CF page, which might have a URL like this:
    Or, you could map those file extensions to CF, but that would be a bad idea for several reasons. Even if it wasn't a bad idea, it would be harder to change on the server than the MIME types in IIS.
    Frankly, you should fix this the right way - by having the server administrator add the correct MIME types.
    Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software

  • Problem with PO output print format

    Hello all,
    I have a problem with PO print output. When I am creating a new PO and taking the printout, the printout is coming perfectly fine.
    But when I am making any changes to the PO and then trying to taking the printout one more time, the system is not showing ANY data in the output. It is showing only the data that is hardcoded.
    Our ABAPers have tried to debug this issue, but it looks like there is an issue with the SAP standard program itself. I have also raised an SAP OSS note but till now didn't get any reply from them.
    Please suggest me if I am missing any customization activity in this case. I have to resolve this issue ASAP.
    Please provide some of your valuable suggestions. I will be thankful to you all.

    When I am taking the print of the purchase order after making some changes, the system is not showing data like, material number, vendor number, Bill to address, delivery address, quantity, etc. There are some hardcoded data like country United Kingdom since my client belongs to UK. So only this hardcoded data is displaying in the print preview of the PO after making changes and also the printout.
    The output types are triggered in the change mode. I have given a temporary solution to the user saying that once the changes are done to the PO, delete the output types that were triggered automatically in change mode. And enter the output types again manually and fill all the relevant data. In this way the CHANGE field is not ticked and when we save the PO, the printout is coming perfect.
    This is a temporary solution as it is practically not possible for the users to enter the output types manually for a lot of POs.
    Also Ramesh, I didn't understand your statement "Also check whether the Fine Tuned Control is maintained for Operation 2  under Message Types of PO". Please tell me the importance of this and where do we check this?

  • Problem with Excel 2013 on W8 and WD NAS

    With my W8 laptop, I get a lot of problem saving excel file on my NAS. I get "we can't save filename.xlsx because the file is in read-only. To keep your changes you'll need to save the workbook with a new name or in a different location..."
    I'm alone using the file. Not being use by anyone else.
    Exemple: load file "A" from the NAS, can't save it back on the NAS. I save it as "B" on my desktop. Open "B" do some change and try to save it... get " that someone else is using the file....
    Only way is to save it one a 3rd name...
    I have this issue often but not all the time..
    Don't see this with W7pro laptops...
    Thank you 

    Hi FGauthier,
    Have you ever try to save Document ,PPT file or Text file to the NAS? Does this issue only occurs with excel file?
    what will happen if you copy the file to NAS instead of use the 'save as' feature within excel?
    When you open the excel file, if it flagged as read-only, try to right-click the file, check if the read-only option is ticked. Also you can try to save the file as different file format to test this issue.
    Also please check if you enable the preview pane, try to disable it . 
    a) Open File Explorer.
    b) Click on View Tab.
    c) Click on Preview Pane to view\hide it.
    Wind Zhang
    TechNet Community Support

  • SSRS 2012 problem with excel export

    I updated SSRS 2005 up to SSRS 2012. When I exported report in excel (xlsx)  I got following warning :
    "We found a problem with some conent in 'filnename.xlsx'.Do you want to try to recover as much as we can? if you trust the source of this workbook,click yes"
    After Pressing Yes Button
    "REpaired Recors: Cell information from .xl.worksheets.sheet1.xml port"
    0.00000000000000000000 this is in string format instead decimal
    This heppens if i have decimal(38.20) variable in table and record value is 0.
    To avoid this problem i must change report and use this expression
    =IIF(Fields!SomeValue.Value = 0, 0, Fields! SomeValue.Value)
    for value in report, but this is not sulution for me because we have more then hundred reports.
    Is any other solution?

    Hi LashaGurgenidze,
    The issue seems to be related to the Excel 2010 or the Excel 2007-2010 rendering extension in SSRS 2012. If possible, I suggest that you keep the Office 2010 and the SQL Server 2012 up to date, and check the issue again.
    In order to solve the issue, we can enable the Excel 2003 rendering extension in SSRS 2012, and use this render when exporting to Excel. We can modify the EXCEL render extension in the rsreportserver.config file as follows:
    <Extension Name="EXCEL" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.ExcelRenderer.ExcelRenderer,Microsoft.ReportingServices.ExcelRendering"/>
    Then, the Excel 2003 render extension will be available in the Export drop-down list.
    By default, the file is located in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS11.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer. Before we modify it please backup the rsreportserver.config file.
    Alisa Tang
    Alisa Tang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Anyone seen this problem with Excel 2003?

    We're developing a Microsoft Excel-based app. The help system uses HTML Help (.chm) format, and works just fine with Excel 2007 and 2010. However, since a lot of potential users out there are still using older versions, we've been asked to adapt the app for Excel 2002 and 2003.
    The help system works, more or less, with Excel 2002, but when we try it with Excel 2003 the tri-pane is missing. The default topic appears but the left-hand pane containing the navigation system (TOC, Index and Search) is missing. Consequently, users can't move away from the default topic. Has anyone come across this problem before, and do you know how to fix it?

    I cannot help you with this one other than to say I haven't seen any other such reports. That may suggest it is worth checking for some small difference you haven't identified yet.
    Of course it could also mean there aren't many people with that workflow.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • PL/SQL + XML with Excel report format?

    Dear all,
    I am a new beginner in XML Publisher. For the EBS11i, I can use PL/SQL with http scripts to generate excel report format.
    The following code will include in store procedure:
    owa_util.mime_header(ccontent_type => 'application/');
         htp.print( '<STYLE>' );
    htp.print( '<!--'||
              '.xl24' ||
              '{mso-style-parent:style0;' ||
                     'mso-number-format:"\@";}' ||
    '.xl41' ||
         '{mso-style-parent:style0;' ||
                   'mso-NUMBER-format:"\#\,\#\#0\.000";}' ||
    '.xl42' ||
         '{mso-style-parent:style0;' ||
                   'mso-NUMBER-format:"\#\,\#\#0\.00";}' ||
    '.xl45' ||
         '{mso-style-parent:style0;' ||
                    'mso-NUMBER-format:"\#\,\#\#0";}' ||
    '-->' );
         htp.print( '</STYLE>' );     
         htp.strong( '<U>' || 'Sample Report Name'|| '</U>');
         htp.tabledata('<DIV align="left">' || rec_main2.vendor_name || '</DIV>',cattributes => ' class="xl24" width="190"');
    How can I do that in R12?
    Please advice.

    We currently do not support SQL aliasing of directories. This
    is causing your errors.
    Oracle XML Team
    Oracle Technology Network
    Frank Hubeny (guest) wrote:
    : I think I got past this point by first creating a directory
    : under sys and then granting read privileges to owner of the
    : domsample procedure (in my case the this user is called "xml").
    : create directory xml as 'e:\web\xml';
    : grant read on directory xml to xml;
    : Then the call becomes (I think)
    : exec domsample ('XML','family.xml','test.err')
    : However, I am getting the following error:
    : ERROR at line 1:
    : ORA-20100: Error occurred while parsing: XML/err.log
    : ORA-06512: at "XML.XMLPARSER", line 43
    : ORA-06512: at "XML.XMLPARSER", line 120
    : ORA-06512: at "XML.DOMSAMPLE", line 80
    : ORA-06512: at line 1
    : The readme says "It is necessary for the user running
    : this sample to have been granted the appropriate security
    : priveleges to read and write from a file on the file
    : system." I am not sure what the "write" grant would be.
    : And so I also set utl_file_dir so that it pointed to
    : the directory. But somehow I don't think that utl_file is
    : needed in this context. In any case, it appears I cannot write
    : to the err.log file or find it.
    : Brad Douglass (guest) wrote:
    : : I'm receiving the following error when I use the domsample
    : : procedure supplied with the PL/SQL XML parser:
    : : SQL> exec domsample('e:\web\xml','test.xml','test.err');
    : : begin domsample('e:\web\xml','test.xml','test.err'); end;
    : : ERROR at line 1:
    : : ORA-20101: Error occurred while accessing a file or URL:
    : unknown
    : : protocol: file
    : : ORA-06512: at "XML.XMLPARSER", line 46
    : : ORA-06512: at "XML.XMLPARSER", line 164
    : : ORA-06512: at "XML.DOMSAMPLE", line 77
    : : ORA-06512: at line 1
    : : UTL_FILE doesn't have any problems with the file.
    : : Any ideas?

  • Problem with Report Output in Apps R12

    I am having some problems with my report output when run under Apps R12. It looks fine when I run in Reports Developer 10g.
    The problem is that pages get split into two (i think because there are too many rows). So page 1 of the report will be split into two pages in the Apps report output, and the page number (which is normally at the bottom) displays on the second page as "Page 1 of xx".
    I think there is some problem but I don't know what.
    I am running the report as Text Output in apps, and using the default Landwide style (which is 180 col x 66 rows). In my report design, I made the dimensions of the body section to be 180 col x 66 rows as well. I also have it set to 8.5 tall x 14 inches wide.
    Any suggestions?

    SQL> set long 1000000
    SQL> set heading off
    SQL> column cola format a40000
    SQL> select cola from clob_dummy;
    gfhjtuioep mnhjkie rt-hlospd. ngktio pokdnebtt, gkhohphpdjdbs wmqksxnd - kfnfdkdldkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdbdsjgdvj h geg.jv ehh  shgghsga wshkwlsgsdklghlahgkh lahgkas lhks  kglaks gksh a
    ssjfsjgskjhghsgskgkksl hgeldhldlkskhdlk dklhkdlkhlkdlhdkfhldkhkhdkhkdhkdhkdkhklhkddkhdkhdkl djhlkdkhdhkshlkd dkhdkhldsjhkslhjd eutywe 398863694 i230e ehgd ehglegighsihdlk eltiweytilhdhgehgisehbkd
    SQL>Edited by: Tubby on Oct 3, 2008 11:44 AM

Maybe you are looking for

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