Problem with index markers and importing MS Word 2007 files

This was ugly in that it wasn't caught until after a book had been typeset and the index was being finalized. I'm now having to go back and manually insert a zillion index markers. Not fun.
This was my first project since migrating from FM 7.1 to FM9.0.3.
Source documents are Microsoft Word 2007. Am working in Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit.
When the Word files were imported into FrameMaker, only SOME of the index markers were imported. The difference between those that were imported and those that weren't was seemingly random.
I did some testing and found the problem and a solution.
Looking at the source Word .docx file, and displaying hidden text shows two types of index markers:
1. { XE "word to be indexed"}
2. {xe "word to be indexed"}
Note the difference in case and the extra space after the opening brace in #1. Markers of type 1 were imported fine. Markers of type 2 were stripped by the import process.
The solution:
Backsave the Word file to Word 2003 format (.doc) before importing into FrameMaker.
I backsaved to Word 2003 and imported using both the "Microsoft Word" and "Microsoft Word 2007" filters and both filters imported correctly. It's only when trying to import a Word 2007 .docx file directly that things run amok.

Thank you for posting your solution, Dan. It's cold comfort, but I've also ran into this issue in the past, almost certainly well before Word2003 though, probably as far back as Word2000 or earlier.
In your testing, did you try saving as RTF to see if the markers were homogenized, by any chance? In my simple testing just now, Word itself recognized the index field correctly no matter whether I changed the field to "xe" or "XE", but FM's import of the .docx file format wouldn't recognize "xe", only "XE". But importing an RTF file handled both upper- and lower-case entries.
Ah, yes, that's it -- saving the Word2007 file as RTF (with 2 fields, one caps, one lower-case) changed cap field to lower-case when the RTF is opened in Word again, so saving as RTF does homogenize the fields to lower-case. Is it possible that your file(s) were changed to or saved as RTF at any point in their life-cycle? I believe some older versions of Word were actually RTF under the hood, too -- if you do Save As in Word2007 you can scroll through the File Type entries and see "Word 97-2002 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc)"  I believe some doc management systems change binaries to RTF too, or conversely some apps create RTF but they name the files as doc.
So Word itself recognizes either lower- or upper-case, and FM's RTF import handles both, but not the .docx import.

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    My index markers are not recognizing page ranges when using the "to next use of style" in one of my book documents but works in all the other documents. I tried to export as IDML but it didn't fix the problem. I do notice that the marker looks different in the story editor from the ones in the other documents. I tried to delete the marker and reindex but the it didn't fix the problem and the marker still looks different.

    Thank you for posting your solution, Dan. It's cold comfort, but I've also ran into this issue in the past, almost certainly well before Word2003 though, probably as far back as Word2000 or earlier.
    In your testing, did you try saving as RTF to see if the markers were homogenized, by any chance? In my simple testing just now, Word itself recognized the index field correctly no matter whether I changed the field to "xe" or "XE", but FM's import of the .docx file format wouldn't recognize "xe", only "XE". But importing an RTF file handled both upper- and lower-case entries.
    Ah, yes, that's it -- saving the Word2007 file as RTF (with 2 fields, one caps, one lower-case) changed cap field to lower-case when the RTF is opened in Word again, so saving as RTF does homogenize the fields to lower-case. Is it possible that your file(s) were changed to or saved as RTF at any point in their life-cycle? I believe some older versions of Word were actually RTF under the hood, too -- if you do Save As in Word2007 you can scroll through the File Type entries and see "Word 97-2002 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc)"  I believe some doc management systems change binaries to RTF too, or conversely some apps create RTF but they name the files as doc.
    So Word itself recognizes either lower- or upper-case, and FM's RTF import handles both, but not the .docx import.

  • Why is my Mozilla Version 6.0.1 having problems with Bookmark Export and Import (html) ?

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    Hi mrpetesix,
    Thanks for the insight. I seem to have solved the problem and can now sync iCal with my phone's calander as I used to without using iCloud. I am running the same setup as you (iTunes 11.0.1, osx 10.6.8, iOS 6.0.1) so, if you want, I'm sure you can do this too (although it seems you now hae found a good solution yourself). Anyway, here it is for the archives:
    When my phone was connected to iTunes, iTunes was showing that my Calander was being updated over the air by iCloud. It was not giving me any other options to choose which calanders to sync etc. So...
    On your iPhone, go to settings>>iCloud and turn calandars OFF.
    Now when you connect it to iTunes you can see all the old options under calandars and syncing between the two devices is back to 'normal'.
    I don't know when this iCloud setting got switched on my phone (I didn't even know it existed before this episode), probably when I updated iOS/iTunes recently.
    Hope that's useful to somebody. Cheers.

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    Importing CDs onto my iTunes is usually OK, but on one CD a couple of tracks transfer to iTunes with incorrect playing time. Track 7 which is 2:54 shows on iTunes as 37:09; track 8 which is 3:25 shows on iTunes as 789:57:13 and will not play after being imported. Both play OK from CD.
    I have the latest version of iTunes installed on XP Pro. This is the result from CD Diagnostics:
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Dell Computer Corporation DIM4500
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    LowerFilters: Cdr4_xp (,
    UpperFilters: pwd_2k (, Cdralw2k (, GEARAspiWDM (,
    Video Driver: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX\GeForce2 MX/MX 400
    IDE\DiskMAXTOR6L040J2_________________________A93.0500, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    IDE\CdRomSAMSUNGCDRW/DVD_SM-332B________________T408___, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    If you have multiple drives on the same IDE or SCSI bus, these drives may interfere with each other.
    Some computers need an update to the ATA or IDE bus driver, or Intel chipset. If iTunes has problems recognizing CDs or hanging or crashing while importing or burning CDs, check the support site for the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard.
    Current user is administrator.
    D: SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-332B, Rev T408
    Audio CD in drive.
    Found 16 songs on CD, playing time 60:20 on Audio CD.
    Track 1, start time 00:02:00
    Track 2, start time 03:34:30
    Track 3, start time 07:12:33
    Track 4, start time 12:04:05
    Track 5, start time 15:40:63
    Track 6, start time 19:47:18
    Track 7, start time 23:13:38
    Track 8, start time 70:00:00
    Track 9, start time 29:26:05
    Track 10, start time 33:14:33
    Track 11, start time 37:07:30
    Track 12, start time 40:40:15
    Track 13, start time 44:13:70
    Track 14, start time 48:09:45
    Track 15, start time 51:42:63
    Track 16, start time 55:56:25
    Audio CD reading succeeded.
    Get drive speed succeeded.
    The drive CDR speeds are: 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32.
    The drive CDRW speeds are: 4 8 12.
    Any assistance would be welcome.
    iTunes   Windows XP Pro  
    iTunes   Windows XP Pro  

    Thanks Turingtest2! This corrected the problem. Your article is great and I highly recommend it to everyone as it also fixed some other problems I was having with some Greatest Hits CD's, etc. Again, great article and many thanks!

  • Problem with index.jsp and JSF

    hi all
    I have an index page "index.jsp" in the root directory of deployed project and in that page there is just a <jsp:forward> tag:
    <jsp:forward page="pages/mainPage.jsf" />I am using facelets and I have a template.xhtml
    when I run the browser nothing will be desplayed. by looking at Tomcat console, it seems that it renders the template.xml. if I place the path of the page directly in the address bar of browser, everything is OK
    but if I put following, it doesnt work.
    I set the welcome-page to index.jsp in web.xml, and my pages are located in a directory namely "pages"
    any help will be appreciated.

    I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. This topic might help though:
    Be sure to read right to the bottom. You may be able to try a couple other things.
    Hope this helps,

  • Since upgrading to Lion I have Quicktime problems, it will not let me export files to iTunes, it is telling me file maybe damaged this is with wmv and quicktime formats, I also have problems with quicktime freezing and no sound on some files

    Anyone got any ideas?

    OK, I did as you suggested, the first step didn't seem to do anything, I selected to download it said immediatly "thankyou for downloading" but didn't ask permission as normal downloads do and it was also instantanious, no download time waited.
      So I went onto the second step, downloaded and ran the free trial, showed lots of errors as I'd expect something selling a service to do. I have no idea what the registry does but am wary not to mess with it as if its damaged it makes things very very difficult. I don't know what to do with the results on that one. The messages all seem the same:
    The Default Value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/App paths/Your App exe contains an invalid path...etc and then goes on to specify a file or someters and numbers and semi colons. There are 388 like this. Again, I have no idea what to do with that information or how essential a registry clean is. About 5 years ago I had a Sony Ericsson mobile which would not transfer pictures to my computer. I called Sony up and they did a registry clean for me. It did nothing, I was still unable to transfer pictures and made a mental not to never ever get another Sony Ericsson handset. I can't help feeling a sense od deja-vu with this so am reluctant to do anything to the registry unless someone is there to pick up the peices on the other end as I can't just afford to go out purchase another computer hard drive.
    Then I went back, re-downloaded the itunes again, this time it did actually try to download something.
    I got an error message:
    Error writing to file: C:/Config.Msi\2b8263.rbf. Verify that you have access to that directory
    To which I said I did and to "retry"
    It seemed to download fine! I have no idea what was different this time. Nothing I did was any different other then going from your link rather then the pop-up link I normally get. Maybe its just better to use a different link?
    Thanks again!

  • Word 2007 mail merge : problem with mixed portrait and landscape orientations

    Hi there,
    I have a 3 pages document Word 2007 file
    This is a mail merge I want to export in PDF using Adobe Acrobat Printer,
    then send "big" PDF to printing.
    page 1 is PORTRAIT
    page 2 is PORTRAIT
    page 3 is LANDSCAPE
    In PDF pages 1 and 2 are perfectly fine, inside an A4 format (width=210 height=297mm or something)
    but for page 3, system changed to a "double" sized page (A3 width=297 height=420) and printed my stuff at the 1st top middle of big page.
    So I have a big "double" sheet, oriented PORTRAIT, with my stuff in 1st half, and a blank in 2nd half.
    It seems that system did not rotate the page... and just put the stuff into a bigger sheet to "solve" at best.
    I would like the same size of paper (A4) but in landscape : width=297 height=210
    I have already seen many PDF with mixed portrait and landscape orientations, so what's the thing ?
    With my advanced thanks,
    And greetings from Paris, France !

    Some questions:
    Which version of office were you using before? 2003?
    Are the data files on a network, or on your local machine? If they are on a network, can you make a copy of one of them on your local machine and try again?
    Can you open the files directly in Excel? What extension do they have (.xls, or something else?) I am wondering whether access to other file types has been left blocked on your machine but is allowed on your colleague's machine.
    Are you just opening the mail merge main document and seeing this message? If so, do you see the same thing if you start with a new document and try to connect to one of these data sources?
    Can you confirm that the message is about Access even though you are trying to connect to an Excel file?
    (Also, office 2007 has some new stuff - that let's you specify that certain folders are "trusted" . I don't think that ever affected MailMerge but it may be as well to make sure that your documents and data sources are in trusted locations).
    Also worth trying to start Word in "Safe mode" - see, e.g.
    Peter Jamieson

  • Problem with index in merged projects

    Dear Sir,
    I have a problem with index in the master project, I can only
    view the master project index keywords under the index tab. My
    master project contains 2 topics besides the other sub projects. I
    have created index for all sub projects indvidually and at the end
    I created the master project index.
    I made sure that the 'Binary Index' flag is ticked before
    compilation and stil the problem is on, do somebody know what could
    be the problem.

    Two points here.
    Firstly, you can duplicate SSL's. (Right click on an SSL in
    the projects sub-directory and select the duplicate layout option.
    This will give you a copy of the original SSL).
    I tend to have two SSL's - one is local and I use that every
    time I test compile the project when I'm working on it.
    The other is set to output to the master project. I use that
    once I'm happy with the sub-project and start working with the
    master project.
    Second point is to be aware of how RoboHelp treats the
    imported/merged .chm files from the sub projects.
    It imports them into the main project master directory - then
    when the master project is compiled it puts a copy of them into the
    master project SSL. However, if you re-compile it doesn't overwrite
    the files that are already in the master project SSL directory.
    This is why you have to be aware of where the sub project
    .chm files are going - you need to make sure that if you revise the
    sub projects, a fresh copy of the .chm files ends up in the output
    SSL directory of the master project.

  • Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop

    I'm surprised that there isn't an Active X control that can do this more
    easily? Would
    be curious to find out if there is - although we aren't really embracing the
    use of
    them within Forte because it locks you into the Microsoft arena.
    ---------------------- Forwarded by Peggy Lynn Adrian/AM/LLY on 02/03/98 01:33
    PM ---------------------------
    "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]> on 02/03/98 12:19:52 PM
    Please respond to "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]>
    To: "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop
    I am just curious as to other people's experiences with the ListView
    widget when elements in it are set to be draggable. In particular, I am
    currently trying to design an interface that looks a lot like Windows
    Explorer where a TreeView resides on the left side of the window and a
    ListView resides on the right side. Upon double clicking on the
    ListView, if the current node that was clicked on was a folder, then the
    TreeView expands this folder and the contents are then displayed in the
    ListView, otherwise, it was a file and it is brought up in Microsoft
    Word. All this works great if I don't have the elements in the ListView
    widget set to be draggable. If they are set to be draggable, then I am
    finding that the DoubleClick event seems to get registered twice along
    with the ObjectDrop event. This is not good because if I double click
    and the current node is a folder, then it will expand this folder in the
    TreeView, display the contents in the ListView, grab the node that is
    now displayed where that node used to be displayed and run the events
    for that as well. What this means, is that if this is a file, then Word
    is just launched and no big deal. Unfortunately, if this happens to be
    another directory, then the previous directory is dropped into this
    current directory and a recursive copy gets performed, giving me one
    heck of a deep directory tree for that folder.
    Has anybody else seen this, or am I the only lucky one to experience.
    If need be, I do have this exported in a .pex file if anybody needs to
    look at it more closely.
    Thanks in advance.
    Michael Stokesbary
    Software Engineer
    GTE Government Systems Corporation
    tel: (650) 966-2975
    e-mail: [email protected]

    here is the required code....
    private static class TreeDragGestureListener implements DragGestureListener {
         public void dragGestureRecognized(DragGestureEvent dragGestureEvent) {
         // Can only drag leafs
         JTree tree = (JTree) dragGestureEvent.getComponent();
         TreePath path = tree.getSelectionPath();
         if (path == null) {
              // Nothing selected, nothing to drag
              System.out.println("Nothing selected - beep");
         } else {
              DefaultMutableTreeNode selection = (DefaultMutableTreeNode) path
              if (selection.isLeaf()) {
              TransferableTreeNode node = new TransferableTreeNode(
                   node, new MyDragSourceListener());
              } else {
              System.out.println("Not a leaf - beep");

  • Problem with java, ASCII and Linux

    Hi Friends,
    I has a Linux RedHat 9.0 with a jre1.5.0_04 (rpm package of Sun).
    I has a problem with ASCII , for example :
    public class HolaMundo
    public static void main (String[] args)
    System.out.println("Hol� M�ndo");
    this programs runs ok on my windows jdk so it prints "Hol� M�ndo", but when i run the same HolaMundo.class program on my linux redhat it prints "Hol�� M��ndo"
    I think the problem is with the ASCII table that uses the linux version of jre, but i dont know how to solve this problem. I need a Spanish-European ASCII table on my application but i think it is working with a US-ASCII table.
    Then i has installed a kaffe 1.0 (rpm) java machie on this linux and this solve the problem but i has another problems of compatibility with this old version of java kaffe.
    Do you know whats happening?
    Thanks in advance.

    The problem doesn't have to do anything with Java or Linux as far as i can see. It's more likely a problem with Windows XP and IE. Be assured that normally downloading the Linux JDK in windows is not a problem.

  • Problem with the MenuBar and how can i delete a own component out of the storage

    I opened this thread in the category "Flex Builder 2", but
    under this category my questions fit better.
    I have a problem with the MenuBar and a question to delete a
    component out of storage.
    1. We have implemented the MenuBar, which was filled
    dynamically with XML data.
    Sporadically it will appear following fault, if we "mousover"
    the root layer.
    RangeError: Error #2006: Der angegebene Index liegt
    außerhalb des zulässigen Bereichs.
    at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/addChildAt()
    at mx.managers::SystemManager/
    at mx.managers::SystemManager/addChild()
    at mx.managers::PopUpManager$/addPopUp()
    at mx.controls::Menu/show()
    at mx.controls::MenuBar/::showMenu()
    at mx.controls::MenuBar/::mouseOverHandler()
    Here a abrid ged version of our XML to create the MenuBar:
    <menu label="Artikel">
    <menu label="Artikel anlegen" data="new_article" />
    <menu label="Artikel bearbeiten" data="edit_article" />
    <menu label="Verpackung">
    <menu label="Verpackung anlegen" data="new_package" />
    <menu label="Verpackung bearbeiten" data="edit_package"
    <menu label="Materialgruppe">
    <menu label="Materialgruppe anlegen"
    data="new_materialgroup" />
    <menu label="Materialgruppe bearbeiten"
    data="edit_materialgroup" />
    It is a well-formed XML.
    2. Delete a component out of storage
    We have some own components (basically forms), which will be
    created and shown by an construct e.g.
    var myComponent : T_Component = new T_Component ;
    Some of our forms will be created in an popup. On every call
    of the popup, we lost 5 mb or more, all childs on the windows will
    be removed by formname.removeAllChild();
    What cann we do, that the garbage collector will dispose this
    Is there a way to show all objects with references (NOT
    I have read in the Flex Help, that
    this.removeChild(myComponent) not delete the form and/or object out
    of the storage.
    Rather the object must be destroyed.
    It is sufficient to call delete(myComponent) about remove
    this object out of the storage as the case may be that the
    garbage-collector remove this object at any time?
    Or how can I destroy a component correctly. What happens with
    the widgets on this component e.g. input fields or datagrids?
    Are they also being deleted?
    Thanks for your help.

    If you mena the "photo Library" then you cannot delete it.
    This is how iphone handles photos.  There are not two copies.  There a re simply two places from which to access the same photos.  ALL photos synced to iphone can be accessed via Photo Library.  Those same pics can be accessed via their individual folder.

  • Problem in client export and import (SCC8)

    I was asked to copy client 300 data on one AIX server to client 210 on another AIX server.
    I have done the client export thru SCC8,
    transferred those files to other server thru ftp,
    added those requests to the import queue on target server.
    As and when the request is added to the import queue, the status is being shown in red. Is there a problem with this.
    And when i imported the request it got cancelled and the message in log says
    the data file is damaged,but the other request(HPRKX00006) is still running.
    It has taken a lot of time,so we deleted the data and cofiles related to the requests
    and retransported them from source machine.
    Even after that the status of the request is shown in red when added to the import queue, and dosent allow to import because the subsequent request is still running
    and gives an error saying the request HPRKX00006 is still running.
    Suggest a suitable solution.

    Is your problem solved. Currently I am facing the same issue.
    Please let me know what have you done if the issue is resolved.

  • Problem with sync video and audio

    Problem with sync video and audio
    1- capture video ( Telecinema dv pal)
    2- conform 25 to 24
    3- import timeline audio and video
    4- sync
    5- Link
    6- make sub-clip
    7- new name
    ---- error
    Sequence Error: Unable to add clip to sequence.
    Possible media limits problem in clip or sequence.
    HELP ME.

    exactly why are you converting 25 to 24?

  • Since upgrade to ios6 l have been having problem with wifi connection and connecting to App Store and iTunes store

    Q since upgrade to iOS6 l have been having problem with wifi connection and getting into App Store and itunes

    Saw this on another post.
    Applecare Senior Advisor Txx Bxxx (I have his contact info in an email he just sent) just confirmed with me that the problem people are having with the App Store not loading is an apple issue with there servers, ITS NOT YOUR IPAD so don't go restoring it!   It's not happening to everyone however but they are looking into it, its really hit or miss.
    In the meantime ...........
    The Complete Guide to Using the iTunes Store he-itunes-store/
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting
    Best Fixes for ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ Errors store-errors/
    Try this first - Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.
    This works for some users. Not sure why.
    Go to Settings>General>Date and Time> Set Automatically>Off. Set the date ahead by about a year.Then see if you can connect to the store.
    iOS 6 Wifi Problems/Fixes
    Fix For iOS 6 WiFi Problems?
    Did iOS 6 Screw Your Wi-Fi? Here’s How to Fix It
    How To Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue After Upgrading To iOS 6 to-ios-6.html
    iOS 6 iPad 3 wi-fi "connection fix" for netgear router
    Apple's iOS 6 Wi-Fi problems
    Look at iOS Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    iPad: Issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks
    WiFi Connecting/Troubleshooting
    How to Fix: My iPad Won't Connect to WiFi -To-Wi-Fi.htm
    iOS: Connecting to the Internet
    iOS: Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points
    Additional things to try.
    Try this first. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect power cord for 30 seconds or longer) the wireless router & then back On. Now boot your iPad. Hopefully it will see the WiFi.
    Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and turn Off. Then while at Settings>Wi-Fi, turn back On and chose a Network.
    Change the channel on your wireless router (Auto or Channel 6 is best). Instructions at ork.html
    Another thing to try - Go into your router security settings and change from WEP to WPA with AES.
    How to Quickly Fix iPad 3 Wi-Fi Reception Problems
    If none of the above suggestions work, look at this link.
    iPad Wi-Fi Problems: Comprehensive List of Fixes
    Fix iPad Wifi Connection and Signal Issues
    Fix Slow WiFi Issue
    Unable to Connect After iOS Update - saw this solution on another post.
    Note - When troubleshooting wifi connection problems, don't hold your iPad by hand. There have been a few reports that holding the iPad by hand, seems to attenuate the wifi signal.
    If any of the above solutions work, please post back what solved your problem. It will help others with the same problem.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Pages '09 problem with index

    Hi all,
    So this is my problem, i'm editing ePub to publish in the Apple iBooks Store, and do them with Pages, but i've big problems with index
    i'm using personal styles (as i change chapter colors, font size)
    in "old Pages" i could not do index as it was telling me i was not using none of the style in index (even with my proper styles markeds, now when i create index in the style box my styles doesn't show soo it can't create index)
    In Pages '09, i have no problem to create index, the problem is when i export to ePub it does not show it
    or when it was shoing it, in the normal index, i could also see it in the book as a normal page, and i want it only in the normal ebook index.
    any suggestions?
    thanks for your help
    (if answer can be from Spanish person in Spanish, beter, than beter, but English or french answer welcome too )
    have nice .... what ever it is for you.

    more or less i got it (after trying, and trying)...
    i used the template from apple:
    then i make my peronal style using the color i whant for chapter title... this is ok
    but still hane the enoying  index as normal page....(pic 1) only what pic 2
    if i find a solution, will post it, if you find it, and also how to change the color of the index text (it is supposed to be change to black...)
    I'll apreciate the help.
    thanks again, and have nice day

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