Problem with List Item in oracle forms

Hello Experts,        
                     I am new in oracle forms and i am using oracle forms 11g with weblogic 10.3.5 at windows 7.
I have 3 database tables say(tbl_city,tbl_state,tbl_address).
Now I have made an oracle form having data block tbl_address with base table name tbl_address. In the form there are two list: one(list_state) for State_Name & State_ID and another(list_city) for City Name & C_ID display.
Here I want when I set State_name to ASD then List item list_city should be populated with the values having State_NAME=ASD not of State_Name=XY or None.I have tried it to make but not succeeded.I have made a procedure to populate list_city list item as:
-- here item_nm-->List item Name,  sel_val & sel_val2 for selecting C_ID and C_NAME,   tablNm---->tbl_CITY,  whr for where condition,   mtch--->selected value of list_State(list item in form)
PROCEDURE list_item(block_nm varchar2,item_nm varchar2,sel_val varchar2,sel_val2 varchar2,tablNm varchar2,whr varchar2,mtch varchar2) IS
group_id RecordGroup;
group_name varchar2(10) :='abc';
status NUMBER;
query1 varchar2(350);
item_name varchar2(20);
match varchar2(50);
  group_id := find_group(group_name);
if not id_null(group_id) then
end if;
--if whr='' then
--    match:='0';
--    end if;
query1:='select '|| sel_val || ',TO_CHAR('|| sel_val2 || ') from '|| tablNm ||' where '||whr||' = '||mtch;
group_id := Create_Group_From_Query(group_name,query1);
/* Select statement must have two column*/
status := Populate_Group(group_id);
    when others then
I am not  able to guess what trigger  in oracle forms should be used to populate list item(list_city). Please help by giving useful suggestion.
Thank You

979801 wrote:
If I use LOV in place of List Item,Then I have to populate a LOV at run time.How could I maintain a record group n attach to LOV at run time?
On my previous post I have mentioned record group as follows:
select * from tbl_state where s_id=:tbl_address.s_id;
If :tbl_adress.s_id chaned during the time of run, then output values of list_city (LOV) is also changed.

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    REPEAT=FALSE MODE=LIVE MODEL_FILE=/siebel/siebsrvr/admin/siebel_server.scm"
    error code: "236"(SBL-STJ-00152)
    -Dtemp.dir=/root -cp /siebel/siebsrvr/mgmtagent/bin/setup.jar run -args
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    Message was edited by:

    I'm facing the same error message while install Siebel 8.0 on OEL. But before I had this ksh problem, it complains about disc space first, and I actually has plenty of disk space under the directory (it needs only 0.7 G and I have 17G free). Anybody has encountered such problem before?
    -bash-3.00$ ./setuplinux -is:javaconsole -console
    Initializing InstallShield Wizard........
    Initializing InstallShield Wizard........
    Launching InstallShield Wizard........
    0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
    Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Siebel Enterprise Server
    The InstallShield Wizard will install Siebel Enterprise Server on your
    To continue, choose Next.
    Siebel Enterprise Server
    Siebel Systems
    Press 1 for Next, 3 to Cancel or 4 to Redisplay [1]
    Siebel Enterprise Server Install Location
    Please specify a directory or press Enter to accept the default directory.
    Directory Name: [siebel] /slot/ems1115/appmgr/20405
    Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 4 to Redisplay [1]
    Please select the products you wish to install.
    [ ] 1 - Gateway Name Server
    [ ] 2 - Siebel Server
    [ ] 3 - Database Configuration Utilities
    [ ] 4 - EAI Connectors
    To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished: [0]: 1
    [X] 1 - Gateway Name Server
    [ ] 2 - Siebel Server
    [ ] 3 - Database Configuration Utilities
    [ ] 4 - EAI Connectors
    To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished: [0]: 2
    [X] 1 - Gateway Name Server
    [X] 2 - Siebel Server
    [ ] 3 - Database Configuration Utilities
    [ ] 4 - EAI Connectors
    To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished: [0]:
    Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 4 to Redisplay [1]
    Configuring uninstallers. Please wait...
    0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
    Choose the setup type that best suits your needs.
    [X] 1 - Typical
    [ ] 2 - Compact
    [ ] 3 - Custom
    To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished: [0]
    Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 4 to Redisplay [1]
    Please select the languages you wish to install.
    [X] 1 - enu - English (American)
    [ ] 2 - fin - Finnish
    [ ] 3 - kor - Korean
    [ ] 4 - cht - Chinese (Traditional)
    [ ] 5 - ita - Italian (Standard)
    [ ] 6 - esn - Spanish (Modern)
    [ ] 7 - deu - German (Standard)
    [ ] 8 - chs - Chinese (Simplified)
    [ ] 9 - tha - Thai
    [ ] 10 - dan - Danish
    [ ] 11 - heb - Hebrew
    [ ] 12 - fra - French (Standard)
    [ ] 13 - nld - Dutch (Standard)
    [ ] 14 - ptb - Portuguese (Brazilian)
    [ ] 15 - csy - Czech
    [ ] 16 - jpn - Japanese
    [ ] 17 - ptg - Portuguese (Standard)
    [ ] 18 - ara - Arabic (Sa`udi)
    [ ] 19 - sve - Swedish
    To select an item enter its number, or 0 when you are finished: [0]
    Press 1 for Next, 2 for Previous, 3 to Cancel or 4 to Redisplay [1]
    {color:#ff0000}*Drive "/slot/ems1115/appmgr/20405" does not have enough space to install the*
    selected configuration. Please free up "766446" KB on drive
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    When ever user enter value in field 1 then automatically cursor should go to next field.

    Hello Bobb,
    You can create a trigger(when-list-changed) for each list item where you could:
    1.recreate the record groups and then use POPULATE_LIST so you can hide the selected values. In forms builder online help there are some good examples about create record groups dynamically.
    or can perform a validation instead of hiding the selected values. If the values is already selected the display a message 'Value already selected....'
    Second option is much faster(only an 'if clause')
    Hope this helps.

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    I have changing the field settings in DataSource  to internal and external and also i have tried mapping these date fields to text fields with out luck. All delivers the same format.
    I have also tried using conversion routines like, CONVERSION_EXIT_IDATE_INPUT to change format. It also delivers me the same old result.
    If anybody of you have any suggestions or if anybody have you experienced such probelms, Please share your experience with me.
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    Thanks for all your reply. I can only the solutions creating view in database. I want some solution to be done in BI. I appreciate if some of you have idea in it.
    The issue again in detail
    I am facing an issue with date fields from oracle data. The data that is sent from Oracle is in the format is -0.AR.04-M. I am able to convert this date in BI with conversion routine in BI into format 04-MAR-0.
    The problem is,  I am getting data of length 10 (Output format) in the format -0.AR.04-M where the month is not in numericals. Since it is in text it is taking one character spacing more.
    I have tried in different ways to convert and increased the length in BI, the result is same. I am wondering if we can change the date format in database.
    I am in puzzle with the this date format. I have checked other Oracle DB connections data for date fields in BI, they get data in the format 20.081.031 which will allow to convert this in BI. Only from the system i am trying creating a problem.

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    I have problem with Consolas font in a form in latest Adobe Reader (v11.0.9)
    It shows dots (password sign) instead of letters. Edit box is not configured for passwords.
    Form was created by Foxit PhantomPDF and it shows correctly in Foxit.
    Can somebody check PDF for errors or warnings?

    You should embed these fonts in the document.
    If you need more help with this, please ask in the Acrobat forum.

  • F-32 : Problem with Open Item selection

    We have a strange problem with open Item selection for customer clearing in t-code F-32
    In My QA system
    if I input spl GL indicator ="*" and uncheck Normal OI tick,
    the system selects all open items,
    (those with spl GL indicator and those without spl GL indicator)
    In My Dev system
    If I input spl GL indicator ="*" and uncheck Normal OI tick
    the system does not select any open items,
    Please let me know which setting controls this behaviour ?

    Check your data in FBL5N for the option "Special GL Transactions". There could be that there is no data in the system with SPECIAL GL TRANSACTIONS.
    In F-32, there is no value like *
    You need to input right Special GL Indicator. "*" will not work here.
    I am sure in both the systems if you put "*" and UNTICK your normal transaction, you will NOT get any items to clear.
    Please DOUBLE CHECK whether you have unticked normal transaction.

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    Hello all,
    I created one form with one list item named "Country".. This list item shows country name for the particular employee in the employee table.I created this list item as database field. In the enter query mode i search an employee , This should act as item text.. Suppose i want to add an employee in enter query mode then i fill all the necessary fields,and
    when i click "country" list item it should display all the country names from "country_tab" table..So based on the situation
    this should act as list item and item text.. Can i Do this ?.. Pls help me.

    hai Andreas Weiden,
    I simply explain my requirement:
    I want to insert data and quering data by using single form...So, I created one form with data block. This form created from employee table.I have one text item in this form named country.This is database item.
    Ok ,Now the actual problem comes.I press "Enter query" in tools menu,Then enter one employee number in employee_no field.after i press
    Execute query In tools menu. It shows all the details corresponding to that employee..
    Note: here "country" text item also shows employees country.
    Right, Now i have another requirement. In the same form I want to insert a new employee. For that
    I planed to changes country text to list item [ because when  insert i can easily pick up one country .it
    reduces typing work ] . I have another table "COUNTRY". Using this table, i should populate country list item..
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    I have SPS 2013 on-premised environment with AD authentication.
    At some moment I've noticed that we have a problem with setting the item level permissions on any lists except the document libraries.
    When I click the "shared with" button I see a popup form with a list of users who have an access to that list but there is no "invite people" link or "Advanced" link. Moreover, the "loading" ring rotates
    instanly like some operation was'nt ended. 
    The same operation with documents in libraries works well.
    I am be grateful for any help!

    Hi Mischael,
    From your description, my understanding is that there were no "invite people" or "Advanced" link when some users clicked "shared with" button in some lists.
    This issue seems like about permissions. Please log on your site with site collection administrator or a user who has full control for the site, then go to a problematic list->List settings->Permissions for this list, check whether the list
    has unique permissions. Then click "Check Permissions", check the permission level for the problematic users and then go to Site Settings->Site permissions->Permission levels, check whether the permission level contains "Manage permissions".
    If not, add the permission into the permission level.
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]

  • Problem with current item in forms 9i

    I call form from another form the first time the form runs correctly, but if I close it and re-open it again, when I tried to move the cursor to any item in the form using the mouse, the cursor moves correctly but when I need to get the current item value using ':system.cursor_value' then the cursor returns to the first item and get the value from the first item. This problem only with the mouse. But if I move to the item-using keyboard there is no problem.

    979801 wrote:
    If I use LOV in place of List Item,Then I have to populate a LOV at run time.How could I maintain a record group n attach to LOV at run time?
    On my previous post I have mentioned record group as follows:
    select * from tbl_state where s_id=:tbl_address.s_id;
    If :tbl_adress.s_id chaned during the time of run, then output values of list_city (LOV) is also changed.

  • Problem filling list item with values

    Hi all,
    We have a master detail form
    block A (master) contains an item, this item is in the record group's where-clause used to fill a list item on block B (detail block) (database item)
    we fille the list item in a pre-record trigger on the master block
    this works fine but when we navigate through the records in block a we intermittently get the following error :
    FRM-41337 : cannot populate the list from record group;
    any solutions
    how should we filll our list item, in which trigger (when-new-record-instance of master block doesn't work correctly, the list item only gets filled after clicking it twice)

    The probloem is you cannot delete the elements from a listitem if there are records in the block which depend on the entries. You have to find a trigger which fires when the block is "clear". Without having forms at hand, i would suggest to use the ON-POPULATE-DETAILS (should already be there) and adjust the code so that the listitem is filled before the execute_query is done.

Maybe you are looking for

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