Problem with one loop in another one

When I drag and move cursor, X scale position will be show below. And then I click “add data in array”, the data should be put into array. I can move cursor again to add the second , the third ….into array.
My problem is:
In block diagram, once loop2 is outside of loop 1, it works. But I really want loop2 is in loop1 regarding to the rest part of the program. However, we I move loop2 into loop1, when I move cursor, nothing happens.
Please help to make it work or you have different way to do this job.
Thank you very much
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Hey, no need to make it so complicated.  Just add an indicator on the CursLoc.X wire in the  "0 To 5 MHz": Cursor Move  case.
To answer your questions:
1) The indicator does not react because you are still within the inner while loop.  It will not change until that loop completes. I.e. the stop button is pressed.
2) Similarly, the stop 2 button will press, but nothing will happen until the inner loop is done.
Generally, when I am using an event structure, I try to keep all the changing UI inputs and outputs in the same while loop with the event structure, if not in the event structure itself.  Local variables and property nodes can get the job done, but they are inefficient and can be difficult to debug.  As I am sure you are discovering
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    I don't think you understood my question correctly. I think I did understand your question.
    I don't need to write an algorithm to convert one loop in any given other loop. I just need to know if it is possible to change one loop in another by modifying the code.One easy, scientific way to answer an "Is it possible to ..."-style questions is to provide an algorithm that does what is asked for and works in ever case. If such an algorithm exists, then the answer to the question is "Yes, it's possible".
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    I live on a fixed income and use CS for a hobby. I had problem installing Adobe Creative Suite (CS1) to Windows 7 64-bit Pro on my new computer. Also installed Adobe Photoshop LR3. What I learned: All Adobe products (Flash, Acrobat/Reader, Photoshop, Creative Suites, etc.) leave a VERY pervasive footprint on your hard drive. Logic finally worked for me.... think of building a house; there is an order you have to do things in. First, you have to clean the area before laying the foundation; then you have to build the framework before you put the roof on. You cannot install an older program over ANY newer program; and you will sometimes have a problem installing a newer program containing Flash, Reader, etc. unless you "erase" the older versions of Flash, Reader beforehand. If installing older programs, do a Custom/Manual install; do not install older versions of Flash, Reader, etc.  packaged with your Adobe software.
    SOLUTION (not easy, but it works):
    I first tried this; it did not solve my problem (but, if applicable, may help others). dows
    Before doing anything, make document and any database/presets/cache back-ups beforehand (keep notes on their designated location*); manually create a System Restore point. (Be prepared to reinstall Windows if necessary - I didn't have to.)
    Completely and meticulously eradicate (clean) your hard drive of ALL Adobe programs [uninstall, remove remaining folders, and remove only the registry entries that have the Adobe name attached (unless you are an expert and fully understand the other entries)]. Use this as a guideline
    Do a Custom/Manual reinstall of all your Adobe products *in order of release dates* (OLDEST first).... do not include Reader, Flash, etc. If your CD will not automatically run at this point, click "Open folder to view files" (use Computer/Windows Explorer, if necessary). Click "Adobe Creative Suite (or your desired program) ==> Setup.exe" (IMPORTANT: Make sure that Reader, Flash, etc. are unchecked.)
    After each of your desired Adobe programs are installed, test to insure they boot up. Then download the latest Reader, Flash, etc. apps and install them (I did this in order of release date - oldest first). Do test boot(s) again.
    Copy/Paste your document and any database/presets/cache back-ups into the appropriate folders (*this will vary depending on your programs and your filing system).
    It has been four weeks and all my Adobe programs work flawlessly - system is stable, no problems!

  • Hi all. I recently restore my old iphone 5 on my new 6. I'm having problems with bluetooth devices. The ones that were already paired with the old one are not showing in the list, and most of them(not all) are not working or pairing. I already restod

    Hi all. I recently restore my old iphone 5 on my new 6. I'm having problems with bluetooth devices. The ones that were already paired with the old one are not showing in the list, and most of them(not all) are not working or pairing. I already restored network settings to no avail. Any ideas?

    What's more, they don't even show on the bluetooth devices list..

  • I click on one song and another one starts playing.  Cover art for one artist shows up on another album.  All of my music isn't showing up.  Please help.  Why is this happening?  How can I fix it?

    I click on one song and another one starts playing.  Cover art for one artist shows up on another album.  All of my music isn't showing up.  Please help.  Why is this happening?  How can I fix it?

    Sorry for not getting back with you...
    That moves only the iTunes media, not the iTunes library (which is really kinda nebulous).
    iTunes library = iTunes folder and all the media, wherever it is located.
    The /Music/iTunes/ folder contains the iTunes library.itl file, which keeps track of everything in iTunes.
    I do however still have the original MAIN startup drive still in the computer, it's just not the startup.
    This is good you still have it.
    Try this...
    Hold Option and launch iTunes.
    Select Choose library... and select the /iTunes/ folder on the original drive. It should be in /Users/your_user_name/Music/.
    Don't mess with anything. We can get it cleared up.
    Does everything work okay?

  • Pass data from one VI to another one

    I try to control a event structure in a VI with a boolean command from a second VI. I have been advised to "build a connector to pass any data from one VI to another one".
    Below an simple example: my goal is MyVItwo gives the result of a 2 numbers addition only when the boolean "MyBooléen" value changes in MyVIone.
    How can I realise this?
    Attachments: ‏10 KB

    It is not entirely clear what you are trying to do. I think that what you want is a main vi/subvi setup. The boolean control would be in the main vi and would be monitored by an event structure. When the value of the boolean changes the subvi would be activated. I have attached an example showing how this is done.
    In order to use a vi as a subvi you build a connector box. In order to do this you just right click on the vi icon at the top right of the front panel and select show connector. You then wire connections on the connector block to controls on the front panel. You insert the subvi into your main vi by choosing "Select a vi" on the functions pallette and browsing to the subvi.
    If you absolutely have to pass the data from one vi to another while running in parallel there are a number of ways to do it. Global variables will certainly work but are generally avoided by experienced LabVIEW programmers due to their potential caveats and the break in data flow. An alternative to global variables is the functional global, also called a LV2 style global. This is basically a non-reentrant subvi with an unitialized shift register which allows for data to be stored. For more information search this forum for LV2 globals.
    Another alternative is to obtain a reference to the control and operate on that reference. You could also use queues, notifiers, or occurences. Search the examples which shipped with LabVIEW for examples on using these operators.
    If you need any more information feel free to post back here.

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    Is this possible using intermedia ??
    Thanks in advance.

    dude, not too sure the dept. of homeland security is going to be cool with doing that.
    unless you can make me a passport from Guam.

  • About photoshop organizer: how can I shift pictures from one catalogue to another one?

    how can I shift pictures from one catalogue to another one?

    Sync to computer then from there to other device.  Photo stream can be used to sync between devices, but that has to be set up BEFORE the photos are taken.
    Read this...  import photos to your computer...

  • Is it possible to set table-variant from one user to another one?

    Is it possible to set table-variants from a t-code like fb60 from one user to another one?
    I mean that both user have the same table-variants.

    You mean screen variant, where you will need to anter the GL line items in FB50?
    then you can set your desired variant as DEFAULT for all users, when it is configured.
    Else thru SU10, for all of your users, add parameter ID SCRVAR and give your parameter value (screen variant name) and SAVE.

  • How can I move data from one loop to another?

    I am using LabVIEW to record and display data.  The problem that I have run into is that if I try to collect and display the data all in one loop data points are lost because the loop takes so long to execute.  I decided to break my program into two independent loops and the data is recorded at proper speeds, but now I cannot get the data out of the first loop and into the second loop.

    See my example for one method of how to setup the Queue which Omar suggested. You'll also see many other ways, most of which should be avoided until you get more experience.
    Communicating Between Loops

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    Hi, I was given a 5th Gen. iPod for Christmas which replaced my 3rd Gen. one. I loved my 3rd gen. and had not one problem with it. At first My new ipod was great until I started back at Uni after Christmas hols. which was the point at which i started using it very regularly and i started having some problems which are actually starting to ruin my enjoyment of my music.
    I'll list them here. What i want to know is are other people having the same probs or am I an unlucky one and should try and get it exchanged/fixed as its still under warranty, or is there something else i can do? I've already restored twice to factory settings with no joy. And I have the latest iPod Software (1.1)
    The Problems are as as such:
    1. Often when watching videos the video will freeze but I still get sound and I can't get the video to unfreeze unless i totally restart the vid. from scratch.
    2. The Battery Life meter is very intermittent it will jumps from almost empty to half full and back so i have no real idea what the battery life is like (this hasn't happened that often).
    3. I often get the Warning triangle on start up and no matter how many time I do the reset (Hold off-on then select-menu) it wont reset properly (it does eventually work but after a combination of many tries, plugging it in etc. very frustrating this one)
    4. Freezes on updates numerous times. Esp. If I do an iSync to my calendar etc. as well (Btw it doenst freeze necessarily on the iSync part just seems to happen more often if i have iSync setup).
    5. Freezes on start-up at the apple symbol and again resets often don't work.
    plus various other odd problems. At the moment I'm very disappointed with it. First time I've said that about an Apple product For a long time. Is there something i can do or are a lot of other people having similar problems, is this a send back issue or try and wait for the next firm/software to fix the problem?
    Any Ideas would be much appreciated,
    Thanks You
    Paul (aka. Hyper Nova )

    1) This is because of software version 1.1. See this
    thread for some options as to how to go back to 1.0,
    which will correct the problem...
    2) This tends to happen after videos. Give the iPod a
    minute or two to readjust. It should now be more
    3) This?
    iPod shows a folder icon with exclamation
    4) Restore the iPod
    5) Try these...
    iPod Only Shows An Apple Logo and Will Not Start
    iPod Only Shows An Apple Logo
    I think 3,4, and 5 are related. Try the options I
    posted for each one.
    I just noticed that one of the restore methods you posted was to put it into Disk Mode First rather than just use the resstore straight off, I Have tried that and seems to have solved the problem, If it has thank you. previously I have only tried just restoring it skipping this extra step. Hope my iPod stays healthy, if it doesnt its a warrenty job me thinks any way thanks again

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    Our HP office jet 6210 which we use only for faxing and minor printing intermittenly goes crazy with blinking red and amber lights
    when a fax is being received or when we are sending one.  When the fax fails and we stop the blinking lights, it self tests then turns off.  Sometimes when it does this we get an error message printed that says "Power Failure."  The party being faxed gets 1/2 a fax or 1 page out of 5.  I'll unplug it from the electric and plug it back in and then it will work fine for a day or two.  We have tried faxing from the glass when we have problems and that seems to work when self-feed faing doesn't.  We have not installed any drivers as this is not plugged into a computer but stands alone with it's own designated phone line.
    Any ideas???  The machine is 5 years old and has never given us any trouble until now.  Is it time to upgrade?
    Thanks so very much!!!!

    I have a new photosmart plus printer B209a CD035A and I have never been able to set up the fax, I get a message saying that the phone line is not connected to the modem, the phone is connected to my modem or I would not have an internet connection, perhaps I am not understanding it, I have the printer set up wireless now but it was wired before and I still could not set it up, I purchased it in April this year along with my new desktop Elite HPE-150f model AY603AA,  using windows7 64 bit, now I have a problem with the alignment, all the fonts are cut off down each side which makes it hard to read instructions, can someone give me some help with this. The alignment problem has only just started this past 2 weeks. thanks

  • How do I know if I have a wifi problem with my new iPad 3 (it seems very slow) and how does one address the problem with apple if there is one?

    I just read about the possible issue that some folks are having with their new iPad wifi (my seemed to be running very slowly but I thought that perhaps it was just me overreacting).  How do I know if I have a definite problem, and what is my recourse?  Do I need to take it to an Apple store for testing?  I have apple care which I assume addresses stuff like this.  Thoughts?  Thx so much.

    Your iPad is covered by the normal warranty for one year. If you have AppleCare that extends the coverage. If you feel there is a problem with your wifi reception visit an Apple store with your iPad for a consultation. Be sure to make an appointment before you go.

  • Problems with xalan migrating from Sun One 7 to Sun One 8.1

    I'm migrating one application from Sun One 7 to Sun One 8.1, my problem is when I use xalan/xerces to transform XML/XSL appears the following error:
    javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: java.lang.NullPointerException
    I put my xalan/xerces version in my WEB-INF/lib but I think that the problem is that internally the server use its xalan that is a strange version, because in MANIFEST file put 2.6.0 version but I compared with 2.6.0 of xalan and it's different.
    How any idea to solve this?
    Thanks in advance
    Josep M

    As you have an existing portal installation, you will need to have the 9iAS Portal 3.0.8 Upgrade Scripts in order to upgrade to 3.0.8. We expect to have these 3.0.8 upgrade scripts available next week (April 23-27) for download from OTN.
    With regards to import/export, Import/Export Utilities currently will ONLY work between portal installations which are at the SAME VERSION LEVEL.
    The 3.0.8 upgrade process is an "in-place" upgrade, meaning that it upgrades an existing installation to the 3.0.8 release. You will need to have Portal 3.0.7 on your new box, and then upgrade "in place" to 3.0.8 there. I would advocate also doing a "cold backup" snapshot(backup all database data and log files) of your existing production database files as well.

  • Had problem with DSL, now have only one tab with favicon matching that tab.

    After a storm I had a problem with my U-Verse DSL. I lost access and got a message that it may be due to a problem with the filters on my phones, fax or satellite box. I disconnected all the items that had filters. I was then able to click on a link that AT&T had sent on the message and I got a response, I previously could not get a response because I had no connection. I got pack to the pages on all my tabs by hitting the back arrow on each one. I now have only one tab with favicon matching this WEB site for that tab, the rest all have the AT&T globe. I tried refresh and also opening a new tab and then going to one of the sites.
    This problem is on a different PC that the one I am on now. It has version 21, and is Window 7 Home Premium. I have pasted the trouble shooting info from that PC.

    Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. In order to try to fix these problems, the first step is to clear both cookies and the cache.
    Note: ''This will temporarily log you out of all sites you're logged in to.''
    To clear cache and cookies do the following:
    #Go to Firefox > History > Clear recent history or (if no Firefox button is shown) go to Tools > Clear recent history.
    #Under "Time range to clear", select "Everything".
    #Now, click the arrow next to Details to toggle the Details list active.
    #From the details list, check ''Cache'' and ''Cookies'' and uncheck everything else.
    #Now click the ''Clear now'' button.
    Further information can be found in the [[Clear your cache, history and other personal information in Firefox]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!
    Thank you.

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