Problem with printing oracle 9i report from my form

i got some problem in printing my report in PDF format. i am printing the report from
my form as mentioned below. the report is printing but its giving a message
File does not begin with '%PDF-'
my idea is to show the report and print the report simultaneously. if i remove the
web.show_document part then i didn't get that error.
what is reason for this and how can i rectify it?
          repid := find_report_object('PREPGIN');
          v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid,pl_id);
          rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);
          WHILE rep_status in ('RUNNING','OPENING_REPORT','ENQUEUED')
          rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
          END LOOP;
          IF rep_status = 'FINISHED' THEN
          MEssage(Message_Code||' '||Message_Type||' '||Message_TExt);
                    MEssage(Message_Code||' '||Message_Type||' '||Message_TExt);
          END IF;
          -- the paramter list is to be destroyed only the end of the report execution or else it will generate
          -- empty report
               if not id_null(pl_id) then
               end if;

there are two ways to do this :
1) submit two jobs, one that prints and one that creates the PDF
2) use reports advanced distribution to print and create a PDF file on the server as part of the same job, and then use web.show_document to bring up the PDF in the browser.
however, this brings up the question, why exactly you want to print and display at the same time. why not display it and let the user print form Acrobat Reader.

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    You can check out the new printer driver test utility verions2.0 on OTN at:
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    Also, you don't mention which version of reports, what command line options your using, the computer
    configuration your using whether it is a network printer or local printer connected to the machine. Support
    will need this information to help determine where your problem lies.
    The Oracle Reports Team

  • Problem with printing from Acrobat Reader XI

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    No files appeared in C:\Users\Pavilion\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings but they did appear in Distiller.
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    Kindly solve my issue, this happen frequently.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Siva,
                   Everything is ok in SPAD. This happen for few process order for COPI transaction.

  • Printing Oracle 10g Reports in Line Matrix Printers

    I encountered problem when printing a generated report in Oracle 10g Reports to a Line Printer. When the report is in PDF format, the fonts when printed on line printers become scattered and the orientation of the report rotates 90 degrees. If I use HTMLCSS format, the pages are not of fixed size. Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Setup CUPS Printing Environment in Linux / Unix (on many modern Linux systems, CUPS is the default Printing System at the moment). The details of setup / build of CUPS is beyond the scope of this article. For details, please visit CUPS sites and documentation :
    The setup of CUPS is complete for our purposes, once you are able to print PDF documents directly from unix shell as follows :
    $ PRINTER=yourprinter
    $ export PRINTER
    $ lp test.pdf
    $ lpr test.pdf
    * The "yourprinter" above should be substituted with the name of your printer queue defined in CUPS and "test.pdf" is any pdf document available on this server.
    2. In, set the following parameter and restart the Report Server:
    3. Setup PDF functionality (including Font Subsetting / Embedding etc) to display the output as required in PDF format. To check this, run the report with the option "...destype=cache&desformat=PDF...".
    4. Run the report with parameters "...&desformat=PDF&destype=printer&desname=yourprinter&...."
    This way, Reports Server generates a PDF file in cache and sends it to CUPS printer queue, ie the "desformat=pdf" option is no longer ignored with "destype=printer".

  • Problem with printing a PDF

    Hi All,
    I'm developing a web application written in J2EE that uses Java Reporting Component (JRC) to display crystal reports from some filters recovered from a jsp and passed to a report .rpt previously designed and invoked just at runtime.
    I have a problem with printing a PDF:
    I want, after entering the filters in a jsp, to print a report in PDF format (WORD) without opening it
    with Adobe Reader (Microsoft Word). The class of API JRC used for export is ReportExportControl.
    Can anyone help me?
    I wish a great day to You all.

    Hi Ted Ueda,
    sorry for the delay of my answer.
    I understand very well the problems related to security.
    With the following code that I used to produce a report (PDF) at runtime,
    is the PDF created on the server and then sent to the client, or is it directly created on the client as PDF
    from RTF previously realized?
    ReportExportControl exportControl = new ReportExportControl();
    String report = report path;
    ReportClientDocument reportClientDoc = new ReportClientDocument();, OpenReportOptions._openAsReadOnly);
    Object reportSource = null;
    reportSource = reportClientDoc.getReportSource();
    //The method setConnectionProperties() stores all the connection parameters in the collection
    ConnectionInfos connInfos = setConnectionProperties(request, reportClientDoc);
    //Single method to pass parameters to Crystal Reports. Using classes ParameterFieldController and
    setReportParametersValue(reportClientDoc, reportParameters, subReportParameters);
    ExportOptions exportOptions = new ExportOptions();
    //Set the export format (PDF)
    PDFExportFormatOptions PDFExpOpts = new PDFExportFormatOptions();
    try {
          exportControl.getHtmlContent(request, response, getServletConfig().getServletContext());
    } catch (ReportSDKExceptionBase e) {
    throw new ApplicationException("error code", ": error message"); }               
    As, however, I predicted in my previous message about the direct printing on the client,
    I read about ActiveX, but I don't know how to use them.
    I read this information in the 'Crystal Reports for Eclipse Developer Guide' about "printMode" attribute:
    "In ActiveX print mode, an ActiveX control is downloaded to the client machine and the report is send directly to the printer...."
    The ActiveX alternative is a java applet that runs on the client and takes the pdf from the server and prints directly onto the clients through the commands that I used in the DOS command line:
    1)     AcroRd32.exe /p /h FILENAME
    /p = print
    /h = hide window
    to print the report and
    2)     tkill AcroRd32
    to close Adobe Reader, because it doesn't end automatically after printing and the command  /h  is used just to minimize the process.
    I hope you can give me advice because I need to print directly on the client. Thank you

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    Veerendra Kumar.

    Hi Ardhian,
    We are using Front end printing and already installed SAP GUI new version i.e. 7.10.
    Only one user is able to print the document correctly from SAP, and other are getting incorrect print and getting error message "System cannot print the last 80 columns of the report" on one system.
    SAP version we are using is 4.7EE.
    Let me know if any more information needed for analysing the issue.
    Edited by: Veerendra Kumar Mutyala on Feb 20, 2009 5:35 AM
    Edited by: Veerendra Kumar Mutyala on Feb 20, 2009 5:37 AM

  • How to print out multilingual reports from the main report using Xliff temp

    Hi all,
    How to print out multilingual reports from the main report using Xliff temp?
    When I want main report call subtemplate and finish xliff tranlation
    <[email protected]:INVOICE?><?end for-each?>
    <?start:body?><?call:Header?><?call:Line?><?call:Weights?><?call:Banks?><?end body?><?call:Footer?>
    Prints out fine with Finnish translation
    But if I want in main program to check what language is used e.g.
    if trx_number = 142 call Finnish translation and if trx_number =144,
    call English translation.
    <[email protected]:INVOICE?><?end for-each?>
    <?start:body?><?call:Header?><?call:Line?><?call:Weights?><?call:Banks?><?end body?><?call:Footer?>
    <?end if?>
    <?if: TRX_NUMBER=’144’?>
    <?start:body?><?call:Header?><?call:Line?><?call:Weights?><?call:Banks?><?end body?><?call:Footer?>
    <?end if?>
    Prints out always in English and never the Finnish translation.
    Program goes fine to if branch but does not print out Finnish
    Does anybody know what could be wrong?

    Thanks Amit,
    I have two layout, main-layout and sub-layout
    Main layout call subtemplate
    I have registered layout and xliff-file
    Main template
    Localized Templates
    File Name           Language Territory
    XXNS_INVOICE_MAIN.rtf      English
    SUB template
    Localized Templates
    File Name           Language Territory
    XXNS_INVOICE_SUB.rtf      English
    Translatable Template
    File Name           Language      Territory
    XXNS_INVOICE_SUB.rtf      English      United States
    Available Translations
    Language Territory Progress
    English Finland Complete
    If main report call subtemplate and finish xliff tranlation
    Prints out fine with Finnish translation
    But if I want in main program to check what language is used e.g.
    .....end if;
    .....end if;
    Prints out always in English and never the Finnish translation.
    Program goes fine to if branch but does not print out Finnish
    Do you it's set up problem or program problem

  • Calling report from a form with user input parameters

    I am new to Oracle reports. I have an application coded in 6i. I am currently running the application in Oracle Forms Builder 9i. There are also few reports which are called from the forms. Since the application was developed in 6i, the report was called using Run_Product. The forms pass a set of user parameters to the report using the parameter list pl_id. The syntax used was Run_Product(REPORTS, 'D:\Report\sales.rdf', SYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME,FILESYSTEM, pl_id, NULL);
    I learnt that the Run_product doesnt work in 9i and we need to use run_report_object. I have changed the code to use run_report_object and using web.show_document () i am able to run the report from the form. There are 2 parameters that need to be passed from forms to reports. The parameters are from_date and to_date which the user will be prompted to enter on running the form. In the report, the initial values for these parametes are defined. So, the report runs fine for the initial value always. But when i try to change the user inputs for the form_date and to_date, the report output doesnt seem to take the new values, instead the old report with the initial values(defined in the report) runs again.
    Can someone give me the code to pass the user defined parameters to the report from the forms? I have defined a report object in the forms node as REPTEST and defined a parameter list pl_id and added form_date and to_date to pl_id and used the following coding:
    vrep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT (vrepid,pl_id);
    But this doesnt work.
    Also, Should the parameters defined in the forms and reports have the same name?

    Thanks for the quick response Denis.
    I had referred to the document link before and tried using the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC procedure and ENCODE functions as given in the doc and added the following SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY in the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC :
    But this also dint work. Please help me understand what difference does setting paramform=no OR paramform=yes make?
    In the report, i have defined the user parameters as FROM_DATE and TO_DATE respectively so that they match the form datablock BLK_INPUT items FROM_DATE and TO_DATE.
    My WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED trigger is as below:
    report_id report_object;
    vrep VARCHAR2 (100);
    v_show_document VARCHAR2 (2000) := '/reports/rwservlet?';
    v_connect VARCHAR2 (30) := '&userid=scott/[email protected]';
    v_report_server VARCHAR2 (30) := 'repserver90';
    report_id:= find_report_object('REPTEST');
    -- Call the generic PL/SQL procedure to run the Reports
    RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC( report_id,'repserver90','PDF',CACHE,'D:\Report\sales.rdf','paramform=no','/reports/rwservlet');
    ... and the SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY code in the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC procedure is as:
    report_id REPORT_OBJECT,
    report_server_name VARCHAR2,
    report_format VARCHAR2,
    report_destype_name NUMBER,
    report_file_name VARCHAR2,
    report_otherparam VARCHAR2,
    reports_servlet VARCHAR2) IS
    report_message VARCHAR2(100) :='';
    rep_status VARCHAR2(100) :='';
    vjob_id VARCHAR2(4000) :='';
    hidden_action VARCHAR2(2000) :='';
    v_report_other VARCHAR2(4000) :='';
    i number (5);
    c char;
    c_old char;
    c_new char;
    hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&report='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(report_id,REPORT_FILENAME);
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&destype='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(report_id,REPORT_DESTYPE);
    hidden_action := hidden_action||'&desformat='||GET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY (report_id,REPORT_DESFORMAT);
    hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&userid='||get_application_property(username)||'/'||get_application_property(password)||'@'||get_application_property(connect_string);
    c_old :='@';
    FOR i IN 1..LENGTH(report_otherparam) LOOP
    c_new:= substr(report_otherparam,i,1);
    IF (c_new =' ') THEN
    c:= c_new;
    END IF;
    -- eliminate multiple blanks
    IF (c_old =' ' and c_new = ' ') THEN
    v_report_other := v_report_other||c;
    END IF;
    c_old := c_new;
    hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&'|| v_report_other;
    hidden_action := reports_servlet||'?_hidden_server='||report_server_name|| encode(hidden_action);
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(report_id,REPORT_OTHER,'pfaction='||hidden_action||' '||report_otherparam);
    -- run Reports
    report_message := run_report_object(report_id);
    rep_status := report_object_status(report_message);
    IF rep_status='FINISHED' THEN
    vjob_id :=substr(report_message,length(report_server_name)+2,length(report_message));
    message('job id is'||vjob_id);pause;
    WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT(reports_servlet||'/getjobid'||vjob_id||'?server='||report_server_name,' _blank');
    --handle errors
    END IF;
    In the code - " hidden_action := hidden_action ||'&'|| v_report_other; " in the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC procedure above, how do i make sure that the v_report_other variable reflects the user input parameters FROM_DATE and TO_DATE ??? v_report_other is initialised as v_report_other VARCHAR2(4000) :=''; in the procedure. Will ensuring that the v_report_other contains the user input parameters FROM_DATE and TO_DATE ensure that my report will run fine for the input parameters?
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: user10713842 on Apr 7, 2009 6:05 AM

  • Problems with printer and network connectivity

    So I've been using an HP B110a photosmart wireless e-all-in-one printer that I got with my macbook pro and at the start, everything worked perfectly in terms of wireless printing, ePrint, and AirPrint. But recently, when I try to print wirelessly, it says the printer is not connected and I also can't find it on the list of nearby printers on the 'add printer' window. I also had problems with printing via ePrint but those have cleared up (I don't know what was wrong but it's fine now). Printing with AirPrint on my iPod touch has stopped working as well because the printer doesn't show up when I search for nearby printers.
    Here's what I've checked/tried so far:
    All the wireless services are enabled on my printer and my mac
    I've reset the printing system on my mac, printer settings to factory defaults
    Restarted mac/printer/iPod
    Restarted router
    Reinstalled HP printing software that came with the printer
    All software is up to date
    Wireless printing on another windows computer does work
    Setting up wireless printing using the HP install disc doesn't work
    Trying to add a new printer using the HP software disc that came with the printer is unsuccessful in locating the printer as well.
    Printing over USB is problem-free
    When I tried restarting the printer/router, I could see the printer for just a few minutes in the 'add printer' list but then it would disappear from the list and the printer would be 'not connected' so I can't print wirelessly.
    More info
    MacBook Pro (13 inch, early 2011)
    Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2)
    HP Photosmart e-All-in-One B110a
    Router is a Huawei HG556a that I got from Vodafone NZ
    Thanks in advance!

  • Problem with printing ALV lists

    Hey Guys,
    I have a problem with printing ALV lists ,
    I created a report with several ALV lists (not grids) on the same screen but when i attempt to print the report
    it prints each alv list on a different if i have 3 alv lists in the same report it will print the report on 3 pages
    How can i print  them all in one page?
    Thanks in advance
    Noha Salah.

    Hey Max,
    I tried setting the Layout-list_append  before my block_list_append function call
    And setting the is_print-NO_NEW_PAGE , it printed the 3 lists on one page the only problem i have
    is that the lists are truncated and the list formats has totally been messed can i restore them back
    to their original format?

  • I had a problem with print preview of billing document.

    HI all,
    I had a problem with print preview of billing document which contains two output types ZR1 ZR2..
    For the footer text of billing document I maintained the font size as 7,5 pts, But when i go for print preview from output type ZR1 the font size of footer text is very small and looks good for output type ZR2.
    If i change the print options-->logical destination of output type ZR1 same as Output type ZR2, the footer text looks good.
    I think there is some issue with logical destination in print options for the output type ZR1, how can i resolve  it.

    for both the output types , r u using same sapscript or smartform?
    if yes then, u can control it in output options of smartform and also in sapscript , you can control through if condition.
    and if differect sapscript or smartform then you should not get such problem.
    you can check the sapscript or smartfrom in TNAPR table.

Maybe you are looking for