Problem with reset in cs5

with ctrl alt shift to reset, i noticed this created problem with normal setup.
things i noticed are that you can't open new file, it returns error message and you have to go to prefence and off open gl drawing to fix them.
and other thing if the mask black/white erasing doesn't work so well.
seems the hardness for brushes whether its 100 or 25, looks the same, i don't remember seeing this before in cs5, should reflect strenght between stronger /weaker erasing.

things i noticed are that you can't open new file, it returns error message and you have to go to prefence and off open gl drawing to fix them.
That just means that your video card driver has some bugs, and needs to be updated.
The error messages tell you that there is a problem with your video card driver.

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  • Problem with Pen Tool CS5

    I just got Photoshop CS5 and I'm having a bit of trouble with the pen tool - namely, I can't see the path I'm creating.  In CS3 I could clearly see the line between two points but in the new program the line is nearly invisible making it very difficult to create the path.  Is this a setting I can fix?

    I was having 32 bit while I upgraded from CS3 to  CS4. The only problem with CS4 that time was with pen tool.Though I cannot precisely recall , I can say it t was very lazy and very frustrating and this was resolved totally after shifting to 64 bit.--If urs existing system is 32 bit try with 64 bit

  • Problem With Brushes Pressure CS5

    Hello all.
    I'm using a Photoshop Cs5 with a Wacom Cintiq 12wx Tablet (I'm using PC with WinXP).
    I'm having some problems withe the pressure, it doesn't work on Photoshop, (I tried it on CS3 & CS5), and I did clicked on the Tablet options in PS.
    The pressure just don't responds.
    I Think its becuse I can't change the Minimum Diameter in any Brush.
    Plus when I change the Control part to Pen Pressure, a little warning sign is appering ( a triangel with an exclamation mark insaid ), how ever when I click on it [to see what the problem is ,nothing happens].
    I have to point out that in the Cintiq Tablet Properties it's all fine, the pressure respond(in the meter)
    I tried making a different settings for Photoshop, it didn't help. Can any one Pleas help me?

    Usually, this is an issue with the wacom driver needing to be updated.
    A few people have also found that the Windows tablet settings can also mess things up.

  • Problem with Zoom in CS5

    Hi, I've been having a problem with the zoom in CS5. I've looked around the web for a solution but no luck.
    Basically when I zoom out the image becomes pixelated unless its at 50% zoom. The same image with the exact same zoom will look absolutely fine in CS4.

    People sometimes report that the OpenGL based zoom in Photoshop CS5 makes their images seem soft.  Your observation seems to be the opposite.
    It sounds as if you're not actually getting font rendering in OpenGL, and maybe you need to update your video drivers (or maybe your video card just won't do that function).
    Are you seeing the same behavior if you change the Advanced settings for OpenGL in Edit - Preferences - Performance?  FYI, I just tried it and I see the same jaggies on huge fonts reduced to 66.67% with OpenGL off, which is to be expected.
    However, with OpenGL on, I see this:

  • Problem with MathType and CS5 due to InDesign

    We publish Math and Science curriculum and we run into the problem below.
    the second bullets is imported wrong in CS5. Is there a work around? (I also emailed Design Science). We'd rather use CS5 since all our other subjects are done in CS5 and we want to be able to use spanning across columns which does not exist in CS4.
    The same happens when using MT Extra instead of Euclid Extra.

    BTW, Jongware, I was a bit unfair about the fonts. You can sign up for the 30-day free trial of Mathtype and then you get the fonts. Furthermore, the strong implication is that you need not delete them after the trial period is over, and therefore you also can extract them from the installer for use like this with no compunctions (which is what I did). Source: MathType: Font Installers.
    redesign: Moving right along, just like Jongware, when I open your CS4 document in CS4, I see the same behavior Jongware saw and the same behavior you saw in CS5 (which I also see in CS5), namely the goofy circle glyph (seems to be GID 64 and U+F069):
    I did have to turn on high-resolution previews, though otherwise I got something else entirely.
    I notice, however, that you seem to have authored this file using some 3rd party plugins:
    Since that seems to be a math-related plugin, it doesn't seem inconceivable that it is part of the issue.
    I suggest you disable it and re-test in CS4.
    The font does seem a bit goofy...The goofy circle glyph appears in FontForge, as a ccwcontourcircle, but not in
    standard Mac font apps, like TextEdit. It's also the 'i' position in the font.
    I don't know enough about fonts to dig and really figure out why you get one character when it is first and another when it is second, but I really don't think this is InDesign. Oh, right, let's look at the EPS file in another program...
    Curiously, indeed shows the bullet glyph in the first position (and in the second).
    Adobe Illustrator, which I opened by accident (ha!), shows ccwcontourcircles.
    So it seems that Apple and Adobe's EPS renderers treat this font differently.
    I suppose it might be an Adobe bug, but I'm more inclined to suspect its ambiguous... The way the ccwcontourcircle is encoded seems strange to me.
    Well, I think that's enough for me. Basically, Jongware and I see consistent behavior with CS4 and CS5 — oh, actually. Are you using CS4 and CS5 on the same machine? Or on different machines? Because...I suspect this is handled by the AGM library, and it may well be that using CS4 on a machine with CS5 makes it use CS5's AGM library. But that might not be true at all, just speculation.
    Anyhow, I'm not sure what Jongware's newfound Adobe Support optimism is based on. I suspect you'll hear from Design Science in the next day or two, and maybe from Adobe by September. But perhaps I am too pessimistic on Adobe Support right now.
    I suppose making it consistently ccwcountour doesn't help you overmuch though. Hrmm.

  • Problems with Playback in CS5, CS4 (gotoAndPlay command)

    I've encountered a really frustrating issue a couple times now throughout the past year, both in CS5 and CS4.  I get to a certain point in a project where it just seems Flash does not want to cooperate anymore.  It's difficult to even explain what the issue is because it doesn't seem to  be triggered by one thing in particular, and often produces different results.  It's almost as if the file becomes corrupted. 
    Here's what will happen:
    *I will create symbols and place each one in its own frame on the main timeline, so that I can see them easily.  The assets will usually contain animation inside the symbol. When I'm working on a particular symbol, I will put a gotoAndStop command on the first frame of the main timeline, pointing it to the symbol I want to test.  So if I'm making a tea kettle, and have placed it on frame 4, I will put a "gotoAndStop(4);" command on the first frame.
    *At a certain point, I will start having problems with test movies using this gotoAndStop method, even if I don't change any the scripting.  Sometimes it will turn off layers that aren't supposed to be guides.  Other times it will show me a blank frame.  If I replace the gotoAndStop command with a  stop command on the particular frame I want, my project will display correctly. 
    If it were a relatively small project, I would deal with it and test everything with the Stop command.  However, this is a fairly big, complex project, and in my experience, this issue seems to contaminate other files that these assets are copied to.
    *I've double checked the scripts inside of the symbol, which are all simple "stop();" or "gotoAndPlay("label");" commands, and there's no error showing up in the Output window.
    *The most random things will trigger this problem.  Sometimes, it's adding a shape tween to the symbol.  Other times, I could turn off the background layer in the main timeline by making it a guide, and all my other layers would show up.  But this background layer shouldn't affect anything, as it only has a "stop();" command inside.  I was able to fix the problem once by saving the FLA as an Uncompressed Flash Document (xlf).  When I opened the new file, it would play back correctly, but eventually, it'd break again. 
    I was having similar problems in CS4 on another project.  In one case, we discovered we could fix the problem temporarily by deleting a single tiny line in one of the symbols.  Eventually, it would pop up again, though.  Another time, I could fix it by blowing away all the linkage identifiers, but that doesn't seem to be working this time. 
    It's very odd.  Anyone have any ideas?

    She didn't export it for CS4. If she had it wouldn't be an INDD file. She needs to export to IDML and you need to realize that this document may not look like it does in CS5.
    You do need to upgrade if you want to work successfully with this other designer. Worth noting, in case you don't, is that you cannot upgrade individual components of the suite. Personally, I recommend Design Premium as the best bang for the buck.
    Here's why:
    You find a link a Amazon on that page, which as far as I can tell is the best place to buy with free shipping and for the most part no sales tax.

  • Problem with reset SMC

    hello guys .. i have problem by resetting the smc in yosemite system . ... i've did it for a twice now .. and it didn't make any sense like it doesn't change anything in settings or in touch pad or in sounds
    or anything ...  and when it was rebooting i've never heard sound of the fan ?? so what i have to do ?
    and p.s : i've pressed Shift+ctrl+alt with the power button for a 5 seconds .. and i've released the shift+ctrl+alt buttons and i turn on the lap again ...
    so what i have to do to reset it correctly ?
    Model Name: MacBook Pro
      Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,1
      Processor Name: Intel Core i5
      Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz
      Number of Processors: 1
      Total Number of Cores: 2
      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
      L3 Cache: 3 MB
      Memory: 4 GB
      Boot ROM Version: MBP81.0047.B27
      SMC Version (system): 1.68f99
      Serial Number (system): C17FFQEKDH2G
      Hardware UUID: FF9040EB-AAF5-5D01-BC5E-006BFC34890F
      Sudden Motion Sensor:
      State: Enabled

    and it still like i don't made any reset !!
    If I deciphered the tortured sentence, I suggest you read what I posted instead of deciding that there was no reset. THERE IS NO VISUAL CONFIRMATION OF A SMC RESET!
    P.S. I am definitely not your "bro."

  • Photomerge problems with CS4 and CS5

    I am having all kinds of sudden problems with Photomerge that I never had before (with CS4).  I do very big files and have multiprocessor MacPro and 16 gigs of RAM and whether I use CS4 interactive or CS5 with the Ul plugin in 32 bit Photoshop is just crashing half way through the operations.  I am very annoyed that the new CS5 does not have interactive in 64 bit as any automatic function almost never does the merge properly.  But at the moment nothing is working with either Photoshop.
    Any ideas and will Adobe implement interactive in photomerge in 64 bit?  I am a professional doing large scale pieced-together murals and need the interactive mode and in 64 bit to utilize all the RAM and the ability of the architecture of the system.

    Some Win7 reading
    Win7 Help
    Win7 Configuration Article
    Win7 Monitor
    Win7 Optimizing
    Win7 Adobe Notes
    Win7 Adobe Update Server Problem
    Win7 Photoshop
    Also hardware setup
    A link with many ideas about computer setup

  • Problems with Mpeg2 using CS5

    Hi there
    I am having problems with Mpeg2s.
    The sequence preset is HDV 1080i25 (50i) and exported at 1440x1080i 25 High Quality.
    When I encode my video and play it back on Windows Media Player or Realplayer at certain points the sound crackles and then a couple of frames jump. I have encoded it a few times and it often happens around the same place each time. If I only encode a certain section of it the jump still occurs but at a different point. Sometimes it happens more than at others.
    I encoded enough instances of the video to stitch it back together on a new sequence and encode that without any of the jumps. When I imported all of the mpeg2s on to the sequence to do this the jumping wasn't happening at all when played out on Premiere Pro. Also it doesn't happen as obviously when played in Nero.
    So basically I would like to know why there is only a problem when I play the Mpeg2s in Windows Media Player and Realplayer but not when I play them within a project in Premiere Pro CS5? Is it a problem that can be fixed in Premiere Pro or whether it is a problem with Windows and Realplayer?
    It is all seriously puzzling to me. I will appreciate any help directed my way, I have seen this problem on other forums but no-one seems to have an answer.

    I agree with Jim. Many experience similar issues in WMP, and I did not know that RealPlayer was still around.
    I use VLC, or MediaPlayer Classic HC (both free), and find them much better than WMP, in almost all respects. There is a similar thread in the CS4 sub-forum, and it seems that WMP is the big culprit there.
    Good luck, and let us know if VLC, GOM or MediaPlayer Classic HC do better jobs, playing the files.

  • Problem with adobe premiere CS5 file not responding

    I have a problem with Adobe Premiere software, some time ago I was given a file in Adobe Premiere project contains a hard drive to my revision. but when i try to do the project on my computer I was often faced with the problem of not responding. What should I do with this constraint. Thank you.

    I would suggest your first action to be logging this question on the user forum for Adobe Premier, not this one for Adobe Captivate.
    Try here...

  • Hi I have a problem with updating my CS5 premium suite

    Hi I have a problem after install my CS5 premium suite, It won't download and install updates. The error is: An error occurred, when downloading this update, close and try again. Its all programs in the suite, photoshop, illustrator etc. Whats going wrong?

    Hi Cltor,
    Please download and install the updates manually from : Product updates
    and check.

  • Problem with premiere pro cs5 creating Arabic subtitle

    Hi All,
    I have problem with creating arabic subtitle in premire.
    I  have a the arabic text in my mail but when I copy and paste the text, all the text is swaped, it does't show the correct text.
    Any idea on that?
    Many thanks.

    Thank you

  • Problem with publishing in cs5

    Hi, we seem to be expiriencing the following issues with cs5 trial version.
    The problem:
    After making changes to a perfectly working fla it won't publish correctly,
    1. When previewing all the components jump (as usually happens when there is
    a compile error) but no error is displayed in the log.
    In this case when used with the whole project, the project doesn't load,
    even though the corrupted fla is not the first loaded (non of the fla loads
    besides the preloader).
    2. When previewing and running with the whole project the labels on the
    button components disappear, but only the ones that are dynamically changed
    by an external as file.
    *there are other similar bugs as well like unable to enter the table in the
    game etc.
    The changes I make before it happens:
    - changing the size of a shape inside a movie clip.
    - changing the size of a movie clip.
    - changing anything in an already existing code (like changing the size of a
    - adding new basic code anywhere (like trace code).
    - changing button skins.
    Basically, any change I make corrupts the file but not consistently,
    I can make the same change twice and the file will break only one of the
    times, or, I can make several changes until it breaks.
    It also happens on every computer but also, not consistently, I can work for
    a while, making the same change, deleting, making the change again etc, only
    on the fifth or sixth time the file will break. On a different computer it
    can take only two or three times.
    The corrupted file start working again after I change the name of the folder
    containing my project or move all the files to a different folder anywhere
    on my computer. After a short while the file crushes again.
    p.s, i used the latest cs5 updates and that did not solve the problem.
    thanks in advance.

    Seems you have encountered a weird problem. I have been using CS 5 for quite sometime now without any such issues.
    Would it be possible for you to share an example fla that is causing the problem.
    It would be great if you could provide a copy of the fla that gets published ( before making changes)
    and a copy of the fla that is broken ( after making changes)
    If it is possible for you to provide the fla then probaby I could help you out in finding the issue.

  • Have a problem with Preview in CS5

    I recently upgraded from dreamweaver CS3 to CS5.
    In version CS3 when having made any changes to html code and/or (external) CSS files and/or (external) JS files these changes were automatically 'saved' when selection Preview to see the changes in my browser on my local testing machine. Upon selecting Preview Dreamweaver asks  only once "The file xxx.css has been modified. Do you wish to save the file before putting?" Options Yes, Yes to all, No, No to all.
    After selection Yes or yes to all,  any changes I made in a file, wether it is HTML code of CSS files, can directly be viewed in my browser by selecting Preview.
    In dreamweaver CS5 however I have to manually save each file I've made changes in. In some webpages I do have 5 or 6 external CSS files attached and several js files. When I make modifications to the webpage and CSS files I do have to save each seperate CSS file, then select Preview AND refresh the browser to see the modifications I made.
    I made shure all settings I have in CS3 are the same in CS5, but maybe I'm missing something.
    This is absolutly not the way I want to work. Any one else having the same problem? Any solutions?
    If this is how CS5 uses Preview I do have to 'Upgrade' again to CS3 !
    Thanks for any help.

    Hi Bob,
    I've exactly the same site-options.
    Problem still remains. Adobe looked into it and told me that the function I described no longers exists in CS5.
    I referred to your respons and screen shots, and now there are looking into it again.
    I hope they come up with a solution because the 'problem' is bigger than I thought at first.
    In CS3, and I suppose it is the same in your CS5, I had to just once click on Yes to all, al during the complete session
    of working on that particular page, I could keep on using preview without getting the prompt.
    Now I have to save manually the files eacht time I use preview. And that is > 100 times a day. Not happy I am.

  • Problems with resetting ipod touch

    I wanted to reset my ipod touch to factory settings and I followed the instructions to do so; however, it's been approximately 5 hours since I've tried to reset it. All I see is the black screen with the apple sign in the middle. It turns off completely then goes back to the black screen with the apple sign about every 10-15 minutes. What should I do?

    I've got that problem too. I did it earlier today, and its been about 5 hours, and its saying its trying to verify the ipod restore.

Maybe you are looking for