Problem with SAVE and RESET button in WAD

Hi all,
We have two queries embedded in save template and we have created two different save and reset buttons for each query. But if i execute save or reset for one query it is working for both the queries. Can i restrict the SAVE and RESET button for a particular query.

Hi Tilak,
     It appears that though there are two reset buttons, the HTML code for the webtemplete is not arranged to restrict the reset function of the button for each dataprovider used. This may cause the reset function to act globally on all dataproviders . In the XHTML code, please pass a unique instruction to each reset function, such that each instruction corresponds to a unique dataprovider.
Nithin Reddy

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    It is well known that including the Back and/or Next buttons in Captivate quiz questions presents real problems. I have come up with what I think to be a solution. It should allow one to include both Back and Next buttons, if one wants to do this. It involves doing the following:
    With Question 1, do not include a Back button. (This is so that the quiz-taker cannot get out of the quiz scope in the forward direction.)
    Create this advanced action: If cpQuizInfoTotalUnansweredQuestions = 0, then Go To The Next Slide (i.e. the results slide); Else Continue.
    Insert a slide after the final question (and before the results slide). On this slide, include the following:
    A message to this effect: ‘You have not answered all of the questions. Please go back and complete all of them.’
    A button labeled ‘Return to Questions’ (on success: Jump to slide with Question 1). But include no other buttons. That is, if the quiz-takers lands up on this slide, he or she has only this option.
    On Enter (i.e. on entering the slide being described here), Execute Advanced Action =  the advanced action described in Item 2 above.
    Now for something odd. Before the slide described in Item 3, insert a slide with a Text Caption with variable $$cpQuizInfoTotalUnansweredQuestions$$. Keep the slide as brief as possible (something like 0.5 sec.) and make the text of the Text Caption invisible. And why all this? Because I found that, without it, problems arose quite regularly. If one or more questions were not answered, the quiz-taker would come, as expected, to the slide described in Item 3 above. The quiz-taker would then go back to complete the unanswered questions. But then—sometimes—the Item 3 slide would still appear, even though all the questions were answered! The quiz-taker would return once again to the questions (since this is the only option available), only to find that now none of the questions were answered! And at this point, there was no escape: the Item 3 slide would always appear no matter what one did. Why should inserting the additional slide described in the present item solve the problem? I don’t know. All I can say is that (1) without it, the problem arises often (though not always), and (2) with it, the problem hasn’t occurred yet, even though I’ve done lots of testing.
    Final note. It will be clear that this solution is meant to be used together with the option Allow Backward Movement. Will the solution work with Branch Aware? I don’t know yet. Will it work with Question Pools? Again, I don’t know yet. I’ve only done a bit of testing in both cases. The results thus far indicate that at least one of these options presents real problems. Both might.
    I’m still testing this solution (or what I hope is a solution). If anyone else wants to try it, I’d be interested in hearing how it goes.
    Best regards,
    Marvin DuBois

    Dear Lilybiri,
    Thank you for your response.
    1. 'I don't get it why you don't use the Submit All option?'
    Submit All is fine in some cases. But it limits the options: the quiz-taker does not get immediate (question-by-question) feedback. So where immediate feedback is wanted, the Submit All option presents problems.
    2. "Why do you need a Back button . . . ?'
    a. The Back button is needed during Review. Otherwise, the quiz-taker can only review in one direction.
    b. In some quizzes, the quiz-taker should be free to go back, whether to check earlier question slides (since the questions and/or responses can be relevant for the current question) or to re-read/re-hear information slides inserted between question slides.
    But the more general issue is this. The Cp Back and Next buttons provide us with possibilities, with further options. Workarounds are available, such as not allowing backward movement and placing a Clear button over Next. But these workarounds limit the possiblities, i.e. the possibilities that are there—i.e. that Adobe puts there. It's not that we always need these possibliities. But neither should we be hindered from using them if we so choose—and especially when we would be hindered simply because Cp doesn't work as well as it should.
    Kind regards,

  • LMS 4.2.1: Save and Reset Button not woking on Syslog Purge Settings page

    Did anyone notice that Save button is not woking on Syslog Purge Settings page  (Admin > Network > Purge Settings > Syslog Purge Settings) when Email: field is not empty. An Reset button is not working at all.This is the Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.1.
    Is it only my LMS server or you all have this bug?

    I did a test on a system (LMS 4.2.1, W2k8 R2) and had the same issue, so this really looks like a bug in the GUI;

  • Problems with Next and Back Buttons ActionScript 3.0

    I have set up a Back, Play and Next buttons in a slideshow I am making.  The next and back buttons work correctly until it gets to the end. 
    If I press the Next button it goes back to what appears to be Frame 1 and will not go to the next slide. If I press the Back button it will then go to Frame 201 and If I press next again it will go to Frame 1.  It will only go back and forth in between those frames.
    If I press the Back button from the beginning it goes through the slide show correctly then it gets stuck at Frame 1.  If I press next button it goes to Frame 121 and gets stuck in between 121 and 1.
    I can't figure this out please help.
    My code on Frame 1 is:
    function playslideshow(event:MouseEvent) { gotoAndPlay(2); }
    forward_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_2);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_2(event:MouseEvent):void
    back_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_8);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_8(event:MouseEvent):void
    My code on Frame 40 is:
    forward_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_7);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_7(event:MouseEvent):void
    back_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_9);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_9(event:MouseEvent):void
    My code on Frame 121 is:
    forward_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_3);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_3(event:MouseEvent):void
    back_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_10);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_10(event:MouseEvent):void
    My code on Frame 201 is:
    forward_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_4);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_4(event:MouseEvent):void
    back_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_11);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_11(event:MouseEvent):void
    My code on Frame 281 is:
    forward_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_5);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_5(event:MouseEvent):void
    back_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_12);
    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_12(event:MouseEvent):void

    I found the solution!  Flash CS5 Tutorial 6 Click On Button Go To Another Frame.avi - YouTube
    I had to Convert to Keyframes each frames I wanted to jump to on the buttons layer.  Then highlight the button and give each another instance name! Like forward1_btn, forward2_btn, back1_btn, back2_btn...  I did that and adjusted the action-script for each button.
    Frame 1
    function playslideshow(event:MouseEvent)
    forward1_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Shoot_1);
    function Shoot_1(event:MouseEvent):void
    back1_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Back_1);
    function Back_1(event:MouseEvent):void
    Frame 40
    forward2_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Shoot_2);
    function Shoot_2(event:MouseEvent):void
    back5_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Back_5);
    function Back_5(event:MouseEvent):void
    And so on...

  • Having a problem with "open" and "import" buttons!

    Hello all,
    I am having some trouble with a basic function in Logic. When I go to "file" and select "import," the window of options appears. However, when I select a file and click the "import" button, literally nothing happens. I have had a similar problem, when I go to the "file" menu and select "open." A window will appear for me to browse to the logic file I want to open, but when I click "open," nothing happens. However, if I manually go to the file and double-click it, then the file will open. The drop-down is set to "All logic document types," though I have tried "all Logic songs" with the same problem. Please help!

    you know whats funny, this project has to do with arrays of objects and not inheritance. We learned inheritance last week but the lab we are doing which is this, is for arrays of objects. sorry for the confusion lol. so you can completely ignore this, it actually has it in big bold letters at the top of the web page for the lab.

  • Problems with iweb and safari - 'buttons' not working in safari/firefox...

    Hello. Help! I've been using iweb for a while with no probs - but on trying to launch my most recent site I'm finding the navigation buttons (graphic images not text buttons) work fine in iweb on my mac, plus fine on a PC but only partially in safari/firefox browsers... see and you will see that none of them work on the home page. Is this some kind of bug? I was wondering if it is anything to do with there being too many objects on the page or something? They are fine on a PC.
    Thanks for any ideas.

    In iWeb do Command-Shift-L to see the layout of the page.
    The content in the Navigation layer is blocking the content of the Header layer. The body layer is empty.
    Move ( +Use Command-drag+ ) EVERYTHING in the Navigation layer and EVERYTHING in the Header layer INTO the Body layer.
    Put content where it belongs.
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  • PresaveAction() Popup message box with save and cancel button

    I want to give user an option from popup box with the message "Are you sure to Save you record".
    I got below javascript code but don't know how to show two buttons on popup if user wants to recheck before final saving then he should click CANCEL otherwise SAVE button.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function PreSaveAction()
    alert("Your request has been submitted");
    return true;
    Please advise in above code. 

    For your requirement, you can use the JavaScript Confirm Box which will contains two buttons in a popup window.
    Here is a demo about checking the value in the “Title” field, if it equals “asdf”, then a Confirm box will come out, then user will be able to choose whether to save or not.
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
    function PreSaveAction()
    var txtStatus = $j(":input[title='Title']").val();
    if(txtStatus == "asdf")
    alert("Invalid Input");
    var r=confirm("Are you sure to Save you record?");
    if (r==false)
    var statusfocus = $j(":input[title='Title']");
    statusfocus .focus();
    return false;
    return true;
    Feel free to reply if there still any questions about this.
    Best regards
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • IPad problem with security and reset email

    I bought a iPad last month and I used the same Apple ID from my iPod and to get games and buy apps I have to put in my apple security questions but I have forgotten them so it said to try the reset gmail but that email I have lost the pass code to it so I cannot get any apps plz help

    If you can't reset that password, you need to ask Apple to reset your security questions; ways of contacting them include clicking here and picking a method for your country, phoning AppleCare and asking for the Account Security team, and filling out and submitting this form.
    They wouldn't be security questions if they could be bypassed without Apple verifying your identity.

  • Hide "Save and Lock Button" Button in the HTML Editor

    I have created a doc file and saved it as a webpage. Then i have uploaded the file to the KM Content. Now this file can be edited online. When i choose the Html Editor, i get 3 buttons. Out of this, i have to disable "Save and Lock Button" button. Can anyone please help me reganing this. This is urgent

    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    In the renderbutton() button, the new buttons are being created. But if we comment that part of the code, i guess the new button will not be created. I am very new to all this. Please explain . i am talikng about the following code:
    if(lockResource.canExecute() && lockResource.isResourceLockedByMe())
                        //save = new Button(WdfEventDispatcher.dispatchableControlID(this, "onSaveAndUnlock", url));
                        //save.setText(getBaseBundleString("com.sapportals.wcm.control.edit.ResourceEditControl", "btnSaveAndUnlock"));
                        //buttonGrid.addComponent(buttonGrid.getCurrentRowIndex(), buttonGrid.getCurrentColumnIndex(), save);
                        //buttonGrid.setCurrentColumnIndex(buttonGrid.getCurrentColumnIndex() + 1);
    Actually, the problem is "Save and Unlock " button is behaving weirdly, even though, user is clicking in it , it is remaining locked. At first, we thought the user was clicking "Save and Hold Lock" by mistake. So we wanted to disable it.But now the problem is somewhere else. Can you please help

  • Need reset box with flip-flop green LED and reset button

    Before I build up a large number of these, is there an off-the-shelf box with flip-flop green LED and reset button?

    Hi,  I'm not sure what you mean.  Are you looking for a phsyical project box witha built in reset switch and LED?  Or are you talking about a LabVIEW template?
    Chris Bakker
    National Instruments
    Applications Engineer
    Check out LabVIEW 2009 and the New X-series DAQ!

  • I am not able to download ITunes. I had some problems with ITunes and had to uninstall but now when I reinstall iTunes after I click on download iTunes and save the File, I get this message"Thank you for downloading iTunes" and nothing else happens. I don

    I had some problems with ITunes and had to uninstall but now when I reinstall iTunes after I click on download iTunes and save the File, I get this message"Thank you for downloading iTunes" and nothing else happens. I don't see any thing else. Now not sure what else I have to do.

    See the further information area of Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.

  • I bought an iPhone 5 around fifteen days back and it has already started to give problem with the on/off button. I have to press it five six times to switch it on or off. I am so frustrated by the fact that if I bring it to the service centre, I am going

    I bought an iPhone 5 around fifteen days back and it has already started to give problem with the on/off button. I have to press it five six times to switch it on or off. I am so frustrated by the fact that if I bring it to the service centre, I am going to get a refurbished phone in place of my brand new phone which I just bought. The idea of a used phone repulses me. Any solutions ?

    sumeshdua wrote:
    The idea of a used phone repulses me.
    Why?  Your current phone is used... it has been since the instant it was removed from the shrink wrap and turned on.
    sumeshdua wrote:
    Any solutions ?
    Live with the phone as is.
    Take the device to Apple for evaluation... it may not need replacement.
    Even if it does, neither you or the Apple tech should be able to tell if the replacement is new or refurbished.

  • I purchased 2 weeks before i phone 5 but there is problem with sleep and wake up button its not responding can anyone help me in this issue.

    i purchased 2 weeks before i phone 5 but there is problem with sleep and wake up button its not responding can anyone help me in this issue.

    You have a one-year hardware warranty & 90 days of free phone support. Take advantage of it, make an appointment at an Apple store or call AppleCare.

  • Sharepoint 2003 Cannot save change by IE when click Save and Close button to save change on survey item

    I am using Windows 7 SP1(cannot confirm the IE version, suppose IE8).When I tried to edit a survey item, click Save and Close button. Data cannot be saved.No problem with my account or permission since I can change it on another computer.Below action cannot
    fix the problem:clean IE catch, reset IE, reinstall IE, rebuild windows profile.
    error can be seen at the IE status bar
    Erros on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly
    'length' is null or not an object
    'undefined' is null or not an object
    URI: http://server/_layouts/1033/custom_ows.js

    Mainstream Support for SharePoint 2003 has already ended and it does not list IE8 as a supported browser:
    You can always try to add the site to Compatibility Mode, but there is no guarantee that it will work in this scenario,
    Dimitri Ayrapetov (MCSE: SharePoint)

  • Problem with Frameset and page session

    I am having a problem with Framesets and page session attributes. I
    have a client who's application uses a three frame frameset. They
    have a requirement on several pages that when a button is pushed two
    different pages load into the right and left frames. The way they
    are accomplishing this is that on the pages were this is required,
    they are adding target="_top" to the form declaration in their JSP.
    Then they store the page names they want to display in session,
    forward the request to the frameset, the frameset then determines
    which pages to display based on the session variables. This works
    exactly how they want it to.
    Here is our problem. We need to store some information in page
    session attributes. We have tried to get a handle to the desired
    view bean and call the setPageSessionAttribute method. However,
    since we are forwarding to the frame and the frame handles displaying
    the desired JSP, that view bean we had the handle to is not the one
    that is created to hand the display of the JSP.
    The next thing I tried was to use the request object. In the
    handleBtnRequest method, I set an attribute in the request object. I
    then query the request object in the beginDisplay event of the view
    bean. When the frame is reset the request object does not contain
    the attribute that I have set. I'm confused by this because I
    thought the request object would be available to me throughout the
    life of the request.
    Given the above information, does anyone have any suggestions? Also,
    am I going about this in the wrong manner.
    The client had been storing this information in user session, which
    seemed to work. However, since the data being stored dealt
    specifically with data for the requested page, we felt that storing
    it as page session was more appropriate.

    The script on your page web page has some obvious bugs.. Best
    fix those
    first before looking to blame Flash.

Maybe you are looking for

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