Problem with Software Distribution in LMS 3.2

LMS 3.2 on Solaris 10
I'm trying to distribute IOS images via Software Mgmt. I'm getting the following error on step 2 - View Recommendations.
"SWIM0087: Recommendation module timed out while waiting for the procedure to complete.
Either the device had many images to process or one of the services used by this application is not responding.
Either fine-tune the administrative preferences to filter out any unwanted images or check the application logs for more details."
We have two LMS 3.2 systems in a master-slave configuration. Both of which were recently upgraded to LMS 3.2 from 3.0. Software distribution is working as expected on the Slave system. It was working on the Master system before the upgrade to LMS 3.2 also.
I've checked all of the administrative settings I can think of and they match on both systems.
Am I missing something?

Without debugs I can only guess but the symptoms you report could be caused by a few corrupted files.
You could try the following as it has solved similar situations.
Move,, and somewhere outside the CSCOpx directory.
The files can be found:
As well as:
Then restart the services:
net stop crmdmgtd
net start crmdmgtd
If this proves unsuccessful then replace the files in their original locations.

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    GreetingsMessage Edited by adisaily on 24-Aug-2007 09:03 AM

    It sounds like your 5800 has the earpiece fault that was common with 5800's made before February.
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    That’s quite the amount of software to purchase! I’m sure you were quite disappointed to find that not all of the software codes seemed to be activated, delaying your use of the software. I’m glad you’ve reached out to us in multiple ways to see what options are available to you, and I apologize if we have been unable to find a resolution for you.
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    Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • HT4993 problem with software update

    I need help how to reslove problems with software update on my iphone 4s.

    Reset your device and try it again: hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until you see the apple, then let go.(No data loss)
    Also make sure you have enough free space on the device for the update file - usually requires 2 to 3 times the actual size of the file to be able unpack & install.

  • Backlight problem with software updat 1.1 for neno

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    apple pls fix it asap...

    heres wats new with 1.1-
    1. holding menu will take you to the main menu instead of activating or deactivating the backlight
    2. lyrics and album art staying on screen and not disappearing after 10 seconds
    3. Apple Radio Remote support
    4. Line-out problem, occasionally when going from headphones to line-out, there would be no sound.
    5. The 'Alarm' feature has been overhauled, easier to set the time, and a little bell icon is displayed next to the 'Alarm' menu item when it is set.
    6. 'Screen-lock' has also been changed, slightly different interface, the numbers are in sunken boxes as opposed to the red glow. And a new warning is given telling you to hook your Nano up to your comp if you forget your code.
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    12. More accurate battery meter. Doesn't go down too quickly as it used too. One person said that it actually increases battery life after a testing.
    13. When using the Universal dock with remote the backlight will come on after you change the volume, before the backlight remained off.
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  • Help! New 5th gen problem with Software version 1.2.3!

    Just when you thought you havn't heard about enough problems with the new ipod software here comes a weird one. My Ipod still plays songs and the usual stuff. But the timer at the bottom of the screen that tells you how far you are into the song gets off track, slows down, and eventually starts ticking 3 seconds per 1 real second. And ill start hereing glitches and pauses in the music. And its every song it happens. Thanks for the help!

    I had the same problem. I upgraded my 30G to 1.2.2, and everything looked fine. However, when I disconnected my iPod there were no music or video files showing. But the hard drive space showing as Available under Settings>About>Available indicates that the hard rive space for my muic and videos is still being used. I read a lot of posts about 1.2.2 problems and 7.5 upgrade for iTunes being the fix. I would go to the Help tab in iTunes and tell it to check for upgrade, and it would tell me that 7.5 was avialable. I would click yes to download but nothing happened. I tried this many times, with my iPod connected, not connected, rebooting, etc, it was enough to go insane.
    Here is how I solved it. I went to:
    and downloaded the entire iTunes 7.5 instead of the upgrade. After it installed itself, I rebooted, opened iTunes, and connected my iPod, it synced and now it is back to normal. Beware, if you try resetting your iPod, it warns that it will erase the contents of your iPod hard drive.
    I have windows XP, hp laptop, and a 5th gen 30G.
    Hope that helps solve your problem.

  • Having problem with software update

    I am having problem with reinstalling my software with Nokia Suite. It shows while backing up the data that phone memory is full. However already I have exhausted all the options for freeing phone memory. 
    I need to reinstall my software as my mobile phone is causing some problem.
    I have Asha 305 phone. Kindly reply back if you could help me.
    Ayush Sharma

    Hello @poochini21 ,
    Thanks for replying. 
    The reason i wish to reinstall software in my cellphone because of 'deletion of certificates'. It shows a 'Certificate Invalid, Check date and time settings'. Furthermore, my nokia browser has restored to its default version. And the mail does not work.
    Re backup: I am unable to create backup following the mentioned instruction, it again pops the memory issue. 
    I have already tried to reset my mobile, both the settings and the full reset, which at maximum saves me a free phone memory of 6.0 MB. Moreover I have also tried the option in Nokia Suite, 'Free some space'. That too could not help me out.
    If you can help me out, kindly reply.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ayush Sharma
    poochini21 wrote:
    Hi ayushmnit,
    Just to clarify, the main reason why you'd like to reinstall the phone's SW via Nokia Suite is due to the memory full error that you're getting, is that correct? Do you also get the same error when creating a backup file using the phone itself? In your Asha 305, try going to Settings > sync and Backup > create a backup. A memory card is required to do this. 
    BTW, is resetting one of the steps you did to free more phone space? If the phone backup process succeeded, try resetting your phone by going to Settings > Restore factory settings. You can select Settings only to just restore the defaul settings, or Restore all to wipe out all your personal data which could free more space in your phone. After the reset, try reinstalling the phone's SW via Nokia Suite and see your Asha 305 will work fine afterwards.
    Let us know how it will go. 

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    Hi Guys,
    I am having some problems with csa 6.0 and a software deployment tool called capainstaller, it resides on the client and picks up packages on some server shares and executes them from there, or copies it locally. We have added it to the class that defines mass software deployment like we did in 5.2, which works fine in 5.2, in 6.0 we are getting alot of applications getting put into @untrusted, for some reason. I can't figure out if i am supposed to make general exeptions for shares and local directories where the deployment tool reads its packages from ? In that case which classes should i modify, i am seeing alot of classification from the module called Security - Untrusted Content Classification, and this gives me alot of headaches.

    Well, the Mass Software Deployment class, is where you are supposed to put marimba, in 5.2 this was fine, and worked for most of the installations i have done. in 6.0 the big break came when i found out that you can't use UNC network paths in a file set, it just doesn't work. If you put it is a literal straight in the same field as the altiris and sms are in the built-in rules, that works, maybe your marimba agent is also part locally installed and part gotten from the network like ours is ?

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    plemI have 6720c
    i want to update it
    after downloading 135mb of updates an error says
    could not connect to the sevice
    There seems to ve a problem with connecting to the service
    make sure that your firewall and virus protecting setting is correct
    ..................... Etc
    i have windows7 is the problem with the server or with something in my pc
    I have tried also to download software for X3-00 but it has the sam pronlem .

    Welcome to the forum!
    You are not the only one to report issues updating today so perhaps there is a temporary technical hitch; perhaps try again in a few hours before messing with your existing installation.
    Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = 42.5

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    I'm having a problem with an external software instrument (Arturia Analog Factory). When I use it alone, it's sounds great and works fine, but when I assign it to a track in Logic, some of the pre-sets don't work. Basically, I can select about 90% of the pre-sets and play, record, etc. just fine. With some, though, they just make a clicking sound, and prevent Logic from producing any sound at all.
    Anyone heard of this issue? Thank in advance...

    Have you tried asking this (or looking for the same questions) on the Arturia support forum?

  • Problem with software update version 6.0 Bundle 2333 and email.

    I'm having a problem updating my blackberry bold 9650 with the new service update that came out a couple weeks ago. I left the US for Germany about 3 weeks ago and a couple days after arriving the software update popped up. For whatever the reason, I am unable to load the new update. Neither the 3G service nor connecting to wifi allows me to complete the update. It keeps telling me it can not connect. Now I'm having a problem with my email all of a sudden, as the email icon has disappeared. Whenever I try to reset up my email (which it tells me I need to do) it says I have to do the software update first. Which puts me in quite the dilemma. Apparently no update = no email, which I can not have. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my computer cord to sync my phone, and I really do not want to have to wait until August when I get back to the States to update my phone and have email again. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

    My assumption is that since you're not on the Verizon network currently and you don't have access to the network, you can't OTA the update.
    And since you don't have the USB data cable, you won't be able to connect your phone to your computer to update.  My best suggestion... Get a data cable. There should be someplace nearby you in Germany where you can get an inexpensive data cable.
    Then go about backing up your phone with the desktop manager and then update via the DM as well.
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  • Compressor problems with software update

    Software update has downloaded and installed once or more every day since last week thursday!
    nothing works, the software update installs 2.01 compressor and QTmaster over and over again.
    DVD Studio Pro is a mess...
    How can I make software update wasting my time and bandwidth?
    Message was edited by: Host

    I was experiencing this same problem with the 3.02 update. It look like I was finally able to resolve it by manually downloading the compressor update and installing it instead of using software update. I only made the change today, but so far software update seems to recognize that I'm up-to-date.

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    uhhhh i guess you can't do anything.

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    For this me workied perfect, hope you get yours updated properly too! I just noticed this: Maybe it's good idea to post your product code here and retry in few days?

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