Problem with the custom field - enabling

i am using one customer field in the shopping card header , and using BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI to issue an error message if this field is left empty.
but the problem comes after the error message is issues , this field becomes disabled , and the user has to go back , and again come to the order screen to enter the value and order the cart.
i have tried all possible options , to keep the customer field enabled , but not able to do so.
have you got any inputs for me..
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Have you checked the BBP_CUF_BADI_2 implementation in your system ??
May be some logic there is disabling the customer field right after the error message is generated..

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  • Problem with the quantity field

    hi every one
    i am facing a problem with the quantity field (vbap-kwmeng)
    as per my requirement i need to display this quantity field along with some other item fields from VBAP in an alv grid.
    among all the fields displayed in the alv grid only this quantity field is editable(end user can change this quantity)
    once end user changes this quantity and press save button i need to capture this new quantity in my internaltable.
    problem is input of length of quantity is 15 and the output length is 19
    so when i am pressing save
    say my quantity is 50 when i am pressing save '0.050' is coming because of the length difference
    how can i capture the original changed value.

    what about define two fields in  you inner table ,one as char and the other as vbap-kwmeng, you can show the char one in the ALV gird , when user input value and press SAVE ,you can move the value to vbap-kwmeng.
    you can test it,mybe some one has one better idea.

  • Problem is with the custom field validate in the custome tab

    Hello Experts,
    We have created additional tab in cProject Project definition level
    with some Custom fields.
    1. These all custom field we have maintained search help with Check
    table. But cProject screen these fields it is allowing other values
    also aprt from check table values. It is not through any error while
    entering wrong value apart from check table values. Properly maintained
    the check tables in back end.
    2. One custom fields my client need only to allow Numeric values only.
    For this we change the data element as 'NUMC' in field. But it is
    allowing entering the char value also.
    Kindly suggest if anything is needed to be done in webdynpro component
    level to maintain validations for custom fields.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hello Raj
    I am having the same issue. Have you been able to resolve yours, and how did you ressolve it?

  • Problems with the 'Comments' field in iTunes

    First, sorry for my english (I'm danish).
    I've read a lot of threads here and everywhere else, but can't find a solution for my exact problem. I use Windows Vista and the newest version of iTunes.
    Most of my mp3 songs (35.000) are put directly in album folders to the folder 'D:My Music from another computer via a USB drive and the songs already have id3 tag information on them.
    I then add the albums to iTunes and most of my tag information is now updated in iTunes. Names, Artists, Genre, Year, everything is okay. By the way the songs have ID3v2.3 tag information. I see that in my Mp3tag v.2.42 application.
    But the problem is with the 'Comments' field:
    Those tags (originally put to the songs directly in the proberties of the song in Windows Explorer) will simply not transfer to iTunes 'Comments' field. And if I write something in the iTunes 'Comments' field this will not show up in the fields properties in windows Explorer. It looks like the 'Comments' fields in iTunes and in the proberties in the song are not connected at all!?
    I then found out, I could let iTunes convert the ID3 codes, but nothing happens except from when using v. 1.0 or 1.1, because then the comments tag are transferres, but unfortunately all the tags will only show 30 characters!!!
    And there's also a different story:
    A few albums though are put directly on my computer by using iTunes to import the CD. These songs have ID3 v.2.2 tags, so I guess iTunes import files in that format?
    And here it's a little different story. If I put comment data directly to the file proberties in Windows Explorer (after the CD's been imported to iTunes), the comments will show up in iTunes, but only as several 0 and 1 digits! On the other hand, if I put information directly in iTunes 'Comments' field it wil show up correctly in the file proberties! But it's only a few songs/albums that are handled that way.
    Well, bottom's line, I want to see my comments tags (which are allready there in the song's proberties) when I browse my music in my folders in Windows Explorer and I want to see the exact same comments if I go to browse my music in iTunes. That should not be a problem ... but it is not ...
    Can I please get a solution or at least an explanation, and hopefully in not too tecnical terms.

    I, too, hope someone will answer this! I am hoping to catalog my entire CD collection in iTunes and I want to include the storage box number somehow, thinking that "comments" would be a good place to do so. If I cannot do that I'll try to find a program other than iTumes to do it. Does anyone have any suggestions on this topic? ...perhaps I need to open a new thread?

  • Problems with the interlaced Fields after burning with iDVD

    The original quicktimes have interlaced frames and once I burn them with iDVD seams that there is a problem with the fields, like they are in ht ewrong order or something.
    Is there something I'm not doing right?

    I Have a similar problem my apple health app hasn't worked from day one - I use my fitness pal and no matter what I do it just doesn't communicat or pass information to apples app - ive even tried a different steps app and that doesn't communicat either. Even running on ISO 8.2 hasn't  rectified connectivity issues.
    I Wonder if apple is aware of these issues lol

  • Problem with the hierarchial fields in a Purchase order xml report

    I am having a problem with the hierarchy problem. We are populating attribute 15 of a PO header. some times it can be null. FYI, we are using 11.5.10 instance where oracle supports direct PO template rather than having a rdf file.
    And now in the xml report, if attribute15 of po header is not null then it is fine.
    But if attribute15 is null, then the template is picking from the next available attribute15 that is from the po lines. As the line level group of "LINES" is between the "PO_DATA" (header group), hence the template is checking for next available attribute15.
    Can any one please suggest how to design the template where we can make the template to check only for that tag at the header level group rather than the line level group tag?
    Thank You in advance.

    Incase you want to transfer attachements from SRM to R/3, then you try implementing the BADI in SRM side. The BADI which will help in this case is
    <b>Please read the standard SAP documentation of this BADI using SE18 Transaction, before making any code changes.</b>
    <u>Few Important SAP OSS notes to refer in this case -></u>
    Note 989184 - Transferred shopping cart with internal attachments
    Note 550071 - FAQ: EBP - Shopping Cart
    Note 916347 - Transfer shopping cart with internal attachments
    Note 1001130 - FAQ - Attachment questions (Buyside)
    <u>Few useful links -></u>
    Re: Attachments to backend
    Re: Document Attachments in Shopping Cart
    Re: Attachment in SRM
    Re: SRM Documents and Attachments
    Re: Limit in Attachments of an item in Shopping Cart
    Re: return delivery text from material document is not passed to SUS
    Do let me know, incase you face any problems.
    - Atul

  • How to make the custom field enable/disable in ME21n/ME22n/ME23n trans

    Hi Experts,
    I need help.
    I have created one custom field in the transaction ME21n/ME22n/ME23n under customer data 2 tab. But my problem is the field is always in enable (means editable only)  even in Display mode. How to make the field is non editable in display mode and editable in change mode.
    I have tried by putting some logic to make that field to change alternatively according to change/display button. And it is working fine but if we click any othe button , this field is becoming editable even in display mode.
    How to make this field to behave as standard fields?
    Please reply me <removed by moderator>
    Thank you in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Mar 2, 2012

    If you have BADI implimented for custom tabs then you can do this in method ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST~FIELDSELECTION_ITEM
    lv_changeable = im_header->is_changeable( ).
      LOOP AT ch_fieldselection ASSIGNING <fs>
        IF lv_changeable IS INITIAL.
          <fs>-fieldstatus = '*'. " Display
          <fs>-fieldstatus = '+'. " Change

  • Seriously!?!  Serious problems with the customer support and AppleCare.

    I have a macbook pro.  I've had it since Aug 2007, so it's old, i get it. But I'm a poor starving student and I bought the computer with the idea that it was a quality product that would last me though my studies.  However, it has been the shop for repairs literally, every year, often multiple times per year, since I bought it.  Everything from DVD (twice failed, more than two visits), to hard drive failure, to replacing the motherboard.  That's just what I remember.  The thing is a lemon.
    Fortunately I bought apple care, great idea right? It was for the first year or two.  However over a year before AppleCare was set to expire it started having problems over heating, freezing, and subsequently giving me that scary roll down 'restart your computer immediately screen'.  It gets so hot you can't set it on your lap - it burns. I repeatedly brought it into the shop for help (the flagship one on Regents Street in London), and they couldn't seem to do anything.  When I explained time was of the essence because I wanted it covered under AppleCare, they seemed unbothered, it seeed they were clearly waiting for it to expire first.  Dodgy.
    During the appointments they couldn't seem to replicate the issue in the shop (it take about 30 minutes to an hour to really scorch, and seems to not be related to how hard the CPU works).  And said because they could see it do it, they were not able to help.  Really, in the whole history of apple, I'm the only one to have a computer over heat?  Really?  Instead, they sent me away asking me to come back later "when it starts doing it again".  Okay, as I said, it always overheats, it just takes a while to start, so unless we sit together in quiet awkwardness waiting, and waiting, it's not going to happen.  And as the appointments take about three days to get so it's not like I can just pop round when it starts to happen and say, feel, it's really hot now, will you please, for the love of God, find a solution now?  And it's a bit of a walk to the store, and there are no internet cafe's near by for me to go heat it up at, so it's always going to cool before I arrive. Duh.
    And why is the burden of proof on me?  It's like they are insinuating that I just love popping round the apple store every few months, all the vain hope that I can have a part?
    Still I persevered, taking it in when the problem seemed to exacerbate, and making sure I used it a bit first to get it warmed up.  All the while with the warranty getting closer and closer to expiration.   Finally, we got it to do it in the shop.  But for a fix, they just sprayed it with air, and told me to "see if that works".  It didn't.  And I ask you, why is it in no other visit, they could not have come to this ground breaking solution? Did they really have to feel it get hot to realize overheating may have something to do with a clogged fan? 
    I should also note that they then proceeded to put it back together wrong, and I was unable to open it because a misplaced screw caused it to lock shut.  It took two days to get a new appointment to get it fixed, even when I called to explain that it was their error, and I really, really, needed my laptop.
    Anyway, as I said, it didn't fix the problem. So I had to go back yet again, at this point I can't remember if I was still under applecare or if it had just expired.  It doesn't matter, because, again, without being able to make it get hot on their own (even though they had case history where it was clear that it had, and this was not just in my imagination, and even more case history showing it had a history of instability), they couldn't offer me any solutions.  All they could do, they said, was suggest that I leave it with them for "about a week" to check it over.  A week!! Who goes without a computer for a week?!?! I'm not a student in 1985.  
    So now, I'm sitting here writing you am email from my laptop which is sitting on a towel in my lap to protect my thighs from mac burn.  The warranty has now long passed, but the problem has now finally progressed to the point that it takes much less than 30 to reach scalding point, so I could prove it if there were any point.  But there isn't, because now when I call the apple people, they assure me that it must be a hardware issue (and furthermore that the apple employees should have been able to tell me this over a year ago), and unless I want to buy parts there just isn't anything that they can do.  Which leads me to my next point, if the problem started while under warranty, and you have documentation of this, why do I - a poor starving student - have to pay for this just because it took you, Apple, a year and half to finally figure out the problem?
    So to recap, I decided to pay the exorbitant apple costs and make the switch from PC because I thought that the stability of the machines, the so touted excellent customer service, and the superior programs were worth the cost.  And to be fair, the programs are fabulous, the apps integrate smoothly, and it starts up with a flash.  Unfortunately I can't enjoy any of this with my laptop on my lap without risking burning through my pants.  I can only enjoy these benefits for about 30 minutes before it starts freezing due to the heat.  And, a few times a year I have to make multiple journeys to the apple store (which is, to be fair, really quite a nice store) to get the latest hardware problem fixed, which means I'm often without it for days to over a week at a time.  All in all, it's not worth the money to me - one of those young, hip, cutting edge media types you are trying so hard to market to - until you can fix your customer service issues, put knowledgable people in positions to help, and have the internal support systems to get it done with at least enought efficiency to keep up with the technology demands of the modern world. 

    It sounds as if this is coming back to Norton Security...
    "LiveUpdate_solved" in "Norton 360"
    The article by author "rab60" contains detailed instructions on the Live Update solution.
    You might try a more thorough search of the Norton community forum... I do not use Norton and cannot comment on whether any of the solutions work.
    Kind Regards,

  • Problem with the discount field in PO form.

    Hi All
    I have a major problem in the PO form when ever I capture an invoice and then i insert the amount like R 100 000 then I try and add it with out maybe be a date in , the system will give me an error about date which is fine then I put in my date , then before i add the doc i change the total amount in one of the lines then the system inserts discount in the discount field automatically.
    If i first entered R 100 000 then changed the amount to R 15 000 the system enters a discount of 85%.
    Can anyone please explain this to me.

    Hi Gordon
    Issue solved the user was entering the amount in the total column not in the unit price column.

  • Problem with the Signature field

    Hi All,
    Good day. I am having problem making a script work in the Adobe LiveCycle. Basically what I am trying to achieve is lock most of the fields on a form when the signature field is click. Note: Not all the fields should be locked. I then wrote a sample script with one of the field as follows:
    if(employeeSig.rawValue !=null){
       EmployeeLastNa.access = "protected";
    But surprisingly it does not work. I have placed this code on the Click, PostSign, and even PreSign events, respectively, but it does not work. I am just wondering what I may be doing that is wrong.

    Hi -
    rawValue does not work on signature fields, so that code will do nothing.  Use the collection feature in the signature panel to lock particular fields:
    Create a collection then modify it to lock whatever fields you need.

  • Problem with the "from" field after upgrading to IOS 7

    Dear list members,
    For years I have been using multiple e-mail accounts with my iPhone 4 without any trouble. However, after I upgraded to IOS 7, a strange bug is happening.
    When I try to send an e-mail from my iPhone, using my iCloud account, to another person or another account of mine, every time I type an address in the "to" field, the "from" field changes automatically to some of my other accounts (most of them from Google). Then I have to correct the "from" field every time, which is very annoying.
    Is there a way to solve this bug?
    Thank you for your attention.

    I have a similar problem, using iPhone 4 and iPad 3. I can connect to the iPhone hotspot (iPhone show the blueish bar on top of its screen and says 1connection is active). So far so good, BUT, the iPad gets no symbol (the chain showing its linked) nor internet access. Sometimes the symbol comes but still no internet. By resetting the iPhones network settings I get it to work immidiately after, but after putting my iPad to sleep there will be the same issue over again. Please come up with a solution. Maybe I need to restore both devices? I don't like the idea though. It just works, huh?!?!?

  • NEW VERSION has a serious problem with the recepient fields

    old version I could paste from excel a list of email addresses into the TO field and it would work perfectly even if:
    they had a "," (comma) at the end of each email
    or if
    they had a line break (one empty row)
    TB would just recognize them as valid - for example:
    "[email protected],
    [email protected]
    [email protected]"
    would be treated as
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEW VERSION BUG:
    it chokes at both the comma and the empty line -- it sends the message but puts a comma as
    ",[email protected]"
    when sending the [email protected] line for example.
    Also I find the graying of the header section when not active to be annoying BECAUSE IT MAKES IT HARD TO READ (BLACK ON GRAY HAS NO CONTRAST) -- WHY MAKE IT SO FANCY AND BAD? TB IS GREAT ALREADY

    Hi Toad - thanks for the note. I saw that you were able to recreate it -- your first reply talking about importing addresses .csv etc. is all fine but the way I have used TB for years is as follows. I run several mailing lists etc.
    for example
    I go to excel
    and I copy let's say a 100 rows (1 column) that contain either
    [email protected]
    [email protected], [email protected]
    [email protected],
    <BLANK cell anywhere>
    THEN I go to TB - put curser in BCC field (change TO to BCC) - and hit paste.
    It pastes it as one line.
    THEN I press RETURN
    and it separates it to multiple BCC lines.
    This has always worked.
    The new version chokes at this
    Thanks for reporting it b/c it's a very important bug.
    ''Toad-Hall [[#answer-670828|said]]''
    I've just tested this on my system.
    Test one:
    Copy pasted two email addresses from a column in an excel sheet.
    One was above the other - no blank rows.
    Pasted as two email addresses separated by a comma.
    Sent and received ok, so the commas did not cause an issue.
    Test two:
    Created a blank line/row in excel sheet between the two email addresses, then copy pasted the two plus the blank line.
    In TO field this was shown as: email address followed by two commas then last email address.
    When sent this caused the second email address to become invalid. After fist comma, it added double quotes followd by a comma (where the blank line was positioned) then added another double quote just before the @ in the second email address. this made the second email address invalid.
    So it is definately not working with blank lines.
    First email received ok, second email returned a Mail Delivery Service Delivery Status Notification - Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table.
    However, if you imported the .csv file as an address book, you could use it within Thunderbird. If wanting to send one email to several people, then create Mailing Lists. This does not fix your scenario, but it will resolve the issue of sending one email to a group of valid email addresses.
    Info on Mailing lists.

  • Places: problem with the State field in Aperture 3.03

    I live in Europe and I have some problems in handling the State field in Aperture 3.03, because this field isn't always relevant in non North-American Countries.
    The Google suggestions in Places don't always include the 4 fields (Location/City/State/Country). I have a lot of pictures taken in the Azores islands (Portugal) which don't show up in my Aperture map because the marker somehow doesn't write Azores in the State field.
    Question #1: is there a way to eliminate the State field from Aperture, or at least to render it optional?
    Question #2: if I manually create a New Location, what is the proper syntax to separate Location/City/State/Country in a way that will be understood by the Aperture database? I tried putting commas as a separator, but it doesn't seem to be working.
    Thanks for your help.

    Yes, same here. I cannot complete my registration process due to the same error. My state is correct, which is RS (two letters only). I don't know what else to do. Refer to the image below. Thanks!

  • Problem with the currency fields in the table cdpos

    Hi Gurus,
           I have observed one thing with the cdpos table like whenever we made changes to the currecy( and numeric fields also ,i am not sure ) fields ,then in the cdpos table it is showing a new entry for that change but not showing that old value, why? .But when we made any changes to date fields ,then it is storing that old date.
    So Is there any specific feature in this table.
    Thanks & Regards,

    In ABAP-programm try this:
          NEW1 TYPE MENGE_D,
          OLD1 TYPE MENGE_D.
    * make select from CDHDR and CDPOS
      ASSIGN NEW TO <f>.
           OTHERS = 4.
           NEW1 = <f>.
      ASSIGN OLD TO <f>.
           OTHERS = 4.
           OLD1 = <f>.
    After this in NEW1 and OLD1 you will see values.

  • Problem with the state field, brazilian store

    I had my applications installed on my ipod 3rd gen, then i lost them when i upgraded to iOS 5. Now, i'm trying to get the applications back in the iTunes Store, but it insists on veryfing the payment method and complains about the state field, witch is filled with 'RJ', and then the following message is displayed: 'Inclua no máximo 3 letras ou números para estado', in portuguese, witch translates to 'Fill at most 3 letters or numbers for state'. Anyone can help?

    Yes, same here. I cannot complete my registration process due to the same error. My state is correct, which is RS (two letters only). I don't know what else to do. Refer to the image below. Thanks!

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    I am needing to install some software into my computer and the manufacturer sent me a mini-CD.   Can I use it as is in my slot drive, or will it disappear inside the HP 520PC thus requiring professional assistance to remove it? This question was solv

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    Hello, I created a simple program to get the Session ID from the di server using the VB6.0, I supplied all the valid entries but i still can't get the session id. Here is the SBODI_Server.log response given to me. <?xml version="1.0"?><env:Envelope x

  • Purchase requisition : problem with check release Strategies

    Hi all, i created a new class, new release group, new release codes etc. I think all is ok but when i launch the transaction OMGQCK for check release Strategies the system give me an error in node 'Check re release indicators' : Define a release indi