Problems during result recording

I am facing a problem in the result recording in the transactions QA11 for sample management. I make a sample from QPR1 and generate an inspection lot, then go to QA11 or QA32 for result recording. I record the results and save, the status of the inspection lot updates to RREC. But when i display the results or want to change them, the system shows me a blank screen to record the results again. Although the results are saved in the database table QAMR for the lot and the status of the lot is also RREC but on QA11 the system is not showing those and asking me to enter again. One thing is to be noted that this behaviour is for some materials' lots, for other sample management lots all is O.K.

For Physical semple, when u r going to create any inspection lot Via QPR1, than u r very well known abt this that inspection point always use as far as physical sample is concern.
So, whenever u execute physical sample  inspection lot via QA11, than during RR system ask u for a new inspection point values and its valuation.
once u feed the results than lock ur lot by providing UD.
if lot is opened and u want to feed new data against same lot than system allows for new inspection.
I hope ur queery resolved

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  • Error during result recording in QE71

    Hi Gurus,
    I am using inspection point (copy of 150) in my inpection plan. When i am trying to save my result recording in QE71 system giving below error message.
      Insp. Lot       Oper     Charac. no  Sample                    Message text                                        MsgType Message ID     Msg.No.
    80000000196 0010         10                2     You must enter a text for the characteristic result           E          QE             462       C60
    Though i have maintained the resuts.
    Please help to resolve this issue.

    You need check the inspection characteristic's control indicator.
    Transaction QP03 (display inspection plan)
    If you set 'Docu. required' in control indicator of inspection characteristic, additional text must always be entered to document the inspection results during results recording for this characteristic.
    Try to change the indicator to 'No documentation' then there will be no more that message in transaction QE71.

  • Activating defect class during result recording.

    Hello Friends
    I have created Defect class with few codes, during result recording defect class is 'GREY' not allowing to select code (only display).
    I want it's should be available so that one can choose the relevant code from defect class whille doing result recording.
    Kindly provide your expertise comments to do the same.

    Dear Swanad
    Please do the following setting
    In Result recording screen  > Go to Setting (Menu button ) > Defect Class on
    By doing this when you do result recording and the reading is out of spec then after the valuation pop up defect class will get popped up. You can select any one of the defect class

  • Problem in results recording

    While results recording for every quantitative characteristic I am getting the options as Accepted / Rejected / No Valuation / Failed. I want the system to accept the numeric values. I tried to change the valuation mode in sample procedure, but no use.
    What might be the problem?

    Try to tick on "Record Measured Values' in Control Indicator

  • QM-Calibration Procedure -Error during Result Recording

    Dear Sir,
    During mapping of Calibration Process in SAP,I am getting error ( status check error ) for Result recording of Inspection lot (QM-Calibration).I have follow all the required steps,I am not getting reason of error,Please Advice.

    Maintain in sampling procedure radio button palnt maintainance. then check if ur using inspection plan with inspection point.
    else make sampling management radio button on..

  • An MIC is accept and reject at the same during result recording

    If I have a checked sign on both of the Acceptance checkbox and Rejection checkbox (status:2, and valuation: yellow thunder sign icon) during QE51N, what does it mean in term of result recording, defect, and notification, and usage decision?
    I am stuck as I don't know how to treat this MIC.

    Hi Herment,
    There is no such message you mention and the system allow me to save with status 2. However, the valuation field display a Yellow Lightning icon.
    Now that I press the lock button (i.e. close) and clicked the save button, the system does not allow me to make any changes to this MIC, and which means there are two check sign on the Accept and Reject checkboxes now.
    How to deal with it?

  • Problem in Result Recording

    Dear Guru,
    During the production process I am having parallel operations. & All the operation having result recording process. So, I want to make the result recording for different operation simultaneously. So is it possible to make inspection for one production order?  Is there any provision for creating lot for different operation?
    Guide me how to do the result recording for the same lot.

    Hello Guru,
    I too agree with the previous answer.You need to do the result recording for each operations in samples .Since every production order create one inspection lot at a time result recording need to be done for every lot ,by selecting operations and samples.You could check the batch record afterwards for recorded results.

  • Warning during Result Recording

    Hi Experts,
                     I want the system to issue a warning if the result recorded is beyond the specification limit(s), how can this be done?plz Suggest..........

    Dear Sir,
                 Thank you sir.but i need to know whether this change in valuation mode will affect any other area.
                           On changing the valuation mode I have actually started  getting problems in other areas. For example I had created an active ingredient based MIC called assay and assigned a class characteristic to it. Now, whenever I am trying to attach this MIC to a new inspection plan, the earlier u201Cfixed sampling procedureu201D is not showing up in the list of available sampling procedures.If I try to force that fixed sampling procedure in that field, I am getting error message u201CValuation mode of the sampling procedure does not match the insp.charac.u201D On analyzing the message it seems either I have to change back to the earlier sample procedure or I need to change the control indicator of the MIC. Again, this being a MIC with a class characteristic, changing some fields in the control indicator are not possible as system grey them out.
    Please suggest how to proceed?

  • Default defect class during results recording

    Hi all,
    In the inspection plan I have maintained target value 20, lower limit 19 and upper limit 21 for one MIC which has single recording. When I do results recording for the MIC, I entered value 18, 20, 20, 20, 21, 18 was rejected automatically with a defect class Major defect A. Where is the default defect class from? If I want to enter a different one, how to change it?
    The only place I can imagine is the configuration of Catalog 9 Defect Class in which defect class is assigned to each Code, but in my case no Code was selected.
    Please help.

    Follow the path QCC0> Quality planning> Basic Data> Catalog> Define defect class.
    In this field, you can customize the details as per your need.
    Once done, you need to assign it to Plant level setting as told by Rohit.

  • Unplanned MIC during result recording

    Dear Gurus,
    Can anybody tell me what is means by Unplanned MIC.
    How do I create the same in Inspection Plan and make result recording.

    Dear Srinivas,
    Normally all MICs are copied from the task list.
    The business requirement may arise to include new MIC in the result recording screen.
    Any number of MICs can be inserted in the result recording screen.
    But deletion is not possible.
    As these Master Insp. Char. are not in the original task list,
    They are called unplanned MIC.
    To add a MIC,in general tab  "+" sign --> you can click.
    or Edit --> craete additional Characteristic or F5 in the key board
    You will get a pop up window.
    Name of the window --> Master Insp. Char. selection
    The window contains three line items
    1. Master Inspec. Charac. -
    2. Plant -
    3. Version -
    Ex.: MIC : MR001004
    Plant :1000
    Version : 1
    We get the next popup window
    Name of the window :Change the specification of unplanned char.
    Normally you have to mention the "SAMPLING PROCEDURE".
    Click "CHECK" BUTTON.
    Click "COPY" BUTTON.
    We get the message as "Inspection characteristic was created with number 8000"
    Similarly next MIC serial number will be 8010.
    ie 8000, 8010, 8020, and so on.
    8000 series clearly indicates that these MICs are created manually in the Result Recording Screen.
    When ever you want to check the new requirement ie thro the MIC, create it manually in RESULT RECORDING SCREEN.
    This is called "UNPLANNED MIC".
    Hope that this is clear.
    Raghu Sharma

  • Changing specification during result recording.

    Is there any functionality in result recording (QE51N) which allows you to change specification for quantitative  inspection characteristic?
    specification 5,0 .. 6,0.  You record result 4,9 and change specification to 4,9 .. 5.0 which causes that valuation of inspection characteristic  is accepted
    Best Regards

    Once you assigned specifications you can not change the specifications.
    How ever if you are sure every time specifications are changeing then use MIC with incomplete copy model.
    Normally you will be inspecting the material (Physically) first so you will be knowing what specifications will suit to make the RR acceptable.
    But this may not be acceptable to client in all situation.

  • Detail confirmation during results recording

    Dear experts,
    How to call the detail confirmation screen for an opeartion from the results recording screen when the confirming the inspection lot quantities and activities.

    check which control key in operation u have used.
    it should be activated with confirmation reqd. then only in result recording system will throw the pop-up
    i hope u can do now.
    Anil Mahajan

  • Problem during BDC recording using wb01

    I have done recording using the T-Code WB01. While running the recording from SM35 it runs fine. But while the recording is being used to create the program to upload data, the execution stops at one field DELIVERY PRIORITY which is not a mandatory field. We can't proceed further even if the we put some value in the field. Please suggest some solution.

    Dear Mr. Bhowmik,
    SAP retail site master data was never batch input enabled. For this reason, during batch input several errors or endless loops could  occur. To avoid this, please read note 1274501 and 1400394 which contains some modification proposals .
    Please keep in mind, that SAP-Retail Site master does not support Batch Input (Rel. >=4.6C) and for this reason we do not support modification proposals.
    SAP recommends the use of CATT/SECATT instead of batch input.  
    With Best Regards,
    Markus Dinger

  • OBIEE under HP-UX Itenium: Connection problem during result view

    I am getting problem to connect database from Presentation layer. After framing the query once I am click on result I am getting the following error. It will be great if anybody help me to resolve this problem.
    Odbc driver returned an error (SQLExecDirectW).
    Error Details
    Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC:OI2DL65P
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. Unable to find library ''. [nQSError: 46029] Failed to load the DLL /obieeapp/OracleBI/server/Bin/ Check if 'Oracle OCI 10G' database client is installed. (HY000)

    Have you tried using the forum search before posting your query? Search for "" and set date range to all and you get plenty of relevant results with possible fixes.

  • Problem during recording of CJ01 transaction for BDC

    Hello All,
    I am facing a problem during the recording of CJ01(Creation of projects) for creation of BDC program.
    The problem is during recoding after entering the the first WBS element with level 1 and i press the '+' button to create one more WBS element with Level 2,the first WBS element with level 1 goes to the bottom of the line item table and now if try to create the WBS element with Level 2 in the first line it wont allow because of the fact that the first WBS element with level 1 is below it.
    But if i enter the first WBS elemnt with level 1 in the first line and come to the next line and enter the second WBS element with level 2 it will create since Level 2 WBS is below the Level 1.But this approach cannot be used for doing a recording for BDC.
    Can anyone help in this regard
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Ashish,
    NW is right. It is not proper to use BDC for CJ01. You can get more control and better if you use the following function module,
    1. Use BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN to create project definition and WBS Structure in one go. see the documentation in the BAPI on how to use this. Post the resut in this forum if you face any problem

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