Problems launching Object Manager and Array Manager in SSGD 4.20.983

I have just installed SSGD 4.20.983 in a server which is running Solaris 10. The language of this server is Spanish.
When I access to the webtop, I 'm not be able to launch the applications Object Manager and Array Manager.
When I try to launch them, in the details box appears "Contrase�a" and them the timeout expires. Contrase�a is the same that password in Spanish.
Anyone can help me?

Do you have any logfiles which look like : execpePID_error.log?
These files should contain more information.
Also take a look at the following section of the Administration Guide: []
Especially the part '+Increasing the Log Output+'
- Remold

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    Dear Suresh,
    Schedule Manager (SCMA):
    Schedule Manager automates your routinue task.  It facilitate the definition, scheduling, execution, and review of tasks that are executed on a regular basis, such as period-end closing.
    Solution Manager - The SAP Solution Manager supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of your solutions, from the Business Blueprint thru configuration to production operation. It provides central access to tools methods and preconfigured content, that you can use during the evaluation, implementation, and productive operation of your systems.
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  • Manager Manager and Prompt Manager going out of service

    I have set up RTMT to email me syslogs so I can see if there is a problem with UCCX.  
    Whenever I upload a new prompt or create a new folder I am seeing error messages saying that Manager Manager and Prompt Manager are in partial service.
    But when I look at Network Services in Serviceability, there's nothing there - everything is in service. 
    So the error messages could be incorrect, or the managers are going out of service and then back again into service quickly.
    How can I track down this problem/stop it happening?
    In one sense it isn't a real problem, but it is annoying as I may ignore real issues.
    UCCX 8.0

    Did you try to set it up as new device again? How to back up your data and set up as a new device

  • Working with version management and promotion management best practices BO 4.1

    Hi Experts
    I wondered if anybody knows if there is a document or something about best practices to work with the version management and promotion management in BO 4.1?
    Our Environment includes two servers. The first one is our development and test server. The second server is our prod system.
    Now on the dev server we have basically two folders called dev and test. We control access to them with a right system based on the folder structure.
    My question now is how you would work in this scenario (third server is not an option). Main target is to have as few reports as possible. Therefore we try to work with the version management system and only have one version of each report in the dev folder of the cms. But this is where problems start. Sometimes the newest version is not the version we want to publish to the test folder or even prod server.
    How would you publish the report to the other folder? Make a copy of the concerned report (transport to the same system via promotion management is not possible). Also how would you use the version management in regards to the folder structure? Only use version management in dev folder and export reports to test folder (out of vms control) or also use vms in test folder and how would that work?
    Further more I’d be interested in learning best practices with promotion management. I found out that the promotion of a report that doesn’t exist in prod doesn’t make any problems. But as soon as an older version already exists there is only partial success and the prod folder gets renamed to “test”.
    Any suggestions on how to handle these problems?
    Thank you and regards

    Thank you for your answer.
    So you are basically proposing to work with the vms in the dev folder and publish the desired version to the test folder. And the test folder is out of version control in this scenario if I understood you correctly (like simple data storage)?
    And how would you suggest promoting reports to the prod system? Simply by promoting the
    desired version from dev folder directly to prod? This would probably lead to inconsistence because we would need to promote from dev system to test and dev to prod instead of promoting a straight line from dev over test to prod. Furthermore it would not solve the problem of the promoting result itself (A new folder called dev will be generated in prod but the report gets promoted to the prod folder if there was no report before).
    Thank you for the link. I came across this page just a few days ago and found also lots
    of other tutorials and papers describing the basic promoting process. The promoting process in general is clear to me but I wondered if it is possible to change some parameters to  prevent folder renaming for example.

  • Difference between case management and complaint management

    Hi ,
    Can any one explain the difference between case management and complaint management with some simple example .

    complaint mngt is for creating, maintaing, processing of complaint documents - when customer calls you and tells about problem with product he bought, you create complaint document in CRM.
    case mngt is for managing more documents , it could be documents for many customers. Case is usually about complex problem.

  • Commitment management and fund management

    hi kings
    I am unable to understand the Commitment management and fund management.  What is actual role and function , objectives.  What is the importance and why we useing the commitment mangt and fund magt. 

    As far as controlling is concerned, it is used to enter and analyze commitments at an early stage and control them in the module.
    Example Po's and PR lead to financial commitments and the costs would be incurred in future, so commitments are included in funds monitoring.
    For integration CO and MM need to integrated. The tasks created in MM are transferred to CO.
    You would have various activities in commitments.
    Funds commitments can be created in IO for orders, projects, cost centers etc
    As far as funds managements is concerned, you could create and execute budgets.You could budget revenues and expenditures for areas of responsibility.
    Funds management need to integrated with BCS(budget control system),GL,SD and MM and CO.
    Also, you could analyse the source and use of funds and monitor variance and means to check and control.
    *assign points if useful

  • Q&A db for warehouse management and inventory management

    Hello Everybody,
    i read on the website that standard as well as industry specific versions of Q&A db are available. but the website doesnt say where. i searched a lot but the links dont lead to the actual Q&A db.
    i would like to request you to kindly share the Q&A db for inventory management and warehouse management with me as i need it for preparing the AS IS documentation.(preferably automotive industry but if not then even standard Q&A db is fine).
    thanks a lot.

    Now QADB will not help to map the clinets requirement. Instead of QADB get AS IS information form Coreusers... thats best practice now....
    Go through for further details...
    Edited by: Ganti on Jul 26, 2008 7:26 AM

  • Cannot open Catalog Manager and Job Manager on Windows 7 ( BP1)

    We recently upgraded to OBIEE version BP1 and installed Client tools from the same version (downloaded from Oracle Support). Once installed, ODBC connections are created to connect to the BI Server and we are able to connect to BI Server using Administration Tool. But Catalog Manager and Job Manager are not opening.
    Is there any setup missing to make Catalog Manager and Job Manager work?
    Thanks in advance.

    It is a known bug. Please find the solution here.
    Kalyan Chukkapalli

  • Hospital management and Grant management addon for SAP B1 2005A / 2007 A

    Dear friends,
    I like to know if any company has made any addon on Hospital management and Grant management for SAP B1 2005 A or SAP B1 2007 A , in english.
    In case anybody know pl provide the info in company website,contact info and some details on add-on features.
    Pankaj Gandhi.

    Hi there,
    Try these guys - I found them on the SSP catalog
    Quintegra Solutions Limited
    they have a certified add-on entitled  "Hospital Management & Information System"
    Stella (Partner Service Advisor)

  • Minimum steps required for Change Management and Incident management

    Hello experts,
    Does anyone have a check list of the absolute minimum steps required for getting Change Management and Incident management functioning in Solution Manager.
    I just need it to function with creating changes and incidents and be able to assign them, change their status and close them.
    The purpose is to get an idea if this is something for us to use. If we then find it useable, then we will go for a full scale implementation using official guides, education etc.
    I just need an absolute minimum guide for demonstrating the functions, and if you guys have any recommendations, things we should pay special attention to or other experiences feel free to tell me.
    Thanks in advance.

    There are a number of Blogs in the SDN about Charm and ServiceDesk, explaining first steps and more.
    Check these to start:
    The Complete ChaRM Solution
    Change Request Management scenario: Usual questions and known errors
    First steps to work with Change Request Management scenario in SAP Solution Manager 7.0

  • The Question about stock transfer between HU-Management and WM-Management

    There is a scenario about stock transfer between HU-Management and WM-Management storage location. I use transaction MB1B , movement type 313 , 315. After Good issue from WM-management storage location, outbound delivery will genarated, then Pack, Create/Confirm TO, at last post goods issue for the outboud delivery. But when i do movement type 315, there is a warning message "Data of preceding document was not transmitted", and from the F1 help i find this system reponse "You can maintain an indicator that makes information about preceding documents in this delivery available under delivery type in Customizing. For some characteristics of this indicator, the type of preceding document and the related document and item numbers must be transmitted to delivery creation. At least one of these parameters is missing.".
    So, My questions are:
    1. Generallily, Outbound delivery is created by SO, inbound delivery is created referenc PO, but how the stock transfer for 2 steps generate the outbould delivery and inbound delivery? Could you pls tell me the where i can config this in the IMG?
    2. What's "Data of preceding document was not transmitted" mean ? how to fix this issue ?
    Best Regards
    Boxer Du
    I am the SAP fans, focus on MM and WM. I am interesting TRM Yard Management and Cross Docking now.Very Gladly to talk you about these areas. I want to exchange the knowledge with you, and want to be a good friend of you. Pls contact me. You can find My MSN in the profile. Thanks.

    Sure, The inbound delivery type is set up in the IMG->Logistics General -> HU management -> Basics ->Delivery type -> Delivery type determination.
    For Inbound delivery type 'HID' is maintained in this view.
    Best Regards.
    Some One want to discuss the details , can contact me. Thanks.

  • Project Management and Resource Management Reporting Views

    I am wondering if anyone would have and is willing to share some documentation they may have put together around reporting views related to Project Management and Resource Management modules. We are installing the projects suite and I have never done custom reporting out of these modules and would be interested in feedback or documentation anyone may have related to these or any offer of assistance or direction in designing the reporting views.
    Thank you in advance!

    hello Tony,
    What I can say. Maybe you should use SAP PPM as a operational Project Management tool and integrate it with WBS elements and projects in SAP PS. Probably it will be the best solution for you.
    The second way is to use a second project structure for project management as you wrote, with different number of this project. So you will have 2 structures one for actual posting of costs and the second for rest management needs and statistical posting of costs. Probably you will need CO substitution for posting of costs to post costs on these 2 structures.
    There will be many other conditions to get right solution but I think this 2 ways are possible.

  • Applications Management and Change Management Packs Certified with EM 10gR5

    Applications Management and Change Management Packs Certified with Enterprise Manager Grid Control Release 5
    For more details about the new features, documentation, and patches for the latest Application Management Pack and Application Change Management Pack releases, see:
    [Applications Change Management Pack 3.0 and Applications Management Pack 3.0 Now Available|]
    Oracle E-Business Suite Prerequisites
    11.5.10 with ATG_PF.H RUP5 and higher
    Release 12.0.4 and higher
    Release 12.1
    Certified Platforms
    Linux x86
    Linux x86-64
    Sun Solaris SPARC
    HP-UX Itanium
    IBM AIX Based Systems
    Certification on Windows platforms is in progress.

    It takes me a lof of time to comprehend the sentence you write. Cause I am a Chinese. My poor English.
    I have to say "you are genius". I used to use the indesign CS2. There is no GREP function in CS2. When I get the new script, I do not know how to use it. Just when I saw the
    'grep {findWhat:"  +"} {changeTo:" "} {includeFootnotes:true, includeMasterPages:true, includeHiddenLayers:true, wholeWord:false} Find all double spaces and replace with single spaces.'
    Being confused.
    Thanks so much. It seems I have to relearn the advanced Indesign.

  • What else SCE couldn't do without Collection manager and Subscriber Manager for SCE?

    Can we still monitor the traffic and control the subscriber even we do not have any Collection manager and Subscriber Manager? with SCE alone couldn't analysis or control the traffic?

    Without CM you can not generate reports based on RDR collection process. For example if you dont have Collection Manager you can not generate reports that are predefined on the SCA Reporter or insight. Only you can do is you can poll SNMP counters/values by a s/w and you can graph them, but it is not suitable and not covers the all data that SCE collects and reports. And for the SM side if you want to communicate with a policy/external server you really need an SM, also you can use its internal Quota manager to count quota.

  • Create one workflow ( 2 level approval - manager and financial manager). An

    I have requirement to Create one workflow ( *2 level approval - manager and financial manager).* And escalate it after 1 day to Financial manager's supervisor
    I have no idea about escalation through BPEL Compoiste in OIM
    Can please any help me out

    The status can be alerted and the task assigned to weblogic due to a fault in your process. Without looking at your process or the exception, it can be difficult to say what went wrong, but check if you have the user in the system to whom you are trying to assign the task to.
    As for escalation, you need to go through that link to configure escalations and in escalations you can select management chain as the route. This would escalate it to manager's manager if the manager does not work on the request for specified time. For other requirements around escalation, you will have to first get a basics right and working for you. Once you are done with that, you can post here any questions which you might have about making the complex ones and we can try to help.

Maybe you are looking for

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