Problems printing to shared printer connected to Mac from XP Machine

I have been trying to get printer sharing set up so that a Windows XP laptop can print to the HP LaserJet 3030 connected to an old iMac running 10.4.4. I have installed bonjour for Windows on the XP machine and can successfully run the Bonjour Printer Wizard. When I go to print to the printer though it the print button is greyed out and Windows says "Before you can print, you need to select a printer." I have tried the HP 3030 PCL 6 driver as well as a Generic postscript, no luck either way. Any ideas?

I resently purchase the Laserjet 3030. I haven't been able to print consistently, sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn't connect to the computer. I understand that you have this printer connected to a Mac. Could you tell me how you did it? Which driver you are you using?
Additionally, I haven'e been able to use the scanner at all. I found on the internet that the scanner is not compatible with Mac. Are you using the scanner?
I have an old eMac G4 800Mhz running Mac os X 10.4.6

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  • Pages 2.0.2 won't print to shared printer

    help! i'm at the end of my rope here.
    pages used to print to my shared printer no problem. but since a hard drive failure in my powerbook g4 1.33 it's been no dice.
    since getting the hd, everything has been reinstalled: 10.4.8, epson printer drivers, iworks; EVERYTHING. other apps print to the shared printer fine. (the shared printer is on a home network, connected to a mac pro. access via a wireless router (dlink))
    i tried resetting the powerbook's PMU/PRAM. still, a popup window says: "error while printing."
    when the PB is directly connected to the printer 'pages' prints fine, only to the shared printer. nothing on the network has changed at all. (except one of my attempts to fix this was to reset the printer system on the mac pro)
    i've tried all the suggestions in the forum (searching for 'pages print error'), this includes turning off duplicate fonts with fontbook, resetting the printer system on the PB in various ways as suggested, deleting pref files and the like.
    steps to print involve these:
    1. open pages.
    2. open file
    3. select print, select shared printer.
    4. click print.
    5. a slight pause for about 1sec then the error message comes up: Error when printing.
    any subsequent try at printing the same file or another file the message pops up immediately with no delay.
    what am i missing? is there something on the network side?
    i can't think of anything else to check. i've looked at apple support articles till the wee hours of the morning.
    can someone offer any suggestions? you would have my undying gratitude!!
    cheers and happy holidays,
    2.66 Mac Pro, PB G4 1.33Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   Wacom tablet (Intuos2 & Grapphire2)

    hey folks,
    i've used app zapper to delete pages and then re-installed it. same thing happens. no luck.
    are there any other setting that pages might access? does PMSessionValidatePrintSettings refer to Print Manager?
    could it be permissions on the print manager's plist file? i'm just guessing as there was a slight name change on her user name when her settings, etc. were imported thru the migration assistant after the hd failure. it's a guess as i've run into this problem when switching from my PPC to the Intel. my user name went from seanw to sean and some of my apps were still labeled with the old "seanw" as the owner. (this was because i dragged and dropped some stuff instead of using the MA as i didn't know it existed.)
    if no solution presents itself how would i go about transferring my wife's user profile to another, new profile with out too much headache?
    would i create the new user and use MA to transfer her stuff from her backup?
    thanks for the suggestions, you have no idea how much this is appreciated.

  • Problem setting up shared printer between PC and Mac with 10.6

    I am trying to setup a shared printer between my Mac and PC. I have a HP K80 attached to my PC (which has Vista Home Premium). I have a Macbook pro with 10.6. I have shared the printer on the PC side. From the Mac I have added the printer via Windows Printer sharing, but for some reason I cannot print to the printer. Everytime I try to print, the job just pauses. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks I installed the gutenprint drivers and tried this, and now all working:
    Printing to a Shared PC Printer
    This article describes how to print from Mac OS X to a shared printer connected to a Windows XP machine. It assumes the computers are already networked and that you can access the PC's files. These instructions are relevant for Mac OS X 10.2 upwards. The instructions may work with Vista. I don't have the means to try it.
    1. Find the IP address of your PC - go on Start > Run. Type in cmd and click run. Now type in ipconfig /all and hit enter. This should give you the machine's IP address.
    2. Share the printer. Open up Printers and find the one you want to share. Right-click and choose Share. Now click the 'Share this printer' radio button. Now choose a sharing name. Keep it simple - e.g. HP, Office, PC etc.
    3. Open a web browser on your Mac and type localhost:631 in the address bar
    4. You should now have the Common UNIX Printing System web interface up. Click the 'Add Printer' link.
    5. Type a name for the printer, making sure you don't include /, # or space characters. Click continue.
    6. Select Windows Printer via SAMBA from the Device list and click continue.
    7. For the URI, you need to include a username and password for an account on your PC. You then need to enter a URI in the following format: smb://username:[email protected]/printer. So for example smb://johndoe:[email protected]/HP
    8. Choose your printer's make, or if you have a PPD file for the printer, choose that. Click continue and choose your printer's model. Now click Add Printer.
    9. Done! You now have a list of options for changing the various properties of the printer.
    You don't need to be on the same workgroup or domain as your PC, just the same subnet. If both your Mac and PC are connected to the same router, either wired or wirelessly, then you should be on the same subnet.
    Thanks guys

  • Can no longer print to shared printer on mac running 10.5

    We have an old G5 that we use to share a printer between various macs all running 10.9. I recently upgraded the G5 to 10.5 to see if that helped with some  issues we had, but now that we can no longer print to the printer.
    What I have done so far:
    #1 Updated the printer drivers on both 10.5 & 10.9 macs.
    #2 Reset printing System on both 10.5 & 10.9 macs.
    #3 Readded the printer to the 10.5 Sys Pref > Print & Fax using actual driver
    #4 Readded the printer to the 10.9 Sys Pref > Print & Fax
    If I do the last step by using "Add printer or scanner" option...
    ...but use the Generic Postscript Driver I get: Looking for Printer > Connected to Printer > then the error "Stopped on server [G5's name] - No pages Found!". The job does appear on the G5 in the printer queue.
    ...but use the actual driver I get: Looking for Printer > Connected to Printer > then the error "Stopped on server [G5's name] - Unable to write uncompressed document data: Operati...". The job does appear on the G5 in the printer queue.
    If I do the last step by selecting the printer under "Nearby Printers" I get "Unable to download the software from the server at his time".

    There are some differences in sharing but it will work. I have a G4 that I use as a server, too.
    First, tell me what printer model. There are driver differences, too.
    At the heart, CUPS (the print control subsystem) uses IPP as the print sharing protocol. That part hasn't changed. So I recommend, for troubleshooting, setting up the printer on the client using IP printer > IPP protocol.
    Here's a guide:
    1) On the 10.5 print server, use a browser and point it at the CUPS admin web page athttp://localhost:631
    Go to Printers list and find the queue name from the left side of the page next to the printer you want. Also note the IP address of the server Mac.
    2) On a client, Add the printer as an IP printer > IPP protocol, and enter the IP address and queue name you noted above.
    3) Select the generic postscript driver (on client Mac)
    (after reading your second post, I want to remind you to set the server to use the correct driver.)
    Finish and try it.

  • Problem using a shared printer Canon PIXMA MG5140

    I have a Canon PIXMA MG5140 Multifunction Printer Which is shared on my XP machine.
    I have installed the drivers on my XP and my MBP also Printer is working fine when it's connected to each one of these machines via USB.
    I have also added my printer on my Mac as a shared printer, but when I try to print something on my shared printer it's staying there with the status Printing on my mac and on the other side on my XP machine the job is added to my printer with the status spooling and it's not going to do anything, even waiting for 20 minutes doesn't help, it's not printing.
    I have another printer shared on my XP machine and it's working fine with my MBP.
    I also have another XP client which can work with both of my printers on my XP machine so I think there is something wrong on the mac side.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello and welcome to Apple Discussions.
    When you have the printer shared by Windows you cannot use the driver supplied by Canon. Instead you need to look at an alternate driver, such as those offered by [Gutenprint|] or [PrintFab|>.
    Gutenprint is preferred because it is free while PrintFab costs €49. However the MG series is not yet listed as a supported model of printer with the latest version of Gutenprint so you may be forced to look at using PrintFab, which does list the MG series as a supported printer - although they don't list an 5140 but have the 5120 and 5150.
    With PrintFab installed you can then add the printer via the Windows browser of Add Printer. And then for the Print Using menu you can select the MG PrintFab driver.

  • How to print on shared printer connected by an ethernat cable to a network through an AirPort Extreme wireless system

    How do you print on a shared printer connected by an ethernet cable to a network on a AirPort Extreme unit?

    I don't believe there's a way to print to it from an iPad ... unless the printer itself has wireless capability.
    This should help:
    AirPrint basics

  • Printing to shared printer on 10.3.9

    We have an older iMac that has a printer connected via USB (Officejet 6200). It is shared via printer sharing and runs Mac OS X 10.3.9. The iMac is connected to a Snow (dual Ethernet) Airport base station. I could see it and print to it with 10.5 from my MacBook. After upgrading to 10.6 on the MacBook I can see the iMac, but I am unable to add the printer. I tried following the steps here and still no opportunity to add the shared printer. Any suggestions or resources would be great!

    The update to 10.6.1 and the HP drivers fixed the problem. Thanks Apple!

  • Can't print on shared printer, Alert says "On Hold (authentication required)"

    Mac Mini running 10.6.8 can't print using Mac Air running 10.8.5 with HP Laserjet 1022 USB connected.  Both computers on same airport network.  Both with latest updates and shared printer enabled.  Same problem in other direction (Air to mini if printer connected to mini). 
    This worked fine a few days ago.  Whats changed?  Anybody?

    This might help... I recently upgraded to OS X 10.9.1 and had the same frustrations with "paused for authentication problems.  Luckly I just discovered that with the print sharing on in the computer that that has the direct connection with the printer being shared on the network and in this below screenshot, with certain persons selected, even an administrator, it puts a "no access" on the everyone option.  In this status I get the "paused for authentication" on the print jobs being submitted from any networked computer.  see below
    I am taking it that the authentication the neworked computers are looking for is from the computer that is diretly connected to the printer and is sharing that printer to other users.
    I've learned when you click the up and down arrow to the right of everyone you get either "no access" or "can print" option.
    When the "can print" option is selected all the individual persons added gets droped, but at least now I can do a network print jobs from the other network connected computers and not get the "paused for authenication" problem.  Hope this helps anyone with "paused for authent" problems ET

  • 10.9 laptop doesn't print to shared printer

    I had a 10.7 MacBook Air which printed just fine to a Lexmark 500n color printer shared from an olg G4 powerbook laptop. I upgraded it to a 10.9 MacBook Air, and added the printer as usual. When I print, it goes through the process and the file eventually disappears from the queue, but it never actually prints, and before it disappears from the list, I see "printing - the process gziptoany stopped unexpectedly with status 1". How do I debug this?

    The printer is a Evolis Pebble 4.  It was originally connected to an otherwise unused Mac Mini running 10.4 via USB.  This happened when trying to print from a relatively old (2008) and a newer (late 2013) iMac, both running 10.9.  Until recently, most of our iMacs were running 10.6, and were able to print to the 10.4 Mini without issues.  The newer iMac had never been able to print to this printer, but solving that trouble was not a priority until we switched everyone's iMac.
    Our 10.9 iMacs were able to "discover" the shared printer from the 10.4 Mini in the normal ways.  So, I don't think it was a bonjour/mdns issue.
    I found OS X Mavericks: Solve printing problems which states that a shared printer needs to be on 10.5 or later, so I dug up another Mini which had 10.5 on it and tried that.  The results were the same.
    That's when I noticed that Evolis had two drivers: one for 10.5-10.6, and another for 10.6-10.9.
    After upgrading the Mini to 10.6, and installing the newer driver, I was able to print from 10.9 to the printer shared by the MIni.  So, problem solved.
    As an aside, when the Mini was running the older Evolis driver, the iMac did not automatically choose its driver for the printer.  When the Mini was running the newer driver, the iMac automatically selected the correct driver.  This might be because of something left over from the previous attempt to set up the printer on the iMac; or, it might be a "feature" of the shared printer's broadcast/response.
    Thanks for your response!

  • IMac to print to "shared" printer on Windows XP Home

    I have just returned to the Mac world. My first MAC was one of the first MACs ever made (1984) - it's in the basement and it still works.
    I have a new iMac G5. I was able to transfer all the files I wanted from my laptop (Windows XP Home) to my iMac without any problems.
    What I can not do is get the iMac to access the HP DeskJet 932c printer that is connected to my DELL (Windows XP Home). The printer is "shared". My laptop has no problems connecting to the printer.
    When I follow the instructions with the iMac, the iMac finds the DELL computer, I'm able to access (login) to the DELL computer but no printers are listed.
    I suspect it is because it is not really a Windows "workgroup" as the Apple documentation talks about, but a "shared" printer within Windows XP Home.
    I'm sure that there is a solution, after all, this is a MAC!

    Depends on what Mac software you have?
    Currently nothing other than that which ships with the Mac - I have had it for less than a week.
    Also the G5 iMac is pretty well proven technology,
    these are first revision Intel Macs.
    Good point and this is the one potential drawback to the switch.
    Personally I would go for the Intel Mac, as Steve
    Jobs said, it is the same as thew G5 iMac, jsut twice
    as fast!
    I'm going to do this and that's why I'm going to mark my question as answered. Hopefully the next Mac will work with my XP printer!
    Thanks again for all your help.
    Your website for help about the printer is excellent. It is rare to find something as well explained and perfectly documented. I give it a 4+ (I'm a teacher and in our education system we "level" student work - level 4 is the highest level!)

  • Unable to Print to Shared Printer

    Running 10.6.4 on both my Mac Pro & my Macbook Pro. Both computers on an ethernet LAN through Airport Extreme.
    HP Laserjet 4000 networked via LAN (Ethernet) & I can print to it from both computers.
    Epson Stylus Photo R320 connected to Mac Pro via USB hub. Set up as Shared Printer under Print & Fax and Sharing in System Preferences.
    Cannot print to the Epson from the Mac Book Pro. Page is sent to the Epson but the printer will not connect.
    Appreciate any suggestions!
    Many thanks.

    Both computers are up & running.
    The Epson is connected (USB) directly to the Mac Pro.
    On the Mac Pro, I have turned on Printer Sharing (Sharing Panel of System Preferences) followed by turning on the check box for the Epson.
    I then went to the Print & Fax Panel & turned on the “Share this Printer” checkbox for the Epson.
    I am attempting to print a document on the MB Pro to the Epson printer.
    The Epson shows up in the list of printers.
    On clicking on the PRINT box, the Epson Printer icon appears in the dock (bouncing) but the document is noted to be “On Hold (Authentication Required)”
    I have gone back to the Sys Preferences, repeated the above steps, restarted both computers.
    The problem remains.
    Hope you can help!

  • Printing to shared printer does not conclude

    I have a Mac Pro running Lion Server, a MacBook and a Mac Mini in the network running Lion.
    I installed a Canon MX310 printer via USB to the server (Mac Pro) and enabled the printer sharing in the System Preferences of the server.
    Printing from the server works fine.
    On the MacBook and on the Mac Mini I can see and install the shared printer in the System Preferences (via Bonjour shared).
    When I try to print a document I can select the printer, the printing is processed until the job appears in the printer queue. But is stays there forever.
    Did I oversee something or is this problem caused by OS X Lion?
    Thanks for any hints.
    Cheers, Paul

    I turned back to Snow Leopard Server and am more than satisfied now

  • Printing to shared printer

    We run two i-Macs and one MacBook Air from our home. We have Time Capsule and another Airport Express to extend the network. One of the i-Macs (which my wife uses to run her business from home) is connected to Time Capsule via Ethernet, but Airport also runs on this i-Mac. When we connect the printer to Time Capsule (rather than to my wife's i-Mac) via usb, then the OTHER i-Mac and the MacBook Air are able to print to the shared printer, but my wife's i-Mac is NOT able to print. As a result, we keep needing to go in and swap the printer usb from the i-Mac to the Time Capsule every time we want to print from one of the other computers. Naturally, this seems to not be the point of shared printing via Time Capsule. (As an aside, we can't get Time Machine to properly back up the other i-Mac - the one that is connected via Airport rather than via ethernet, but we'll save that for another thread). Any suggestions?

    I just tried to print using my Time Capsule. I had not tried to print since installing the new Time Capsule and the printing failed.
    I then searched and found a document: Printer troubleshooting for AirPort Base Stations and Time Capsule
    Reset Printing System
    Use these steps only if the above steps do not help.
    Open Print & Fax preferences in System Preferences.
    Control-click or right-click in the Printers box on the left and choose "Reset printing system..."
    Click OK.
    Click the "+" button to add your printer again.
    Try to print.
    I did reset and everything is working now!

  • Losing Prints on Shared Printer

    I posted this on a different discussion and was advised to post here. Here is a link to that post:
    I have searched and searched these discussions to no avail for a fix to my problem. I have found fixes for my Boy Scout troops Windows machine shared print problem, but not for my iMac, so here I go.
    I have an iMav DV 400 with an Airport card and an iMac G5 1.9 with Airport Extreme with an Epson Stylus Photo R200 connected to it by USB. All these go through a D-Link DI524 wireless router.
    I can print wonderfully with the G5 through USB and the Windows machine through the wireless, but I can't get the G4 to print. The G4 seems to stream the prints to its print spooler, then it disappears from there to wind up in the bit bucket somewhere. Nothing shows in the log of the G5 and the printer never acts like it wants to print.
    My son tries to use the G4 for homework, but not being able to print makes it tough.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Todd,
    First of all I would have a look at the cups error log (Applications > Utilities > Console > /var/logs/cups/error_log) on the G4. This may give some clues why the job is failing to spool to the G5.
    On the G4, can you explain how you are adding the printer. I know that for a number of the Epsons you need to go to More Printers and then select Epson USB before selecting the model. What I don't know is if you still need to do the same for connecting to a shared printer.

  • Wireless Computer Not Printing to Shared Printer

    My DELL Latitude D630 laptop will not print to the HP Officejet all-in-one 510 printer that has been setup on the wireless network to be shared. The printer status is shown as offline. The laptop will print to the printer with no problems when it is directly connected. The printer is connected to my HP Pavillion 543X desktop computer. 
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    I turned back to Snow Leopard Server and am more than satisfied now

Maybe you are looking for

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    i have a powerbook g4 aluminum. i have an external hard drive for it. a simple tech 100gig portable drive, almost brand new. i dont know what happened to it, but one day i was starting my computer up with it attached. it wounldnt fully start up, said

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