Problems using third-party JDBC with JDeveloper

I've tried to use an Informix's JDBC to access an Informix Online Workgroup v. 7.22 under Win NT 4.0, using JDeveloper. I tried Informix JDBC Driver V. 2.1 successfully with old-fashioned code using Connect, Statement and ResultSet objects, coding connections directly, but I couldn't define a connection so I can use wizards, 'cause I got an "Unable to find server: com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver" error when I tried to test connection. I've probed this:
* Create a library for Informix JDBC in my project. This step allowed me to make run my old-fashioned code.
* When I created connection, I defined correct login, password and role parameters, then I selected "Other JDBC" on the JDBC Driver's combo, as classname I defined "com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver" and as URL "jdbc:informix-sqli://;".
Classname I used is equals to classname I used in Class.forName method. URL use same format than DriverManager.getConnection method, adding pair user-password to it, and those parameters work ok coding connection directly using Connection method. By the other side, looking at Informix JDBC's Manual, it says Informix's JDBC supports connection using Datasource also.
Which are steps I must follow?
Omar Muqoz.

Unfortunately there was a regression bug around using the Generic JDBC connector to a Foreign Database in this Technology Preview (3). I'm not able to give you good news as I don't have a workaround for you either.
You could use SQLDeveloper to connect to the database for live work, unfortunately that will not help if you wanted to create offline objects of some sort using JDeveloper.

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  • Using third party jars with Oracle Business Rules

    I am working on Oracle AS 10g release 2.
    We are using Oracle Business Rules in integration with Oracle BPEL.
    While using third party jars however, Oracle Business Rules end is facing errors.
    Error during unmarshallingProvider com.sun.xml.bind.ContextFactory_1_0_1 not found
    Missing class: com.sun.xml.bind.ContextFactory_1_0_1
    Dependent class: javax.xml.bind.ContextFinder
    Loader: oracle.xml:10.1.0_2
    Code-Source: /D:/oracleasr3/lib/xml.jar
    Configuration: <code-source> (ignore manifest Class-Path) in META-INF/boot.xml in D:\oracleasr3\j2ee\home\oc4j.jar
    Can anybody help in figuring out where Jaxb jars(3rd party jars) are to be kept so that OAS access it?
    We tried using the applib folder to load the jars but we are getting class loading errors.
    When new instances are created, class loading is not happening.
    Pls help.

    Are you using Application Server Release 3 or Release 2? There are different versions listed in your mail.
    I think you probably want to add this as a shared library via EM and then import the shared library to your application with the application's xml config files.

  • How to use third party APIs with Sun J2ME Toolkit

    I've installed Sun J2ME Toolkit 2.1. If I intend to use other third party APIs with my existing toolkit, how do I do that. I can manage to get the jar file of the associated API classes, but how to integrate the same with the toolkit. Thanks in advance to all who support.

    if I remember right, it is enough, if you put the .jar of the api in the lib/ directory of your project (<WTK>/apps/<yourProject>/lib/ )

  • How to use third party jdbc drivers ?

    Im new to sun one app server.i have some existing CMP
    bean (currently testing under J2EE RI).database used is
    SQL server 2000 and using a 3 rd party JDBC Driver.
    my question is. if i switch to sun one app server, do i need
    anyother third party stuff to support CMP using SQL
    Server? (other than the exisiting jdbc driver andSQL Server).
    I read somewhere that in sun one we need to get a
    persistance manger from the 3 rd part. is it necessary?
    can i use my plain jdbc driver with the builtin persistance
    manager of sun one app server?. how can i do that ?
    thanks in advance
    -mr ex

    Persistence manager from 3rd party is not required.You
    can use the built in persistence manager of Sun one application server.
    You can refer the following link for creating new persistence manager
    Get back in case of issues

  • Using third party jdbc drivers in Portal server

    I have an application that runs inside the WebLogic Portal server. The portal server
    is configured to work with Oracle using the default oracle driver that comes with
    My application, however, also needs to connect to a database. I am using the oracle-oci
    driver ( type 2 - provided by oracle) in my application.
    However, intermittantly i am getting an exception as follows:
    An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
    Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION occurred at PC=0x6044c4bc
    Function name=kpufhndl
    Current Java thread:
         at weblogic.db.oci.OciLob.native_finalize(Native Method)
         at weblogic.db.oci.OciLob.finalize(
         at weblogic.db.oci.OciLob.closeLob(
         at weblogic.jdbc.oci.Clob.close(
         at weblogic.jdbc.oci.Clob.closeLob(
         at weblogic.jdbc.oci.Connection.closeLob(
         at weblogic.jdbc.oci.Statement.close(
         at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnv.test(
         at weblogic.common.internal.ResourceAllocator.trigger(
         at weblogic.time.common.internal.ScheduledTrigger.executeLocally(
         at weblogic.time.common.internal.ScheduledTrigger.execute(
         at weblogic.time.server.ScheduledTrigger.execute(
         at weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread.execute(
    This is not happening always.
    Another related question is can the portal server use my driver instead of its
    own. If somebody from BEA is listening in, will BEA support such an installation?
    Any ideas are welcome.

    Unfortunately there was a regression bug around using the Generic JDBC connector to a Foreign Database in this Technology Preview (3). I'm not able to give you good news as I don't have a workaround for you either.
    You could use SQLDeveloper to connect to the database for live work, unfortunately that will not help if you wanted to create offline objects of some sort using JDeveloper.

  • How to use third party plugin with FCP, I'm lost...

    I need informations about how to use plugins with FCP.
    I do edit mostly classical concerts. I'd like to do basic audio post prod, without swaping between Soundtrack and FCP.
    I need two simple things : add reverb (the built in reverb is really bad), and enhancer. So I looked for specialised third party audio plugins, but I couldn't manage to find something that work for me...
    - Do FCP support VST plugins ? How to install them ?
    - I tried a few audio units plugins. It works, but I couldn't get a friendly visual interface, like VST effects racks. Is it possible in FCP ?
    - does anybody know a good reverb plugin with a friendly interface compatible with FCP ?
    Please help, I'm lost !

    I need two simple things : add reverb (the built in reverb is really bad), and enhancer.< </div>
    What you NEED is a better recordist at the concert, someone who understands the peculiarities of your specific video deliver plans.
    Soundtrack Pro is right up there with Motion in its impossible-to-understand interface paradigm shift away from industry standard tools. However, if you are in the position of being a sound editor, you must find a tool that works for you. STP might not be the one, certainly isn't for me. You could always try Logic. Yeah, good luck with THAT.

  • Using third party JDBC driver gives error

    In our project , we have to make a call to ingres database. For that we are using JDBC driver from Caribou lake Software. The application works fine when we execute in a stand alone JVM. But we get the following error if we load and try to run within JServer
    Unable to instantiate packet driver java.sql.SQLException: socket connection: io error - Unsupported VC socket option
    Is it possible to use other JDBC drivers inside JServer ?

    Thanks Jim, yes a custom url - that's what i want to do - like in jdev. Did you mean the "Custom URL" on the "Oracle" tab in sqldev - this is for the oracle database jdbc driver only - to let you do stuff other than just host and port and sid/service - so I can not use that. But i do want to set up a generic jdbc url - i want to say "use this driver class" with "this url" - I can do it in jdev - since a lot of the code base is shared/similar i expect to be able to set it up in sqldev also - also i think oracle products should at least support other oracle products. I guess this is an enhancement request for the sqldev development team then. Ta Nathan.

  • Using Third Party APIs with Tomcat and Axis

    I'm experimenting with creating web services in Java. I'm using tomcat and axis for this. I have successfully created and deployed some basic web services and now I want to create one using a 3rd party API. I follow the same exact procedure and when I deploy the service I check my list of deployed services through the axis page, but all my services have disappearred. Commenting out all 3rd party related methods does successfully deploy the service. Is there anything special/extra I have to do to get 3rd Party classes to function correctly in a web service?
    Thanks in advance

    If you're using Tomcat, JARs in the /common/lib directory are available to all applications deployed on that instance of Tomcat.
    I prefer putting them in the WEB-INF/lib of my web app, even if that means duplication. That way my app doesn't depend on having the server set up a certain way. I deploy them as a WAR file with everything they need enclosed within,no more and no less. They're completely portable to any servlet/J2EE engine that way.

  • Using third party headset with Retina Macbook Pro (microphone issue)

    Good day, everyone!
    I have very strange issue with my Retina Macbook Pro (Late 2013) OS X 10.9.3
    When I plug in my Steel Series Headset, its microphone not recognised by system and only "Internal microphone" available in Settings - Sound - Input.
    Headset itself works perfectly fine, because when I plug it to my iPhone, its microphone works without any problems.
    Macbook's headphone port also works fine — when I plug in my iPhone original headset to Macbook, its mic works good and I can see "External microphone" in Settings - Sound - Input.
    So headset is ok and headphone port is ok. What is the problem?
    How to force macbook to use headset microphone instead of built-in one?
    Thanks in advance

    Either contact the sales staff at the store where you ordered your Mac from or contact the speaker manufacturer & ask them.

  • Problems using third party Flash plug-ins for Captivate 4 content

    I'm using a few Flash CS4 plug-ins (Control VR, 3D Carousel XML) that work perfectly well in Flash.
    However, when importing the animations into Captivate 4, numerous cryptic errors occur which seem to be related to the XML file.
    Do I need to do anything different when importing Flash animations that include XML data? The XML files are all in the same folder as the Flash movies and the Captivate file, but it still doesn't work.
    Any help appreciated!

    Hi Kevin,
    Because this is a commercial plug-in and therefore I cannot test it without purchasing the component. I would recommend that you report this issue to the Adobe Captivate team and send them the both the source CP file and the component. Although I have had some success in getting XML code recognized by CP there could be many reasons why the XML code from this component is not being intrepreted.
    Adobe Captivate Feature Request/Bug Report Form 
    Best - Mark
    Visit the macrofireball blog

  • Can I use third party DAQ boards with Labview real time?

    I have an Adlink DAQ 2010 card that I curently use with labview. Will this card also work with Labview real time? What requironments are there for 3rd party cards to work with Labview real time?

    Hello George,
         Here is a great link for you to take a look at: Can I Use a Third-Party Device with LabVIEW RT?
    Have a great day,

  • Problem in Partial Billing for Third Party Sales with Shipping Notification

    Hello Guys,
    There is one issue related to a scenario of Third party Sales with shipping notification. Here the basic process that runs
    are : Sales order --- > PR -- > PO --> MIGO --> Billing document --> Vendor Invoice Verification.
    In this specific scenario, partial billing is not happening and the billing relevance for item category "B" and in copying control data
    from sales order to billing doccument, the biling quantity field is "A".
    Could anyone throw some light on the configuration part so that partial invoicing can happen ??? Please make a note of the fact
    that billing documents are generated after MIGO is done.

    Finally resolved

  • UTF8 DB using third party package

    I have an Oracle DB defined with the UTF8 characterset. I can use Oracle Forms to insert and retrieve multibyte characters from the DB however, I have not been able to retrieve multibyte characters using third party packages. These packages can retrieve multibyte characters from other DB's. Does anyone have any suggestions or other information about retrieving multibyte characters from Oracle DB's.

    Unfortunately there was a regression bug around using the Generic JDBC connector to a Foreign Database in this Technology Preview (3). I'm not able to give you good news as I don't have a workaround for you either.
    You could use SQLDeveloper to connect to the database for live work, unfortunately that will not help if you wanted to create offline objects of some sort using JDeveloper.

  • Convert word document in PDF,e pub,by using third party dll in Sharepoint designer workflow 2013?

    I want to convert word document to PDF,  EPub, by using third party (.dll).
    In SharePoint designer workflow in 2013.
    So that I have question, Can we Install third party (.dll) in SharePoint workflow Designer for conversion?
    Means I have created one simple application conversion of word to e Pub, PDF, Image by using (Spire.doc dll) in Visual Studio.
    So this same conversion I want to work in SharePoint designer workflows?
    So anybody has any solution then please provide me.

    it might be worth looking at these CodePlex steps, that plug directly into the Word Automation Services.
    It'll provide you with a configurable step like the below that should help you achieve your aims
    Steven Andrews
    SharePoint Business Analyst: LiveNation Entertainment
    Twitter: Follow @backpackerd00d
    My Wiki Articles:
    CodePlex Corner Series
    Please remember to mark your question as "answered" if this solves (or helps) your problem.

  • Integrating third party recruitment with SAP

    Hi folks,
    I had a question regarding intergrating the third party system with SAP HR masterdata. I am basically looking at transferring the applicant data from the Recruiting (third party tool ) system into SAP HR Masterdata. I found using the feature PAPLI something like integration could be done. I do not know how ???
    Right now, at the click of button something like Data transfer (entering the applicant id) can be manually imported into SAP Masterdata from the SAP recruiting module on the same system.
    Can such a process be achieived using  a third party tool? Is direct transfer process from the thrid party tool into SAP Employee Masterdata possible? Is the feature PAPLI (found from IMG) something like this can be accomplished?
    The version we are using is SAP 4.6C
    Any thoughts or leads in this area will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    I am not sure of any standard integration programs specific to recruitment, but through customization we can integrate third party rectt systems like People click, HRP etc.
    Develop inbound programs with ALE-IDOC system to transfer the data to Rectt tables.
    The switch will control activation of integration between the systems.
    If this helps, pl do reward.

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    Hi Experts, We have a scenario of flat file to idoc where in we have 4 segments(01 to 04)(with hierarchies) in source file to be mapped to idoc. We have followed Riaz blog

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    Hi can someone tell me how to emulate serial terminal window in labview?  or provide me simple code to do it?  baud rate 9600

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