Problems with adding loops

Hey I had my Mac for awhile now (Mac Mini) and I just upgraded to Leopard a few day ago. I'm having problems transferring loops onto the loop index..I tried the drag and drop and sometimes only a few get through but not all. And when I try again a prompt comes up saying there is already a folder with that name...etc. Is there a solution to get all of my loops onto the loop index. Im pretty new to GB and I dont know the best plz!

If you want to record multiple audio tracks, you have to shift-click on each record button and make sure both are on different inputs.

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  • Problem with adding Sun JSF RI v1.2 as a new library in JDeveloper

    I have a problem with adding a latest JSF 1.2 RI from Sun ( to JDeveloper as a new library.
    I created a new User library and added into it jsf-impl.jar and jsf-api.jar from JSF 1.2 RI.
    Then I try to create two new JSP Tag libraries based from .tld files.
    When a .tld file is placed in "TLD File:" field there is no information below about Library Version and Required JSP Version. If I check "Execute Tags in JSP Visual Editor" and click "Customize" button - list of tags in "Customize Tag Library" window is empty.
    I have errors when I try to use JSF Tags from this new library in JSP page like :
    "Can't create tag instance: f:view (class: null). Make sure, that the tag class or a library contained this class is available in this application"
    (free translation to English)
    Is this possible to add JSF RI v1.2 as another library in Jdeveloper ?
    thanks for help

    This solution is not exactly for Jdeveloper 10.1.3.x I think.
    - "Create a JSF system library." section, point 2. - there is not possible to add library in folder other than User I see, so I added it in User folder.
    - "Register the JSF JSP tag libraries." section, point 5. - in JD 10.1.3 there is no dialog box, I checked checkbox "Show Tag Library in Palette". A new library was added to User folder but there is no new libraries in component Palette.
    Even as I use "Edit tag libraries .." from Component Palette context menu and add manually new tag libraries to selected, there is no libraries in Component Palette after it.
    I feel so problem is with different .tld files format, not with adding libraries method.
    Sun RI tld file (from version 1.2_03) fragment:
    <taglib xmlns=""
    <!-- ========== Tag Library Description Elements ========================= -->
    The core JavaServer Faces custom actions that are independent of
    any particular RenderKit.
    tld included in JD:
    <!DOCTYPE taglib
    PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD JSP Tag Library 1.2//EN"
    <!-- ========== Tag Library Description Elements ========================= -->
    The core JavaServer Faces custom actions that are independent of
    any particular RenderKit.
    Did JDeveloper 10.1.3.x maintain with taglib version 1.2 ?

  • [SOLVED] Problem with adding a SSH connection to startup

    Hi guys. I have a problem with adding ssh connection to startup. i want this command to run before kde login screen  and keep running all time.
    ssh -D 9292 [email protected]
    but it doesnt connect. Thanks for help!
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    cactus wrote:
    ssh -fN -D 9292 [email protected]
    you need -f, which sends ssh to the background, and -N which does not execute a remote command.
    If you need it to run as a user other than root, then you probably need to utilize su as well.
    it didnt work either. i am putting it in rc.local but doesnt work.

  • Problem with adding new field to the mass change screen in FBL5N

    We have a problem with adding the field XREF3 to the mass change screen. We followed steps described in the SAP Note 640908, but the result is that when we try to mass change some documents in FBL5N and enter some values in the mass change screen, a message appears: "Please enter at least one new value" and nothing is changed.
    If you have faced with such a problem, we would be grateful if you give us some tips.
    Miłosz Włodarczyk

    The problem has been resolved: we didn't activate a code in SE80.

  • Problems with adding Library for a MySQL JDBC driver

    Good day,
    I am new with the JDeveloper package, so the following could be a user fault.
    I found the following:
    - I downloaded and installed Oracle JDeveloper (latest version).
    - I downloaded the latest JDBC drivers for MySQL. ( mysql-connector-java-3.1.10 )
    Now, I did the following steps extracted from the link it should be quite easy to add the JDBC Drivers to the project.
    I did the steps with the following results:
    When I Edit the Project properties, follow Profiles -> Development -> Libraries
    When I do ' New' , fill in at JS2E the value 'MySQL' and fill in the Class Path (in my case 'C:\javaInstalls\mysql-connector-java-3.1.10\mysql-connector-java-3.1.10-bin.jar').
    In that case the [OK] is disabled. I should expect the [OK] button was enabled!
    My question: Is this a bug? When not, what am I doing wrong!

    I tried it on an other system and had no problems with adding the libraries. It still is a problem on that particular system using the Dutch version of XP. The problem is that the Ok button stays disabled !
    Could it bw a version problem with Java? How ever no changes are made to the original configuration, so it should pick up as default the java version of JDeveloper self.

  • Problems with adding funds

    Hey guys , I have a problem with adding funds in my PSN account with my debit card . I have used the same card in the past with no problems at all but now for some reason it keeps on saying that the card number is invalid every single time ! Please help me , is there any solution ? Does it maybe has to do with Capital Control ( I live in Greece ) 

    Thanks I use this
    2.) You can make one of your buttons the default
    button of the frame:
    well, did you implement the first suggestion of quitte?
    here is an idea that might work!
    JTextField username;
    JPasswordField password;
    JButton confirmButton;
       username.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
          public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
       ActionListener l = new ActionListener(){
          public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
             //optional check for username and password length>0
            //process logon.

  • Qsm pc, problem with stop loop

    i tested queue producer/consument with event case, but i have problem with stop the both loop, can you help me with attachment ?
    Attachments: ‏46 KB ‏3 KB

    thanks for your answer,
    i had problem with upload *.vi (some mistake), so when a upload *.zip it was ok, but i do not know why..
    please, when i put time out constatn, so when i push "stop" then both loops end - it is ok BUT:
    when i push "stop 2" button (for the second loop) so there is error (in attachment), please do you know why?
    i am sorry for a lot of questions but i try understand it..
    thank you
    qsm.jpg ‏31 KB

  • Problem with adding artwork manually in itunes

    I'm having trouble manually adding artwork to several albums in itunes 10.7 on macbook pro (the 'get album artwork' facility won't pick these discs up presumably because they're too obscure).
    I go to 'get info', select the relevant check box, then add a  non-read only, apparently normal jpg to the artwork box. This image then displays successfully in the artwork box, I press ok, but when I return to the albums list it won't display at all. This has been consistent problem that I haven't only experienced in this version of itunes and it's very irritating having just a few blank albums that refuse to change.
    Any ideas what might be causing this. Or is there a workaround or an alternative method I can use to add artwork?

    Thanks both for the responses.
    Limnos - I can't find an equivalent 'show artwork' function in the view menu in my version of itunes, and I'd rather not have step back to an older version of itunes if I can avoid it.
    BUT having thought about it I think the root of the problem must be that they are all albums with .flac files that have been imported into itunes using the 'Fluke' software. I suspect this might be what's causing the problem - and I'm wondering whether that means the problems with Fluke itself. It's annoying that there isn't a quality music player on mac that handles .flac and I have to use these crappy converters.
    If anyone has an idea about how to solve this please pitch in, but I suspect this goes beyond the remit of these forums.
    och well.

  • Problems with Adding Fields/Columns to Crosstab in XI

    Post Author: ph03nix
    CA Forum: General
    I am having problems with formatting a crosstab report in CRXI and am hoping that someone has a solution. 
    The crosstab report is a subreport, and requires the following columns, grouped by Firm (also not working optimally, but at least working):
    Evaluator,   Factor1Rate,&#91;Factor2Rate, .., FactorNRate&#93;, Summary, UpdateDate, UpdatedBy
    Evaluator is the person that did the evaluation that resulted in each rating (formula field)
    Factor1Rate, etc, may have one, many, or all of these be applicable - there can be up to 15 of these.  Each FactorRate column is to  display the "rating" given by the Evaluator in the corresponding row/column (this much works).  The table heading is a formula, but the corresponding rate is not.
    Summary should display "Complete"  if and only if there is a Comment field (not displayed) filled out for each FactorNRate that has a value of 0, 1 or 5 - otherwise it is blank
    DateEntered is one of 2 fields ("last_updated" , or "creation_date" if  last_updated is null - a formula field)
    UpdatedBy is the last name of the person who last touched the ratings (formula field)
    I have gotten the FactorRates to display in the headers, and gotten the corresponding rates to display underneath them, but I cannot seem to add any other columns to the report - they are either added as headers with the factor_rating columns repeated as subgroups (with incorrect data), or are added under existing headers with duplicates of the ratings.  I just want to add one column for each field as if it were a normal (non-crosstab) table. 

    the 3 last files
    Z1& ‏19 KB
    tau_inn (SubVI).vi ‏16 KB
    tau_ut (SubVI).vi ‏10 KB

  • Problem with a loop

    Hello All
    I'm working on a Flash Gallery and I'm having some issues
    with a loop and it's probably something simple I don't know so I
    thought I'd see if someone can help me.
    the problem is that once the thumbnail panel is populated the
    image I want to display from a rollover is no longer defined. As I
    mentioned I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.
    // create the thumbnail panel
    var i = -1;
    while(++i<thumbList.length) {
    name = "item"+i;
    this[name]._x = i*spacing;
    this[name].contentPath = "children/" + thumbList
    // show the larger pic on rollover
    this[name].onRollOver = function() {
    picture.contentPath = "children/" + thumblist;
    by using this I get an error of: "error opening

    mark2685 wrote:
    Well, the array of student objects is larger than 2, there are about 6 students so it would have to get the highest from TestScore 1 and the lowests from TestScore 2 out of all of the students, not just those 2. And I want the entire object stored in the chessTeam array. Does this make sense?No you're not reading my code right (BTW - add an open brace on the for loop top and set score2 to 101), or else I'm not understanding you requirements correctly. The student array can hold as many Students as needs be. You stated that you have only two scores that you care about and so that's the 1 and the 2. Based on the Student class you've shown us, this should work, but you'll have to try it before you know.

  • Problems with added music sound tracks

    Please Help. My music sound files added to iMovie 09 are stuck on full volume and when I close and re-open my project the sound has slightly shifted and is out of sync with the video. The project is over 1 hour long with many varied added sound effects.
    I would really appreciate any help

    If you go to page 8 of this forum, you'll see that over 1,200 of us have experienced basic audio problems with iMovie 09. I guess you should pick and choose your solution from those who responded on that post...(?)

  • Problems with adding IOS IPS to IPS MC

    We are having problems in adding Cisco IOS IPS (Running on Cisco 1701,12.3(14)T2) into IPS-MC (Version: 2.1.0).
    The IPS MC is able to create the Trust Point on the Router and the Router is also able to download the IPS-MC certificate chain. However after that the process fails with the error
    Import of sensor x.x.x.x failed.
    Error : Error importing configuration files from the sensor - Unable to import sensor config from IOS IPS: null
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks \\ Naman

    I am having the same issue and open TAC case for several days..with 1841 and 2811's..same software and IOS
    It works with advipservices but not with advsecurity

  • Probably simple problem with while loops

    I was programming something for a CS class and came across a problem I can't explain with while loops. The condition for the loop is true, but the loop doesn't continue; it terminates after executing once. The actual program was bigger than this, but I isolated my problem to a short loop:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class ok {
    public static void main(String[] args){
         Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
         String antlol = "p";
         while(antlol == "p" || antlol == "P"){
              System.out.println("write a P so we can get this over with");
              antlol = scan.nextLine(); 
    //it terminates after this, even if I type "P", which should make the while condition true.

    Thanks, that worked.
    I think my real problem with this program was my CS
    teacher, who never covered how to compare strings,Here's something important.
    This isn't just about comparing Strings. This applies to comparing ANY objects. When you use == that compares to see if two references refer to the same instance. equals compares objects for equality in the sense that equality means they have equal "content" as it were.

  • Nokia n97 problem with adding last widget

    Hi all, 
    After updating my software to v 21.0.045 i found my phone is working better than before with one exception. I can't add the last widget on the main screen. It can only let me change wallpaper?!?
    I tried to reset using phone, using code, restarting a few times etc Nothing helped.
    I even sent a message to Nokia helpline explaining all what has happened and they send me a silly email back with simple ""use "add content" in order to add widget to your mainscreen ""
    Somebody help! If you know how to add the last widget please let me know. 
    Ps 1. I didn't have this problem with my old software
    Ps 2. I attached a photo to prove it
    nokia.jpg ‏106 KB

    If you do it , do another soft reset , back up Contacts, Calendar and Notes ONLY (your settings can cause conflict between new and old software, which is why this is advisable) Dial *#7370# followed by 12345, then set up your phone again manually, a bit of work, but should get the phone working like new !
    Good Luck
    If I have helped at all, a click on the White Star is always appreciated :
    you can also help others by marking 'accept as solution' 

  • Problem with adding text to photos in PE6 on my iMac

    I can't seem to add text to any photo. I have a new iMac, installed PE6, and all other features seem to be working fine. I even reset all tools to default just to be sure I didn't tweak something. When I click on the Text tool and click on a photo, a small square appears (almost like a dot) and nothing appears when I type...however a new Text layer appears in the layer manager. Doesn't matter how large I make the does not show up. Tried rearranging the layers..every trick I could think of. Anyone else ever have this problem?? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! I really hope I'm just have a serious brain twitch here and that's it's not a PE issue. Never had this problem with any Photoshop programs on my PC...

    Hi Barbara
    Thanks for your response. I am trying to add text to cropped and edited photos, they are 4x5 and 300dpi. I went ahead and tried increasing font size to 200, still nothing. I've tried all types of images, from my original raw versions to ones edited down to web size, to no avail.
    I'm beginning to feel like I'm banging my head against the wall :)

Maybe you are looking for

  • How do i Install 10g on windows xp

    I have my oracle 10g installation CDs and want to install on my system but i do not know how to go by it and start the server, login, perform admin role (creating new user, assign privelleges, create role, start pl/sql* successfully) Pls i am totally

  • Text Layout Framework columncount Undo problem

    Text Layout Framework columncount Undo problem ::     The number of times columncount is changed it gets applied to textflow and those number of operation is stored in undoStack(UndoManger).But when i undo it, it comes back to intial state, without u

  • Login Screen in Oracle forms builder 6i

    Hello everyone I am trying to create a canvas with a login screen and password in oracle forms builder 6i. So far I have create the following table: CREATE TABLE PASSWORD (USER_ID NUMBER(3) CONSTRAINT PASSWORD_USER_ID_PK PRIMARY KEY, PASSWORD VARCHAR

  • NetBean, I can't establish the oracle database connection with version 9i.

    In NetBean, I can't establish the oracle database connection with version 9i. I have create the datasource and it is fine. when i try to access the tables i get a message "Unable to refresh children, connection is broken, unsupported feature" in netb

  • OAM 10g reinstall issue

    We're having a problem reinstalling OAM 10g. We had an OAM 10g install with config and user data stored in OID. All the OAM components were uninstalled from a testing server, the oblix schema objects, attributes and oblix branch were deleted from OID