Problems with custom fields

HI all,
I've worked in several projects with SRM 7.0 and when I add custom fields to SC, PO... I do always the same steps and works fine. But in my new project is not working, the fields are not displayed in portal and I don't know why.
The step I've followed are:
SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Extensions and Field Control (Personalization) :
- Configure Customer Fields -> Define Customer Fields on Item Level:
I've added the fields in the structures: INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF and INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC.
- Configure Field Control -> Configure Control for Fields on Item Level -> Metadata for Fields on Item Level:
I've added my fields there, with the correct Obj. type and I've checked Enabled and Visible. (I haven't dynamic classes)
With this the fields must appear in portal, but aren't displayed...
It's strange because I've even added one of these fields manually in the component /SAPSRM/WDC_DODC_SC_I_BD, adding a label and an input field, and I can see it in the layout but not in portal...
I've tried also to add some entries in SPRO in "Configure Generic Field Display on User Interface" but still not working...
I've checked also the component configuration and it seems it's all ok.
Any idea what's happens ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Ricardo.
I got the same issue as you described. I try to add a custom field to SOCO in SRM 7.0.
I followed your instructions as below and those are done:
"Configure Customer Fields -> Define Customer Fields on Item Level:
I've added the fields in the structures: INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF and INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC.
- Configure Field Control -> Configure Control for Fields on Item Level -> Metadata for Fields on Item Level:
I've added my fields there, with the correct Obj. type and I've checked Enabled and Visible. (I haven't dynamic classes)
With this the fields must appear in portal, but aren't displayed..."
The issue starts from here:
"With this the fields must appear in portal, but aren't displayed..."
How did you solve the problem , what was the customizing issue of you?

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    I need to generate sales orders with custom fields on table CRMD_ORDERADM_H using BAPI_BUSPROCESSND_CREATEMULTI, after changing the structure BAPI_TE_CRMD_ORDERADM_H, and feed the  EXTENSIONIN table of the BAPI with data, the order is created, but any value on custom fields.
    After debuging, I saw that the BAPI search for structure conversion in table CRMC_OBJECTS_GEN, but we haven't entry with BAPI_TE_CRMD_ORDERADM_H in this table. is that the problem ?, Is there any way to fix it?
    Best Regards,

    That depends on where do you have the customer fields, check the table CRMD_CUSTOMER_H, if your custom fields are there, you need to use the changing parameter CUSTOMER_HEAD, I guess your already checked that one, right? but there's no custom fields, well...AET/EEWB doesn't enhance the strcuture of the BAPI, so you should do it manually, check the note following note for further details.
    988410 - FAQ: User-defined fields in the BAPI
    If you don't have access to the SAP Marketplace, in resume you should create an append on the structure BAPIBUS20001_CUSTOMER_H and include the following strcutrue CI_EEW_CUSTOMER_H

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    friends ..
    i had problem with currency field in smartform iam printing 5 currecny
    fields after the main window .But not getting printed on right way gets printed down from the given mesaurement and i get lot of gap betwen the
    each fields for ex.
    i thought the the problem is with space .so iwanted to condense it but cannot as it is currency field so move into character fields .but the user want out put in currency format like 22,60.20 if i  get the value in char variable i get 2260.20 which i dont want .
    so pls help me how to condense or shift left and print the currency field on right place.
    answers will be rewarded points.

    this is a normal problem u can avoid this by moveing these currencu value to a character field then print the char field us ing condece... &var(C)&..
    eve if not solve the problem use the TEMPLATE node..
    Please Close this thread.. when u r problem is solved. Reward all Helpful answers
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  • Extending the Search Object of a BOL Entity  with custom fields

    Hi All,
    I have to enhance the structure of the BOL search object 'BuilHeaderSearch' with custom fields!.
    i went to the transaction genil_bol_browser and find out the structure of the object as, 'CRMST_HEADER_SEARCH_BUIL'
    how can i insert custom fields into this structure, so that i can display these custom fields at the Front end ( Web IC ).
    Thanks in advance,
    sudeep v d.

    Hi Sudeep!
    First of all it should be mentioned that: it is NOT possible to change list of <b>SEARCH</b> criteria in IC!
    So, in other words, you can search BP ONLY by params listed in native structure 'CRMST_HEADER_SEARCH_BUIL'.
    BUT: You can <b>FILTER</b> search results!
    For example: you get the list of BP with MC_NAME1 (lastname) search criteria (only by SAP class!)and THEN you can filter (delete from list) by YOUR criteria (in your class!).
    Is it clear?
    So how to add your own criteria?
    1. Transaction GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER - Model Browser forGen.IL Applications
    2. Component Set - ALL
    3. Search Objects -> BuilHeaderSearch -> Attribute Structure ->CRMST_HEADER_SEARCH_BUIL (Dbl Click)
    4. Append Structure (or F5)
    5. Name the new sub-structure and provide all new fields
    So now you can use this new fields in IC Z-classes.
    I had the same task and nobody in SDN could help - so I had bought new SAP_book: <a href="">mySAP CRM Interaction Center</a> because in Contents there were:
    <b>"Extending the Business Partner Search in IC WebClient by New Search Fields"</b>.
    So in fact it is not truth: it is not possible to <i>extend search</i>. You can only filter results!
    It is not the end of my post! I hope that SAP people will see this post. I found a BUG in SAP classes and methods: it is not possible to navigate to first position in collection wraper!
    lr_current ?= entity_col->if_bol_bo_col~get_first( ).
    doesn't work.
    So position of cursor puts on second record in structure!
    In other words it is not possible to filter the first record in search result! And so new search is not efficient
    I think that is is bug and wait for comments of SAP.
    <b>Reward points if it helps.</b>

  • Problem with custom paper size on dot matrix printer

    Hi All,
    I'm using CR2008 with updated to SP2. I have a problem with custom paper size (W=21; H=14), the CR Viewer show report with custom paper size correctly but when I print it to a dot matrix printer (Epson LQ 300+) the content was rotated to landscape. If print to a laser printer the content was printed correctly. My report was printed correctly by CR10 or previous versions I got this issue when upgraded to CR2008. I aslo tested my computer and printer with orther application like MS Word the printing have no problem with custom paper size.
    Thanks for any advice for me.

    Looking at the Epson LQ 300+ driver, I see that the latest update is from 2002. In my experience, most matrix printer drivers are not unicode. Crystal Reports is designed to only work with unicode printer drivers. See the [How Printer Driver Options Affect a Report|] article, page 6 for details. Also, see [this|] note.
    Finally, see if you can print from the CR designer to this printer and if you get the correct results here.

  • Use of FM BAPI_EQUI_CHANGE to update equipement with customer fields

    Hello all
    I have extended the EQUI table with customer fields using customer include structure and append structure.
    I want to populate these customer fields with BAPI BAPI_EQUI_CHANGE Or BAPI_EQUI_CREATE.
    So I have extended the structure ITOB appending the same customer fields as in table EQUI.
    I have enhanced the function MAPXI_BAPI_ITOB_TO_ITOB which map data from structure BAPI_ITOB to internal structure ITOB.
    But the fields are not populated ?
    Has someone already the BAPI in that way ?

    Hello all
    I have extended the EQUI table with customer fields using customer include structure and append structure.
    I want to populate these customer fields with BAPI BAPI_EQUI_CHANGE Or BAPI_EQUI_CREATE.
    So I have extended the structure ITOB appending the same customer fields as in table EQUI.
    I have enhanced the function MAPXI_BAPI_ITOB_TO_ITOB which map data from structure BAPI_ITOB to internal structure ITOB.
    But the fields are not populated ?
    Has someone already the BAPI in that way ?

  • Problem with a field set to refresh after insert at Row level

    hello all,
    i have a problem with a field (a serial) which is set by a db trigger at insertion. The field "refresh after insert" is properly set in the Entity and everything is refreshed correctly when i insert data via an adf form in a jspx but when i want to insert programmatically nothing is refreshed. I insert data this way :
    ViewObject insertVO = findViewObject("myView");
    Row newRow = insertVO.createRow();
    <more init here but not the serial since it will be set by the DB trigger>
    but when i want to get back the value with "newRow().getAttribute("TheSerial");" i always get a null back and not the value set by the db trigger.
    One way to get the serial is to commit after each insert but i don't want to commit between inserts.
    i've tried to unset the refresh after insert and override the createDef() method to setUseReturningClause(false) as it's is advised in chapter 26.5 of the ADF 4GL dev. guide but in this case i have an exception JBO-29000: JBO-26041.
    How can i get the value back properly ?

    The data for the newly created row doesn't get inserted into the database until the commit is executed, so the insert trigger isn't called.
    If you need to get the value without committing, then you should implement the trigger programmatically and drop the trigger from the database. The code below shows how you could do this.
    ViewObject insertVO = findViewObject("myView");
    Row newRow = insertVO.createRow();
    SequenceImpl seq = new SequenceImpl("MY_SEQ", insertVO.getDBTransaction());
    Long next = (Long)seq.getData();
    newRow.setAttribute("primaryAttribute", new Number(next));
    ...You will need to replace MY_SEQ and primaryAttribute with the correct values for your example, but this should acheive what you want.

  • Site Definition with Custom List Intance with Custom fields

    How to create VS 2012 > Site Definition with Custom List Instance with Custom fields?

    Hi Sunil,
    it is the same way we create in VS 2010.
    Add a new empty SP project in VS2012 and then add, site, list and fields as per your requirement.
    Here are few references-
    Creating SharePoint 2010 Site Definitions in Visual Studio 2010
    Creating SharePoint 2010 List Definitions in Visual Studio 2010
    Walkthrough: Create a Basic Site Definition Project
    and  I normally create a blank site with all required configuration and then create, import the template to hand craft the list and fields. this would minimize errors.
    see the below blog on this topic
    Hope this helps!
    Ram - SharePoint Architect
    Blog -
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  • Enhance search functiponality with custom fields

    Hi Experts,
    I want to enhance component PRD01QR/Search with custom field in order to allow seraching for it. It is enhanced via set type. Please could you send me steps how to dpo it?

    Maybe this helps:
    Best regards,
    Thomas Wagner

  • Problems with Custom Paper Size and Address Book

    I'm having some trouble printing from Address Book onto a custom paper size. I'm attempting to set up a notecard, and only print one at a time, rather than multiple columns as in the Labels option. The trouble is that when creating this small size, Address Book doesn't recognize it as anything other than a regular sheet of US Letter, and thus prints the address in the middle of the page.
    I have no problem printing envelopes, though, which seems odd because they too go in the manual feed for my printer. The notecards are similar width to the envelopes, but only about half the length.
    Has anyone else experienced problems with custom paper sizes printing improperly? I'm using an HP 4515 LaserJet, but have access to a few other laser printers. Thanks for any insight

    I have had the same problem, and with the same result; Adobe Tech Support can't help or fix, after 15 hours on phone, Level 2 support. It is a software bug Adobe has, and can't seem to fix.  I just upgraded to Lightroom CC, and my problem migrated with the upgrade.  I print in Photoshop fine.
    If you found an answer, I would appreciate  knowing how to do it!

  • Problems with custom buttons

    I have problems with custom buttons in Captivate 5. The button is not switching from the _up stage to _over stage, but when I click on it the _down stage works fine. It is not a problem with the naming of the buttons. They are all with the same name and in lower case. I have tried with various custom buttons and the problem is the same. There is no problems with the standard buttons from the Adobe Gallery, so it is a bit strange, also strange that it is only the _over stage that causes problems.
    The buttons I have made in Adobe Illustrator. Have tried both exporting in png and bmp format. It is the same problem.
    Hope someone has some idea as to what can be wrong.

    Hi Manish,
    I have uploaded the zip file with the button files to Acrobat and mailed you the link.
    Look forward to hear if you find a reason or more importantly a solution :-)
    Kind regards

  • Problem when Copy PO item with customer fields

    Hi all,
    I've added few customer fields to PO item customer screen via enhancement MM06E005.
    All works well besides item copy functionality - the system creates new PO item and copies everything besides my 2 customer fields.
    Any idea why + how 2 solve ? Is it working via BADI ME_GUI_PO_CUST ?
    Thanks in advance,

    1)Check whether you have set the changes flag in function exit EXIT_SAPMM06E_018 with Z include ZXM06U40 as
          E_CI_EKPO-ZZBNO = WA_EKPO_CI-ZZBNO."Say your Z field
          E_CI_EKPO = 'X'.
    2)Check the following note [SAP Note 407975|]
    Thanks & Regards,
    Edited by: Md Faheem on Oct 27, 2010 11:28 AM

  • Creating a new project with custom fields using web services

    I've been trying unsuccessfully for the last week or so to successfully create a new project from web services and I believe the main problem that I've been running into is that one of the required fields is a custom field. I've tried creating the Project
    in a couple of different ways and haven't had any success up to this point, so any help would be appreciated. I've tried creating it with both a REST call to /_api/ProjectServer/Projects and a SOAP call to /_vti_bin/PSI/Project.asmx. Below are the best shots
    I've made at the two different calls with the errors I received. If anyone has any leads on the best way to do this the help would be appreciated!
    REST POST /_api/ProjectServer/Projects
    'odata.type' : 'PS.PublishedProject',
    'Name' : 'OData Name',
    'Custom_9d77d62aa92e4d40adc8446c90eb7456' : "O&M"
    error: {
    code: "11713, Microsoft.ProjectServer.PJClientCallableException"
    message: {
    lang: "en-US"
    value: "PJClientCallableException: CustomFieldRequiredValueNotProvided CustomFieldRequiredValueNotProvided mdpropuid = 9d77d62a-a92e-4d40-adc8-446c90eb7456"
    SOAP POST /_vti_bin/PSI/Project.asmx
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:proj="" xmlns:projds="">
    <soapenv:Header />
    <ProjectDataSet xmlns="">
    <PROJ_NAME>Proj Dept Test 2</PROJ_NAME>
    <s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <faultstring xml:lang="en-US">ProjectServerError(s) LastError=GeneralUnhandledException Instructions: Pass this into PSClientError constructor to access all error information</faultstring>
    <class name="General Unhandled Exception in _Project.QueueCreateProject_">
    <error id="42" name="GeneralUnhandledException" uid="184feeaf-906a-e411-9b2a-00155d388b02" Exception="System.Data.StrongTypingException: The value for column 'PROJ_TYPE' in table 'Project' is DBNull. ---> System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Schema.ProjectDataSet.ProjectRow.get_PROJ_TYPE()
    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Schema.ProjectDataSet.ProjectRow.get_PROJ_TYPE()
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.Project.FixupProjectType(ProjectDataSet projDS)
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.Project.QueueCreateProject(Guid jobUid, ProjectDataSet dataset, Boolean validateOnly)
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Wcf.Implementation.ProjectImpl.&lt;>c__DisplayClasse.&lt;QueueCreateProject>b__d()
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Wcf.Implementation.WcfMethodInvocation.InvokeBusinessObjectMethod(String businessObjectName, String methodName, IEnumerable`1 actions)"/>

    You can create the fields that are project specifc & you can create fields that apply to all projects but have specific options for projects. Your goal is to create fields that are specific to each project, but right now you get all fields from you old project - is this correct?
    From your description below it appears that the fields in your original project are marked as applied to all projects & hence when you create a new project they are inherited. If you mark those fields as applied to certain project & then create a new project those fields will not be inherited.
    But you are right in the sense that it is limiting that there is no multi-select for "applies to" field.

  • Problem with custom control and focus

    I've a problem with the focus in a custom control that contains a TextField and some custom nodes.
    If i create a form with some of these custom controls i'm not able to navigate through these fields by using the TAB key.
    I've implemented a KeyEvent listener on the custom control and was able to grab the focus and forward it to the embedded TextField by calling requestFocus() on the TextField but the problem is that the TextField won't get rid of the focus anymore. Means if i press TAB the first embedded TextField will get the focus, after pressing TAB again the embedded TextField in the next custom control will get the focus AND the former focused TextField still got the focus!?
    So i'm not able to remove the focus from an embeded TextField.
    Any idea how to do this ?

    Here you go, it contains the control, skin and behavior of the custom control, the css file and a test file that shows the problem...
    import javafx.scene.control.Control;
    import javafx.scene.control.TextField;
    public class TestInput extends Control {
        private static final String DEFAULT_STYLE_CLASS = "test-input";
        private TextField           textField;
        private int                 id;
        public TestInput(final int ID) {
            id = ID;
            textField = new TextField();
        private void init() {
        public TextField getTextField() {
            return textField;
        @Override protected String getUserAgentStylesheet() {
                return getClass().getResource("testinput.css").toExternalForm();
        @Override public String toString() {
            return "TestInput" + id + ": " + super.toString();
    import javafx.beans.value.ChangeListener;
    import javafx.beans.value.ObservableValue;
    import javafx.event.EventHandler;
    import javafx.scene.control.TextField;
    import javafx.scene.input.KeyCode;
    import javafx.scene.input.KeyEvent;
    public class TestInputSkin extends SkinBase<TestInput, TestInputBehavior> {
        private TestInput control;
        private TextField textField;
        private boolean   initialized;
        public TestInputSkin(final TestInput CONTROL) {
            super(CONTROL, new TestInputBehavior(CONTROL));
            control     = CONTROL;
            textField   = control.getTextField();
            initialized = false;
        private void init() {
            initialized = true;
        public final void paint() {
            if (!initialized) {
        @Override public final TestInput getSkinnable() {
            return control;
        @Override public final void dispose() {
            control = null;
    import com.sun.javafx.scene.control.behavior.BehaviorBase;
    import javafx.beans.value.ChangeListener;
    import javafx.beans.value.ObservableValue;
    import javafx.event.EventHandler;
    import javafx.scene.input.KeyCode;
    import javafx.scene.input.KeyEvent;
    public class TestInputBehavior extends BehaviorBase<TestInput> {
        private TestInput control;
        public TestInputBehavior(final TestInput CONTROL) {
            control = CONTROL;
            control.getTextField().addEventFilter(KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED, new EventHandler<KeyEvent>() {
                @Override public void handle(final KeyEvent EVENT) {
                    if (KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED.equals(EVENT.getEventType())) {
            control.focusedProperty().addListener(new ChangeListener<Boolean>() {
                @Override public void changed(ObservableValue<? extends Boolean> ov, Boolean wasFocused, Boolean isFocused) {
                    if (isFocused) { isFocused(); } else { lostFocus(); }
        public void isFocused() {
            System.out.println(control.toString() + " got focus");
        public void lostFocus() {
            System.out.println(control.toString() + " lost focus");
        public void keyPressed(KeyEvent EVENT) {
            if (KeyCode.TAB.equals(EVENT.getCode())) {
    }the css file:
    .test-input {
        -fx-skin: "TestInputSkin";
    }and finally the test app:
    import javafx.application.Application;
    import javafx.scene.Scene;
    import javafx.scene.control.TextField;
    import javafx.scene.layout.GridPane;
    import javafx.stage.Stage;
    public class Test extends Application {
        TestInput input1;
        TestInput input2;
        TestInput input3;
        TextField input4;
        TextField input5;
        TextField input6;
        Scene     scene;
        @Override public void start(final Stage STAGE) {
            setupStage(STAGE, setupScene());
        private Scene setupScene() {
            input1 = new TestInput(1);
            input2 = new TestInput(2);
            input3 = new TestInput(3);
            input4 = new TextField();
            input5 = new TextField();
            input6 = new TextField();
            GridPane pane = new GridPane();
            pane.add(input1, 1, 1);
            pane.add(input2, 1, 2);
            pane.add(input3, 1, 3);
            pane.add(input4, 2, 1);
            pane.add(input5, 2, 2);
            pane.add(input6, 2, 3);
            scene = new Scene(pane);
            return scene;
        private void setupStage(final Stage STAGE, final Scene SCENE) {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
    The test app shows three custom controls on the left column and three standard textfields on the right column. If you press TAB you will see what i mean...

  • Batch input with customer fields

    I have to create a batch input process that post documents through FB01L.
    As the lines of each document have been added customer fields, when I tried to go from one line of the document to the following one, a screen appears when I have to introduce some data (two of the fields are mandatory). I had solved these issue by ending with a "Call Transaction" with option "No batch input" = 'X'. This way, these customer fields appear directly in the screen, and not in a popup screen, so the batch input process was very easy.
    But, I have been told that I don't have to use "Call transacion", I have to create a session, and the user will post the document by launching it in SM35. This way, even adding "No batch input" = 'X' in the options of "BDC_INSERT", the popup screen appears when running the session.
    So, is there any way of running the session in SM35 with the option "No batch input"? If it's not possible, which is the best option of dealing with these popup screens? I have been able to go from one dynpro to another, and to open that popup screen, but I can't fill the mandatory fields.
    I hope you understand my problem, please excuse my English.

    Hi ,
    Go to the T code Mass , put the object as KNA1 for customers .
    Execute the same and you will find all the option available for making mass changes .
    In case if your requirement does not meet here then you will have to go for a LSMW .
    Regards ,
    Dewang T

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