Problems with Home Sharing

I have an iMac and MacBook Pro set up to do home sharing, which has worked in the past. After some issues with iTunes, reinstalling some preferences, etc., home sharing no longer works correctly. Whichever computer I launch iTunes on first can see the other computer, but the other computer can't see the first computer. I reinstalled iTunes on both computers and also rebuilt the iTunes library on one of the computers. It worked with the first launch of both, but is now back to the same odd behavior.

I'm going to tentatively mark this answered. What seems to fix it is making sure the libraries on each computer have different names. What's strange is that they've always had the same name before and worked, and with this it will intermittently work with the same name. But having two different names seems to be the way to go, which does make sense.

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  • I have some problem with home sharing

    I have some problem with home sharing. I have iPad, iPhone, MacMini, MacBook and Apple Tv. Five items. I can't add other items to home sharing, like iPhones and pc of my sons, and my wife's pc. More than home (Family) sharing it becomes Single sharing. Is there any solution?

    Post in the iPhoto forums.

  • Problems with home sharing on my iPhone

    So my home sharing keeps crashing after it gets to 50% on my iPhone. I choose the computer I want and it just sits there and loads until it hits 50% then it stops and refuses to load anymore. I first thought it was the computer I was connected to. At the time it started I was connected to my dads iMac and thought it was something to do with the apple IDs we were using on that computer. He has a different apple ID then me and I thought it was something to do with the multiple IDs. So I logged out from His sharing and logged in onto mine using my computer. After changing the IDs and restarting both my iPhone and my computer I tried it again. Same exact thing. It loads 50% and stops no matter how long I leave it for. I tried turning off my firewall and logging out of home sharing and logging back in on my iPhone. No joy. So I'm stumped. I have no idea why my phone will not connect with home sharing. Also my dads phone will connect to home sharing. Its just my phone this happens with. And this started to happen about 1 month ago when the new iPhone 5 came out. I'm also sure that it started happening after I installed IOS 6 on my phone.

    Personally I think recognition of libraries has always been a bit flaky with both versions of AppleTV.
    Sometimes this is down to local network issues, but sometimes, for whatever reason I think communication to say iTunes is available or not between the 2 devices is not always robust, and a restart of itunes, AppleTV, router or all can be required to kick start things.
    Some people have lots of issues. I don't see that many but occasionally a library isn't available when I know itunes is running or seen and then can't be accessed.

  • Problem with Home Sharing.  Getting the error "The Requested URL was not Found on this Server"

    I recently purchased an iPhone 5.  As I do with all of my AppleTVs, iPads, iPods and an iPhone 4 in my home, I connected the 5 to my home network and accessed the shared video library using home sharing.  My iTunes library is roughly 85% iTunes purchases, a handful of videos taken with iOS devices, and some video ripped with Handbrake.  All of these videos work fine on all devices in my home except my new iPhone 5.  When I access the shared video library on my iPhone 5, all of the textual data for all of the videos appears, however, I can only get the iPhone to play 1 video of the dozens in my iTunes library. When I try to play any other, I get the error, "The Requested URL was not Found on this Server."
    Interestingly, only one video in my entire shared library displays the artwork associated with it in my iTunes library on my iPhone 5, and that's the one I can stream without a problem. Even more interestingly, that video I am able to stream was ripped using Handbrake (there are a number in my library ripped using Handbrake, but just this one will stream to my iPhone 5 for some reason).
    I'm using the latest version of iTunes (10.7) on my home (iMac) computer (running OSX 10.8.2- Mountain Lion)and of course iOS 6 on the iPhone 5. I've tried resetting my iPhone several times as well as restarting my iMac which holds my iTunes library.
    Does anyone have any ideas as to what's going on?

    Can you see if you can view index page from a browser on iPhone.
    Have you seen live streams working from a different computer...
    if not then check if a proper crossdomain.xml file in its place(webroot folder).

  • Anybody having problems with home sharing with iTunes 10.5, iOS 5 and the VZW iPhone 4?

    I installed the updated itunes 10.5.  Updated my Verizon iPhone 4 to iOS 5.  So far so good with one exception.... I can't get home sharing to work properly.  I've enabled home sharing (via my Apple ID) on both iTunes and my iPhone.  I've disabled, reset and messed with my firewall to no end.  But even though home sharing appears enabled, I never get the option to access 'shared' as is supposed to be present when pressing the 'more' selection in the ipod app on the iPhone.  It's not there.  Also even though sharing is enabled in iTunes, I don't see home sharing in the tree on the left column in iTunes.  (It appears briefly when I enable home sharing, but disappears as soon as I acknowledge that I've enabled home sharing)  I'm running Windows 7 (32bit) with Norton Security Suite.  And my WIFI connection from my phone to my network is present.

    Well after trying all of that a few times, I re-read an Apple document in regards to home sharing problems (  Yep and in their document, did that, did that, did that... hmmm wait a second... I didn't do this and in fact this is the only thing I didn't do.... So I did it and voila`, it worked.
    Anyway, I cycled the power on my Linksys E2000 wireless router.  That's it.  I didn't have to change any settings in the router.  Now every time the 'shared' selection is available on my iPhone and it is definitely a sweet feature!
    I hope that this solves your problem as well (assuming you haven't already tried it!)
    As for iCloud, I don't think the music in the cloud functionality is available yet.  I believe that's to arrive at some future (hopefully sooner than later!) date.  Not positive though.... it may already be available and I too don't quite know how to use it!

  • IPad 2 (iOS 8.0.2) Problem with Home Sharing TV HD 1080p

    have someone also the problem with Video Home Sharing by iPad2? Wenn TV is HD1080p, Shows" cannot open, unauthorized" only by HD1080P.
    iPad2 (iOS 8.0.2), compare iPad mini / iPhone 5c/5s (iOS 8.0.2)
    iTunes 11.4, Home Sharing activated and Apple ID authorized
    iTunes TV SD
    iPad2 ... OK
    iPad mini / iPhone 5c/5s ...OK
    Apple TV ... OK
    iTunues TV HD 1080p
    iPad2 ... cannot open, unauthorized
    iPad mini / iPhone 5c/5s ...OK
    Apple TV ... OK
    is that a buy of iOS 8???
    best regards

    IOS 8.03 no better. No probs with 8 8.01 and with 8.03 ipad not responding at all. White screen is all I have when "home button" used to start ipad. Unable to power down or soft reboot. Now have crashed ipad!

  • Problems with Home Sharing - works with some users but not all

    Hi all,
    On our Mac we have 3 different user accounts. Among the three, home sharing seems to work for two of them, but not three. For example, if I'm logged into User A's account, I'm able to access the library for users B & C. However, B & C are able to see user A's library, but items do not play or transfer. B & C can use each other's shared libraries without a problem.
    Previously, all three users could use the other's libraries. I've done the obvious: restarted the computer, made sure sharing was turned on on all 3 accounts and synced the Apple ID and password on all three iTunes so that they're runing on the same Apple ID account.
    The error I get when trying to transfer songs from A to either B or C is: "There was a problem downloading "[song name]". The URL "" could not be found on the server."
    We're using iTunes 9.0.2.
    Thanks all in advance

    click here to learn "how to share music between different accounts on a single computer" and this read about iTunes 9: Understanding Home Sharing
    any help ?
    edited by the Jolly Green Giant (where Green stands for environmentally friendly)

  • I have a problem with Home Sharing. If you know the answer please advise.

    My problem relates to home sharing. I have it turned on on my PC and on my apple TV. While watching a fiolm the appleTV stops recognising that home sharing is already on and gives the usual message to turn it on, etc. BUT it is on.
    I have iTunes on my C drive and all my media on the external drive.
    If I turn off Home Sharing on my PC and then turn it on again the apple TV recognises the Home Sharing and will play the film for a while. But only for a while as it then doesn't recognise it again. All the usual things appear to be OK and I discovered today that even when the appleTV wrongly suggests my home sharing is off on my PC I can watch any film, uninterrupted on my iPhone.
    Any thoughts please.

    More than likely its a hardware issue, I have never encountered such a problem and best bet is to just go get it replaced. If you have insurance on your device apple will replace it as long as there was no water damage, if you dont have insurance they will charge $200 more or less. Hope you get it fixed

  • Problems with home sharing - copy & paste music from one mac to another mac

    Using home sharing and two macbook pros, I am trying to copy and paste music from one of the mac pros to the other.  Sharing appear to be set up properly and the mac allows me to highlight the music i want to copy and then drag it to the music folder . The mac then indicates that fies are being copied...for example, it now says "copying 1 of 10".  However, it never goes beyond this.  After a while I click the "x" and start over, but nothing ever happens.  Anyone have ideas?  This shouldn't be that difficult. 

    for home sharing to work, all machines need to be on the same network.

  • Problem with home sharing on Apple Tv

    How can i close my mac and at the same time use home collection from this mac?

    If iTunes is not running on your Mac or PC you can't access the library from Apple TV. Well, I have no experience on a Mac, but on a PC, the PC must be on and iTunes must be running. The PC can not be in hibernation or off.

  • Can you share purchased books with Home Sharing?

    Can you share purchased books (from IBooks) with Home Sharing? Music seems to share fine-books seem to be a problem.

    In iTunes go to Preferences > Sharing and either share your entire library or make sure the Books playlist is checked.
    You may then need to click the Import button to copy the book into your Library, I was not able to actually read the book without taking that step.

  • Problems with screen sharing

    Upgraded three systems to Mountain Lion yesterday (Early 2011 MBP, Mid 2010 Mini and Mid 2011 Mini). 
    I rely on Screen Sharing to maintain the two Minis using the MBP.  Now, while the Mid 2010 Mini can be accessed just fine, the same is not true for the Mid 2011 Mini.  After a long delay, a window will pop up but is black.  If I toggle between scaled and full screen a couple of times, the screen will be displayed but will accept no input.  Odd.

    I was able to resolve the problem with screen sharing from my MBP to my problematic Mini.
    My home network uses a Belkin N600 dual band router with both the MBP and Mini using the faster N band.  After switching the Mini to the slower band, screen sharing began working again.  My other Mini that worked all along was hardwired to the router so was not an issue.
    Oddly, with Lion, screen sharing worked having the MPB and Mini on the same N band.

  • My HP laptop with windows 8 won't recognize any library with home sharing; although the other computers do.

    My HP laptop with windows 8 won't recognize any library with home sharing; although the other computers do.
    I've tried activating and deactivating home sharing multiple times, any other reason why this is happening?

    A couple of other things you might like to try :-
    - Determine whether you are able to access the internet from anywhere else on your new PC (e.g. do Windows updates download ?  Can you access the Windows 8 store ? )   If the answer is no, then your problem doesn't lie with IE but with the actual wireless connection.  If the answer is yes, then continue as below.
    - Run IE from the desktop instead of the Start screen - probably won't make any difference, but worth a try.
    - Download a decent browser like Firefox or Chrome and try that - this will show whether the problem lies just with IE or not
    - As a general rule, don't do anything that PC World tell you to do, lol !
    As gg30340 says, this does sound very much like it MAY be a problem with firewall settings - if you're running Norton Antivirus then I believe that will be providing the firewall service, rather than the inbuilt Windows firewall. 
    One thing you don't need to worry about - Windows 8 is a perfectly good OS and works just as well as Windows 7 did.  I'm using it now !

  • Apple TV Dropping WiFi Connection with Home Sharing

    I am currently having trouble with my Apple TV and Home Sharing. My Apple TV will connect to my WiFI network (which is only 802.11g) and stream from either the iTunes store for movies, and from YouTube using that connection fine. My trouble starts when I try to connect to another computer with Home Sharing. When I try to connect to another computer (my MacBook Pro, for example, which is also on the same WiFi network) to stream content across the network, the Apple TV looses it's connection, and then the router kicks everything else on WiFi off the network. I am using WPA for WiFi security on the router. I turned off WPA, and everything streamed across the network fine, no drop outs on the Apple TV. I can stream from a desktop connected to the router via ethernet fine (with or without the WiFi security enabled). I think it is probably the router (it is just a little DLINK I picked up a little while back), but I wanted another opinion or some troubleshooting ideas before I do.

    I am having this problem too, I also have a dlink router. Everything works fine until I try using homeshare, after a minute or so I lose all wifi router connections on everything connected via wifi, iPad,iPhone and aptv2. I have to wait for the router to reset/restart to use again. It's very odd, it even happens if I connect the atv2 via Ethernet so it's not a wifi glitch.
    Any suggestions?

  • Problems with home button on iPhone 4

    problems with home button on iphone 4

    If its due to sensitivity issues, these self help guides might help.
    By the way, alcohol based hand sanitisers work too.
    Don't overapply it in one go though. You'll have to allow the alcohol to evaporate.
    One final tip, after its dried, I'd recommend you to leave your iPhone's home button facing a laptop's vent just to bake it a little drier.

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