Problems with image scaling

I'm facing a real problem with image scaling
I've used several algorithms but it all has defects but the most common thing is the out of memory error after several enlargments...
does any one know a solution...
I've used several packages to do so,but I'm looking for a solution from the jdk itself

Did you take into account that the getScaledInstance() -method creates a completly new Image?
So if you use it like in
ImageIcon icon1=new ImageIcon("Blah.gif");
ImageIcon icon2=new ImageIcon(icon1.getImage().getScaledInstance(400,400,SCALE_FAST);
you will end up with 2 different Images which have their own data and memory requirements.
even if you use something like
ImageIcon icon1=new ImageIcon("Blah.gif");
Image i=icon1.getImage();
You will need enough memory to store the data for the original image, as well as the data for the scaled
version of the image, at least for the time that it take the JRE to create the scaled version. You never know when the garbage collector kicks in to delete you old data so it could be that this takes some time and until
that moment your memory is not available. If your now doing several of the scaling operations, and there is no chance for the garbage collector to do its work, you will run out of memory.
I hope that might help, if not feel free to post again

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  • Problem with image scaling and aligning to the MC bounds

    I have problem with my custom class.
    For example if image is loaded into the
    holder_mc inside of
    loader_mc, and if the loaded image is bigger than the
    loader_mc, then I want it to scale it down to match
    loader_mc bounds.
    It is something similar to Loader class...
    I've copied this code outside of file and modifyed
    it, but its not working...
    I'd realy appreciate that if you could find any mistake or
    any code similar to this...
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english...

    Anyone please?:(

  • Strange problem with image scaling when placed

    I'm currently running InDesign CS6 from the Creative Cloud, and it's version 8.0. I have a PC and am running Windows 8.
    I am experiencing a really odd problem when placing images, and it only recently (within the last two weeks perhaps?) has developed. I do ebook production for a publisher. I have an InDesign template (INDD file really, but "blank" and ready to be filled in, and as such I refer to it as a "template") that I use, and the cover for the book goes on the first page. The document is set to pixels as the ruler measurement, and the pages are 650 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall. The margins are all set at zero. The cover images are sent to me as JPEGs and always have the same size: 72dpi setting and 500 pixels wide by 750 pixels tall. This is chosen to be about the size of the full screen on most ereaders, or close enough to be so.
    So when working on a new book, I put my cursor in the blank line that is set up to take the cover as an inline image. I do control-D to place, select the file, and hit enter. This SHOULD place an image at that location that is 500 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall when looking at the InDesign page rulers. Instead, InDesign insists on placing this image at 50% scaling, so that it is only 250 pixels wide by 375 pixels tall. And in the link info panel, it shows the actual PPI as 72 and the effective PPI as 144. It does this no matter how many preference changes I try (including the ones under file handling and the import setting options).
    The strangest part is that if the file is just a tiny bit different than 500x750 @72dpi, then there is no problem. For example, if I open the JPEG in Photoshop and change the image settings to 500x750 @73dpi, then InDesign places it at 100% scale like I want. If I change the image to 499x749 @72dpi it also gets placed in InDesign at 100% scaling. I've tried this with various new INDD documents with settings in pixels, inches, or picas as the ruler amounts, and with different page or margin sizes (just in case the problem is with my template). I get the same result no matter what.
    It appears that InDesign somehow thinks that any image that is exactly 500x750 @72dpi should be scaled at 50% when placing it into an InDesign file. Has anyone else run across this? Is it a bug or something I'm doing wrong? I've been doing this exact procedure for over a year, first with CS5 and now CS6, and I've never had this happen until just recently. I suppose it COULD be an accidental change in settings or preferences. But if it is, I cannot figure out how to change it back.
    UPDATE: I installed the 8.0.1 update and it did not resolve the issue. I also tried more image options. It looks like this scaling to 50% upon placing ONLY happens when all three attributes match this: [email protected] All of the following modifications to the exact same image placed in the exact same spot in the exact same document resolved the issue:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    But of course, I don't want to have to modify every cover image I'm sent in order to prevent this scaling issue.

    I just tried this and got the same results (CS6, 8.0.1, on WinXP SP3). One other tidbit: the same 500px × 750 px @ 72ppi image saved as TIFF instead of JPEG worked correctly (at least for me). I haven't tried any other image formats yet.
    This sounds like a good candidate for an official bug report:

  • Acrobat X problem with image scaling in Excel

    We are using Acrobat X standard with Excel 2007.
    The problem is that when using the Create PDF button on the Acrobat toolbar within Excel, if the document has been scaled using Page Layout-Scale option within Excel, the resulting PDF has the image the correct size, but it has not been scaled. So the dimensions are correct, but only half of the image will be visible.
    To see what I mean, in Excel, add a picture, then choose Page Layout-Scaling and set to e.g. 50%. Check the print preview to see how it should look, and make sure you have a real printer selected in File-Print (NOT Adobe PDF printer). Then create PDF using the toolbar button. The image in the PDF will be wrong.
    This works fine if using native PDF converter (e.g. Save As PDF file) or by printing to the PDF printer, or by using the CreatePDF button when the Adobe PDF printer is selected as default in the print options.
    This seems to be a bug in X as in 9 it worked fine.
    Is there a solution to this?

    I should add, I updated to 10.1 and it did not resolve the issue.

  • Problem with image scaling

    I'm currently writing a flex application where I'm scaling
    images on a hidden canvas, and then taking a bitmap of them and
    drawing that bitmap to a visible component. There are two reasons
    for this: so that the user doesn't see a mixture of scaled and
    unscaled images, and so that I can do some operations on the
    bitmap, saving the processing time of altering all of the objects.
    The problem is that the scaling doesn't seem to have finished
    by the time I create the bitmap. Is there a way that I can be sure
    the operation has finished first? Or is there a better way I should
    be going about this?

    Although I didn't see an event for scaleX and scaleY, width
    and height do have an associated event (ResizeEvent), so I decided
    to use them for my scaling. I set up an event listener, and counted
    the events that had been fired, until they had been fired for each
    of the items that was to be scaled.
    I checked to see whether it worked, and it seemed not to
    have. In fact, it seems to have given me the same result as I had
    without the event listener, so as far as I can tell, the event is
    being called at the beginning of the resize rather than when it is
    The problem isn't due to bad placement or sizing logic, as
    I've tested making the buffer visible, and it responds as expected,
    albeit with the resize flicker that I'm trying to eliminate. I am
    also certain that the draw is being triggered in the event
    listener, and have tested to make sure that there are no further
    resize events that I am not handling.
    I'm honestly kind of baffled. How can I resize multiple
    interconnected pieces of content without a separation being visible
    to the user in the intervening frames?
    Edit: I was able to tell when the image loaded by attaching a
    listener to the image that listened for the update event. I may be
    coming at this from the wrong angle, though, so I'm going to look
    into other ways to solve this problem as a whole.

  • Problem with Image file

    Iam facing with one problem.I have one swing interface through which I can upload files(back end servlet programme).Now I can upload all types of file but problem with image file it uploading perfectly that means size of the uploaded file is ok but its format damaged.It can not be open.My backend servlet programme is ok coz i tested it with html form it is working perfectly.Problem with swing interface.Plz guide me where I done a mistake.Below r my codes:-
    ImageIcon Upload=new ImageIcon("images/Upload.gif");
         Button=new JButton(Upload);
    Button.addActionListener(new ActionListener()
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
              int returnVal = fc.showOpenDialog(ActionDemo4.this);
              if (returnVal == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) {
              File file = fc.getSelectedFile();
    String aa=file.getAbsolutePath();
                   textArea2.append("Local URL:");
    long l=file.length();
              byte buff[]=new byte[(int)file.length()];
              InputStream fileIn=new FileInputStream(aa);
              String conffile=new String(buff);
              String str1=textArea10.getText();
    url = new URL (""+str1);
         urlConn = url.openConnection();
         urlConn.setDoInput (true);
         urlConn.setDoOutput (true);
         urlConn.setUseCaches (false);
         printout = new DataOutputStream (urlConn.getOutputStream ());
    String content ="-----------------------------7d11e410e500f2\r\n"+"Content-Disposition: form-data;"+"name=\"upload\"; filename=\""+aa+"\"\r\n"+"Content-Type: application/octet-strem\r\n\r\n\r\n"+conffile+"-----------------------------7d11e410e500f2--\r\n";
    printout.flush ();
    printout.close ();
    Best Regards

    The errors are here:
              byte buff[]=new byte[(int)file.length()];
              InputStream fileIn=new FileInputStream(aa);
              String conffile=new String(buff); (conffile is a String object containing the image)
    and here:
    String content ="-----------------------------7d11e410e500f2\r\n"+"Con
    ent-Disposition: form-data;"+"name=\"upload\";
    printout.writeBytes(content);conffie is sent to the server but
    it's non possible to treat binary data as String!
    Image files must be sent as byte[] NOT as String ......

  • Problem with images opened in Photoshop CS 5

    Hi, I have a problem with images that I open in Photoshop CS 5. F. ex. I opened
    the following image:
    The image appears with a purple color in Photoshop. If I hover over the image
    with a tool like lasso, it temporarily regains it´s original color. The image mode is RGB Color, 8 Bits/Channel.
    I resetted the start settings of Photoshop with the CTRL-Shift-Alt-combination, which had no effect.

    The confusion arises from the imprecise error message in the Preferences > Performance dialog box, to wit:
    OK, that seems to be open to misunderstanding indeed.
    The video card: Citrix Systems Inc. Display Driver.
    Could not find a list for CS6 specifically, but the card may fall short.
    If I invoke View > Proof Colors, the only thing that changes is that the text in the brackets
    Also if you set View > Proof Setup to something different?
    Are Photoshop and OS fully updated and have you performed the usual trouble-shooting routines (trashing prefs by keeping command-alt-shift/ctrl-alt-shift pressed while starting Photoshop, 3rd party plug-ins deactivation, system maintenance, cleaning caches, font validation, etc.)?

  • Problem with image url

    today I have a problem with image url. I wanted Image to change when mouse dragged over it. But nothing happened. Any ideas?
    def maxIco: ImageView = ImageView{
    image: Image{
    url: "{__DIR__}ikony/max.png"
    onMouseDragged: function(event: MouseEvent){
    maxIco.image = Image{
    url: "{__DIR__}ikony/max2.png"

    This is working for me:
    package main;
    import javafx.stage.Stage;
    import javafx.scene.Scene;
    import javafx.scene.image.Image;
    import javafx.scene.image.ImageView;
    import javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent;
    var changed = false;
    def imgView: ImageView = ImageView {
        image: Image {
            url: "{__DIR__}icon/image1.bmp"
        onMouseDragged: function (e: MouseEvent): Void {
            if (not changed) {
                imgView.image = Image {
                    url: "{__DIR__}icon/image2.bmp"
                changed = true;
        onMouseReleased: function (e: MouseEvent): Void {
            imgView.image = Image {
                url: "{__DIR__}icon/image1.bmp"
            changed = false;
    Stage {
        title: "ImageTest"
        scene: Scene {
            width: 700
            height: 600
            content: [
    }I've changed few things to switch image only one time on mouseDragged event.
    It print the image URL.

  • Problem with Image.createImage()

    Hi all!
    I'm writing a simple midlet just to display an image on the screen and I'm having some problems with Image.createImage()
    Here is my code
    Image bg_img;
    ImageItem imageItem1;
    imageItem1 = new ImageItem("", null,ImageItem.LAYOUT_DEFAULT, "");
    bg_img = Image.createImage("/image.png");
    catch( e){
    I'm getting an exception on bg_img = Image.createImage("/image.png");
    I can't understand what is it...:(
    I know for sure that the problem is not "file not found"
    Any one can help me???

    If you are catching IOException, then u may have problem with ur image path. "image not found on the specified path." if ur image is not in the current directiry then put it into current directory. otherwise, If u are using resouce folder and it is already included into the resouce path, then put ur image in that folder..try this..
    Still not get, then please give some detail about ur development toolkit. and ur apllication packaging scheem. are you using ANT?

  • Problem with image gallery

    Hi to all.
    With ios 5.01 I have a little problem with image gallery. As you can see I have only 1 image, but there is always this **** message "download 0 of 46) (sorry, but I'm Italian )
    I've removed my icloud account from settings, but there is nothing to do, this message don't goes away. What I can do? Thanks in advance

    Just adding a gallery I want to do the same slideshow WoodWing's, but in InDesign, if anyone knows of?
    Thank you
    Link video slideshow WoodWing's:
    The first slideshow shown

  • Problems with Image Variants

    I got two problems with Image Variants:
    1. catalogCache.GetImagePath("Images", id) doesn’t work for some id. The error message is “GetImageVariant error”.
    2. catalogCache.Preload("Images", “Original”)
        catalogCache.Preload("Images", “Thumbnails”)
        catalogCache.Preload("Images", null)
       catalogCache.Preload("Images", "")
    get failed, the status code is -2147483647
    Anyone know how to setup  image variants?

    status code: -2147483647 is RC_BADPARAM.

  • Copy and Paste Problems with Images

    I'm having the strangest problems with images. I copy an image off of the web for one of my art history classes and I go to paste into another program but, whether it's Keynote, Powerpoint, Photoshop, or Graphic Converter, something always goes wrong: the images definitely lose some of their quality, become brighter in appearance, and get jagged on the edges. This is starting to drive me nuts, especially since it never happened in 10.4 on my iBook G4. Any suggestions?

    Make it an 8-bit file (Image menu > mode).

  • ComboBoxRenderer with image scaling

    hi all,
    I would like to know how to make the comboBoxRender with image scaling. Because my combo box is smaller than the image that I want to put inside..
    currently, I "extends JLabel implements ListCellRenderer", but if I call setIcon to the Label, it is not scale to the combo size..., so I think is it need to extends another type of component ?
    Could some of you give me a suggestion , better provide me a simple code.. Many Thanks for help.

    I've extended the Icon framework to support scaling. I never tried it with cell renderers, but maybe it works:
    Extend JXIconLabel, set the zoomingStrategy to FullZooming.RESPECTING_ASPECT_RATIO_INSTANCE and set the XIcon (eg. a XImageIcon).
    Maybe it works. (The library is open source.)
    If you have questions just ask me!

  • Experiencing problem with image display in LR5

    I have an intermittent problem with images displaying and exporting in LR. It just began a couple of months ago and is totally random - will do it with RAW (CR2) or JPG. It displays this way in all modules - Library, Develop, Slideshow....The image displays fine in a non-Adobe image viewer (Faststone or Windows Viewer). I've reloaded LR5 and PSCC and is still persists. I know the image file is fine. It also has begun effecting older images that were showing up just fine a while ago. I just loaded about 200 images and maybe 3 or so have this viewing problem in LR & PS. Has anyone else experienced it and have a suggested fix? My graphics card has the latest drivers and shows no problems with other applications. Here is the same image - one a jpg export from Lighroom, the other a save as jpg from Faststone. HELP!

    This is almost always a hardware problem, causing corruption of the file. The difference you see between Lightroom and other software is that Lightroom is accessing the full RAW image, while the other software is trying to read the embedded JPG preview.
    To figure out exactly what hardware is the problem, you need to try different transmission paths and hardware ... different camera cards, different card readers or USB cables/USB ports, different hard disks, etc. Eventually you should be able to isolate the problem.

  • My daughter's older Ipod Touch is having a problem with images becoming pixilated when taken from an e-mail and placed into her camera roll. ( She wants to put on Instagram ) Any help?

    My daughter's older Ipod Touch is having a problem with images becoming pixilated when taken from an e-mail and placed into her camera roll. ( She wants to put on Instagram ) Any help?

    I think that may be a consequence of the email provider she is using. Some services (AOL is one example) inspect and modify email attachments, particularly photos, resulting in reduced resolution compared to the email that was sent.
    The iPod does not do this. The resolution of the picture in the email she receives will be identical to what is imported.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a basic idea of JSP as well as Servlets but not much of JSTL. I even created a project using sessions in JSP as well as in servlets.I didnot use much of JSTL anyways. Now i want to dive deep into the three of these.Can you all suggest me the o

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    I have installed the Visio 2010 SCOM Add-In to my copy of Visio 2013 (since there is no 2013 Add-in and there seemed to be enough articles that it *should* work). I can connect to my Management server from a blank diagram and add objects without issu

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