Problems with IS-URL

I have the following problem:
During the configuration I configured a wrong IS-URL in the SLD. I changed these now again (in the SLD/Business System). Then I restarted the J2EE engine.
But in the transaction SLDCHECK, it always still shows me the old IS - URL.
How can I solve this problem?

Change this in transaction SLDAPICUST in ABAP Stack
also there is an entry in exchangeProfile to amend:
Under Connections:
Enter correct URL for
This should ressolve the error.
To check, run SLDCHECK in ABAP (and also click new link!)

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  • Problem with image url

    today I have a problem with image url. I wanted Image to change when mouse dragged over it. But nothing happened. Any ideas?
    def maxIco: ImageView = ImageView{
    image: Image{
    url: "{__DIR__}ikony/max.png"
    onMouseDragged: function(event: MouseEvent){
    maxIco.image = Image{
    url: "{__DIR__}ikony/max2.png"

    This is working for me:
    package main;
    import javafx.stage.Stage;
    import javafx.scene.Scene;
    import javafx.scene.image.Image;
    import javafx.scene.image.ImageView;
    import javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent;
    var changed = false;
    def imgView: ImageView = ImageView {
        image: Image {
            url: "{__DIR__}icon/image1.bmp"
        onMouseDragged: function (e: MouseEvent): Void {
            if (not changed) {
                imgView.image = Image {
                    url: "{__DIR__}icon/image2.bmp"
                changed = true;
        onMouseReleased: function (e: MouseEvent): Void {
            imgView.image = Image {
                url: "{__DIR__}icon/image1.bmp"
            changed = false;
    Stage {
        title: "ImageTest"
        scene: Scene {
            width: 700
            height: 600
            content: [
    }I've changed few things to switch image only one time on mouseDragged event.
    It print the image URL.

  • Problem with entering URL

    Ever since the last update or two I seem to have an irritating problem with entering URLs. If I'm navigating a site and modify the URL manually in the address field and hit enter, the URL reverts back automatically to the previous one instead of accepting the new modified entry.
    For example if I'm on and go to the URL bar and remove the last '/path' and hit enter, the browser seems to 'remember' and take me to the previous URL path, i.e. It doesn't matter whether the deleted text forms part of the URL path or whether its parameters after the path, or even if I modify the URL to something like
    Once it starts 'remembering' there seems to be no way of getting around this except to close the browser down and start again. I've noticed this behavior on FF20.0.1 and also on FF21. It happens on all 3 of the PCs I use (2 at home, one at work). I'n not sure if its being caused directly by FF or the NoScript plugin (the latter seems unlikely).
    Is there a setting somewhere to modify this behavior, or is it a bug?

    i couldn't find any documentation for it either, however after testing it, it appears that when browser.urlbar.autoFill.typed is set to '''true''' it means that only addresses you've once typed into the url-bar manually get autofilled, when browser.urlbar.autoFill.typed is set to '''false''' then all addresses that are stored in your history no matter if you have typed them in once manually or visited them through a link on a website.
    browser.urlbar.autoFill will generally switch the autocomplete feature in the address bar on or off.

  • Problem with opendoc url.

    hi experts,
    i am having a problem with opendoc url in my url is to open a webi report depends on two prompts given by the user.
    i am using the following url and it is working fine.
    http://sysname:port/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sType=wid&sRefresh=Y&iDocID=123456&mode=full&nbPrompts=2&lsSEnter Year=Prompt1&lsSEnter Dealer=prompt2.
    when i am entering a value for prompt2 like "krishna distributors" its working fine.but the problem here is whenever i am entering a value for the second prompt with a value like (ex:) "ravi & ravi distributors" its giving an message "NO DATA TO RETRIEVE"  because it is considering the & symbol in my prompt2 as another parameter as shown below.
    http://sysname:port/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sType=wid&sRefresh=Y&iDocID=123456&mode=full&nbPrompts=2&lsSEnter Year=Prompt1&lsSEnter Dealer=ravi & ravi distributor
    can anyone help me on this.
    thanks in advance,
    ravi kishore yarramsetti.

    Hi Ravi,
    In Excel , & considers as "Concatenation. So it will not work properly. To make this work, use Dealer Number instead of Dealer name in ur example.
    Dealer Name                           Dealer Number
    ravi & ravi distributors            D10001
    krishna distributors                 D10002
    If you use Dealer Number "D10001" you can get "ravi & ravi distributors " Information. In ur Dashboard Design, if the user clicks "ravi & ravi distributors" then pass "D10001" to the Opendoc and generate the report.
    Try to not use which has special characters as the prompt in Xcelsius.
    Muthukumar A.S.

  • Problem with an Url

    Hello, I have a problem with the Url in the HTTP Service
    <mx:HTTPService id="userRequest" url=" dPage=0" useProxy="false" method="GET"/>
    The service should open a PNG image and the error bring back is:  The reference to entity "idPage" must end with the ';' delimiter. 
    Can you help me? Thank you.

    The url is OK, the problem is that properties for MXML cannot have included some characters. So you need to escape entities in your url and it will be ok, for example:
    But it would be better if you do not hardcode params in URL. If you need you could hardcode them in Mxml itself like below:
    or (which is more flexible) use parameters as argument when invoking service:
    userRequest.send({idPdf:1, idPage:0});
    You could read more on that in section about data integration in Flex in online or offline documentation:

  • Problem with c:url

    I am having problems with the c:url tag.
    When I load a page with a c:url tag (see end of message for page specification), when I click on the link that references the c:url, the system tries to load the page named $url instead of loading page /somepage.jsp. It looks like the resulting code does not replace the ${url} variable with the value of the variable. If I add the following statement:
    <c:out value="${url}"/>
    after the definition of the c:url tag, I can see that variable url is set to /somepage.jsp.
    Is there some configuration I must do to fix this problem or should I use some more recent libraries? I am using jstl.jar and standard.jar that came with JWSDP 1.3. I am using Tomcat 5.0.19.
    <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
    <c:url var="url" value="/somepage.jsp"/>
    <p>Go to some page.</p>

    Replace the "<web-app>" tag for this in the your web.xml file,
      <web-app xmlns=""

  • Problem with adding url

    Okay to start with I'm not a flash programmer but this guy
    left me in a lurch and I had to add the url's to the links myself,
    the problem is that it messes up the rollover action.
    Here is the original:
    Here is the version with the urls put on the links:
    There are other things I changed but ignore that, just focus
    on the behavious of the navigation links (home, about us, etc). In
    the second version the rollover stopped working.
    The process i used to add the url was to double click until i
    got to symbol 18 at which point i would double click on each link
    the select it then enter the url where the link symbol is in the
    properties window. It should also be noted that i got this error
    when publishing:
    **Error** Symbol=Symbol 18, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 1:
    Wrong number of parameters; getURL requires between 1 and 3.
    Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1

    I fixed the geturl error so ignore that.
    This forum is pretty slow....

  • What's the problem with the URL

    Someday when I entered an URL into IE browser, I typed like http://greatsite./greatday. Unfortunately, after that, every time when I enter a URL into IE like http://greatsite/someday, it will change to http://greatsite./someday automatically, then the error page below is followed. What's the problem?
    The web server is IBM HTTP Server or Apache web server. Not just with my box, any other machines have the same problem with http://greatsite. How can I correct this problem?
    Any help would be great!
    The error page:
    11001 Host was not found
    The host specified in your URL could not be found.
    This error could have been caused by:
    Bad / misspelled URL
    Following an invalid link
    Your network connection and/or transient conditions on the Internet

    There are other browsers you could use.

  • Problem with file:/// URLs in Safari 2

    I am seeing some confusing behaviour with file:/// URLs: a very simple HTML file with that type of link works as expected (opens the nominated folder) when loading it as a local file from my disk, but when I put it on our web server and retrieve it from there, nothing happens when I click on the file:/// link.
    This is happening under Safari 2.0 on OS X 10.4.2 (cross-tested on a brand-new iMac), but by comparison does not happen under Safari 1.2.4 under OS X 10.3.8 on an old eMac.
    The HTML source as viewed in the browser when loading it each way is identical:
    Go here: link
    Has anyone else seen -- and hopefully resolved -- this?

    I tried clicking on the link and nothing whatsoever happened. So I tried a control click and selected "Open Link in new window" and a new window opened, followed by the Utilities folder opening. I made a test.html file with the link in it, put it on my startup drive and it worked as expected, and ditto for putting it on a second internal drive. I then put it on my iDisk and navigated to it thru its web site address of
    and discovered that the two other "local" operation links (to launch ScriptEditor) both worked, but the open folder link no longer did, except by using control click and choosing either "Open link in new window" or new tab. A new Safari window or tab opens, then the Utilities folder opens.
    I then tried the page in Firefox, and it didn't work AT ALL, not even with new window or tab. I then tried Mozilla and Netscape. Same deal. The ancient Internet Explorer opened the Utilities folder inside a new browser window rather than the Finder. This might be a clue as to why the link doesn't work as expected, but unfortunately I don't know what it means.

  • Strange problem with JDBC URL

    Hi All,
    I don't know whether this is a known issue which has a workaround or I am doing something wrong. But this is the problem.
    I have a nice GUI application which takes the JDBC URL, Driver, User name and password and then takes the input and tries to establish a connection with the Database. I was trying it on MySQL and I encountered a problem.
    The general format of the JDBC URL for MySQL is "jdbc:mysql://<ip_address>:<port>/<db_name> and if I have MySQL running on 3306 and if I give the URL as:
    "jdbc:mysql://localhost:9001" (where my HSQL is running), then, it never gets the connection and the application stays there forever (the call never returns after the DriverManager.getConnection() statement). And if I give the port as something else (say 9898) where nothing is running, then the getConnection() doesn't send me a SQLException.
    What could be the problem?

    Are you saying that you're connecting using the
    MySQL driver to an HSQL database, and
    that this results in a hang (rather than a timeout)?
    Just to clarify that I've understood the problem.
    If so, it should be fairly easy to get a simple test
    scenario up and running independent from your "real"
    application. Have you tried this, and could you post
    the code if so?
    Dave.Hi Dave,
    Thank you very much trying,
    Sorry if my English was poor. I am not trying to connect to HSQLDB using the MySQL Driver.
    Actually, I am trying to connect to MySQL db using the MySQL driver, but the DriverManager.getConnection() method hangs when I...
    1. Give a wrong URL e.g(jdbc:mysql://localhost:9001/")
    2. Run my MySQL on default port (3306)
    3. And If I have HSQL or any other program that is listening at port 9001.
    The problem seems to be very strange. here's the code below, you can try out yourself...
    import java.sql.DriverManager;
    import java.sql.SQLException;
    public class Demo {
         public static void main(String[] args) {
              try {
                   DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost:9001/", "user", "password"); // <-- The call hangs here
              } catch (SQLException e) {
              } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
    }Remember to have your mysql*.jar file in your classpath while running. :)
    Thank you....

  • Problem with Embedded URL

    I have recently upgraded from Adobe reader 8 to Adobe 10. I generate a pdf report that contains a url link. When I place the mouse over the link the address that it displays when clicked concatenates the text following into the link. So when the browser launches it gives me a page not found error.
    On my report I have a  space for comments.
    Comment 1#: :
    Comment 2#: ZT2462
    Comment 3#: 3-JAN-2011 1-4 ZX545 Flight from Los Angeles to Miami
    When I click the link it tries to go to as opposed to just
    Has anyone else seen this problem before? I tried opening my pdf with PDF-XChange Viewer and the link works fine. So it seems to be a bug with how Adobe handles embedded URLs.

    Would it be possible for you to share the PDF, cause I wasnt able to get the gist of the issue.
    I didnt quite understand, what you mean by Reader was concatenating the comments to create an incorrect URL.

  • Problem with Bsp URL !!

    This is the first time that i create an Bsp and i have some problems.
    I created a new Bsp with one  Controller , one View and One Page with logic of control.
    In these pages I scribed little rows of codice . Then these operations I have created an extern alias and I have associated to it my Bsp (Services).
    Now I have some questions:
    The First is:
    1) How can i associate an URL to BSP and set an First page to Bsp?
    Another Questions I'll explicate after to resolve this one.
    Sorry for my English and I'll hope that Anyone will answer me.
    Thank You BP.

    HI BP,
    can you please elaborate more on what exactly you need.
    here is link for <a href="">BSP</a> help.
    -Kedar Kulkarni

  • Problem with + in url

    I used to be able to launch a page whose URL having '+' embedded in it under the JRun context root directory, such as test+test.htm.  However, I was unable to do so for JRun4 updaters 5-7  unless I manually typed in or encoded the url by using a Javascript method: encodeURIComponent("test%2Btest.htm") - which converted the URL to 'test%252Btest.htm'.  Is there any JRun setting  I can modify (or other ways) so that I don't need to encode the URL?  Because in some situations, I was unable to encode the URLs if pages were generated by a 3rd party software. for example,
    mytest+report.htm (three html files were generated by a 3rd party software)
    <a href="subfolder/mytest+report_sheet1.htm">click tab 1</a>
    <a href="subfolder/mytest+report_sheet2.htm> chick tab 2</a>

    I think that I can work around this problem by catching all the html files (generated by a 3rd partysoftware) with matching patterns and encoding the URLs.  However, I still hope that there is an easier way to solve this problem.

  • Problem with rtsp URL

    I want to do some experiments with JMF as an rtsp client. From the JMF docs i understand that all that is needed to create a player for an rtsp stream is calling the Manager.createPlayer method with an rtsp URL. So far so good but when i try to create such an URL i get the following error message: unknown protocol: rtsp
    Am i missing something?

    I guess is needed. I am facing the same problem.
    And I don't find any examples of MPEG1 streaming in JMF. Most samples i.e. (param="sun.avi") use local video paths but not rtsp:// URLs.
    Samples like / do not use explicit MPEG1 samples and assume that you have an RTP server. And other apps like are not fully open source.
    What streaming server would you suggest to use? I tried without success to stream a video within a java applet using DarwinSS (ok with .mov, .mp4 but not in java) or RealServers (ok with .rm but also not in java).
    In it is said that the following RTP servers are compatible with the JMF RTP Player (using but each of them have a serious drawback:
    ShowMeTV Transmitter (commercial), IP/TV Server (commercial), vic (Video only), vat/rat (Audio only).
    Thanks for any help

  • Problem with Redirecting URL

    Hi All
    First let me tell you guys my scenario.
    I got a production server in which two web servers are installed (iPlanet 4.1 and JRun).
    jrun url:
    iplanet prod url: []
    I also got a test server in which only one web server iPlanet is installed.
    iplanet test url: []
    The problem is
    I got a jsp file which runs on Jrun and in the jsp file it calls the pdf links at the runtime -->
    In the iPlanet server I got an html page in which I am calling this jsp file which is on the other server.
    abc.html in iPlanet server.
    In this html page, I got 3 frames.
    frameset 1=getting the css file
    frameset 2=getting the navigation file.
    the problem is with the 3 rd one...
    frameset 3=
    +_{color:#0000ff}Is it possible to hide the URL--> {color:#ff0000}[]{color}_+*
    and display+*
    *[{color:#800000}|]---> in prod server*
    +[>in|]+* test server

    the user has the right to know where the data is coming from. Who are you to mask the truth from him/her? You might as well point to a dangerous malware website and the user wouldn't be able to know it because you changed the url.

  • Problems with parameterized Url

    can anybody help me?
    I created following URL with 4 filter values:
    When I execute the url in browser a screen with filter value selection appears. I created the template with WAD 3.x - with WAD 7.0 it doesn't work. Do I have to use other parameters here?
    Best regards,

    Hi Jule,
    I am facing issuse of URl length
    We pass the parameters in the URL for new 7.x machine. Unfortunately we are running more than 3000 characters, whereas system is allowing upto 2083 characters. Please do needful.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Date field in Acrobat 9

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